Open Workout 16.4

Open Workout 16.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 Deadlifts 225/155
55 Wall-Ball Shots 20/14lbs, 10/9'
55-Calorie Row
55 Handstand Push-Ups

Prior to starting this workout each athlete will need to stand against the wall and measure and mark their foot line for the handstand push-ups (details in Movement Standards section). This workout begins with the barbell on the floor and the athlete standing tall. At the call of “3, 2, 1 … go,” the athlete will perform 55 Deadlifts, then move to the wall and complete 55 Wall-Ball shots, then to the rower to pull 55 calories, then back to the wall for Handstand Push-Ups. If 55 Handstand Push-Ups are completed, the athlete will move back to the barbell and begin another round.

Your score will be the total number of repetitions completed within the 13-minute time cap.

The scoring for this workout includes a tiebreak. At the end of the row, time should be marked. When you submit your final result, your score will be the number of reps completed. There will be another field in which you will enter the elapsed time at which you completed the 55-calorie row. In the case where two athletes have the same score (total number of reps), the athlete with the lower tiebreak time will be ranked higher.

Note: All tiebreak times must be reported in elapsed time, not in time remaining. If you are using a countdown timer, you must convert to elapsed time before reporting your score. For this reason, it is recommended you set your clock to count up.

Post rounds and reps to comments.

V for Victory in Open Workout 16.4!

Strategy Tips for 16.5

By David Osorio

The Deadlifts
The priority when pulling Deadlifts is to make intelligent descions and keep yourself safe. With a high volume set like this, you're going to have to manage both the load and accumulated fatigue. In my opinion, if you can't do sets of 8-10 unbroken reps with perfect technique, then you have no business attempting the Rx'd loads. A 1RM of at least around 275/185 should be considered a buy-in. You don't need to be able to Deadlift a massive amount of weight, but you do need to be able to maintain good positions and be confident that you can get through all 55 Deadlifts by, at most, the halfway point in the workout.

Whichever load you choose, most folks will be breaking this into 5-8 sets with short breaks in between. The limiting factor in this is primarily your ability to maintain a neutral spine, so keep your sets submaximal by dropping the bar with 2-5 reps reps still left in the tank.

Wall Balls
This will vary depending on your capacity. If you hate wall balls as much as I do, I recommend a descending rep scheme broken up into 4-6 sets. 15-15-10-10-5 and 12-12-10-10-6-5 are two examples. You want something that will allow you to pick the ball back up within 15 seconds of finishing a set.

Most of us are not accusstomed to pacing with calories, so you might be a little unfamiliar with how your cals per hour translates to your usual 500m splits. Below is a helpful chart from American Oarsmen and a great blog post about the rowing portion, which help you out more than I can. Check it out and determine a range you want to stay in during the row, regulating as you see fit. If you don't have Handstand Push-Ups and the row will be the end of your workout, thengo out in a blaze of glory and focus on your tie break time. Otherwise finish strong and move on to the last segment of the chipper.

Handstand Push-Ups
You're not going to be feeling great at this point, but take a moment to get yourself organized as you kick up, and descend into your first reps. The downward phase of your HSPU needs to be under control. Never drop down onto your head and always maintain active support through your arms. Most, if not all, people are going to opt for a kipping HSPU. If you're not super comfortable organizing these, take your time with them and move with intention and control (i.e., slower). Like the Deadlifts, keep the sets here submaximal and clean. Avoid failuire and pace it out based on how much time you've got left and how strong your HSPUs are. Make sure you use a softer surface of some kind for your head like a GoMat or AbMat with bumpers for your hands. Finally, at the top reach through your heels to make sure you get every rep. If you're getting no-repped, then slow down and adjust your positions to acheive successful reps.

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Rest Day

A cool shot of CFSBK OG Kevin R. climbing the knotted rope

This Week at CFSBK in Review

1. The final LFPB Q&A Info Session —"The LFPB Is Ending. What Now?" —is tonight at 6:00pm. You're almost there, LFPBers!

2. Coach David reflected on his Open Workout 16.3 experience. It's a fun read and a good example of how to plan a workout simply and effectively.

3. In our continuing series "Better Know a Member," we profiled hardworking CFSBKer and all-around great dude Frank H.

4. Wondering how you stacked up against your fellow CFSBKers in 16.3? Here are all of our leaderboards!

5. Going into the final workouts of the CFSBK Open Intramural Team Competition, it's shaping up to be a real nail biter. It's going down to the wire. These teams are fighting tooth and nail. You can feel the electricity! It's anybody's game. Everyone's giving 110%. Or pick your other favorite sports cliche. Here are the Week 3 Standings!

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Power Snatch | Recovery Run or Row
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Snatch | WOD 3.17.16

Power Snatch

Part 1
Power Snatch

Work up to a max for the day. Press-outs are missed reps.

Part 2
Every 30 seconds for 5 Minutes (10 total reps):
1 Power Snatch at 80% of today's max

Post loads to comments.


Recovery Row or Run
Row an easy 3k or run an easy 1.5 miles. Keep the pace conversational. 1.5 Miles = 4 laps + 4th Avenue and back.

Coach Frank working with Natalie R. to dial in her split jerk at our Next Level Weightlifting Club

  • Jaclyn K.'s 9am Yoga class is cancelled today and for the rest of March.
  • Open Workout 16.4 will be announced tonight at 8pm EST. Go here to watch the announcement!
  • The final LFPB Q&A Info Session —"The LFPB Is Ending. What Now?" —is this Friday, March 18th at 6:00pm.

CFSBK Open Intramural Team Rankings: Week 3

Holy cow, sports fans, what a week it was in the CFSBK Open Intramural Team Competition! Let's start at the back of the pack, where It's My Open and I'll WOD If I Want To turned in their strongest performance of the season to pull into a virtual tie with Blue Steel. "We're not afraid of [Blue Steel captain] Andrew Shay's threats," said It's My Open team member Steph Mulder during Tuesday's press conference. "I live with him and can stick his hand in some cold water while he sleeps if I have to," she added.

Amid escalating tensions, there was a positive story this week: every team either improved their overall average and/or put up their strongest score of the season. The Sore Winners dropped their overall average to 30 points. All Castro Oiled Up tied for this week's second best score, solidifying their position in the top 3 and finally living up to the image that their team name evokes (an oiled-up former Navy SEAL). And isn't that what the Intramural Team Competition is all about? The heartwarming stories?

No. It's about (figurative) bloodshed and winning, so here's the story you all came here for. After the Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers' effort to knock top dogs Your Pace or Mine? out of first place last week, Your Pace responded with a resounding "this aggression will not stand, man" by racking up their best score (19) of the competition. But the Urban Achievers came thundering back with a "that's just, like, your opinion, man" and a staggering score of 15 points. As we head into the last two Open Workouts, Your Pace and the Urban Achievers are tied for 1st place with an overall average of 21 points.

Current Ranking - Team - Overall Average (Week 3 Points)

1. Your Pace or Mine?: 21 (19)

1. The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers: 21 (15)

3. All Castro Oiled Up: 25 (19)

4. Sore Winners: 30 (29)

5. Blue Steel: 31 (29)

5. It's My Open and I'll WOD If I Want To: 31 (28)

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Front Squat | Push Presses, Deadlifts, Box Jumps
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Front Squat | WOD 3.16.16

Front Squat

75% x 5
85% x 3
90-95% x 1
85% x 3
75% x 1

If you're feeling good then go for the 95%, if not then back off a bit and hit around 90%.

Post loads to comments.


Every 3 minutes for a total of 5 rounds:
5 Push Presses 115/75
10 Deadlifts 115/75
15 Box Jumps 24/20

Score fastest and slowest rounds. Any version of the Box Jump is acceptable today: Bounding, Stepping, Jump Up/Step Down, Step Up/Drop Down, etc.

Post times to comments.

Coach Whit and Brett F. took on 16.3 at CrossFit Flathead in Montana, and Kate R. was on the scene to take photos

This Friday: The Final LFPB Q&A Info Session, "The LFPB Is Ending. Now What?"

Attend this Look Feel Perform Better Q&A Info Session, the last of our bi-monthly Q&A Info Sessions. As always we'll have a brief lecture followed by an open Q&A.

The LFPB Challenge is coming to an end, and you may be asking yourself some questions. What now? Will you keep tracking macros? Can you eyeball portions now? Should you switch to tracking macros from a Level 1 approach? Tonight we'll discuss strategies you can use to maintain the progress you've made and solidify the healthy habits you've established. 

Where: CFSBK's second floor Annex
Friday, March 18th at 6:00pm

Open Leaderboards

Wondering how you stacked up against your fellow CFSBKers in 16.3? Here are all of our leaderboards!

(NOTE: There are technically a few divisions between 45 and 60; however, in the latter two, we only had a couple of competitors in each division. We combined everyone 45+ to make it easier to view.)

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Rest Day
Elbows in the Press CrossFit
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Rest Day

Frank H. and Coach Jess at CRASH-Bs in Boston a couple of weeks ago. Read on to learn more about Frank!

Better Know a Member: Frank Howell

Welcome back to a newish feature on the CFSBK blog, Better Know a Member! (The name is a play on an old Stephen Colbert segment, Better Know a District.) You all love Underneath the Hoodie and Behind the Desk, and now, in a similar vein, we'll be profiling members from across the CFSBK community. In our previous installment, we introduced you to Maya O. Today it's time to meet Frank H.!

Where were you born and where did you grow up? Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit. All my family are still there, so I go back pretty often. I have a lot of pride in being from Detroit and think it’s an amazing city if you know how to tap into it. I sometimes flirt with moving back, but then reality sets back in and I remember that Brooklyn is home now.   

How long have you been CrossFitting, and how did you arrive at CFSBK? I think I’ve been coming to CFSBK for about three years or so now. The world of lifting weights was pretty foreign to me before coming here. I’m a runner who never really thought about lifting heavy shit, but as 40 approached I thought it would be an interesting way to help improve my running and try something new. I don’t remember how I heard about CFSBK specifically, but I live on Degraw, just the other side of the canal, so proximity surely had a part in my coming here. The awesome coaches who took time to help a complete novice learn the ropes kept me coming back.    

What are you up to when you're not at 597 Degraw Street? Work wise, I’m in Human Resources in the financial services industry. Yes, I’ve fired a lot of people (but I promise most of them deserved it!), but I also know the right things to say to get you more money if you’ve been laid off, or if you’re interviewing for a new job and negotiating salary. Outside of work I’m a total foodie, cocktail drinker, and traveler. My big trip this year is two weeks in Iran in early May.    

What's the first movie you ever loved? I can’t really remember, but as a child of the 70s, I assume it was ET or Star Wars. However, the movie that I’ve loved the longest has to be Auntie Mame (the Roselyn Russell version, obvi). It’s a bit of a cliché for a gay man my age, but it’s fabulous. It’s all about living life to the fullest.   

You have friends or family coming to visit from out of town. What do you take them to do in NYC? I tell them to go to any of the touristy stuff without me. I’ve thankfully lived here long enough where most of my non-NYC family and friends have been here and already seen the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. If they want to see it again, they are on their own. My preference would be to take them for a bike ride to Coney Island, a trip to the Brooklyn Flea, or for drinks in Red Hook.

Favorite and least favorite lift: Least fave is the Snatch. Its just got so many little pieces to it that I struggle to get organized. I would say that my fave lift is the Low Bar Back Squat, but given the hybrid version I do, lets just leave it at Back Squat.

Any advice for new CFSBKers? Talk to people when you’re lifting! Everyone is pretty cool and it adds to the sense of community when you’re at the gym. Oh, and put your shit away when you’re done using it, nobody likes a sloppy gym!

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Clean | Wall Balls, Double-Unders
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Clean | WOD 3.14.16

Hang Clean


Work up to a max for the day.

Post loads to comments.


AMRAP 10 Minutes:
25 Wall Balls 20/10, 14/9
50 Double-Unders

If you don't quite have Double-Unders, sub 1/2 attempts + makes.

Post rounds, reps, and Rx to comments.

Coaches Jess and David doing Open Workout 16.3. That's Jess's first Bar Muscle-Up at around 4:50! Read on for David's report on the workout

Reflections on My 16.3

By David Osorio

Score: 86 reps
Tie Break: 6:18

I was probably least looking forward to this workout relative to the other two that have been released so far. While I knew that the Bar Muscle-Ups wouldn't be a problem, I'm not great with light-weight, high-rep workouts because I tend to burn out really quickly. I also had a less concrete strategy going into this one, whereas with 16.1 and 16.2, I had a very clear idea of what I needed to do to get the score I wanted.

My loose plan for 16.3 was to start unbroken at a steady clip and then just react to whatever happened over ther course of the workout. I knew I had to do all the Muscle-Ups unbroken regardless of how far I got, because it would help me out when I had to start breaking up the Snatches. For the Snatches, my plan was to do 6-4 when I needed to start breaking them so the second set wouldn't feel so bad.

Overall, I'm satisfied with how I did. Looking back over the video, if this came up again, I would really have to speed up my transitions between movements. I was way too casual about getting to either bar. I also would have attempted to make the last 3 minutes more uncomfortable that I allowed them to get. If you've got the Muscle-Ups, this workout should feel like a lightweight "Fran" towards the end. I didn't mentally prep enough for going into that pain cave, which I think was the difference between my score and breaking 7 rounds.

Thanks to everyone who stuck around to cheer on Charlie, Jess, and myself. Thanks to KHarpz for being my judge and Bryan B. whose voice (the one you hear in the background) helped keep me on task when I wanted to rest. No thanks to the barbell for slipping out of my hands in that last round!

New and Notes

  • The final LFPB Q&A Info Session —"The LFPB Is Ending. What Now?" —is this Friday, March 18th at 6:00pm. We'll discuss strategies you can use to maintain the progress you've made and solidify the healthy habits you've established.
  • Coach Whit and Brett F. took on 16.3 in Montana and Kate R. was on the scene to take some photos. Check them out here!
  • Be sure to submit your individual scores to the CrossFit Open website by 8pm tonight. Team Captains: please submit your team score to the intramural spreadsheet by 12pm on Wednesday. Due to some weirdness with the Open leaderboard, we've extended that deadline a bit.
  • Mario A. spotted this CFSBK sticker at Grand Targhee Mountain in Wyoming. Super cool!

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Bench Press | Run, Dumbbell Push Press 
16.3 Recovery and 16.4 Prep The Knot Out
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Bench Press | WOD 3.13.16

Bench Press

Work up to a heavy triple Bench Press. No failing.

Post loads to comments.


2 Rounds for Time:
800m Run
25 Dumbbell Push Press, Left
25 Dumbbell Push Press, Right

800m = 1 lap around the block + to 4th Ave. and back. Choose a heavy weight for the dumbbell that you have to break up the reps into 2-4 sets.

Henry P. fighting for it at the most recent Starting Strenth Program Total. There are still a few spots in the A cycle that begins tomorrow. Hurry up and get on it before it sells out!

  • Be sure to submit your individual scores to the CrossFit Open website by 8pm tomorrow night. Team Captains: please submit your team score to the intramural spreadsheet by 12pm on Wednesday. Due to some weirdness with the Open leaderboard, we've extended that deadline to Wednesday.

Register Now For Starting Strength Program (formerly known as Strength Cycle)

We all want to get stronger. That's because we implicitly understand that building strength is the foundation for increasing overall physical capacity. It has been proven again and again that lifting heavy primes our bodies to be more effective and efficient at metabolic conditioning workouts. Strength is the only mode of training that supports everything else we do in the gym and in life. Plus: it's pretty badass. 

Upcoming Program Times and Dates:

A cycle: Novice, 7pm Mon/Wed and 6pm Fri | Monday March 14th - Friday May 6th
All other cycles are sold out

Each cycle will culminate in a CrossFit Total on Sunday, May 8th.

Class Sizes: Space is limited to 4-8 participants
Class Length: 90 minutes 

Cost: 3x Per Week Cycles:
$300 paid upon registration and then another $300 at the halfway point
Cost: 2xW Cycles:
$200 paid upon registration and then another $200 at the halfway point 

Group Class/Open Gym/Active Recovery/Yoga/Pilates Add-On Option!
This add-on membership allows our 2x/week Starting Strength Program to attend two additional classes per week, outside of the regularly scheduled strength cycle classes. This includes group classes, open gym, and Active Recovery/Yoga/Pilates. 

Price is $100 per four weeks, first bill due at sign-up and second bill ($100) charged automatically to the card on-file four weeks later. Register here!

Questions? Contact Coach Jeremy directly at Jeremy [at]

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