WOD 7.2.09

21-15-9 reps for time of
Mid Hang Clean, 135/85

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Suggested back off

Accessory Work
Max Height Wall Ball Shot, 5 Attempts

Bethany's Beach Squats

SBK on the Farm
As many of you know, there's been talk of a trip to Grazin' Angus Acres in Ghent, New York. Farmer Dan at Grazin' Angus is excited to have the help and has offered us a chance to pitch some tents, work the farm and then send us over to his neighbor Farmer Dante at Milk Thistle Farm. It doesn't get more functional than farming, and just think of all that beef and milk...

Dan is at the NYC markets over the weekend, so ideally we should go up during the week: perhaps a Wednesday - Saturday. If that's not possible, we can make it a weekend only trip, but Dan and Dante will not be around to host us.

If you are interested in this trip, please email Margie(AT) about your availability either July 29-August 2, or August 12-16.




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compare to 6.3.09
Suggested Back Off

Accessory Work
20-15-10 reps NFT
Knees to Elbows
Overhead Walking Lunges

The amazing Charlotte

CFSBK'er Zach Kell has opened up his own martial arts gym, Empire City Self Defense
Rob Orlando does a scaled UP "DiaFranAbeth" CrossFit Games
Daily Sex Good for Sperm BBC


Rest Day

Dark Clouds in the Distance

Dont' forget that this Saturday is JacIntoStorm '09, to celebrate Jacinto's 70th birthday.
Check out this post for some pictures from last year's storm.  We will be doing the same workout with the exception that one rep will be added to each movement.  Jacinto will be hosting a BBQ at his house afterwards. More details to follow.

11 Healthy Myths that may Surprise You NY Times
Taco Bell's new Green Food Takes no Ingredients from Nature Onion
Fitness Spotlight


WOD 6.29.09

Alternating every minute, complete as many reps as possible in 12 minutes of the following two exercises.
Double Unders
Box Jumps, 20"

Posts total reps for each movement to comments.
Suggested Back Off

Accessory Work
Strict Pull-ups 3x12

The Guerra Boys go for a row

Congratulations to Patricio for rowing a 2K in 17:00 and Manuel for rowing a 3,295m piece last week.  Great dedication, guys!

There are no teaser classes the next two weekends for Jacinto Storm and the CrossFit Games

CrossFit Kids
12 Beautiful and Unique Giant Sculptures Toxel


WOD 6.28.09

For Time:
Row 500 meters
30 Burpees
10 Shoulder to Overhead, 165 lbs

This workout was used in the NorCal Qualifier

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Suggested Back Off

Accessory Work
Spend some time outside today.

Ryan swings the 2 pood

Chris Spealer does today's workout in 3:33 at 135lbs bodyweight CrossFit Games
"Creepy European Chair Demo"


Bench Press


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compare to (5x3) 6.17.09 and (5x1) 12.22.08

Accessory Work
4 Rounds NFT:
Toes to Bars, 10 Reps
Lateral Planks :35 Each Side

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Kudos to all our parents who make the time to set a good example for their children

MEBBBK: Max Effort Black Box (Brooklyn!)

Today is the last day of our Mid Hang Power Clean, High Bar Back Squat and Bench Press strength cycle.  We're going to encourage a back off week from tomorrow until 7/4 when we'll kick things off with a STORM

The next cycle's movements are:
Total Body: Push Jerks
Lower Body: Front Squats
Upper Body: Weighted Chin-Ups (Overhand). 

For those of you unfamiliar with the MEBB, we choose three movements and cycle them through a descending rep scheme over four weeks. The Max Effort days have been posted in the CFSBK Calendar if you'd like to see how it breaks down through July. Much thanks to Coach Michael Rutherford for developing the MEBB. program.

Jerks are following a 5x3, 5x3, 5x1 rep scheme
Foundations Graduates will be doing strict Presses instead of Jerks and follwing a 5x5 rep scheme throughout the entire cycle.

Happy Travels, Margie. We'll see you after the Games!

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Rest Day

Julie shows off her Kettebell juggling skills from Accessory Work 6.21.09

Congratulations to all our new Foundations Graduates!

Julie Edmonds, Lisa J. Matthew, Ben Walsh, Ariel Kalishman, Samir Chopra, Joe Williams, Cloyde Mills, Samantha Hay, Vincent Dugan

We've still got room in next month's cycle for any last minute sign ups.  Please contact David(at) if you're interested in registering for July Foundations.
Dates: 7/2, 7/6, 7/9, 7/13, 7/16, 7/20, 7/23, 7/27
Class Times: Monday and Thursdays at 8pm

Also, if you haven't already, please sign up for CrossFit South Brooklyn Mind Body Online.  More info on registering and purchasing a package here.

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