WOD 9.20.09

1 Mile Run

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Accessory Work
Choose your weakest Fight Gone Bad movement and do some focus training on it. Here are some options:
Technique Phase: Practice the movement in a fatigue free environment.  Make every rep perfect.
Consistency Phase: See if you can do 15-25 reps while maintaining consistent technique. If form breaks down, take a break.
Intensity Phase: Perform 3-5 one minute pressure tests for max reps. Either rest as needed between attempts or set a rest interval.

Jenna goes overhead

Good luck to Jess Fox who is running the Queens Half Marathon today!



For Time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

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Accessory Work

Foam Roll

Felix doing a barbell complex

CFSBK at $14,570 for Fight Gone Bad

To date, CrossFit South Brooklyn has raised $14,570 for charity, more than double what we raised last year!  I'd like to especially acknowledge Matt Ufford who has raised $6,671 through the Kissing Suzy Kolber blog where he is a contributor.  Matt also won a pair of FGB IV Oakleys for being the top fund raiser internationally on 9/16.  On top of this, our own Jim Ryan was the winner of the Home Stretch Challenge last Wednesday. He raised $520 and gets pair of FGB IV Oakleys too. Great work, guys!

Here are our top 5 fund raisers

1. Matt U:  $6,671
2. Brian S:  $985
3. Jim R:  $915
4. Gerrit G:  $703
5. Anne W:  $545

Because of all this phenomenal fund raising, CrossFit South Brooklyn will be receiving a limited edition 24"x36" event poster and a 3'x3' vinyl banner from the good folks at Fight Gone Bad IV.

If your fund raising hasn't hit the floor running yet, why don't you spread some good karma by donating $10 to someone else from SBK?  Click this link and search for South Brooklyn under "Team Name" to make your move.
Good luck to Coach Jeremy who will be competing in the middle weight division of the 2009 CrossFit Strongman Hybrid Fall Challenge


Rest Day

2009-09-15 19.26.53
Anthony spends his Rest Day at Brooklyn Boulders

Kid Marshmallow Experiment

Can you See Time?
BBC News
To Train Harder, Consider a Crowd
NY Times


WOD 9.17.09

Row 2000m

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Accessory Work
WU: 3 Rounds NFT
16 Partner Medball Tosses
8 Strict Pull-ups

Low Bar Back Squats 101

Little Milo post kids class

There will be a 5pm L1 Class today!

CrossFit South Brooklyn has officially signed a 10 year lease for our new home on 597 Degraw Street.  Our facility will be approximately 4,700 sq feet with 19 foot ceilings and a huge roll up gate.  With our own space we will be able to provide much better services including showers, nicer bathrooms, heat!, more classes, bailing potential, more training options and overall better product.  We'll also be right down the block from our new BFFs, Brooklyn Boulders.  The expected completion of the facility will be November 1st however our move in date will be dependent on the Certificate of Occupancy which we're hoping will be signed shortly thereafter.
Thank you so much to all our members and staff who made this move a possibility.  Remember, this is a huge accomplishment for all of us.  Very gradually over the last two years every single member and trainer has contributed to making South Brooklyn what it is today. 
We've only seen the tip of the ice burg.

We want to create even more of a home away from home atmosphere with our box.  This means that everyone's input is necessary for making it a success.  What kind of things would you like to see in our permanent facility?
HUGE shout out to Matt Ufford for raising $3,726 for Fight Gone Bad so far! Matt has done an incredible job and was recognized on the Fight Gone Bad Page for his efforts. Check it out here!
Also- We exceeded our Gym goal and have to date raised: $10,310 for Charity
Way to go, everyone!!!


Front Squat


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Accessory Work
3 Rounds of:
1 Minute of Max Reps at each station

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75/55
Double Unders

Chris v. Bear

Happy Birthday, Rebecca B!!!


Rest Day

Paul Titus talks Kettlebell cleans

We will have a 5pm Level 1 class tomorrow in addition to our usual 6pm class.

Happy Birthday, Tal! Hope you're enjoying Israel

Good luck to Coach Jeremy who will be competing this weekend in Hybrid Athletic's CrossFit Strong Man Competition.

CrossFit HQ's Kelly Moore (114lbs) does 15-9-6 Diane with Men's weight 'righteous' Deadlifts and elevated HSPU's
CrossFit Fairfax's Maggie and MK take on a DL/JRD/RC WOD


CFSBK Rowing Team

Ladies & Germs,

For those of you entering CRASH-Bs, registration is open. Go here to register.  There are various age categories, and there are three weight categories: coxswain (120lbs or under for women, 130lbs. or under for men); lightweight (135 lbs. or under for women, 165 lbs. or under for men); and heavyweight (no weight cutoff).

The best thing CrossFitters can do to prepare for CRASH-Bs is row row row. To that end, I recommend doing at least three rowing workouts a week. Below is a list of four workouts. You can do one of each of them per week for the next four weeks. ONLY DO ONE OF THESE WORKOUTS IN ONE SESSION.

Workout # 1
2 x 20 min./5 min. rest @ 16 stroke rate. Maximal effort. But if you go above 16 (stroke rate) you defeat the purpose. For one thing, you will overtire yourself, and for another you'll not benefit technique-wise.

Workout# 2
2-3 x 11 min./5 min. rest @ 20 for 3 min., 24 for 2 min., 28 for 1 min., 24 for 2 min., and 20 for 3 min.

Workout# 3
3 x 2000m/5 min. rest @ 20 sec. slower than your PR. So if your PR is 8:00.0, go for 8:20.0 or under. No ratings guidelines/caps; you'll probably find that 25-27 will be good. Hit the same target for each and every piece. If you get 8:20.1, it doesn't count, and you redo the following week. If you can 8:20.0 or under, you can shoot for 8:17 or something like that the next time. If you easily hit 8:15 each time, then you're in better shape than you'd realized and you need to lower the target to, say 8:10.

Workout# 4
40 min. easy. No stroke guidelines. For the pace you normally go for 2 x 20 min., go AT LEAST 10 sec. slower per 500m split. So if you go about 2:20 for 2 x 20 min., go 2:30 and slower. To put it another way: if you feel like completely sloughing this workout, that's fine. Go for it. Just be consistent – don't let your stroke rate or your splits wander all over the place, like from 2:30 to 2:10 to 2:40. If time allows, this is a great workout to do after dead lifts, squats, etc. You can think of it as an extended cool-down. This at workout #1 are going to be the best ways for you to home in on the technique.

Just to spice things up, if you're up for it, in addition to the above four workouts, do this:

Workout# 5
2 x (4 x 500m/2 min.) / 5 min. This means: four 500m pieces with 2 min. rest between them. After the fourth 500m piece, take 5 min. rest. Then repeat. No ratings guidelines/caps for this workout. You'll probably be around 28-34.

We will do more of workout #5 in January, so if you feel like holding off on it, that's fine.

Please remember to be consistent. For instance, for workout #5, don't let your numbers be too different from each other. You don't want to be a hero only for two of the pieces; so if you feel you have to restrain yourself at the beginning so that you can do better when you're tapped, that's good. The goal is to raise the bar across the board. In other words, you want to improve ALL of those 500s each time you do the workout, not just a couple.

I'll post something like this on the website shortly. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd like to organize workouts at the Lyceum so we can get groups together. And I'd like to do the workouts too.

Articles and Resources
"Rowing a 2K Race", by Nick Peterson