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Accessory Work
WU: 5 Rounds NFT of
12 Partner Medball Tosses
6 Knees to Elbows

Jillian's Kipping Pull-up

New Max Effort Cycle
Today kicks off our next Max Effort Black Blox (MEBB) strength cycle.  We will be rotating the following movements and rep schemes:
Total Body: Clean 5x3, 5x3, 5x1
Lower Body: Overhead Squat 5x5, 5x3, 5x1
Upper Body: Press: 5x5, 5x3, 5x1

Athletes with insufficient mobility for the OHS will be encouraged to MEBB a high bar squat and skip accessory work on those days to work on their range of motion.
Congratulations to Peter H. for getting his first pull-up on his home made pull-up bar in Wisconsin! Let's make it official on the SBK thick bar when you get back.

Congratulations to Felix for winning the naming competition on Muscle Driver.  Thanks to Felix's suggestion, their interval timer will now be known as "Clock Gone Bad". The prize for naming it is one free timer!

Vincent recently trained at GridIronNYC, we're all interested to hear about his experiences.

Brian's suggestion for the next Beyond the Box field trip: Slip and Fly


Rest Day

Alec and David McG do some "LSD" together

Last chance to sign up for the Mid August Foundations Cycle meeting Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 12:30 on the following dates: Dates: 8/12, 8/15, 8/19, 8/22, 8/26, 8/29, 9/2, 9/5 Register Here!

Stay tuned for the whole photos set from our recent Level 1 Cert.  We'd like to publish a few more pictures on the blog before they all go public under the Event Photos tab.

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Rip teaches the OHS
Nicole goes for 15 body weight Overhead Squats CrossFit
OHS Pull-up Experiment CrossFit
Apple Movie Trailers
What movies are you looking forward to seeing?


WOD 8.10.09

3 Rounds For Time of:
Row 500m
15 Burpee Box Jumps
15 DB Thrusters 35/20

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Accessory Work
Skin the Cat Practice

All eyes on Anne during her inspirational "Fran"

Congratulations to Anne, Jillian, Laurel, Willie, Erik and Malcolm on their Level 1 Certification.  We had a great crew represent us this weekend.  Great, Job, guys!

Thanks to Edgar, David McG, Vincent, Christian, Regan, Dan, Jeremy, Margie and Shane for holding it down this weekend and making sure everything went smoothly.

Good Luck to Emily who will be heading back to University (New Haven) this week.  In a very short time she's proved herself as an exceptional athlete and great member of our community.   Emily's last class will be tomorrow morning.


Level 1 Certification, Day 2

Chuck and Adrian explain "Fran"

Upcoming Foundations Cycles

Additional August Cycle
(Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 12:15pm)
Dates: 8/12, 8/15, 8/19, 8/22, 8/26, 8/29, 9/2, 9/5 Register Here!

(Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm)
9/3, 9/7, 9/10, 9/14, 9/17, 9/21, 9/24, 9/28 Register Here!
Barefoot Runner
Amputee Just Keeps Running BBC
CrossFit Endurance


Level 1 Certification

Anne gets her squat on

There are no classes this weekend for our Level 1 Certification.  Good luck to all our athletes taking on this weekend's Prospect Park 5K run! Please post your time to comments.

21 athletes have already signed up for Fight Gone Bad 4 at CFSBK.  Check out the updated roster on our Team Page.

CrossFit South Brooklyn versus CrossFit NorCal Squat off tentative results.




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Suggested Back Off Week
compare to 4.5.09

Accessory Work
WUx3: Walking Ant. Reach, Partner Sit-ups, KB Swing Mash-up
Barbell or Ring Rows 4x8

Forward Rolls are gymnastics 101.  We regularly incorporate them into our warm-ups for dynamic movement prep.  Great work Jessica and Cloyde!

Saturday is the CFSBK 5k in Prospect Park.
The run will start at 10am sharp. We will meet at 9:45am at the Grand Army Plaza entrance and walk to the run start at West Drive were we will warm up. The course is a full counter clock wise loop of the park ending at the Grand Army Plaza entrance. You are encouraged to bring a stop watch to record your own time. If you don't have a stop watch try to borrow one from the gym. After the run a number of us will partake in some delectable Milk Thistle which will be conveniently located at the finish along with the rest of the farmers market.
If you'd like to run the 5K please post to comments.
BIG Thanks to David McGrath for organizing and leading this!

Remember there are NO GROUP CLASSES or Teasers this weekend for our Level 1 Certification.

Foundations classes are open now, tell your friends, tell your family!
Upcoming Cycle Dates:
Addtional August Cycle!
Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 12:15pm
Dates: 8/12, 8/15, 8/19, 8/22, 8/26, 8/29, 9/2, 9/5 Register Here!
Mondays and Thursdays at 8pm
9/3, 9/7, 9/10, 9/14, 9/17, 9/21, 9/24, 9/28 Register Here!
Turn off your computer and take 20 long, deep, slow breaths.  Post thoughts to brain.



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Feel free to cut volume and do "mini Cindy" which is a 10 minute amrap.

Post rounds to comments.
compare to 12.1.08 and 9.10.08

Accessory Work
Foam Roll Love


Jeff Martin on Intensity CF Affiliate Blog