Back Squat

(E2/4) L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

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Compare to 12.19.09

Assistance Lifts
Couple the following two movements:
Depth Lunges 3x5e
Body Rows 3x8

Joe W jerks in Hoboken

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag (Happy Birthday), Andy H!!

Calling all members!

As we move closer to Degraw Street, we're asking if our members have any furniture they're either willing to part with or sell.  Please keep your eyes and ears open for the following items and email David (at) if you've got any leads.  Thanks!

Office Desks
Mini or normal Fridges
Coffee Tables
Volley Ball Net
Large Speakers

Thanks to Malcolm S for the lead on bumper plates he found on Craigslist and George S for the amazing new Boxes he made. We've now got 17 boxes!


Rest Day

Laurel Squat
Coach Laurel Back Squats

The Sectionals Qualifiers for the 2010 CrossFit Games is now up:

New York / New Jersey Sectional: March 27-28
19 Elm St., Montclair, NJ 07042
New York, New Jersey
Regional Seeds: 30 men, 30 women

Click Here to register as an Athlete, Spectator, and Volunteer for the Sectional competition.

If you're interested in participating as an individual or part of our affiliate team for the 2010 competitive year, please post to comments and email David(AT)  Once we see who is interested we'll schedule some team meetings, additional training and in house qualifiers for the affiliate team.

What are your Holiday Traditions?
The 2009 CrossFit Games Women's Competition Preview CrossFit Journal



(E2/4) L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

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compare to 12.16.09

5 Rounds for Time of:
Row 250m
10 Wall Ball Shots 20/14

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Steph Thruster
Steph P at the bottom of some Dumbbell Thrusters

If you're training for health, fitness and longevity, Quality of Movement should be your highest priority.  The deleterious effects of regular poor movement far outweigh the benefits of attempting maximal work output or moving as large a load as possible.  When defining why you train, consider a lifelong perspective and remember that the human body is a beautiful, complicated machine which either adapts or reacts to all the stresses imposed upon it. Train hard, Train smart.

What are you long term training goals? What would you like to be doing in 10 years, in 20?


Rest Day

Playing with Push-Ups

Attention CFSBK Rowing Team, registration is open for CRASH Bs and Nicks got some workouts for you!

We will only have our regularly scheduled 7am class this Thursday

Here is a tentative group class schedule for the new facility.  What are your thoughts?

Monday through Thursday

6a, 7a, 5p, 6p, 7p
6a, 7a, 530p, 630p
8a, 9a, 10a, 11a, 12p
9a, 10a, 11a, 12p

What do you think about 8pm and noon time classes?
Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Seminar at CFSBK Nov 2010



(E1/4) L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

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compare to 11.30.09

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

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compare to 8.5.09

Poor Man's Heaters

Weekend classes are back to their normal schedule starting this week:

Saturdays: 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm
Sunday: 10am, 11am, 12pm

Gillian Mounsey Gymnastics Seminar at CFNYC

The Perverse Positive Feedback of Stress
Free the Animal



Due to inclement weather there are NO classes tomorrow morning.  Please spread the word. 

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


Classes will be at their regularly scheduled times on Monday.

Would anyone be interested in a Xmas Eve afternoon WOD?
The Iron Maven

Loading and Tensioning, Part 1 SF CrossFit
Stabilizing the Shoulder CF Invictus
How You Sleep, Pt 1 CF Invictus


Back Squat

L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

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compare to 10.01.09

Alternating rounds of:
2:00 Max Doubles Unders
2:00 Max Sit-Ups
1:30 Max Doubles Unders

1:30 Max Sit-Ups
1:00 Max Doubles Unders

1:00 Max Sit-Ups
0:30 Max Doubles Unders

0:30 Max Sit-Ups

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compare to 10.28.09

Adrian P2k
Adrian Y Post 2000m Row