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Have a safe and happy holiday season, everyone! 


CFSBK beyond The Lyceum

Learning a new activity or sport is at the top of the Crossfit pyramid. It challenges your body and mind in unexpected ways, preventing you from stagnating as an athlete. As CrossFitters, we are already fans of variability and functionality in our workouts, so let's take that interest beyond the walls of the Lyceum and play with skill-based, real world activities.

Brian Scott has offered to lead us in a series of monthly SBK Fieldtrips to mix things up and get our bodies and brains moving in new ways. We've generated a great list of activities, including kayaking, horseback riding, bouldering, kickball, cross-country skiing and more.

For our inaugural event, we are going ice skating!
When: Friday, January 2, 6-9pm
Where: Wollman Rink, Prospect Park
Cost: $5 for skating; $6.50 for Skate rental.
If you have activities to propose, or lead us in, please feel free to suggest them Brian and/or Margie.

Save the Date
On January 31st we'd like to have a party celebrating one year at the Lyceum and the community that has developed around SBK.  Everyone who has ever trained with us is welcome to join in on the food, drinks, music and Hooverball!!


Bench Press


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compare to 10.6.08 and 7.7.08

Accessory work
Max Dips, Rest 2:00 x3
Buelers 3x12


CFSBK is Closed on the following dates:
Dec. 24th, 25th, 31st. 
We will not have AM classes on Jan 1st however we will be holding evening classes.

Equipment updates:
We've acquired 4 new York Barbells (Thanks, Rob!) bringing our barbell total to 13 bars!
30 more Jump ropes have been ordered as well as some new jump stretch bands and more chalk.


"Cindy" or "Mary"


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 One legged squats, alternating

15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.
Compare "Cindy" to 9.10.08

Accessory work
Handstand Progressions

Willkommen zurück, Andy!!

A solid DB rack position keeps the handles just about parallel to the floor with one head of the dumbbell secure on the shoulder. Keep your elbows slightly up and out to maintain postural integrity throughout the movement.



For time:

Row 1000 meters
45lb Thruster, 50 reps
Pull-ups, 30 reps

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Accessory Work
3 Rounds NFT of:
10 Medball Cleans
10 Knee To Elbows

Mobility wk 4

Journaling is an essential part of your training. 

Without a record of what you've done, strategizing WODs becomes a guessing game.  Your log shouldn't just include the workout, your weights and/or a time.  Here are some ideas for better journaling:

+ Track your rep schemes for better "gaming" in future WODs.
+ Keep notes on your reflections post WOD. Did you go too hard in the beginning and gas out? Did you sandbag on one movement? Were you on 2 hours of sleep and hung over? 
+ Look forward.  Set a goal for yourself next time you meet the workout. 
+ Was mobility or muscular imbalance an issue for you on any of the movements?  This can help make your accessory work more productive. Attack your weaknesses.

Here is an example:

"Fran" as rx'd 8:56
Thrusters 10-5-3-1-1-1/5-5-3-2/3-3-3
Pull-ups 18-3/10-5/3-3-2-1

"Hard workout, First 10 Thrusters unbroken wrecked me and slowed down my first round. Try 6-5-5-5 next time. Pull-ups weren't too bad, try to do the first and second rounds unbroken.  Aim for sub 8:30 next time. It's hard to finish the top ROM with thrusters, better shoulder warm-up and mobility before i hit this again."

Journals are available for $1 at the front desk.


Front Squat


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Accessory Work
3 Rounds for time of:
6 Muscle Ups
15 2 Pood Kettlebell Swings

Mobility wk4

Don't be bashful.

CFSBK would like to welcome our newest coach, Gillian Mounsey!  We're all very excited to have Gillian join our team and can't wait to learn as much as we can from her.  Please encourage her on as she trains for the 2009 CrossFit Games and continues her journey in the Sport of Fitness.

Gillian is an accomplished athlete who has extensive training in gymnastics, track and field, physical fitness and bodybuilding that extends over the past 25 years. Her physical accomplishments include holding the world record for push-ups and and being the United States Marine Corps National Physical Fitness Champion in 1995.
She has a degree in Physical Education and a graduate level degree in Exercise Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation. Additionally, she has been a personal trainer for 13 years and holds multiple certifications including CrossFit Levels 1,2 and Gymnastics. She specializes in working with athletes, low back injuries, cardiac and pregnant populations.
Gillian is an avid Crossfitter who took 3rd Place in the 2008 Crossfit games and is currently training with the goal of winning the 2009 games.  Her passion is teaching others and giving them the tools they need to be embark on their individual lifelong pursuits of health and physical fitness.

McDonalds opens Mini-Gym  OC Register


Split Jerk


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compare to 12.8.08, 11.22.08, 9.17.08

Accessory Work
Weighted Step Ups 3x8
Turkish Get-Up Sit-Ups 3x15
Mobility Wk4

Toe Taps are a Dynamic Range of Motion exercise we do before almost every WOD.  Here are some points to consider while doing them:
1. Keep your knee extended as much as possible.  Bending your leg takes away much of the value from this movement.
2. Keep your base foot flat on the ground. The heel of the back foot rising is a clear indicator that you're allowing too much of your weight to shift forward.
3. Don't reach for your foot by dropping your shoulders.  If you don't have the mobility to touch your hand then limit your range of motion.  Think about balancing a book on your hear or pretend that your spine is a stack of coins you don't want to knock over.

CFSBK will be Closed the 24th, 25th and 26th of December.

Nicole and Jamie Go Heavy Overhead


WOD 12.14.08

Five rounds for time of:

275 pound Deadlift, 5 reps

10 Burpees

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compare to 7.05.08

Accessory Work
Lateral Planks
Mobility wk4

Bethany finds a new perspective.

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