Back Squat

(E7/8) Sets Across

Post loads to comments.
compare to 5.26.10 or compare to 5.22.10

3 Attempts of:
Run 1/3 Mile

Rest exactly 2 minutes between attempts.


Happy Birthday Coach Laurel!!

Crossfit: Outside the Box at Lululemon Park Slope

Shamless Self Promotion: Coach Shane is teaching "Crossfit: Outside of the Box" at Lululemon Athletica here in Brooklyn (472 Bergen St Btwn. Flatbush & 5th Ave) this Sunday at 11am. Tell your friends as this is the perfect opportunity to check out Crossfit or come in and wow first-timers with your hard-earned skills! Hope to see you and or your friends this Sunday! RSVP:


Thanks to Joe Williams and Jess Fox, Crossfit South Brooklyn is
now registered as a team with New York Road Runners - Team Name is
Crossfit South Brooklyn - Code CFSB


Joe, Jess, and Coach Fox are all running the Bronx 1/2 Marathon together on August 15th. Anyone care to join?

Jessica's Daily Affirmation YouTube


Rest Day

Ladies and Gentleman, Jim Ryan!

Happy Birthday Avi!!

Memorial Day Murph!!

This Monday, May 31st beginning at 11 AM we'll be doing our 3rd Annual Memorial Day Murph!!

Who/What is Murph?!

Murph is a Hero workout named in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy a Navy
SEAL killed in combat in operations in Afghanistan on June 8th, 2005. 
This workout was one of his favorites and is done to honor his memory
and the memory of fallen LEO/MIL personnel both inside and outside the
CrossFit community.

The workout is as follows:

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run.


We'll be starting the event promptly at 11am with a short group warm-up
and then kicking off the 1st heat at approximately 11:30.  Heats will
begin every 20 minutes with the final heat beginning at approximately
1:10.  Those of you coming to later heats are encouraged to arrive
early enough to warm-up on your own prior to starting the workout.

There will be NO group classes Monday. 

Scaling Options
Sound daunting? Don't fret, there
will be a number of different scaling options and movement
substitutions available.  Due to the high volume of pull-ups involved
in this workout we will be recommending athletes unable to fire off
high volumes of pull-ups in a band or unassisted opt for KB Swings
instead.  For those wishing to scale up we have a couple of weight
vests, feel free to bring your own. 

This year we'll be firing up the grill and
providing burgers, hot dogs and beer.  You are encouraged to BYOB and
BYOMeat because hey, the more the merrier!  We're in need of an
assortment of side dishes and an additional couple of grills to help
keep folks fed so if you can bring a dish in or have a grill to
contribute please contact Chris Fox (ChristianATcrossfitsouthbrooklynDOTcom)  by Sunday.  This will be our first big shindig at 597 Degraw so come on out, bring your friends and family! 

Help us plan properly! RSVP to Comments. 

If you've done Murph in the past any special Murph memories?
If this is your first Murph are you nervous, excited, downright scared?

The first Murph 051808


WOD 5.27.10

8 Alternating Rounds of 45 sec work/15 sec rest of: 

Wall Ball 20/14

KB Swings 32kg/24 kg

This workout will be done in pairs with partners switching stations each work interval.

Post time and Rx to comments.

But first....

Weighted Chin-Ups

Post loads to comments.

(E3/4) L1 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort
compare to 5.20.10


40 and Fabulous! Happy Birthday Paulie T-Shirts!!

Fixing the Kettlebell Swing w/ Jeff Martone CrossFit


Back Squat


(E6/8) Sets Across

Post loads to comments.
compare to 5.22.10

Prior to squatting tonight, take up to 10 minutes to find a max height Box Jump.

Post height to comments.

5 Rounds of:
Row 1:00
Rest 1:00

You are only allowed 20 strokes per work interval

Post meters covered in each interval to comments.
compare to 3.4.10


Coach Laurel during her amazing performance at this weekend's NEQ

55.5" Box Jump (G7 Crossfit)


Rest Day

Bonafide Bada$$: The 2010 CFSBK Affiliate Team
(Ryan P., Jeremy F., Jessica F., Nicole B., and Gerrit G.)

Thank you to the Affiliate team members for all your hard work over the last few weeks and for representing us to the fullest this weekend! 
Wishing a very speedy recovery to Leo R. and Scott L. who were side-lined by last minute injuries and a big shout out to Nicole and Gerritt for stepping up on short notice. 

Happy Birthday, Asta!!!

Brooklyn Independent Television at SBK

Mama we made it!! ***TONIGHT*** from 5p-8p Brooklyn Independent Television will be at the gym to do a feature on CFSBK for an upcoming broadcast airing June 4th at 8pm on Channel 9 (Cablevision), Channel 56 (Time Warner) or on Channel 44 (Verizon).  Classes will run as regularly scheduled.  Come on down and show your stuff. 

Recover. Actively.

Coach Fox's weekly Active Recovery class will meet tonight at 7pm!  $15 for members.  Bring a friend. Bring two enemies.  Your hip flexors and hamstrings will thank you. 

Memorial Day Weekend WOD

We'll be doing our Memorial Day WOD/BBQ Monday, May 31st.  Stay tuned for further details! 


Power Clean

(E3/4) Max Effort or Sets Across

Post loads to comments.
compare to 5.17.10

4 Rounds NFT of:
5 Pistols, each leg
5 Strict Pull Ups

5 Unilateral or Seesaw DB/KB Presses (heavy)

Post loads to comments.

Coach Jeremy during the final affiliate WOD at the Qualifier

Check out the official North East Qualifier Photostream Here!  New Pictures are still being uploaded

If you went to the NEQ, what was your experience like?


WOD 5.23.10

Perform the following couplet every 3 minutes (on the minute) for 8 rounds:
3 Deadlifts 85% 1RM
35 Double Unders

Post rounds completed, Rx and experience to comments.

Continued Photographic Coverage of the 2010 North East Regional Qualifiers!

Photographers: Dan R and Asta F

Or, you can go view the Flickr page directly here

One more day left in the Qualifier.  Coach Laurel will take on the following WOD:

As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 Minutes of:
7 Deadlifts, 185lbs
7 Handstand Push-Ups
14 Box Jumps, 20"

While Team South Brooklyn will tackle the following WOD:

Stadium Style, every athlete must complete 30 reps of the following movements:
Deadlifts 225/185
Kettlebell Swings 1.5p/1p
Box Jumps 24"/20"

Once all the work is complete, each team must load up the prowler (+90/+50) and individually push it 40 meters. The workout is complete when the last individual crosses the line with their prowler.

Good Luck SBK!!!