Overhead Squat

(E 6/8) Sets across. Use your rep out from your last exposure to base your sets of 10 on. 

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 1.15.11 and 1.12.11

Four Rounds for Max Reps:

1 Minute Pull-ups
Rest 30 Seconds
1 Minute Kettlebell Swings
Rest 30 Seconds

Post loads and reps to comments.

These weights were made for walkin'

It's like the CrossFit of Knowledge

Q: What's short, intense, constantly varied and full of useful information?!

A: CFSBK's Josh D.'s youtube show "The Professor Show"  Learn everything you can from The Professor in 90 seconds. 

Check out Josh as "The Professor" kicking all kinds of knowledge as quick as possible here!


Phood Philosophy: Nutritional Relativism Whole9 via Robb Wolf
Strong: the Movie (60-minute Joe De Franco Documentary) Team-Andro



Rest Day

Deb P. works out some "issues"

Coach Nick's C.R.A.S.H-B's Rowing Workshop

Final reminder that Coach Nick will hold a FREE workshop here at 12pm on Saturday, the 22nd. While the focus of the session will be on preparing for the Crash-B's it's a perfect chance for members just interested in improving their rowing and getting a better understanding of maximizing time spent on the erg.

Please email Nick(at) if you're interested in attending. 


You Lost It, We Found It

It's that time again, please come into the gym and check the lost and found container by the fridge for your valuables.  We've got a whole lot of water bottles, winter gear and even boots and shoes.  Please check the bin next time you're in the gym as we'll donate our findings to the less fortunate at the end of the month. 


What's the last album you bought? 


Adrian Bozman teaches the Kip using the hips
CFSBK BFF Adrian Bozman teaches Kipping Part 1 & Part 2


The Paleo Diet's Secret Mistress Paleolilith
The CrossFit & the Politics of Supplementation Progenex
Protein Wars, and Why Selling Out is So Damn Easy Unscared


Bench Press or Push-up

(E 3/4) Sets Across

then 1 set for Max Reps

Push Ups
5 Sets Across
Add 1-2 Repetitions to last weeks work sets.

Post loads/reps to comments.
compare to 1.13.11 and 1.6.11

For Time:

1000m Row
50 Box Jumps

Post times to comments.

No man is an island. But Baz is no ordinary man.

C.R.A.S.H.-B Training info from Coach Nick

Coach Nick will take a group of CrossFitters to the CRASH-B Indoor Rowing Championships – "like lambs to the slaughter," he says – on Feb. 20th in Boston. He has developed a program and will hold a few sessions with anyone who's interested in going.  To view the training program from now until then, click this link

Nick will hold a FREE workshop here at 12pm on Saturday, the 22nd. At the workshop he will cover the following:

  • The CRASH-B – the format, what to expect, etc.

  • The training program

  • Rowing technique

  • The 2000m race

  • The ins and outs of the Concept 2 rowing ergometer (the "erg")

  • Nick will also lead a short workout.

Please email Nick(at) if you're interested in signing up for the CRASH-Bs. Even if you're not going, you're welcome to join the workshop and do the training program.

Kipping Pull-up Workshop Tonight

Join David O. tonight at 8pm for a dedicated kipping tutorial. If you're ready to learn the kipping pull-up or in the process of putting the pieces together this is a great opportunity to dial it in. 

RSVP to David(AT) Price of admission: One strict pull-up or chin-up.


Rest Day Dinner Reminder

This week's Paleo Challenge Rest Day Dinner is Friday January 21st @ 7pm and is being hosted by the illustrious Will S. & Robin R.  This is a potluck-style dinner (we know y'all know how to do those) and the theme is Paleo versions of dishes "Grandma Used to Make".

RSVP to Robin R. at reedrobin(AT) no later than 12pm on Friday.


High Fat, High Cholesterol Diet Linked to Breast Cancer? Mark's Daily Apple
Choosing Organic Milk Could Offset Climate Change Science Daily
Shoulder Function Not Fully Restored After Rotator Cuff Surgery
Science Daily
Improve Your Handstand Beast Skills via Conditioning Research


WOD 1.19.11

5 Rounds for time of:

5 Power Snatch 115/75
5 Overhead Squat 115/75
25 Double Unders

*Last Power Snatch leads into first Overhead Squat

Post loads and times to comments.

Ladies of the Competition Class

CrossFit South Brooklyn Competition Team!!

CrossFit South Brooklyn is proud to announce the launch of it's newest class, SBK Competition Team. This class is for the advanced CrossFitter who has an interest in competing in CrossFit on the regional and national level. Programming is challenging and focused. Attention is paid to the more esoteric aspects and full squat versions of the Olympic lifts, advanced gymnastics skills, team workouts, and WODs that hit harder in general. Scaling options for these WODs are little to none and srtict ROM standards are enforced. We’ve invited a few athletes to join the beta version of the class based on either previous participation in competitive CrossFit events, an expressed desire to compete, or the ability to do most if not all WODs Rx’d (and with competitive results).  We’re stoked to put together a team to represent South Brooklyn at the CrossFit Games and other events this year! The class currently meets on Tuesday at 7pm  and Sunday at noon and is by invitation only. Email or for info.


Speaking of Competition.....

For those interested in competing in a CrossFit competition there are two great events coming up over the next couple of months:

 CrossFit Long Island City is hosting a pretty unique event on January 29, 2011.  Their "Frostbite Competition" will feature intense CrossFit WODs in freezing cold temperatures.  Click HERE for details/registration.

Our good friends CrossFit Queens are putting on a women's-only competition "Hail to the Queen" on February 26, 2011.  This event was created to showcase the strength and skill of the local CrossFit community's female athletes.  Click HERE for details/registration.

Rest Day Dinner with Will S. and Robin R.

Join Will S. and Robin R. at their home for this week's Rest Day Dinner at 7pm on Friday, January 21st!  Dinner will be potluck style and the theme is Paleo versions of what your Grandmother used to make.

Will and Robin can host up to 20 people. Please RSVP by Friday morning at 12pm to Robin at reedrobin(AT)

Directions will be given via email but their home is within within walking distance of the gym.


Red Meat Gives Women Strokes? No. Primal Wisdom
Hey Robb, This Person Said Gluten Free Diets Are Bogus 


Rest Day

Malcolm nice and upright during the OHS

A Star is Born

Congratulations to Scott J. and Suzy on the birth of their son August (Gus) Myers Jackson!  Gus was born 1/15/11 and both mom and baby boy are doing great!

Rest Day Dinners Hosts Needed

We've got 5 remaining Paleo-themed Rest Day dinners remaining during the Challenge.  We currently have two hosting slots unfilled: 

Friday, January 21
Friday, February 4

Remember, these can be informal, either hosted in-home or at a restaurant of your choosing. 

The purpose of these dinners is to serve as reinforcement during the Challenge, giving folks a way to share difficulties and successes in a positive environment. If you're interested in being the host w/ the most please email us at info(AT) 

Upcoming Seminars and Certs and SBK

There are still slots available for Kelly Starrett's Movement and Mobility Certifications.  We'll be hosting not one, but TWO full-day seminars with K-Starr.  If you're serious about improving your peformance by making increases to your flexibility and mobility check the links on the Upcoming Events sidebar or take the shortcuts here to register!  Saturday, February 5, 2011 & Sunday, February 6, 2011

We're also excited to announce that we're hosting Jeff Tucker and crew for the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course Certifcation November 5-6, 2011.  Jeff and his team put on a phenomenal weekend of gymnastic skill development when they visited us before and we can't recommend their cert enough.  Check here to register

Come "concur" the Kipping Pull-up  with our Kipping 101 Workshop

Do you have strict pull-ups but haven't pieced together the kip yet? Have you recently started kipping and can't quite get the rhythm right?  Join David O. this Thursday, January 20th at 8pm for a dedicated kipping tutorial. RSVP to David(AT)

Price of admission: One strict pull-up or chin-up.

Hypocritical...or Human? Whole 9
Dessert Demons in Disguise Whole 9
Glow from Eating Well Judged Healthy Looking Scientific American



(E3/4) Go heavier than your previous triple
Technical (form) faluires are still considered missed reps

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 1.10.11 & 1.3.11

For time:
Strict Knees to Elbows

Post time to comments.

Chris L. Cleans.

We will be operating on our regular schedule today!

This is the third full week of the Paleo Challenge?  How're you feeling?  How are you performing in the gym?  Have you begun settling in to the ancestral way of life?

Making a Weeks Worth of Meals in Advance Robb Wolf
Pole Vaulter Rasmus Wejnold Training Youtube
Knees to Elbows


WOD 1.16.11

As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes of:
3 Power Cleans 155/105
3 Pull Ups
6 Push Ups
9 Box Jumps

Post rounds and Rx to comments.

Skill Work
Front Lever Practice
Ring Inversions 101

The CFSBK Paleo Potluck was a huge success! Thanks to all those who came out.  ABC's Nightline even came out to cover the event!

I…um…cheated…on the Paleo Challenge…now what?
by Chris Fox

    So, you were out to dinner/lunch/brunch/drinks/whatever with family/co-workers/significant other/friends/enemies/whoever, and in a moment of weakness had a big plate of pasta/pizza/bread/potatoes/whatever…now what? Are you a failure? A loser? You had a burger WITH the bun? Seriously, do you have zero will power? Why can you not follow through with this thing for 60 days?
    Fret not, folks. This is but a road bump on the highway to better living. You “cheated”, so what? The mountains will not crumble, the ground will not open up and suck you in, and, you are NOT destined to keep repeating the same pattern. What do you do? Pick it back up right where you left off. Simply make sure the next meal you have falls within the guidelines you set for yourself. Remember those goals and photos? Take a look at them. Reassure yourself that you are doing better now than you did before then, and you will be doing better in the future. Keep doing the best you can. The biggest mistake you can make is to tell yourself you “fell off the wagon” and are back into old habits. That is a self destructive though process and an excuse to keep “cheating”. Just get right back into your groove. Bad habits are hard to break, and (News Flash!) you’re gonna mess up every so often. The good news is that all habits are hard to break, and the more good choices you make for yourself the more you are ingraining yourself with good habits. There’s a whole bevy of cohorts and coaches in your corner cheering you on to do well.

The CFSBK Olympic Weightlifting Cycle!
Want to spend 8 weeks improving your olympic lifts?  Check out our upcoming Olympic Weightlifting Cycle.  The class will focus on mechanical efficiency and technical proficiency emphasising proper position, tempo and finally load.  The program is comprised of full squat variations of the lifts, squats and a selection of basic plyometrics and assistance exercises.
Whether you are looking to be a better Olympic lifter or Crossfitter this class will help improve your numbers and cut your WOD times. 

For more information and for registration links, Click Here!

What was your favorite dish from the potluck last night?!