Rest Day

Malcolm's hobbies include heavy squatting

CrossFit 101 with Greg Glassman
Our CrossFit 101 with co-hosts CF Virtuosity is this Saturday.  We initially opened registration to members of our community who serve in the armed forces, law enforcement and fire fighting and now we're opening it up to all of South Brooklyn. The CF 101 is a FREE lecture, Q&A and social with CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman. If you'd like to attend, please read this press release and contact Jessica Allan at jessica(at)crossfitvirtuosity.com.  These seminars are great for people who are either new to CrossFit or have friends and family who might want to know more about this crazy fitness thing you're into.  We'd really like to get lots of non-CrossFitters involved so if you have someone in mind, please confirm it with them and include their name on the RSVP. We will send out email confirmations on Thursday for everyone attending.
Any additional questions may be sent to David(at)CrossFitSouthBrooklyn.com or posted to comments.

The Brooklyn Barbell Club
221 North 8th St. (between Driggs and Roebling)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Saturday, October 10, 2009
9:00am Doors, Coffee
10:00am Q&A Session
1:30pm CrossFit Workout
2:00pm Beer Social


Back Squat

Low bar squats today

Post loads to comments.
compare to (LB 5x5) 10.1.9 and (HB 5x3) 6.14.09


4 Rounds NFT of:
5 Strict Pull-Ups
:10 L-Sit Hold
15 Kettlebell Swings

Juliana in the lead

Thanks to Gerrit G for providing all the recent shots from CFSBK at the 2009 CrossFit Games.

Check out the Events Calendar for an updated October training schedule. (DWNST) means class will be meeting downstairs while Nerve Tank rehearses upstairs. Major changes have been listed below.

Important Notes

+ No Classes this Saturday, 10/10
+ Outdoor WODs on 10/15 (Weather permitting)
+ Starting on 10/17 until the end of the month, Saturdays will be 9am and 10am All Level Group Classes. Foundations will still be meeting at 12:15pm
+ Kid's Classes are scheduled for 1pm on 10/11 and 10/18


WOD 10/4/09

For Time:
75 Double Unders
15 Push Jerks, 135/85
65 Double Unders
9 Push Jerks 135/85
55 Double Unders
6 Push Jerks 135/85

Post load and time to comments.
compare to 6.7.09

Accessory Work
P/PP/PJ Overhead Review


Dan in an Ice Tub.  Perfect.

If you can regularly string together over 20 Double Unders, describe how you developed this skill.


WOD 10.3.09

5 Attempts at
Row 250 meters

Post all scores to comments.
compare to 7.5.09

900m Row
Drop :10 off your split every 300m

20 Stroke Warm-up sets:
20 Pulls at 22-24 s/r
20 Pulls at 26-28 s/r
20 Pulls at 30-32 s/r
rest as needed between sets

Full pressure on each set

Charmel Shows off his "CrossFit Face" in Aromas

Fight Gone Belated is officially scheduled for this Wednesday (10/7) at 8pm Down Stairs!  Our final team, "Coda" will be comprised of (C) David Mak, Jack, Tamson, Malcolm and Andy H. We need 5 volunteers to keep their score for them and anyone else who wants to come and cheer is more than welcome to! Good luck, Coda!

Beginning this coming Tuesday evening, CFSBK members get 30% off day passes ($20 bucks to $14. BA-BAM) at Brooklyn Boulders each and every Tuesday night. This will be extended to other days of the week once we come up with a way to identify who are members are for their staff and officially become neighbors. Hot Iron branding and ear tagging are currently the top choices. Also, CFSBK members interested in memberships will receive 10% off any membership package.

Anyone interested in going to the Reel Rock Tour screening at Brooklyn Boulders next week please email  Shane(At)CrossFitSouthBrooklyn.com

Happy 40th Birthday, Ashley F!!!

An Enduring Measure of Fitness, The Simple Push-Up NY Times
Oldest Human Skeleton Found, Disproves Missing Link National Geographic
"A Child is Born", Scientific Photography Lennart Nilsson


Rest Day

Post Kids Class play

We are no longer doing Teaser Classes on Saturdays.  Please stay tuned to the blog for an alternate schedule for October.

Tomorrow we are only having a 10:15am and 11:15am class, there is NO 12:15pm. Sunday is back to normal scheduling

The 2009 Fight Gone Bad IV at CFSBK Photo Set


Back Squat

Low Bar Squats Today

Post loads to comments.
compare to 9.24.09

Accessory Work
Ring Work

A. Inversions 5 Holds
B. Skin The Cats 3x3
C. Front Levers 5x :10

The Chocolate Milk Thistles

Congratulations to Brian Scott for winning his company's 3 month pedometer Step to Health Challenge.  Brian destroyed the competition, even beating second place by well over 700,000 steps.

Did Humans Evolve to Be Long Distance Runners? Mark's Daily Apple
You Walk Wrong and Your Shoes are to Blame Fitness Spotlight


WOD 9.30.09

Turkish Get-Ups

Novices will be learning this movement, experienced athletes will be experimenting with different weights, reps and implements.

Accessory Work
10 One Arm DB Push Presses, Each Arm
1:00 Dead hang

Hip Mobility

CFBK fgb20003
Pull, Peter!

We have one additional prize for Fight Gone Bad. Whichever athlete who competed last year and had the largest increase in score/performance will receive a sports massage. Thanks to Carlos G for organizing this.

Please check out the Lost and Found today.  We've got tons of water bottles, glasses and clothes that had been left in the locker. 

If you haven't picked up your gymnastics grips yet, please do!  Because they all look a like, please write you name or initials on your pair with a permanent marker.

Iceland Annie's Sandbag Uphill Sprint CF Games
2009 Women's Triplet, 3rd Heat Cf Games