Back Squat / Front Squat | WOD 9.21.16

Back Squat / Front Squat

Back Squat: 2 x 12 Linear Progression
Front Squat: 2 x 8 Linear Progression

Heavier than last week.

Back Squat: 70% x 2 x 2
Front Squat: 70% x 2 x 2

Every other exposure is a de-load so these should feel light.

Post loads to comments.
Exposure 11 0f 16

3 Rounds for Time:
30 Box Jump Overs 24/20"
800m Run

Two foot take off is Rx'd for the Box Jumo Overs. Athletes most be facing the box on the jump but there's no extension requirement on top of the box and you can get down however desired (step off or jump off).

Post time and Rx to comments.

Time to start thinking about Fight Gone Bad costumes!

Fight Gone Bad 2016: T-Minus 24 Days!

It's hard to believe that we're less than a month away from Fight Gone Bad 2016, but guess what? We're less than a month away from FGB 2016! Here's what your teams should have accomplished so far:

  • Pick a captain. And pick a name! Sorry, Fight Gone Bad Team #3 ain't gonna cut
  • Your captain should create a Crowdrise page for your team, then invite everyone to join the team.
  • Join your team!
  • Start fundraising! Check the blog tomorrow for some tips on fundraising.

Brooklyn Community Foundation (BCF) is proud to partner with CrossFit South Brooklyn on Fight Gone Bad for the fourth year running. BCF is on a mission to spark lasting social change, mobilizing people, capital, and expertise for a fair and just Brooklyn. Since their founding in 2009, the Foundation and their donors have provided over $20 million in grants to more than 300 nonprofits throughout the borough, bolstering vital programs and services while responding to urgent community needs and opportunities to fuel community-led change.

There are still some spots open! Contact Coach Jess at info [at] as soon as possible if you want to compete!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Crossfit South Brooklyn

Want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Starting in October classes will be available at Crossfit South Brooklyn's facilities! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art which first gained popularity with its success in mixed martial arts competitions in the 90’s. Since then it’s continued to gain in fame as a fun sport and efficient form of self defense. Practitioners use joint locks, chokes, and leverage to subdue opponents instead of using strikes. The teacher is Jesse Leach, a 1st degree black belt, certified by the IBJJF and medalist at international tournaments. Classes will be Wednesday nights 8-9pm, and Sundays 12-1pm as well as a mixed martial arts class Saturdays 1-2pm. Crossfit South Brooklyn members can purchase their first one month pass for $50. Daily rates and class packs are also available. E-mail contact [at] for more info. 

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Rest Day
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Rest Day

Kim R. Deadlifts at July's Starting Strength Program Total

Schedule Note: Tonight's Active Recovery with Coach Fox is cancelled

Register Now For Starting Strength Program

The Starting Strength program is an opportunity to spend 8 weeks honing your technique and increasing your capacity at the most fundamental strength movements: Back Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press and Deadlift. This small group format of 90 minute sessions offers one-on-one guidance, great camaraderie, and a simple roster of movements allowing you time to correct errors and challenge your limits.

Whether you are brand-new to lifting, someone with experience who has struggled to surpass a plateau, or just looking to try something different, by taking the time to focus exclusively on the lifts that support almost ever other activity you do inside (and outside) the gym, you will gain confidence and enhance your performance.

Upcoming Program Times and Dates:
A cycle: Novice, 7pm Mon/Wed and 6pm Fri | Monday, Oct. 3rd - Friday, Dec. 2nd (8 slots)
B cycle: Intermediate, 7pm Tues/Thurs and 10am Sun | Tuesday, Oct. 4th - Sunday, Dec. 4th (8 slots)
C cycle: Morning Novice, 6:30am Mon/Wed | Monday, Oct. 3rd - Wednesday, Nov. 30th (8 slots)
D cycle: Continuing Education, 6pm Mon/Wed | Monday, Oct. 3rd - Wednesday, Nov. 30th (4 slots)
E cycle: Late morning, all levels, 10am Mon/Thurs, co-taught by Coach Margie | Monday, Oct. 3rd - Thursday, Dec. 1st (12 slots)

A CrossFit Total testing one-rep maxes in the Back Squat, Press, and Deadlift will take place on Sunday, December 4th at 2pm to cap off all cycles.


**Please Note: This cycle spans 9 weeks to account for the Thanksgiving holiday; we will not meet from Wednesday, November 23 to Sunday, November 27.


Class Sizes: Space is limited to 4-8 participants
Class Length: 90 minutes 

Cost: 3x Per Week Cycles:
$300 paid upon registration and then another $300 at the halfway point
Cost: 2xW Cycles:
$200 paid upon registration and then another $200 at the halfway point 

Group Class/Open Gym/Active Recovery/Yoga/Pilates Add-On Option!
This add-on membership allows our 2x/week Starting Strength Program to attend two additional classes per week, outside of the regularly scheduled strength cycle classes. This includes group classes, open gym, and Active Recovery/Yoga/Pilates. 

Price is $100 per four weeks, first bill due at sign-up and second bill ($100) charged automatically to the card on-file four weeks later. Register here!

If anyone is confused as to which cycle they belong in or has any questions, they can contact Jeremy directly at Jeremy [at] to discuss placement.

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Deadlift / Handstand Push-Ups | Farmer Carry, Burpees
Strict Muscle-Up Progression WODprep
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Deadlift / Handstand Push-Up | WOD 9.19.16

Deadlift / Handstand Push-Up Superset*

1A) Deadlift

3 x 4

Heavier than last week.

70% x 5 x 3

1B) Handstand Push-Up

3 x 5-10 Box Piked HSPUs

1-2 AbMats are ok. Knees are easier than toes. Sub 8-12 Seated Dumbbell Presses if you don't have Boxed Pike HSPUs yet. 

3 x 6-12 Strict HSPUs

1-3 AbMats are allowed as long as you're getting some range of motion out of it. If you can do 3 sets of 12 easily, then add a deficit. DC blocks and bumpers work well for this.

*Superset means that you perform a set of exercise A (in this case the Bench Press) and then after a short rest, 30 seconds to a minute, you perform a set of exercise B (in this case the Barbell Bent-Over Row). You then rest a short period before returning to exercise A and continue in this fashion until all warm up and work sets are completed.

Post loads/work to comments.
Exposure 6 of 8


5 Rounds for Time:
200m Farmer Carry, as heavy as possible
20 Burpees

Choose a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell and carry it goblet style 100m out and 100m back. It should be challenging but not so heavy that you need to rest more than twice per trip.

Post time and Rx to comments.

Wendy S. Back Squats as Coach Jeremy watches. Read on to learn more about Wendy and our Starting Strength Program

Humans of Starting Strength Program: Wendy Spooner

Registration for our next round of Starting Strength Program cycles will open tomorrow! Between now and the when the cycle starts, we'll be bringing you some Humans of New York-style interviews of our Starting Strengthers. Who are these intrepid powerlifters? What brings them together? What is Starting Strength Program like? Let's find out! For our first installment, we talked to Wendy S.

What are some of the differences between Starting Strength program and group class? Were any a surprise?
Classes are generally smaller, for one. SS cycle provides a somewhat more intimate atmosphere that I believe is conducive to growth (both physical and mental). Even more so than group class, believe it or not, there is an individualized approach where each student performs every set under the watchful eyes of the coach/coaches. Another difference is the individualized programming and a focus on powerlifting. While the movements in the metcon half of group class change from class to class, SS remains consistent. which works well for me. Consistency for me equals improvement. I get to become more familiar with the techniques associated with executing each lit successful. However, one thing to be mindful of: you will never get comfortable with the workout. It's mostly the same lifts, but the weight is never the same, so it stays challenging


What are a few of the biggest things you took from Starting Strength Program?
1. Never limit yourself. SS has taught me that I can do anything if I have the correct mindset. Limitations are boundaries that distance an individual from his or her true potential. "It begins with the mind," as Coach Margie told me a few cycles ago, "it's 80% mental."
2. You have to be coachable: becoming stronger is a process that includes some highs and some lows. Through it all you have to remain humble and respect your coach while maintaining an open mind. Closed mindedness prohibits learning. You can never get better if you don't have an open attitude towards learning.
3. Its not about the numbers. The numbers don't make you strong. Learning the technique and how to execute each lift correctly without injury, I believe, facilitates the development of strength. Remember its 80% mental! Start by emancipating yourself from tracking numbers and focus more on learning to becoming a stronger version of yourself physically and mentally.

4. Never compete with anybody but yourself. Never base your progress on another person's accomplishments. You may all have started out at different levels. Instead, compare your past and present and assess how far you have come.

What's the culture like?
In the SS cycle program we are family. Our coaches (Jeremy and Margie) nurture and mold us into stronger, more confident versions of ourselves. Most importantly, they believe in us even when we don't believe in ourselves. As a result, we form a sub-culture within the CFSB community. We are a strong family who motivate and support each other.


Thanks, Wendy! Keep a lookout for more profiles of these wonderful humans over the next couple of weeks. Have you partcipiated in our Starting Strength Program? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


Snatch | WOD 9.18.16

Snatch Complex

Every 2 Minutes x 8:
Power Snatch + High Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat

Every 2 Minutes x 8:
Power Snatch + High Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance

Post loads to comments.
Exposure 5 of 8


5 RNFT or 20 Minutes:
5ea Front Rack Reverse Lunges
10 Strict Toes-to-Bars, Hanging Leg Raises, or Hanging Knee Raises
20 Calorie Row or 10 Calorie Assault Bike

Do all Lunges on one leg then switch sides. Bar comes off the floor. Go as heavy as possible. Choose an option that allows you to go unbroken on the Pull-Up bar. Sprint the calories on the erg or bike.

Post work to comments.

CFSBK representing at yesterday's Flex on the Beach event

Road To Gymnastics Clinics with Coach Whit

What is it?
A series of three clinics to improve body awareness and control, take gymnastics movements to the next level, and learn progressions for advanced skills that you can practice on your own.

We’ll run two concurrent series of clinics. Choose which you want to attend, Wednesday OR Saturday. The Pull-Up clinic finished up yesterday. Here's what's coming up:

Wednesday Sep 21 at 7:30PM or Saturday Sep 24 at 9AM: Ring Skills
Wednesday Sep 28 at 7:30PM or Saturday Oct 1 at 9AM:
Handstand Push-Ups and Inversions

How much:
$25 per clinic! You’ll get the most out of this series by doing all three, as they’ll build upon each other. Each clinic is limited to 9 people.

How is this different than Anti-Gravity?
AG classes are designed as a complete workout with a warm-up, skill and strength work followed by some gymnastics biased conditioning. The “Road To” clinics are hour long clinics focused on dissecting one to two movements to help your understanding and development of that skill. Classes will meet in the Annex so space is limited!

Ok, cool. Can I go to group class beforehand?
While you are a human being with free will, it is strongly suggested that you do NOT do CrossFit before this class. Gymnastic movements have a high neurological component and require a lot of coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy, while also improving those skills. These things are simply better learned and practiced when you are fresh. Feel free to workout afterward if you’ve got it in you!

Are there buy-ins or prerequisites?
No, but we do recommend you have been attending group class for about 3-6 months before signing up for this series. We will provide progressions for a variety of levels.

What will we work on?
The Pull-Ups/Toes-to-Bar Clinic will involve a lot of hollow/arch drills, strict, and kipping work for both movements. We will focus on lat engagement and how to develop better gymnastics positions across the board. Please note we will not be working on Butterfly Pull-Ups in this hour.

The Ring Skills Clinic will work on ring support/stability, “I’s/T’s/Y’s”, ring push-ups/dips, and Muscle-Up progressions.

The HSPU / Inversions Clinic work will teach you more techniques for getting comfortable upside-down. We’ll work in groups and partners a lot to take our inversions away from the wall!

Bottom Line?
You can never have too much strength or too much skill. Become a cyborg! What are you waiting for?!


Yesterday's Whiteboard: Back Squat / Front Squat | Thrusters, Run
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Back Squat / Front Squat | WOD 9.17.16

Back Squat / Front Squat

Back Squat: 2 x 5 Linear Progression
Front Squat: 2 x 3 Linear Progression

Heavier than last week

Back Squat: 75% x 5 x 2
Front Squat:
75% x 5 x 2

Post loads to comments.
Exposure 10 of 16


3 Rounds for Time:
21 Thrusters 95/65
400m Run
Rest 3 Minutes

The goal is to do the sets of 21 Thrusters unbroken. Runs start to 4th Avenue then to 3rd Avenue and back to the gym.

Post time and Rx to comments.

Jimin S. is ready to Squat. Are you? | Photo by Thomas H.

Tomorow! The Starting Strength Program Total

Coach Jeremy's and Coach Margie's Start Strength Cyclers will wrap up their eight-week cycle tomorrow starting at 2:00pm. Lifters will be testing their 1RMs in the Back Squat, Press, and Deadlift. All are welcome to come by, hang out, and do some cheering. Get ready for some massive PRs!


CFSBK is sending three awesome teams to tomorrow's Flex on the Beach competition on Long Beach! Good luck to teams:

Team Height Disparity: Brad L., Jessie., Katie H., Matt K.
 All Aboard The Swole Train: Michael C., Lauren S., Katie E., Zachariah H. 
 Liftin Bars 'n Crushin PRsBen L., Kayleigh R., Charlie N., Joe W.

One of these teams, All Aboard The Swole Train, is in the Best Team Name Championship! Log in to Facebook and see below to vote for them:

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Rest Day

On October 1st and 2nd, Coach Javier Gamboa will lead the CrossFit Striking Trainer Course at CF Union Square. The course teaches participants how to increase overall fitness, core strength, and rotational speed and power by incorporating striking drills into CrossFit workouts. Striking movements are some of the most functional core movements because punching and kicking with true power, speed and accuracy require people to utilize their entire body. Looking to mix up your training in the fall? Check out Javier's course!

This Week at CFSBK in Review

A lot has been happening on the ole CFSBK blog lately. Let's get you caught up!

1. Sasha S. is CFSBK's September Athlete of the Month, and everyone agrees that the honor is much deserved. Congrats, Sasha! 

2. The next Iron Maidens Lift'n'Learn Session will go down on October 16th and will feature a talk by Karina T. Go here for more details.

3. This weekend's Road to Gymnastics Clinic with Coach Whit is sold out, but there are spots open in the next two! UPDATE!! ONE SPOT HAS OPENED UP FOR TOMORROW!!! Improve body awareness and control, take gymnastics movements to the next level, and learn progressions for advanced skills that you can practice on your own. Go here to register!

4. On Tuesday we bought you Tori P.'s dancing and info on CrossFit 718's Girls Gone Rx competition. Tuesdays usually suck, but this one was pretty good.

5. In another installment of Behind the Desk, we met one of the newer members of our front desk team, Juan L. He loves Roberto Clemente, so you know he must be a good dude!

6. Save the date for Squad WOD 2016 at CFSBK! Squad WOD is a women-focused WOD led by Crossfit Solace Coach Heidi Jones. Register now!

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Clean and Jerk | Deadlifts, Push Jerks, Muscle-Ups
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Clean and Jerk | WOD 9.15.16

Clean and Jerk Complex

Every Other Minute on the Minute x 8:
Power Clean + Push Press + Power Jerk

Every Other Minute on the Minute x 8:
Power Clean + Power Jerk + Jerk

Post loads to comments.
Exposure 5 of 8


5 Rounds for Time:
15 Deadlifts 135/95
9 Burpees
6 Push Presses 135/95

5 Rounds for Time:
15 Deadlifts 155/105
6 Push Jerks 155/105
3 Ring Muscle-Ups

Post time and Rx to comments.


Date: Sunday, November 6th, 3pm - 5pm
What: A women-focused WOD led by Crossfit Solace Coach Heidi Jones

Squad WOD is a female-focused workout that takes place at different gyms across the NYC area. The intention is to bring women together in an environment that is free of judgement and overflowing with empowerment, camaraderie, and support for each other.  

Squad WOD is a chance to meet, connect, make new friends, and empower one another in an environment that is all about celebrating each of our strengths and broadening our squads.  

After each workout, there will be a different speaker who tells her story of triumph over obstacles in a continued effort to inspire the group.  

The cost of the event is $20. The money raised will be donated to a local women's charity. 

The workouts are for all levels of CrossFit athlete from beginner to advanced. We'll have registration info for the CFSBK event soon!

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