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compare to 8.12.09

Accessory Work
Medicine Ball Rotational Tosses
Clean Drills

Kicking Ass and Taking Names one Decade at a Time

Fight Gone Bad Team 3!
Juliana Agudelo
Christian Fox
Paul Steinman
Paul Sanwald
Colette Komm

Fund raising note: Everyone who would like to participate in Fight Gone Bad IV must register through the FGB portal and is encouraged to attempt a fund raising effort.  While there is no minimum to compete, even donating $20 yourself will go a long way towards 2 great causes.  At the end of the day, this is about community, charity and friendly competition. Register here

Get well soon to Bethany B. who dropped a knife on her foot and Allan E. who d broke his leg dancing. Yikes!

What was a really enjoyable meal you had out recently?
America's Food Crisis and How to Fix it Time
Orthorexia: Healthy Food Eating Disorder Guardian UK


WOD 8.19.09

Double-under for 2 minutes
Sit-up for 2 minutes
Double-under for 90 seconds
Sit-up for 90 seconds
Double-under for 1-minute
Sit-up for 1-minute
Double-under for 30 seconds
Sit-up for 30 seconds

Post numbers of sit-ups and double-unders to comments.

Accessory Work
:10 Front Lever Holds, 5 sets
WU: 3 Rounds NFT of:
6 Pistols each leg
12 "3-2-1" Push-Ups

Coach Jacinto

Fight Gone Bad IV Team 2:
Shane Williams
David McGrath
Peter Hoppman
Sarah Haskins
Jessica Fox

You know the drill guys, contact one another, choose  a captain, pick a team name and determine exercise order and preferred heat placement out of a hypothetical 6 teams. Good Luck, "Team 2!"

Haven't Registered? Register Here

Fight Gone Belated!

We've got a few folks who can't make this years FGB due to scheduling conflicts.  If you want to participate in the event but aren't available the weekend of the 26th to compete, please post to comments and email me so we can set up a Fight Gone Belated team.

Welcome back from Brazil, Juliana and Charmel!

Do you eat more vegetables when you cook at home or when you eat out?  Is the quality of greens the same either way?
10 Reasons to go Grain Free Nourished Kitchen


Rest Day

Jonathan opens his 5x5 OHS at 135

Relative to the Back Squat, the difficulty of the Overhead Squat is less dependent on strength and more dependent on balance.  The ability to keep the barbell centered over the glenohumeral joint and mid foot while squatting through a full range of motion requires considerable focus.
How else is the Overhead Squat challenging?

Announcing our first official Team for FIGHT GONE BAD 4!!
Anne Williams
Samir Chopra
Scott Lundhagen
Asta Fivgas
Ashley Fothergill

Okay Team 1, time to start talking strategy.  Someone will have to volunteer to be team Captain and then the following decisions will be made: Team Name, Start order on exercises and preferred heat order (out of a hypothetical 6 teams).  You guys all have an email in your inbox with everyones contact information to get the ball rolling.  Teams might also consider setting up additional FGB specific training sessions to build team cohesiveness and capacity.

The next team will be announced tomorrow, stay tuned!

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What would you consider a "self prepared" meal?




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compare to 1.19.09

Accessory Work
1000m Pace/Technique Row
Sub 20 Stroke Rating, Drop your Split :10-:15 at 500m mark
Finish your pressing with 2 sets of 5 reps at moderate weight on the dumbbells.

Anne and Coach Shane give Deb a hand on her Front Lever

We will be announcing the the first FIGHT GONE BAD IV team on tomorrow's rest day post!  Just like last year, we'll ask that one person from each team volunteers as captain and helps coordinate their team's starting positions, strategy and leads the destruction of all other teams.  There was also be an incentive for the team with the most funds raised for Charity. Details to follow...

For the next week, we're asking that everyone takes note of how many meals they've prepared for themselves.  This isn't a challenge or contest, we just want you to take a moment at the end of each day and write down anything you cooked as opposed to purchased from a restaurant.  We'll follow up on this next Tuesday, don't post meals to comments.
Eat This! CrossFit Santa Cruz Central


WOD 8.16.09

4 Attempts of:
200m Run

Rest as needed between attempts

Accessory Work
WU: 4 Rounds NFT
5 Strict Pull-ups, C2B or Ring Rows
10 Russian Lunges
:15  L-Sit Hold

Foam Rollers are your friend, trust us.

Congratulations to Dan R. for earning the South Brooklyn Hoodie for his contributions to the blog and program with his photography.


Overhead Squat


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compare to 4.29.09 (5x3)

Accessory Work
Front Levers 101

WU: 4 Rounds NFT
5 Forward Rolls
10 Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings

Rebecca "SteinSquat"

Check out the Photo Set from our recent Level 1 Certification
Friend of the program, Rob Miller is featured today training at SBK on the Affiliate Blog
Dangers of Statin Drugs Weston Price Foundation


Rest Day

Every Saturday at 11:15 we hold a free Teaser class for folks who want to get a taste of our Coaches, Training Philosophy and Community.

Fight Gone Bad IV is just over a month away.  To kick start your fund raising, you can link friends and family to our Team Page which has an overview of the event, media from last year and a link to your athlete profile where they can make donations.  There is also a tab on your athlete profile which will let you post it to Facebook directly. Remember, top fund raiser earns our coveted (and not for sale) SBK Hoodie.

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