Rest Day

Juliana A goes for 205 lbs

Welcome back from Alaska, Adrian Y!

Tonight's Active Recovery Class is canceled. Why not answer this Active Recovery question instead?
In simplest terms, describe PNF Stretching and give an example of using it to stretch your hamstrings.  Do you PNF?
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Power Snatch

(E1/4) Sets Across or Max Effort

Snatch Pull

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compare to 3.29.10

DIY Assistance Work
GHD Sit-Ups 3x10
Weighted Sit-Ups 3x15

Gabrus on Thrusters during, "The Brooklyn Lyceum"

Happy Birthday, Rob M!

Write one WOD using the following three movements: Rowing, Thrusters and Double Unders



5 Rounds for max reps of:

There  is no time component to this WOD.
you ever tried "Lynne" with strict pull-ups?  How about ring push-ups 
or dips instead of push-ups?

Post reps per round and style to comments.
compare to 1.03.10

Remember how cold it was the last time we did this?!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of new strength cycle!
Monday-Power Snatch
Wednesday-Front Squat
Thursday-Strict Press
Saturday-Front Squat

What training goals do you have for the upcoming month?


Back Off Week: Day 4/4

Turkish Get-up

*More experienced athletes will work toward a 1RM.  Athletes are encouraged to experiment with a variety of implements (ex. KBs, DBs, Barbells, Sandbags, Sledgehammers)

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compare to 4.28.10

Accessory Work
Muscle-Up Progressions & Practice

He's going the distance. He's going for speed.

The Turkish Get-Up Sit-up, Jeff Martone Crossfit.com
The Turkish Get-up Part 2: Get-up Harder, Jeff Martone Crossfit.com
The Turkish Get-up Part 3: Revenge of the Get-up, Jeff Martone Crossfit.com
The Turkish Get-up Part 4: Get-up in the Hood, Warwick Davis Crossfit.com


Rest Day

This guy will get you STRONG. 

Osorio Update: David was scheduled for surgery yesterday but as of the time of publication he'd not gone in.  We wish David a speedy recovery and look forward to having him back as soon as possible.  Get well David!

 Excellent work on Wednesday night by the entire Strength Intensive Crew.  Everyone was putting up major PRs left and right and moving some major weight! 

The next Strength Intensive is coming up and space will fill up fast! The summer intensive will run every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7pm beginning June 21st and running until August 9th.  Registration opens next week!
Contact Coach Jeremy for any further information via JeremyATCrossfitsouthbrooklynDOTcom

Congratulations go out to the Levavi Brothers who won their hockey championship!  We also want to congratulate Charmel R. on completing his degree! 

How do you describe CrossFit to your friends and family? 


Partner WOD 6.10.10

5 Rounds NFT of:
Run 270m
10 Knees to Elbows
10 Partner Medball Tosses, 10ft
10 Partner Medball Sit-Up Tosses
10 Lateral Box Jumps

Each partner must complete 10 repetitions of each movement before anyone can move on to the next exercise.

Accessory Work
Foam Roll & LAX Ball

Ryan P Power Cleans

Congratulations on all the new PR's set at the end of Coach Jeremy's Strength Cycle.  How did everyone do?

If the Zombie Apocalypse started this moment, where would you go?
ZombieFit WOD


Back Off Week: Day 2/4

Partner Relay Race
3 Rounds of:
Row 500m
35, 25 or 15 Push-ups

The workout is complete when both partners finish all three rounds. Only one partner may be working at a time.
This is a partner workout. One partner completes the couplet while the other rests.  One partner begins the couplet immediately after their partner finishes.

Post time to comments.
compare to 2.3.10

Accessory work
Kipping Pull-up Practice

Nobody likes a show-off. 

Welcome back Ashley F.who attended his first post-knee surgery WOD

Free Fall: A Short film featuring Guillaume Nery