Rest Day

Time to get back on the wagon.

Going Primal in 2011
CFSBK wants you to start your new year right and what better way to kick off the new year than with a Paleo Challenge and Potluck?!  Here are the details:

SBK Community Paleo Potluck
When: January 15th at 6pm

What: Eat some good food, chat with old friends and meet some new ones! This is a great opportunity to share recipes, talk nutrition and recovery strategies for the new year and have some fun while doing it!

: Please email info(at) to confirm that you'll come, also, please let us know what you'd like to bring so we can coordinate dishes.

2 Month Paleo Challenge
What: Clean up your nutrition and sleep habits for 2 months.

Prizes:  Participants in the challenge may choose to submit a "before" photo by January 5th which will be compared to an "after" photo at the end of February.  The top male and female will win 2 months of comped training at CrossFit South Brooklyn.  Please submit photos (profile and head on views, bathing suit or reasonably tight fitting garments) to info(at) 


For those who are eating strict paleo, are predominantly paleo or just joined us for one of our past challenges what have been your experiences?  Notice any changes in performance or energy levels?  What about metrics like body composition or blood work?

How was the transition from your previous eating habits to your new-fangled regimen?  What were your most successful strategies that allowed you to eat like our paleolithic ancestors?

Mommy, what's Paleo?
What does eating Paleo really mean?


Rest Day

Sarah goes overhead. Margie goes wild.




"Partner Cindy"

As many collective rounds as possible in 24 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Partners will alternate 2 minute intervals of one partner working while the other rests.  The rep count will pick up where your partner leaves off.

Post Partner, Rx and work completed to comments.

"Mini-Cindy" WOD Demo CrossFit

Ariel Deadlift
Ariel's 210lb Deadlift PR at the Total

CFSBK Holiday Schedule

Friday the 24th: 6am, 7am & 12pm classes all on. Closed in the evening
Saturday the 25th: Closed
Sunday the 26th: Closed
Monday the 27th: Normal schedule

Competitive Group Gymnastics


WOD 12.19.10

For Time:
200 Double Unders
9000/7000 lbs Deadlifts
75 Thrusters @45

This WOD comes to us from the Again Faster Competition team.  The total amount of work that needs to be completed is pre-set, how that work is broken up is up to you. Here are two examples:

3 Rounds for time:
80-60-60 Double Unders
25 Thrusters
10 Deadlifts, 300lbs
Austin Malleolo does this in 5:55

For Time:
15 Thrusters
200 Double Unders
15 Thrusters
10 Deadlifts, 185lbs
15 Thrusters
10 Deadlifts, 185lbs
15 Thrusters
10 Deadlifts, 185lbs
15 Thrusters
8 Deadlifts, 185lbs
Michelle Kinney does this in 11:32

Post format, Rx and time to comments.

Erica N's PR Press

A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed a review on our Yelp page.   Reading these sentiments makes our day and really pushes us to provide an even better experience for all our members.  As promised, the following CrossFitters will receive a CFSBK Mug and Patch for their contribution.

Jim R, Rob I, Steffi R, Mig K, Tom S, Brian S, AJ, Samir C, Yoshi S and Scott J. Please see one of the coaches before class to pick up your new shwag.  I recommend drinking tea out of the mug while sewing your patch onto the breast of your favorite article of clothing.


Bon voyage to Coach Shane who will be heading south to visit family until early January.  Your off color comments and esoteric movie references will be missed!
F.lux adapts your computer's display to coorespond to the time of day and minimize the blue light coming from your screen

On Warped Beauty Standards and Embracing the Buff
CrossFit Addidas Commercial
Reebok CrossFit


Weighted Chin-Up


Post loads to comments.
compare to 6.3.10 or 7.12.09

Dumbbell Tabata Squat Clean
Use 40% bodyweight for loading

Post total reps and Rx to comments.

Handstand Practice:
10 Minutes

ǝɔıɹɔɐɹd ɟo sʇoן ǝʞɐʇ spuɐʇspuɐɥ

Don't forget that you can always take an Active Recovery Class in place of one of your CrossFit Group Classes. Otherwise, they're $15 for a drop in.  Classes meet on Saturdays at 12pm and Tuesdays at 6pm.

Like most buisnesses, CFSBK has a page on Yelp that allows potential members to check out our basic information and read some reviews.  We'd love to get some new perspectives on the site, so we're offering this:  The first 5 new people to review CFSBK on Yelp will get a free CFSBK Coffee Mug OR Logo Patch.  If 10 people review it, all 10 will get a Coffee mug AND a patch.  We'll keep this offer open until Monday at noon. No pressure about what to write, just let others know about your experience at SBK.

CrossFit South Brooklyn on Yelp

The Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast NY Times
Feats of Strength!!! YouTube


Rest Day

Teresa's Split Jerk

Changing Weight 1.0
(The Simplified Version)
by Christian Fox
                Many people start fitness routines like CrossFit because they just plain want to look better naked, this does not escape me. With my being a fitness coach you may be surprised, however, that I see nothing wrong with it. Vanity, if it gets you moving and eating well, is a fine motivator in my book. It does however, frequently shock me when clients kick ass on the training floor only to have their progress toward said goals negated by crappy nutrition. I know, I know, it’s hard work…but it sure isn’t rocket surgery or brain science (haha). Some of the rules depend on where you are with your diet but here are two simple guidelines to help.

       1. Focus first on food quality. What does this mean? A healthy diet should be based around a few components: quality animal protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruits.
    A. Quality animal protein – This means “the good stuff” - grass-fed meat, pastured chicken and eggs, wild game, and fresh fish from uncontaminated waters. If you can’t afford or don’t have access to these types of things then you should buy the lower-fat cuts of animal protein to reduce your exposure to “the bad stuff” (and add in extra fats from the following list). Toxins are stored primarilly in the fat and organs of animals, so avoid organ meat from conventional animals as well.

    B. Healthy fats – If you’re getting “the good stuff” then you can get a lot of good fat from the animals you’re eating. If not then add or cook with things like coconut oil, virgin olive oil, fish oil supplements, tinned sardines, and avocado. This is not a comprehensive list, but do make a point to stay away from vegetable oils (except the few listed above) and the fat of poorly raised animals. For some people, nuts and seeds and their butters can be problematic (aside from being a potent calorie source) so it may be best to limit intake or at least keep an eye on any possible negative reactions.
    C. Vegetables and fruits – This is a no-brainer, right? Aside from a few outliers, anything in this category is a safe bet. Prepare them simply, get organic if you can, but don’t stress out about it. Nobody ever got fat by eating too much apple and broccoli.

       2. Focus then on food quantity, or more specifically on caloric intake. If you’ve been eating a diet based on pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, soda, desserts, and take-out, then just focusing on quality at first will help regulate weight. If not, and eventually anyway, you’ll need to change overall intake. Again, not rocket surgery or brain science here.

    A. Small changes in caloric intake while taking longer to change weight are better for long-term weight change.
    B. A lower-carbohydrate diet will help with losing weight, and adding more carbohydrates will promote growth. When going lower-carb be sure to eat enough of them to keep you feeling and performing well. If you always feel sluggish and your performance in the gym is diving add some carbs back in a little at a time till you feel better.
    C. Remember also that changing weight is a process. You’ll need to make constant adjustments along the way. What helped you lose the first 5 lbs will not help you lose the last 5. You’ll need to reduce calories as you weigh less, you need fewer calories to support the new, smaller you. The other side of the coin is gaining weight. As you grow you’ll need to up intake to keep up with the beefier version of yourself.
    D. For gaining mass, liquid meals can be a real help. Try adding milk to the equation and see if you don’t grow.
    E. Alcohol, while it can be extremely enjoyable, is not a desired calorie source. Try and limit intake whether you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight. It has estrogen-promoting effects that will hamper muscle synthesis needed to gain lean mass, and alcohol alone can destroy an otherwise valiant effort at dropping body fat. Beer belly, wine belly, tequila belly, whatever, let less be more. A few drinks can add up fast calorie-wise, so be wise, wise guy.

    Make sense? I know it’s hard to stick to a plan, but if you don’t have a plan you’re lost. So develop your plan and get cooking!

What’s your nutritional plan for the New Year? Same? Different?



If your arms are feeling sore from "Fran" and/or Elizabeth, consider making today a practice session with moderate weight. If you feel good, attempt a heavy single.
Athletes can Push Jerk or Split Jerk.

Post loads to comments.

"Death by": Box Jump
Complete +1 Box Jump every :30 until you cant keep up with the required reps. Choose a box height that will allow you to complete at least 10 rounds.

Post total work and Rx to comments.

Compare today's entire WOD to 3.31.10

Felipe deadlifts 405lbs

Strength Cyclers post Total

Numbers don't lie.  The results

"Sex at Dawn" by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha (WFS)
A scientific and anthropological perspective on human sexuality