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CFSBK Training Videos

Jeremy Goes For A Heavy Single On The Bench Press David Osorio
Christian Reiss Goes for a 1RM Deadlift David Osorio
Kettlebell, Pull-Up WOD Demo with Josh and McDowell David Osorio
CFSBK Collected Training: V1 David Osorio
Matt Ufford: Fight Gone Bad 2010 Ari Bassin-Hill
David Slow Motion Snatch Malcolm Spittler
David 2 Methods Kipping Muscle Ups Malcolm Spittler
Brian D. Clean and Jerks 280lbs
CFSBK's Competition Team: Open Workout 15.3 Kate Reece


Why We Program a Back-Off Week at CFSBK David Osorio
Understanding Sets Across David Osorio
How Do I Prioritize When Training Only 2-3 Times Per Week? Chris Fox
Two Steps Forward, Then One Step Back... Then Two Steps Forward Again Chris Fox
Appropriate Scaling Chris Fox
20 Rep Squats Chris Fox
Developing Your Pull-Up Chris Fox
Thoughts On Scaling Pull-Ups (In Barbara and in General) David Osorio
Standardized Warm-Ups David Osorio
A refresher and new ideas on Standardized Warm-Ups David Osorio
Warm-Up Strategies For Developing Kipping Pull-Ups David Osorio
Preparing to 1RM Chris Fox
Wendler 5/3/1 and CrossFit Group Classes Chris Fox
Training vs. Testing Noah Abbott
Why Are We Discouraging Failing? David Osorio
Dynamic Effort Method: Deadlifts David Osorio
So Close to a Pull-Up David Osorio
Not For Time, A Primer David Osorio
A New Dawn for CFSBK Programming: Fitness and Performance David Osorio
Low Bar Versus High Bar Back Squats David Osorio
The Underlying Philosophy Behind Programming at CFSBK Chris Fox
The Past, Present, and Future of Anti-Gravity Josh Schneiderman
"Murph" Is For Everyone Chris Fox

Exercise Psychology

More Work, Or a Sip of Water? Chris Fox
Getting Ready to Squat Margie Lempert
Goal Setting Chris Fox
Degraw Street Etiquette 101 David Osorio
Heavy: A Response Margie Lempert
Zen and the Art of Crush Week David Osorio
Gym Equipment Etiquette Reminders David Osorio
The Sophomore Slump Noah Abbott
Warming Up Wisely Noah Abbott
Why Compete? Chris Fox
Starting Class with Introductions Inside the Affiliate
Tips on How to be Prepared and Get the Most Out of Group Classes Chris Fox
Active Recovery at CFSBK Inside the Affiliate
Do You Know the Difference Between Exercise and Training? David Osorio
Own the Weight: Moving Beyond PR-Dominated Thought Noah Abbott
All The Good Reps, and Only the Good Reps Chris Fox
Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail: Planning Your Lifts Before and During a Cycle Noah Abbott
Heavy Thoughts David Osorio 
Chasing Rx: When to Scale and When to Go Heavier Jess Fox and David Osorio 
The Sweat Spot: Balancing Precision and Intensity for Maximum Gainz Noah Abbott
Focus on the Process: How an Evolution in Mindset Changed the Way I Compete Whitney Hubbard

Mobility, Recovery, and Injuries

Your Rotator Cuff Chris Fox
Beat the Heat
David Osorio
Set Your Back, But What's My Back?
Chris Fox
Ankle Mobility
Chris Fox
Shoulder Disfunction, Where to Start David Osorio
General Informed Freestyling David Osorio
Ouch: Discomfort, Pain and The Space Between Noah Abbott
Injury, Insight Noah Abbott
Notes on an Injury from a Physical Therapy Student who CrossFits
Katie Harper 
Returning After a Layoff, or “How Barbella Got Her Moves Back”
Noah Abbott
The Mileage We Put on Our Joints Outside the Gym
David Osorio
Ankle Mobilization with a Band and Kettlebell David Osorio

General Training

Rowing a 1500m piece Nick Peterson
Rowing a 2000m race Nick Peterson
Push-Ups 101 Chris Fox
Chip Conrad Interview Shane Williams
Good Training Habits, Part 1 David Osorio
Sett(l)ing for a new PR Chris Fox
Dude, Where's My 1RM? Jeremy Fisher
Opportunities David Osorio
Open Gym, A Refresher Margie Lempert
A CrossFit Shoe Primer Noah Abbott
DIY Cool Downs David Osorio
Gym Etiquette and Reminders David Osorio
Dumbbell Thrusters David Osorio
Strategies For Movement Development: The Olympic Lifts Part 1 David Osorio
Developing Your Handstand, Part 1 David Osorio
Developing Your Handstand, Part 2 David Osorio
CFSBK Membership Policy Notes MGMT
Running Training Tips from CFSBK's Endurance Program Coach Michael Olzinski
On Strength Training and Strength Cycle: A Q&A with Coach Jeremy Kate Reece
How to Be a Good Bar Partner Chris Fox 
Global Flexion and Extension David Osorio
Bodyweight Workouts for Traveling David Osorio 
YOU SHALL NOT SNATCH, or, Thoughts on the Absolute Necessity of the Hook Grip Noah Abbott 
Failing, Bailing, and Training Culture at CFSBK Inside the Affiliate
Notes on a Solid Position During the First Pull of the Snatch David Osorio
On the Road, and Sweaty: Visiting Other CrossFit Affiliates Noah Abbott  
A Letter to New CrossFitters: Good Training Habits Inside the Affiliate
Guidelines for Training While Pregnant at CFSBK Chris Fox  
CrossFitting While Pregnant: An Interview with Four Women and a Coach, Part 3 Kate Reece
CrossFitting While Pregnant: An Interview with Four Women and a Coach, Part 2 Kate Reece
CrossFitting While Pregnant: An Interview with Four Women and a Coach, Part 1 Kate Reece
Fitness App Recommendations David Osorio
Stretching the Space-Time Continuum, or, How to Get the Most Out of One Hour at CFSBK Noah Abbott
Using CrossFit for Weight Loss Chris Fox
Taking your Gainz Outside the Box: Playing Sports Noah Abbott
Warming Up a Lift Noah Abbott
Hand Care for CrossFitters, Part 1 Noah Abbott
Hand Care for CrossFitters, Part 2 Chris Fox
Reps & Sets Abroad: Some Thoughts on CrossFit and Travel David Osorio
CFSBK Guide to Cues: "Knees Out" David Osorio
CFSBK Guide to Cues: "Pull Yourself Under the Bar" David Osorio
CrossFit at 30 Weeks Pregnant Melissa Loranger


Ode to the Egg Margie Lempert
Bang for Your Buck Chicken Chris Fox
Curried Collard Greens Chris Fox
Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Vegetables Chris Fox
Changing Weight 1.0 Chris Fox
Got Meat? Got Veg? Need Variety? Add Sauce Chris Fox
Why Do I Feel Funny? (on Paleo) Margie Lempert
Why Am I So Hungry? Chris Fox
The Paleo Challenge is Over!!! Chris Fox
Body Recomposition Templates Chris Fox
There Is No Wagon: Thoughts on Binge Eating and Dieting Chris Fox
Transitioning from the Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge Chris Fox
On Being an Athlete Who Doesn't Eat Meat with Coach Whitney Kate Reece
Why Join a CSA? Part 1 Margie Lempert
Why Join a CSA? Part 2 Margie Lempert
Why Join a CSA? Part 3 Margie Lempert
More Thoughts On Being an Athlete Who Doesn’t Eat Meat Whitney Hubbard
Stomachs and Eyeballs: The End of the LFPB Challenge Chris Fox
Perfection Is the Enemy of Good Enough David Osorio
Eat, Pray, Gainz: Sausage and Tortilla Egg Bake Chris Fox
Eat, Pray Gainz: Turkey and Green Salsa with Black Beans Skillet Chris Fox
Eat, Pray, Gainz: Coconut and Red Lentil Curry Whitney Hubbard

Athlete Of the Month

John McCann Doyle Sept 2010
David McGrath
Oct 2010
Jessica L Bailey
Nov 2010
Sarah Haskins
Dec 2010
Ryan Piester
Jan 2011
Bethany Benzur
Feb 2011
Carlos Guerra
March 2011
Josh Martinez
April 2011
Melissa Loranger
May 2011
Jack Levavi
June 2011
Chris Artis
July 2011
Katie Mohrhauser
Aug 2011
Sept 2011
Dan Halioua Oct 2011
David Makowski Nov 2011
Allen Gaorian Jan 2012
Rickke Mananzala Feb 2012
Christine Naclerio
April 2012
Samir Chopra
June 2012
Kate Brash July 2012
Barbara Krysko  Aug 2012
David Turnbull
Nov 2012
Marian Lai Aug 2013
Willie and Nancy Hernandez
  July 2013
Dr. Mike Cutaia
September 2013
Joy Mele November 2013
Peter Mattis January 2014 
Laura McElherne March 2014 
Matt Chmielecki April 2014
Janelle Barth
 July 2014
Michael Crumsho
September 2014 
Colleen Meagher February 2015 
Jay Reingold April 2015 
Micheline Gaulin June 2015
Asha Banker
January 2016 
Paul Astuto
April 2016
Allie Clark June 2016
Michael Affronti July 2016
Sasha Slocombe September 2016
Karl-Henry Cesar October 2016
Kelly Lovelett January 2017
Meredith Riley February 2017
Mo Acosta March 2017
Lesley O. June 2017

Underneath the Hoodie

Jessica Fox Margie Lempert
Nick Peterson Margie Lempert
Chris Fox Margie Lempert
Noah Abbott Margie Lempert
David Osorio Margie Lempert
Jeremy Fisher Margie Lempert
Laurel Madar Margie Lempert
Margie Lempert Noah Abbott
McDowell Myers Kate Reece

Melissa Loranger Kate Reece
Whitney Hubbard Kate Reece
Jessie Brown Josh Schneiderman


CFSBK Behind the SceneDavid Osorio
Behind the Lens: Bekka Palmer
Kate Reece
Behind the Lens: Asta Fivgas Kate Reece
The Master: An Interview with Bob Semmens and Coach McDowell Kate Reece
Memorial Day Musings Dr. Mike Cutaia 
"Mad Abs, Yo!" How Pilates Complements CrossFit, and Getting to Know Kristin H. Kate Reece
Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord: A Poem Dr. Mike Cutaia    
Introducing a CFSBK Poet: Jynne Dilling Martin
How to Bring CrossFit to Work, Literally Kate Reece
Grand Opening of 608 Degraw Street Kate Reece
The Reluctant Athlete: A Poem Dr. Mike Cutaia

Behind the Desk 

Matt K.
Whitney H.
Jaclyn K.
Danae M
Lisa F
Ruth P.
Lindsay S.
Ava P.
Camille C.
Janelle B.
Josh S. 
Charlie N.

Greg C.
Toni S.
Juan L.
Lynsey R.
Karina S.

Better Know a Member

Monique L.
Maya O.

Frank H.

Meredith R.

Evan H.
Pigeon K.
Malachy M.
Tori P.
Molly H.
Kirby S.
Zachary Z.

More Media and Videos

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