Back Squat

(E3/8) Sets Across

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compare to 5.12.10

1 Mile Run Test

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compare to 9.20.09

Dharma learns how to swing the Kettlebell

The front door has been sticking lately.  If you get to class and it seems locked.. it's not. PULL HARD!!

We've decided to lift the Burpee Penalty for latecomers. Taking extra time to do burpees only further disrupts class and has created some non-posi vibes... and you know, at SBK we're all about posi-vibes. Moving forward, if you're more than 10 minutes late you must ask the coach if it's okay for you to join the running class. 

There are a lot of clothes in the coat room, many of which have been sitting there for a long time.  If you've got something in there you wouldn't like removed, please pick it up before Wednesday night.  We're going to clean out the closet on Wednesday after classes.

Monday, May 31st is Memorial Day and you know what that means at SBK... MURPH!  Does everyone have the day off?  We'd love to get the community together in the afternoon, Murph and then get our grill on.  What say you?!
Check out this Group Shot from last year's Memorial Day Murph

What Every High School PE Class Should Look Like Performance Menu


Rest Day

Whitney H
Whitney H does her first exposure of Back Squats

Interested in getting inverted this weekend? Lava Love is having a handstand fundraiser for a scholarship and their community programs.  Check it out!

CFSBK at the 5th Ave Fair this Sunday!

As you know, we are participating in the 5th Ave Fair this Sunday from 11am-6pm. We'll be stationed next to Bierkraft between Union and Berkeley. We want to show Park Slope what a bunch of badasses you are, so we're planning some demo WODs throughout the day. If you want to get your workout on in a totally different environment (unknown and unknowable), we'll be running them at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. They'll be short and sweaty. Everyone is welcome! Just email or post what time you think you might come so we can plan accordingly.

Did you come from a health conscious family?  What was the attitude towards exercise and nutrition growing up?


WOD 5.13.10

4 Rounds of:
1 Minute Rower, Max Calories
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute, Max Double Unders
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute, Max Ring or Bar Dips

1 Minute Rest

Post Rx and total reps per movement to comments.

Weighted Chin-Ups

(E1/4) L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

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Noah locks out a Barbell Thruster

Happy Birthday, Bjorn B!

Happy Birthday, Katie M!

CFSBK at the 5th Ave Street Fair!
This Sunday CFSBK will have a table at the 5th ave fair next to our good buddies, Bierkraft.  We'll be there from about 9am-6pm if anyone would like to stop by and say hello.  In addition to having some information out, we thought it would be fun to do some quick WODs throughout the day.  If you're interested in helping out with this please email margie(at) 

Were also looking for a 6-8ft table to display our stuff on.  If anyone has one they'd be willing to lend for the day please let us know!


Back Squat


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(E2/8) Sets Across
compare to 5.8.10

5 Rounds For Time of
7 Thrusters 95/65
20 Sit-Ups

post time and Rx to comments.

Hip Extension
Allen E gets cued out on Hip Extensions

Happy Birthday, Charmel R!

Welcome, May Foundations!


Rest Day

Dan H
Push, Dan H!

Check out tonight's Active Recovery Class at 7pm. $15 for SBK Members.

Power Clean standards by weight and gender
Coach B talks Cleaning from the Ground

Sage B Demos the Power Clean
Coach B talks Third Pull CrossFit

The Imperfect Universe: Goodbye, Theory of Everything New Scientist


Power Clean

(E1/4) L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

Post loads to comments.

Inverted Ladder for time of:
10-1 Reps of Box Jumps, 24"/20"
1-10 Reps of Burpees

Post time to comments.

Assistance Work
Hip Extensions 3x5 (DIY)

Deb and Nick
Deb and Nick at the CRASH B's


WOD 5.9.10

As many rounds as possible in 15 Minutes of:
Row 600m
12 Push Presses 115/80

Post time and Rx to comments.

Assistance Work
L-Sit Hold :05x10

CrossFit Kid, Patricio G works his Jump Rope Skills

Happy Mother's Day to all our CrossFit Moms!

Congratulations to Gerrit G for qualifying for The Empire State Games for Olympic Weightlifting

Mid-Line Stabilization with Kelly Starrett CrossFit Journal
Pipes and Cogs Squat Rx