Rest Day

This is Anne I's second exposure to Power Snatches.  Relative to last week, her technique has improved and she was able to move a little more weight.  Patience, practice, patience, practice.  Good work, Anne!

Tonight's Line Up
5pm Wed's WOD (Dips etc)
6pm Wed's WOD (Dips etc)
7pm Mon's WOD (Snatch etc)


Mobility and Recovery at CrossFit South Brooklyn

Want to be more flexible?  Move better? Perform better? Just feel better? Have you been "kinda stretching sometimes, sorta", but making little if any progress? Many folks recognize that they have range of motion deficits but are not sure how to go about getting results in reducing them.
...We can help!

We're rolling our next Mobility and Recovery Intensive.  It will be held at 12pm on the following days:
Sat 2/20,  Sun 2/28,  Sat 3/6  and  Sat 3/13

We're excited about the new format for the MRI which now also includes a Foam Roller and Self Myofacial release ball for all attendants. For more information on the cycle, click here or Register Here!

Have you taken the Mobility and Recovery Intensive before? What did you think of it?
Russian Nursery has Really Cool Kids Reuters
Would you send your children to this school?


Power Snatch

(E2/4) L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort
Technique emphasis: 3rd Pull

Post loads to comments.

Assistance Work
5 Rounds NFT of:
5 Strict Pull-Ups
5 Hip Extensions
5 Weighted Lunges, Each Leg
6 x 250m / 3 min. @ max pace. No rating cap

Anne I locks out on our DIY Dip Bars

Happy Birthday, Luisa P!

We installed some storage shelves and a coat rack in the room by the espresso machine.  When you get in, please put your stuff in that room instead of on the benches. Does anyone have any extra coat hangers they're willing to part with?  Please post to comments if you do, we only need like 5-8 more.

Lost Ünd Found
We have a very large container full of clothing, ice skates, glasses and more water bottles than we know what to do with.   The LÜF will be out by the small desk all week, please go through it before you leave and see if anything is yours.  Most of the items have been there for more than 3 months, whatever we don't clear out by next Monday will be donated to charity.  Get it!


WOD 2.07.10

As many rounds in 10 minutes as possible of:
3 Push Jerks 135/85
8 Burpees

Post load and rounds to comments.

Accessory Work
Foam Roll
Push Jerk Review
3 x 2000m / 3–5 min. @ 2000m pace + 20 sec.
If you are shooting for 8:00 (2:00 / 500m pace) on race day, do this workout at 2:20 pace, for a total time of 9:20 on each piece.

Becca knows how to get down

If you're going to make up your 5x5 Squats or Dips, we recommend doing them before today's workout to minimize interference.

Keeping Strength in the Strength Program Bill Starr
Photography of Pollution in China China Hush


Back Squat

(E1/4) L1 Sets Across, L2 Max Effort

Post loads to comments.

Assistance Work

3 Rounds NFT
30 Kettlebell Swing, 2 Pood/1 Pood
Accumulate 3 Minutes in a Plank Hold

Don't rest between movements, rest minimally between rounds. Can you perform all 3 rounds of this couplet unbroken?
3 x 10 min. / 5 min. @ max pressure @ 18-20

Yoon Goes Overhead

Happy Birthday, Liese M!

Laser Bike Lane Concept Toxel


Rest Day

DEB trains for CRASH B's

Today's rest day WOD is the Double Under and Deadlift couplet.

Happy Birthday, Charlotte K!

After this cycle's first exposure to dips, what kind of progression are you planning over the next 3 weeks?
Eva T does "Nate" CrossFit
Max goes for Max Clean and Jerk reps at 224 CrossFit


WOD 2.04.10

7 Rounds for time of:
35 Double Unders
7 Deadlifts 275/185

Post time and weight to comments.

Accessory Work
Mat-based Mobility
Foam Roll
4 x 5 min. / 3 min. as hard as you can go consistently across all pieces

Good Dog
Good Dog.

Happy Birthday, Mike V!

Programming Note
Please come ready to do the posted workouts.  For clarity, we'll be posting what WOD will be run on Rest Days too.  It can be very challenging for the coaching staff to run several different workouts based on what people have missed or want to do.  If you'd like to complete a missed workout, please arrive early or stay late to make it up on your own.  As always, running classes have space and equipment priority.


Ring or Bar Dips

5 Sets Across
(E1/4) L1 Ring Dips/L2 Ring Dips

Post reps and Dip variation to comments.

Metabolic Conditioning
Partner Relay Race
3 Rounds of:
Row 500m
35, 25 or 15 Push-ups

The workout is complete when both partners finish all three rounds. Only one partner may be working at a time.



2 x (4 x 500m / 2 min.) / 5 min. @ 2000m pace. No rating cap


Jessy and Whitney from Team Lululemon hit the 08 Games Deadlift/Burpee Couplet

We do not have morning classes on Wednesdays.  Only 12pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Happy Birthday, Chris A, Anne W and Felix D AND Leonid R!

Self Serve Espresso Guidelines
- Each capsule is a $1 "mandatory donation" which can be paid in the marked cup. Sorry, we wont be able to make change.
- Feel free to use one of our cups or mugs for your espresso/coffee.  Please wash your cup and put it back immediately after finishing your drink.
- Directions on how to use the Nespresso can be found on the table.  Otherwise you can ask a Coach.
- Please treat the machine and coffee station with care and respect.  If you see a something out of place or messy, please clean it up.  We want this to be a service everyone can enjoy responsibly.

Until we get the coat rack/cubbies installed, please try to put you coats and bags on the benches by the pull-up bar parts.  If the couches are covered in bags, no one can enjoy them!

Thank you to whoever brought in the Chess Board.  Check the comments for some ideas on how we can get a game going.