Rest Day

Baby Brash. Compare to 10.20.10

Congratulations to Coach Margie on her 120lb Bench Press PR!

"Helen" is a staple CrossFit workout consisting of three rounds for time of: a 400m run, 21 Kettlebell Swings and 12 pull-ups.  Take these three movements and make your own version of "Helen".  The workout can be longer, shorter or just somehow different.  The goal is to program a new, balanced workout
Have a hard time getting into a good "catch" position on the Erg? Use this Mobilization beforehand next time! Mobility WOD
Michele Kinney Does Mainsite WOD 110322 CrossFit
How To Miss with Coach Burgener CrossFit
Its not about the Calories by Gary Taubes Slate
A slow Motion Analysis of Barefoot Running YouTube


WOD 3.21.11

30 Minutes NFRs:
12 Walking Lunges
9 Back Roll to Squat
6 Handstand Kick Ups
3 Front Lever Negatives

Post experience to comments.
Back Off Week

Go hunting with a Foam Roller or Lax Ball
Find a new area to work on!

Go, Jacinto, GO!!!

Congratulations to Jenna J on her 1/2 Marathon PR of 1:49:43 this weekend!

This weekend's Photos are up!
Photgrapher extrordinare, Asta F has uploaded all the photos from the Sectionals WOD this weekend. Check them out here! Thanks, Asta!

Running Seminar at CFSBK!
On April 17th, NYC Endurance is hosting a running workshop at CFSBK.  For all the dirty details, and to sign up, click this link!


WOD 3.20.11

5 Rounds NFT:
Run 270 meters
10 Strict Pull Ups
10 PVC Sit Ups
10 See Saw DB Presses

GHD Hip/Back Extensions 101

Back-off Week

Antoine goes for a Max Height Box Jump

Congratulations to Yoshi S. and his lovely wife on the birth of their son earlier this week!!

Sectionals WOD 1 is Done(ish)!

Thank you to everyone who participated to make WOD 1 of the Sectionals such a great success.  It took a lot of hard work from the organizers, volunteers, and athletes to get everything off the ground and have it run so smoothly.  Thanks to everyone involved in making yesterday such a great day!

Go Team CFSBK!

Congratulations to all the CFSBK members who represented CFSBK during WOD #1 at the 2011 CF Games Open Sectionals.  We thank you all for your hard work and are incredibly proud to have such a great stable of athletes repping SBK.

Scott L   7 Rounds (315 Points)
Kevin R   6 Rounds + 30 DU,1 SN (301 Points)
Josh M   6 Rounds + 10 DU (280 Points)
Dan R   5 Rounds +30 DU, 10SN (265 Points)
Dan B   5 Rounds + 30 DU, 7SN (262 Points)
John MD   5 Rounds + 30 DU, 3 SN (258 Points)
Dan L   5 Rounds + 25 DU (250 Points)
Jeremy F   5 Rounds + 1DU (226 Points)
Chris F   4 Rounds + 30DU, 14SN (223 Points)
Sean B   4 Rounds + 25 DU (205 Points)
Ryan P   4 Rounds + 1DU (181 Points)
Jacinto B   4 Rounds (180 Points)
Carlos G   4 Rounds (180 Points)

Kiki   5 Rounds + 17DU (242 Points)
Jess F   5 Rounds + 14DU (239 Points)
Steph P   4 Rounds, 30 DU, 7SN (217 Points)
Melissa L 4 rounds, 30 DU, 2SN (212 Points)
Sarah H   3 rounds, 30 DU, 7SN (172 Points)

Great work, Team SBK!!!  To see the full results, click here!
Deadline Change Crossfit


WOD 3.18.11

In 15 Minutes Find a Max Height Box Jump


Max Weighted Pull-up or Chin-up

Post Heights and Loads to comments.
Back off week

David B. works his shoulder position post WOD

Reminder: NO 12pm Group Class, Active Recovery or CrossFit Kids today due to Sectionals.  All other classes run as regularly scheduled.

Sectionals are here!
It's finally here! Today marks the start of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open Sectionals at CFSBK.  We'll have over 50 athletes competing in WOD #1 this afternoon. Good luck to all athletes competing today!  Feel free to join us to cheer on Team CFSBK and the other competitors as they fight for th title of Fittest on Earth. 

The first heat will begin today at approximately 1:20 PM.  Please join us to cheer on all the amazing athletes participating!

Good luck everyone!

Sectionals Heat Assignments
Here is the link to the heat assignments listed by time reflecting both the athlete and their judge:
WOD #1 Heat Assignments

If you are participating as an athlete and/or judge please review this information. Also, please take the time to review the movement standards and judges expectations in the following links. 

CF Games WOD 1
Judging Guidelines

If you have any questions please contact David at David(AT)


Rest Day

Team SBK Plottin' and Schemin' for the Ragnar Relay

CrossFit Endurance Running Seminar at CFSBK!

We're excited to announce that CFSBK is hosting Brian Harkins' NYC Endurance Seminar Sunday April 17th from 12:30p-5p! Check here for full details.  If you're interested in developing your running skills this is a fantastic opportunity.  Registration is not live yet but as soon as it is it'll be posted here first!


CFers aren't the only ones competing this weekend! Join us in wishing Stella Z. as she competes Saturday in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament being held this weekend in Brooklyn!  For those that don't know Stella is one of the world's best crossword players and a published Crossword writer.  Here is an interview she did with the LA Times Crossword Corner a few years back. Good luck Stella!


It only took a year but the sink is finally here.  Now you can refill your waterbottle and the community water pitcher as well as do your dishes without having to wait for the bathroom.  Rejoice!


Saturday starts Back-off week!  Now that Crush Week is officially over what was your favorite WOD from this week?  How are you feeling?


History of the Games Crossfit
Brian D. Snatches 107kg PR at the NYC Open Youtube


WOD 3.17.11

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

Run 400m
20 Wall Ball Shots 20/14

Post RX and Rounds to comments.
Compare to 3.21.10

Coach Jeremy gives a Training Lecture to the Strength Intensive

Changes to This Weekend's Schedule

Remember there is NO 12pm Group class, Active Recovery and CrossFit Kids class this Saturday due to the CF Games Open Sectionals.  All other classes run as regularly scheduled. 

Canes: Not Just for Pimps Anymore!

Three (count 'em) new TheraCanes arrived yesterday!  Have a hard to reach knot in your back? Grab the 'cane and use one of the 6 strategically placed balls (HA!) to work it out!  There are a couple of a handy dandy manuals in the gym as well if you're looking for ideas on how to hit those hard to reach spots. 


Who's participating in Sectionals this weekend? Who is coming out to cheer on and support their fellow CFSBK members for WOD #1?


CF Games Open Sectionals WOD #1 Crossfit
Just Say No To Scaling
Clues to Gluten Sensitivity 
 Wall Street Journal


WOD 3.16.11

10 Rounds for Time of:
1 Round of the Bear Complex 155/105
3 Muscle-ups

The Bear is complex consisting of: Power Clean/FSQ/Push Press*/BSQ/Push Press*.
*For this workout instead of Push Press it is shoulder to overhead anyhow.

Post RX and time to comments.

John S. does some post WOD GHD Sit-ups

We're Still in Need of a Few Good Crossfitters

Sectionals begin this Saturday and we still need a few folks to help us run the event.  We could use your help from approximately 12pm to 4pm this Saturday 3/19. 

Additionally if you are Level 1 Certified and would like to help judge the event please let us know!

If you're interested in volunteering please contact David via David(AT)

Competition Class Meets Tonight at 7pm

Remember Competition Class meets tonight at 7pm and will then be meeting on Thursdays at 7pm starting next week until the end of Sectionals. 

Hey Batter Batter!

The Prospect Park Women's Softball League is gearing up for their 2011 Season and are hosting tryouts this weekend and next Wednesday.  If you are interested in trying out please check their website for all the details and/or contact Coach Jess Fox at JessicaFox78(AT) for more details.


The Women of the 2010 Crossfit Games Crossfit
Guidelines for Being a Judge at the CrossFit Games Open