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Accessory Work
Tabata Mash-Up
Burpees and Box Jumps

Welcome, Marlo from CrossFit Asia

CF NorCal "Jackie" Pictures
1.0L CrossFit Sigg Bottles CrossFit
"Naughty Kids" (CF kids version of "Nasty Girls") CrossFit
Team Body Club, Kids Weightlifting meet

Marco Brambilla: Civilization Motiongrapher
Fire Design Acidolatte



50-40-30-20-10 rep for time of
Double Unders

If you can't do doubles, substitute three singles for every rx'd double

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Accessory Work
Kettlebell Fun
Swings, Hand offs, Flips, Snatches

Erik searches for meaning in "Jackie"

Congratulations Team NorCal
So the results are in and it seems that we've been bested in our first CFSBK vs. CF NorCal monthly challenge.  Both teams put up some great times but NorCal pulled ahead with some super impressive numbers.  Needless to say we had a lot of fun but are now focused on next month's Squat Off! Thanks again to everyone who participated on both coasts.

CrossFit NorCal "Jackie" Results

Top 3 Men Rx’d

John Fragoso 6:05

Glen Cordoza 6:21

Jerrad Fisher 6:29

Top 3 Women Rx’d

Vanessa Lambert 7:33

Katie DeLuca 8:20

Natalie Taylor & Nicki Violetti 8:23

No Men competed in the scaled division

Top 3 Women Scaled

Julie Rix 10:25

Amy Piper 12:16

Gina Vanderjack 12:54

Sum of Top 20 athletes (all Rx’d)

2.67 hours / 160.46 min/ 9628 seconds

CrossFit South Brooklyn "Jackie" Results

Top 3 Men Rx’d

Jeremy Fisher 7:07

Leonid Rosenburg 7:09

David Osorio 7:29

Top 3 Women Rx’d

Brandy Monge 11:20

Anne Williams 11:36

Nicole Shannon 12:20

Top 3 Men Scaled

Tushar Shah 8:57

Adam Pomata 9:23

Matt Ufford 13:14

Top 3 Women Scaled

Charlotte Kaiser 10:18

Sarah Haskins 10:55

Bethany Benzur 11:40

Sum of top 20 athletes (all Rx’d)

3.16 hours / 189.72 minutes / 11383 seconds

We'd also like to say Happy Fathers day to all our SBK Daddy's!

Jim, Tushar, Charmel, Ashley, David Mcg, David Mak, Bjorn, Jack, Edgar, Carlos, Tom, Shawn, Nick and Jacinto!


"Jackie" versus CrossFit NorCal

For time:

Row 1000 meters
45lb Thruster, 50 reps
Pull-ups, 30 reps

Scale Thrusters to 35lbs and Pull-ups to Jumping Pull-ups if necessary.

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How to read the Monitor

Next Month's Challenge vs. CF NorCal:

Back Squat 1-1-1

Let's see which gym can move the most weight with three attempts at a 1RM! Individual bests and a group total will all count for the prize of strongest gym in the world! (Or at least the gym with the highest squat totals, between the two of us..)

Steroid Testing CrossFit Games


Rest Day

The Dynamic Duo, Paul and Charmel

Our Jackie tournament against CrossFit NorCal is just around the corner! Get plenty of rest today and gear up to show the left coast how we do it here in Brooklyn! Classes will follow our normal schedule.

We'll also announce next month's challenge against CF Norcal tomorrow.  What would you love to see come out of the hopper?


Mid Hang Power Clean


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Accessory Work
Rope Climbing 101

Tushar gets contemplative at the bottom of his Squat

Old Texas Barbell Company Gym Tour Pt. 1
Old Texas Barbell Company Gym Tour Pt. 2


Bench Press


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Accessory Work
Wind Mill / Turkish Get-up Complex

Tom's son, Sam finds plenty to play with at CrossFit

"Jackie" Tournament Details
Our "Jackie" competition versus CrossFit Norcal is coming up this weekend.  The event is as follows:

1000m Row
50 Thusters, 45lbs
30 Pull-ups

We're going to Rank and compare the following categories against each gym:

Top 3 men and women Rx'd
Top 3 men and women Scaled
Top 20 times overall, favoring rx'd scores over scaled

We've standardized the scaling options to a 35lb barbell and jumping pull-ups for people who cannot do the movements rx'd. Classes will run as usual with "Jackie" being the posted WOD for the day.  Feel free to come in early or stay late to cheer people on.  This is a deceptively tough workout and requires a Lot of stamina and endurance, those of you who took on the 1K row last Monday have a better idea of what to expect.

Do you have a "Jackie" game plan?

Greg Amundson does "Jackie" CrossFit
"Little Jackie" and Jackie CrossFit Kids


Rest Day

Anton hits the knee to elbow/Wall Ball Accessory WOD

CFSBK Paleo(ish) Potluck Gone Local (pretty much)

Inspired by the release of Food Inc, our latest Paleo Potluck will focus on celebrating the abundant seasonal treats available to us from local sources. All are welcome!

When: Saturday, June 20th from 6:30pm onward
Where: Margie’s pad, 745 Union St. #4 (btwn 5th and 6th Aves)

The Guidelines
-Paleo foods plus dairy and beer. This means no grains, refined sugar (honey is ok), or beans.
-All ingredients must be locally sourced. The definition of “local” is often debated; for our purposes, we will keep things a little lax and use foods grown/produced within 500 miles.
-Salt, pepper, spices and basic condiments like olive oil and vinegar are exempt, however you must note their use and, if known, their origin. Try to keep use of condiments to a minimum/from the USA or, better yet, make your own if possible!
-Be ready to share something about your offering: the recipe (unless it’s a family secret); the name of your farmer, the experience of making/procuring your food…
-If you don’t cook, there are plenty of local cheeses, beers and wines you are welcome to bring, but the same 500 miles rule still applies.

The Experience
-Go to a farmers market: be adventurous and talk to your farmer. Ask what things are and how to prepare them, they’ll be happy to give you tips.
-Find out your farmer’s practices: just because it’s local, does not mean it’s grown without chemicals/pesticides.
-Use your senses: What looks and smells wonderful? Sample, sample, sample!!
-Remember there will be lots of food, so you just have to provide enough for everyone to have a taste.

The Resources
-Union Square farmers market is NYC’s largest and happens all day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (Wed and Sat are bigger). Grand Army Plaza’s market is Saturday. You will find produce, meats/fish, cheeses, specialty handmade foods, wine, herbs and flowers.
Cheese, artisanal snacks/provisions and meat:

Blue Apron Foods (Union btwn 7th and 8th Aves)
Brooklyn Larder (Flatbush btwn Bergen and 6th Ave)
Bierkraft (5th Ave btwn Union and Berkeley)
Stinky Brooklyn (Smith and Degraw)
Murray’s Cheese Shop (Bleecker btwn 6th and 7th Aves)
The Greene Grape (Fulton and S. Portland) also sells meat and fish
Staubitz Butcher (Court St. btwn Warren and Baltic)
Marlow and Daughters Butcher (Broadway btwn Berry and Beford in Williamsburg) where Malcolm and Laurel got the most delectable steak ever ever

Bierkraft the absolute best place to find local beers

Big Nose, Full Body (7th Ave btwn 11th and 12th Streets) Margie loves this place especially
Picada y Vino (5th Ave btwn 3rd and 4th Streets)

Recipe Resources
Your family and friends!

Need some help? Talk to Margie, Malcolm or Laurel. If you know what you want to make, feel free to give Margie a heads up at Margie(AT)