Active Recovery

Lax Ball/Foam Rolling
PNF, Static & Banded Stretching
Mobility Complex

Post most challenging stretches and most painful foam rolling spots to comments.

This is the last day of our Back-off week before heading into the new strength cycle starting Saturday!
Use today as an opportunity to work out any knots, kinks or tight spots.

XtremeFTS Padova - Promo Video from Loris Pignoletti on Vimeo.
Check out this video for CrossFit Padova (Italy) directed by SBK member Loris P.

The Upcoming Strength Cycle will be comprised of the following movements:

  • Squat Variant
    Back Squat
    Day: Saturday/Wednesday

  • Pull
    The Clean
    Day: Monday

  • Upper Body
    Day: Thursday

Happy Veteran's Day!  Thank you to all the men and women of the Armed Forces for your service and sacrifice. 

Check out more of Loris' awesome filmography
Collected Training at Catalyst Athletcs
Chinese Weightlifters Training
More Chinese Weightlifters Training (In Chinese)


WOD 11.10.10

5x250m Sprints on Erg
Rest 5:1 [example: if you rowed a :40 250m you will rest 200s (3:20s)]
Compare to 7.5.09

Post times to comments.

Accessory Work:
Beginners-Skin the Cats
Advanced-Back Levers

Post option to comments.

Rip: OMG u r totes strong!
Shane: Thx Rip, Ttyl!

Happy Birthday Dear David, Happy Birthday to You!!

Please Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our fearless leader David Osorio and his lady Sam S!  David turns 26 today!  When you see him, give him a hug (don't be creepy) or a handshake and make sure to leave a message on the blog.  Without David and his continued hard work and dedication this gym and the amazing community that has grown out of it would not exist. 
David, have a wonderful day and we all hope that 26 is another year of continued health, happiness and success!

Got a favorite David Osorio moment? Post hilarious annecdotes and touching stories of friendship to comments.


Congratulations to Gabrus and his rugby team the Village Lions on winning their game this past weekend and moving up to Division 1!

 On the goal/accomplishments front we're a little over a week in to November and already people are working on and knocking out their November goals.

  • Isaac W. hit is goal of 2 Double Unders and is now bumping that number up to 10

  • Isaac G. (no relation) hit 225 for a BIG FSQ PR

  • The Foxes hit his and hers PRs in Annie with Jess at 6:57 and Chris at 4:57

  • Carrie M. hit her first strict pull-up

  • Peter H. hit 19 consecutive doubles and an FSQ of 185

  • Nick Klagge and Joe W. put up 200 for a 1-RM FSQs

  • Samir C. has 10 consecutive 20# weighted pull-ups under his belt now

  • and finally Lil' Stephie Rivera Front Squatted 85lbs

Congratulations to all the athletes who have hit PRs and achieved goals already.  Remember we LOVE giving you shine and the Accomplishment board is the best way outside of the blog to let us know how your hard work is paying off. 



Rest Day

Debbie P gets up

The incredibly talented Robin Reed will be performing in her variety show Radio Happy Hour and Friends next Wednesday November 17 at the Bell House! There'll be special guests and a brand new Radio Happy Hour murder mystery!

For a limited time, get $5 off tickets with the code RHHFRIEND -- Get your ticket's here for only $10!!

The marathon is now over but fear not because the Ragnar Relay we'll be here before you know it! If you're interested in participating or just want to learn more about this awesome overnight relay race come to the info meeting this Sunday November 14 at 12pm
What is Radio Happy Hour, you ask? (NSFW)!


Back Off WOD 11.8.10

5 Rounds NFT of:
3 Turkish Get Up-to-Windmill each arm
10 Wave Squats
20 Hand-to-Hand Swings

Use same bell for the whole round, working towards heaviest bell you can handle
Rest as needed between rounds

Post loads to comments.
Back off Week

James N got hops

Congrats to the CrossFit SBK Athletes who competed in the Marathon yesterday!   Here are their race results:
Meghan R 3:25
Jess F 4:19
Jenn M 4:36


Poland's National Weightlifting Team Training Footage Part 2 of 10
Chris Spealer does "Angie" in 10:11 CrossFit
Paleo Meal of the Day Foodee
Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Science The Atlantic



For Time:
100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats

Post time and Rx to comments.
compare to 9.19.09 or "Half Angie" 3.3.10

Juliana's HSPU's

Bon voyage to Coach Margie who left for Safari in Africa!  Margie will be back in about a month, stay tuned for updates from her adventure, including working as a commentator in a power lifting meet.

Coaches Shane and Jeremy are away this weekend at Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Seminar.  Rippetoe is one of the most well respected coaches in the barbell game.  We're excited to see all the new coaching and programming information they bring back to the gym!


Good luck to Jess F, Meghan R and Jenn M on the NYC Marathon today!  These ladies have been training hard for the past few months in preparation for today's 26.2 miles of running.  The marathon is a true test of endurance capacity and mental fortitude, we wish them a great race today.
If you'd like to view today's race, lululemon athletica Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Tri Club and CFSBK will be cheering and spectating on Degraw and 4th from 9:30am-12pm today. 
Athletes attending class today might have to take an alternate route if they can't cross 4th avenue.


6 Minute "Isabel"

30 Snatches for time

The competiton loads for "Isabel" are 135lbs for men and 95lbs for women. Attempt find the most weight you can Snatch for 30 reps in under 6 minutes. The goal is to scale this workout so that you can achieve the metabolic stimulus of a short, intense workout.  Your scale will depend on how much you can lift and how techincallly sound your Snatch is. There is a hard cut off at the 6 minute mark.

Post time and Rx to comments.
Josh Everett does "Isabel" at 135lbs in 1:11

Broad Jump Test
5 attempts

Post distances to comments.
compare to 8.2.10

Steph P and Coach Shane during yesterdays on the minute Hand Stand Push-Ups

CFSBK, lululemon athletica Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Tri Club will be watching the marathon on 4th and Degraw from 9:30-12 tomorrow.  Stop by before or after class to watch the spectacle and cheer on Meghan R, Jennifer M and Jess F!
Remember that the NYC Marathon will be happening right on 4th avenue and you might need to augment your usual route.

CFSBK Recipe numero uno!

Curried Collard Greens
By Christian Fox
You’ll need:
1 Bunch Collards (or other hearty greens), chopped or medium julienne
1 medium Onion, sliced thin
2 cloves Garlic (or more to taste), finely chopped
1 Tbsp Ginger, minced
1-2 Tbsp good Curry powder or paste (I like one with some HEAT!)
½ can Coconut Milk
½ - 1 cup Chicken Stock (salted water will do as well)
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
Salt to taste
Juice from ½ Lime
Honey (optional)
Cilantro, chopped
Red Peppers, chopped
-        Sauté the onion, garlic, and ginger in oil over medium heat in a medium saucepot till onion is slightly caramelized
-        Add the curry powder and sauté a few seconds before adding the greens (if using paste stir it in 1-2 Tbsp water or stock first so it incorporates better)
-        Add ½ cup stock or water and salt to taste and cook covered till greens are al dente, adding more liquid as needed. You don’t want more than 1-2 Tbsp of liquid left when greens are done
-        Add the coconut milk and simmer uncovered for a few minutes until the greens are cooked through and the whole thing thickens up a bit
-        Remove from heat amd add lime juice and a small amount of honey if using
-        Garnish with cilantro and red pepper
The dish packs a healthy dose of good fats from the coconut milk including lauric acid, along with a good dose of calcium from both the greens and the coconut milk. Curry powders contain numerous anti-inflammatory agents as well.  It keeps well so 2x or 3x it for leftovers. Pair it with some roast pork tenderloin (or any piece of meat) to make a meal, and add a starchy veg to make that meal superb post-WOD. To make it more calorically dense use a whole can of coconut milk.


Rest Day

Katie's weighted overhead walk

So ends another strength cycle at CFSBK.  Our movement pool for the last month was comprised of Hang Snatches, Front Squats and Handstand Push-ups.  Did you improve your capacity in these movements?  How many exposures of each exercise did you train?  Where do you see room for the most improvement?
Poland's National Weightlifting Team Training Footage Part 1 of 10