WOD 8.02.09

7 Rounds For time of:
12 Kettebell Swings
12 Weighted Lunges

There is a 10 Burpee penalty for every time the Kettlebell touches the floor.

Post time and weight to comments.
Suggested Back Off Week
compare to 5.09.09

Accessory Work
Skin the Cats


The Swheeb, Pedal Powered Monorail LikeCool
Squeezable Bacon LikeCool


Squat Off! versus CF NorCal

Back Squat

Today's squats will be against CrossFit Norcal. Competitors will have three attempts to hit a 1RM using any style squat they like. The best of your lifts will contribute to our gym score as well as an individual ranking.  For folks who are away today we're allowing a make-up squat session on Monday night.  Results will be posted on Tuesday.

Accessory Work
Weighted Pull-Up 1-1-1-1-1

Margie gets gymnastics instruction by Coach Glassman on an organic Black Angus Farm.

Events Galore!
CF Movie Screening at Tushar's (8/1)
2pm screening of "Every Second Counts" at Tushar's house. E-mail David(at) for more info if you'd like to come.

Alec and Deb's Shoulder Seminar (8/2)
Sold Out educational seminar on shoulder anatomy, movement and health.

New Foundations Cycle Kick Off (8/3
14 brand new CrossFitters enter our community for the August cycle!

CF Level 1 Certification (8/8-9
Sold Out CF L1 certification seminar at South Brooklyn. More Info

5K Prospect Park Run (8/8)

While we won't have classes the weekend of the L1, we will be organizing a 5K run in Prospect Park for our members not attending the cert. More TBA

Fight Gone Bad (9/26)

FGB 4 is on! Last year we raised 7K+ for charity, this year's fight will be bigger and better! More Info

CrossFit 101 with Greg Glassman (10/10)

Spend the day with Coach Glassman. The CF101 is a day of candid lecture and Q&A with the founder of CrossFit himself. More  TBA

Mid Atlantic Hopper Challenge (10/17)
CF BWI's annual Hopper Challenge in Baltimore.  All are welcome and encouraged to compete, our own Sal M. got second place last year! More Info

Gillian Mounsey, American Gladiator and CrossFit


WOD 7.30.09

5 Rounds of
Max Double Unders, 1 Minute
Body Weight Dead Hang, 1 Minute

Athletes will have :15 seconds to transition between movements.  Coming off the bar constitutes a "foul" and 10 burpee penalty. Every :10 off the bar after coming down is an additional foul.

Post reps, fouls and bar thickness to comments.

Accessory Work
Foam Rolling 101

Congrats to our own Stephanie P for completing the NYC Triathlon this past weekend!
1 Round for time of: swim 1.5K, bike 40K, run 10K     Time: 3:15:00

Tushar's CrossFit Movie Screening Party will be at 2pm this Saturday.  All are welcome to attend! Please email david(at) if you'd like to come



30 Pull-ups
50 Thrusters, 45lbs
Row 1000m

Post time to comments.
Compare to "Jackie" 6.20.09

Accessory Work
Barbell Rows
More Ring Inversions!

 Vincent is someone you want on your team.

Alec and Deb's Shoulder Seminar

This weekend's course will include some basic anatomy.  Why not get a head start on the educational process and learn the three bones which comprise the shoulder girdle? This picture identifies the Clavicle, Scapula and Humerus of the right arm.  Here you can see how those same three bones sit on the rib cage.

Try to locate these three bones on yourself:

Your Clavicles are the horizontal bones that sit just below your neck and reach across your chest
Your Humerus is simply your upper arm bone
Your Scapulas are the two "pizza" shaped bones on your upper back

This Seminar is SOLD OUT
Looking forward to seeing everyone that signed up this Sunday, August 2nd from 1:30-4:00pm

Our "SQUAT OFF" with CrossFit NorCal will be held this Saturday!  Athletes will have three attempts to find a 1 rep max on the Barbell Squat.  Both high bar and low bar squats are legal, the athlete must simply break parallel and return to full extension with the bar on their back. We'll be talking about 1RMs and practicing the movement all this week.

Margie goes Main Site


Rest Day

Shane gets first crack at the wall

Last Friday, we were invited to one of the First Ascent parties by Brooklyn Boulders owner, Stephen Spaeth.  The parties are their way of thanking members who purchased year-long memberships prior to the facility opening by giving them first access to areas of the gym as they finish.  Even with only one top-roping wall and the bouldering area open for climbing we had an absolute blast and climbed for hours.  The staff and volunteers on hand were super helpful and friendly and the place is just downright BANANAS.   It's like Disney World opening up down the street from you. Please check these guys out, I can foresee countless SBK outings to BKB!
Check out this video from NY1 on BKB

Remember that Tushar is hosting a CrossFit Movie screening at his house this Saturday at 1pm.  If you'd like to come please send an email to (david(at)

Deb and Alec's Shoulder Seminar this Sunday from 1:30-4pm is just almost sold out! If you'd like to come please contact me asap.  I've already seen the bound workbooks you're all getting.. it's going to be great!
Dairy Extends Life of Children BBC
Health Hazards of Regular Jogging BBC




Each rep will be taken from a dead start

Accessory Work
Ring Inversions
Ring Dip Strength work

Check out Peter's garage gym set up in Wisconsin!  "CrossFit Peter", as it were.

August Foundations is SOLD OUT

CFSBK promotes KB usage!
What's new in Python 3.0? Abstruse Goose (for our programmers)


Front Squat


Post loads to comments
compare to (5x3) 7.18.09 and (5x1) 1.26.09

Accessory Work
For Time
Row 1000m
20 reps, Mid Hang Squat Clean to Thruster 95/65

Congratulations Charlotte and Nick!
Born this morning at 4:41am, 7lbs 4oz. (1/5 Pood)

Good luck to our own Stephanie Paddock running in the NYC Triathlon today!