WOD 4.27.09

5 Rounds For time of:
10 Mid Hang Power Cleans, 135 lbs
15 Wall Ball Shots, 20 lbs

Post time to comments.

Accessory Work

Partner PNF Stretch

Thanks to Jeff, Jay, Keith W and everyone who came out for the Gymnastics Cert this weekend.

We'll post the whole photo set from the certification in about a week, stay tuned!

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2: Exercise


CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

Juliana and Jacinto warm up on the rope

Pre Qualifier WOD at CrossFit Hoboken
"Many people have been playing with the idea of gatheing up all the local competitors for the Regional Qualifiers and having a prequalifier WOD.  We are proud to announce that Saturday, May 2nd we will be holding such a workout. Actually it will be 2 workouts. The first will be at 9 am and the second at 12 pm. We are not limiting this to only Qualifier contestants. Anyone is welcome to attend.
The Price for Competing will be $20 per person. The same as our standard drop in rate. Hope to have a nice turnout. Sincerely, Craig Parcells.
You my register online in our schedule link."

Job Opportunity at CrossFit Staten Island
"My name is Vincent Amarino and I am a co-owner of the first and only CrossFit on Staten Island ( which I am very proud of. The reason for this email is unfortunate. Do to my career as a Police Officer and family commitments I can no longer grant the time necessary to maintain my end of the business. I operate the evening and my partner Donald operates the mornings. It would be a shame if Staten Islands only CrossFit would be lost.We also demand to keep the authenticity of our CrossFit with certified CrossFit trainers as well. I will be willing to negotiate a deal for my half of the business or accept qualified trainers willing to teach classes in the evening. If anyone can give me any advice on this matter or know of any trainers interested in this beautiful facility, it would be appreciated greatly.

Who went out to the park (CFSBK v1.0) yesterday for "Helen"?

Gather 'Round the Cadaver' Slate


WOD 4.23.09

Complete 7 Rounds of:
:20 Deadlift, 225lbs
:40 Rest
:20 Burpees
:40 Rest

Post reps completed to comments

Todays WOD is a modified version of a CF Football WOD.  Athletes may choose to substitute Double Unders, Box Jumps or Lateral Jumps over a barrier for Burpees.  If 225 is too much for you to Deadlift, divide your 1RM by 1.4 to scale.

Accessory Work
Strict Pull-Ups 3x5
Lecture Series: Understanding Sarcoplasmic Vs. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

Brian goes overhead

Below is the list of people who are interested in hotel/travel with SBK for the Qualifiers. If you would like to join the group, please email Margie ( no later than Friday morning (4/24). We will likely leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening. We are working on group travel arrangements and will keep everyone posted.
Anne and Rob, Laurel and Malcolm, Vadim and Olga, Dan R, Charmel, Erik, Sameer, Jeremy, Sal, David O, Margie, Jacinto Juliana and Brandy

There are no classes this weekend for our first Gymnastics Certification.

Workout Tips for Jihad Offered by Al-Qaeda Supporting Magazine Telegraph
Want to Go Faster? You Need a Trainer NY Times
World First For Strange Molecule BBC
New High-Speed Rail Plan for US Arch Daily
American Sweatshop Labor Clothes the Military Behind the Label


Push Press


Post loads to comments.
compare to 3.16.09

Accessory Work
Bulgarian Split Squats 3x5

Bjorn has been hitting intensity pretty damn hard lately. Much Respect.

Our own John Gabrus' new TV show, Mo Cap, LLC premiers this Thursday at midnight on Spike! Check out the "X-Rated" Sneak Preview

Nicaraguan 'madness virus' baffles science BBC
The Real Henry the VIII. Audio Slide show BBC


Rest Day

Brian Chontosh hits a heavy (155lb.) version of Fran at SBK

Missed signing up for the South Brooklyn Gymnastics Cert? Why not sign up for the Cert at West Point on 5/16,17

So far Laurel, Malcolm, Vadim and Anne have signed up to be Judges at the North East Qualifier next month.  If anyone else from SBK (or otherwise) is interested please email with your name, email address, phone number and whether or not you've got a Level 1 Cert.

The Governor CrossFit Santa Cruz


Front Squat


Post loads to comments.
compare to 3.18.09

Accessory Work
Horizontal Pulls

Burpees and Push Presses

Week in Pictures, April 11-17 BBC
Manvotional: Selection from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Art of Manliness


WOD 4.19.09

3 Rounds For Time of:
40 Double Unders
12 Box Jumps, 36" Box
21 Pull-Ups

Post time to comments.

Accessory Work
Anterior Reaches

Chris take on "DT" during yesterdays outdoor WOD

Interested in going to the Qualifier with SBK? Email before Friday so  we can arrange hotel accommodations.

Sal does "Annie" in 4:45 CFSBK