Survey and Question

Survey: Would you rather..
1. Stay upstairs and have the occasional headache about bailing on weight.
2. Move back downstairs where bailing is never a problem, however we would have to load/unload the equipment every class and move the mats about 2x per month.

We're planning on doing "MURPH" on Monday for Memorial day.  Does anyone know an outdoor location in Prospect Park with ample pull-up/monkey bars? We can bring the rings out as well.  Also, what time would be ideal for most people to get together? We will be combining Beginner's and Group classes for this WOD.

Andy gets to experience what CF is like on the other side of the Camera.


WOD 5.21.08

For time:
75 Push-ups
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 50 reps
50 Ring Dips
40 pound Weighted Pull-ups, 30 reps
25 Handstand Push-ups

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We're going to stagger-start small heats of 2-3 athletes in this WOD. If you've got a stopwatch, please bring it. Here are some possible MODS:

A: 75 Push-Ups, B: 75 Modified Push-Ups, C: 75 Elevated Push-Ups
A: 95 lb. SDHP, B: 65 lb. SDHP
A: 50 Ring Dips, 50 Jumping Ring Dips, C: 50 Parallette Dips
A: 40 lb. wt. Pull-Ups, B: Decreased load or Bodyweight Pull-Ups C: Jumping Negatives
A: HSPU, B: Decreased ROM HSPUs (with stacked Abmats)  C: Decline Push-Ups

Have a plan of attack on this WOD. If you're unsure of your rx'd loading parameters come early to get a feel of the loaded movements. Coaches will be on hand to assist you, obviously.
Anterior Bail/Posterior Bail
(dramatic face not necessary)


Check out the CFG website. There is a good likelihood that Jeremy Fisher will be representing CFSBK at the games this year!


WOD 5.19.08

5 Rounds for time of:
OHS 3 Reps
FSQ 6 Reps
BSQ 9 Reps
Box Jumps 12 Reps

Men use 95lbs., Women use 65lbs.

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Please remember that there will be 4 live cameras today for the documentary. I'll be at the lyceum around 4 to start cleaning up, do my interview and demo some typical CF movements. Anyone who wants to come early for an interview or to help clean up is both welcome and encouraged.

Welcome aboard the 3rd cycle of Foundations!

Pre-Interviews (there are a couple more in the scrap book)

Pioneer Valley CrossFit

Got Ring Strength?


WOD 5.18.08

5 Rounds For time of:
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (40% Body Weight)
20 Knee to Elbows

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"Does my butt look big in these?"

Cook some organic chicken breast on a non-stick pan with a little bit of olive oil. Once the chicken is about 90% done you can add a generous helping of swiss chard and asparagus into the mix. I prefer to broil the asparagus with oil, pepper and garlic for about 10 minutes before I add it to the pan but that's really only to preserve some texture.
Season with some pepper and lemon before enjoying. If you're zoning you may want to add some fruit for dessert. Preferably berries.
This meal took about 15 minutes from start to finish.




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Tale of a CrossFit Die Hard Part 6, AllisonNYC WMV MOV
Milk, Does it Do a Body Good? Part 1 Part 2

Do you consume dairy products? Post opinions and experiences to comments.


CFSBK 5.16.08

"Achieving the Muscle-Up"
By Jon Gilson of AgainFaster

Coach Allison will be at the "CrossFit Kids" cert this weekend and the "CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert" next weekend.

Senatorial Candidate Introduces New Low-Carb Platform


Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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There 6 mats left downstairs. Anyone who wants to come a little early to help bring them up would be appreciated greatly.

Zak Posts Some Numbers

Post Work-Out. How did our flag get all the way up there??

Roy & HG Commentary: Syndney Olympics 2000 Weightlifting