Rest Day

Alex H volunteered to do the "Murph" runs with a Keg!*

Degraw Street Etiquette 101

CFSBK often takes to the streets for our workouts.  We run, lift, throw, jump and drag on the sidewalk on a regular basis.  As fun as it is to push a prowler or run sprints outside, we have to consider our residential and commercial neighbors.  We've had a few "nudges" from our friends on Degraw Street that sometimes it can be difficult for pedestrians to walk if we're in full swing during a WOD.  So in order to work better with our neighbors, we'll be using the street a little less and we ask that you guys be mindful of folks walking by when we do.  Here are some easy tips to stay safe and help us maintain the ability to use the street:

- Slow down when you run in and out of the building.  Adding a couple seconds to your time is a better alternative to running full force into someone on the street or signing into the gym.

- If you're working with an implement (barbell, kettlebell etc), make sure that you keep it under control and don't let yourself trail into the middle of the sidewalk where people can't get by or are in danger of getting hit.  Try to keep your overall footprint as small as you can.

- Pedestrians have the right of way on the sidewalk.  Try to run around folks with plenty of clearance so you don't startle/run into them.  If space is tight, slow down so you can safely maneuver through them.

- Be aware of your surroundings.  As tired as you might be you still need to be vigilant about what's going on around you.  Keep your eyes open for skateboarders, trucks coming in/out of garages, people walking out of boulders and any debris on the street.

Remember that you represent CFSBK when you're on the street.  Try to be curteous, adaptable and rational when hitting the pavement.

The Management

Log Books!
Remember to take your log book home this week.  The crate is overflowing and we want to make sure all our active members don't have to sift through 30 lbs of journals to find their book.  You can bring your log book home on Muprh day (Sunday)


Would You Rather...
Run a 5K with a weighted vest (20lb) or do Double Fran?

(*not true)

On Tendinitis Eat.Move.Improve
So you Hurt Your Knee Eat.Move.Improve
What is Dynamic Stretching and Why is it Important? Norcal S&C
Mensticular Fortitude Cathletics


Handstand Push-Up

4 sets of +1 Rep from last week's sets.
If you're not at HSPU's yet, try to spend a little more time inverted each set.

Post reps or experience to comments.
(e3/4) compare to 5.16.11

Perform the following couplet every minute, on the minute for 10 minutes:
2 Power Clean and Jerks, 135/95
4 Bar-Facing Burpees

Post Rx and experience to comments.

Katie M and Bethany B at Active Recovery with Coach Shane

Team SBK at the Hybrid Athletics Total
Coach Margie has volunteered to organize anyone interested in competing in the Hybrid Athletics CrossFit Total Competiton on July 9th.  This is a grea opportunity to test your strength in a new environment and represent your gym and your training.  We've already got a few folks who have expressed interest in competing.  Remember that this event is being scored on total numbers as well as relative to body weight so everyone has a chance to place well.  If you're interested, register on the Hybrid site and contact Margie(AT)

CFSBK Spring Cleaning Part 3 (Log books)
Over the last few weeks we've cleared out unclaimed shoes and clothing from the gym.  Now we're going to thin out the member's log book crate.  Please take your log book home for the next week, you can bring it back to the crate on Sunday the 29th (Murph Day!).  Unclaimed log books will be recycled.

Murph's 100 Pull-Ups, 200 Push-Ups and 300 Squats can be done "anyhow" meaning you can game out how your partition reps anyway you want.  What do you think is the best way to get through this workload?
Former President Bush Awards Lt. Michael Murphy the Medal of Honor
The US Medal of Honor and the story of Lt. Michael Murphy


Back Squat

Add 2-10 lbs to last week

Post loads to comments.
(E5/8) Compare to 5.15.11

400 meter carry

Ex: kegs, sandbags, kbs, dbs, vests, etc...There is a 5 burpee penalty each time you stop to rest
Repeat for a total of 2-3 carries with different/heavier objects

Post loads, objects and burpee penalties to comments.

She said yes! Dan H. & Julia W. moments after Dan's proposal!
Photo Courtesy of Max Flatow

Murph Countdown

Our annual Memorial Day Murph is exactly one week away. We hope you'll join us for a wonderful workout and a great day with CFSBK friends and family! 

Remember this isn't a competition and it isn't just for longtime Crossfitters.  We will have a number of scaling options so whether you just finished Foundations or have done Murph with a weighted vest you are welcome to participate! This is about coming together as a community and celebrating the men and women who have made great sacrifices in serving this country.  The WOD starts at May 29th at 11am and eat time starts at 1pm.  Bring the kids, bring friends, bring strangers!

Thank you to all the people who have volunteered to grill and bring libations so far.  We are still in need of 8-10 people to bring salads/sides.  C'mon my Paleo chefs!  Contact Shane at the email address below if you'd like to share a delicious dish!

Also any and all former or current members of the military please contact Shane at shane(AT) this week with your name and what branch you serve(d) in. 

Makeover Casting Call

It’s makeover season!!   O, The Oprah Magazine is looking for men and women between 25 to 65 years old for a fall fashion makeover-  individuals as well as pairs (sisters, friends, couples, etc).

Any one interested in being submitted for this casting should email a write up about why he or she needs a makeover (examples: new job, back on the dating scene, new mom, etc), a photo proving they need a makeover, name, age and profession.

**All candidates should live in the New York City area and be available for an in-person go see prior to the shoot.

If you're interested please contact Alicia Bridgewater at abridgewater(AT) 


Hershel is a LOLcat
I Can Has Cheezburger
CF Games Calculator
Fugue Science


WOD 5.21.11

Athletes will have 20 minutes to find a 2 rep max Thruster


2 Rounds for time:
75 Double Unders
25 Pull-Ups
10 Thrusters at 60% of best double

Post Thruster max, Rx and time and to comments.

Jason will be doing more of the same today at the BK 1/2!

Good luck SBKers in today's Half Marathon.  Post race results to comments.

CrossFit Total Competition at Hybrid Athletics

On July 9th Hybrid Athletics will be hosting a Crossfit Total competition. It's as simple as it sounds. The competition will be doing the Crossfit Total, 1 rep maxes of Back Squat, Strict Press and Deadlift. Competitors will be given 3 lifts in each of the movements to hit their max.

Prizes will be awarded to two different kinds of winners for both men and women. One prize will be for the highest Crossfit Total for each. The other will be for the highest total as a percentage of body weight. This makes the competition open to ANYONE.

Registration is available right through their website,

They are capping registration at 100 and already have 20 plus people signed up.

Anyone at SBK interested in putting together a team?
The Rapture is Here!
Melissa Hartwig Failed Her RKC Cert and Succeeded at Life
Whole 9
Dozer the Dog Runs Maryland Half Marathon


Rest Day

Steph loves the Ragnar Relay!

Good luck to all the SBK Members running in the BK Half Marathon this weekend!

lululemon athletica Brooklyn is cheering on the 1/2 Marathoners

The Brooklyn Half Marathon is here and the lululemon BK team is creating a big, bad Cheering Station for the  and they want YOU to be a part of it! The point is to gather community, have a good time, and cheer on perfect strangers and our closest friends as they run towards the achievement of their goals.

Date : Saturday, May 21
Time: 7AM-9AM (Race starts at 7am in the Park)
Where: Park Circle. Southwest Corner of Prospect Park

If you plan on going please email whubbard(AT)

Lost and Found

There's still a ton of stuff in the crate.  If it's yours take it home by end of the day on Saturday


Are you running in the Brooklyn Half Marathon this weekend? Those who've run marathons, half marathons or Tris before, what was your best time?


Clearing Up Kidney Confusion: An Introduction Robb Wolf
2011 CrossFit Regional Workouts Announced


Kettlebell Challenge

Complete 10 rounds of:
30 Russian kettlebell swings in one minute 1.5 pd/1pd
One minute rest

This is an attempt at 300 Russian kettlebell swings completed in 20 minutes. After the workout is complete, row a 10m penalty for every kettlebell swing that was not completed. In other words, if you only finish 200 kettlebell swings, you owe a 1000m row.
*KB Challenge courtesy of CF One World


Be a Rebel for a Great Cause

Anyone been dying to try out one of those adventure/mud/obstacle course races you see and hear about everywhere?  Here's your chance.  Rebel Race will be held on Saturday June 11 in Modena, NY (about 2 hours north of NYC).  Team Fox, fundraising for The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, has entries and would love for you to run!  If you are interested, please contact Steph P at shpaddock(AT) for more information.  Get dirty!

It's the End of the World as We Know it...Come get your lost and found! 

May 21st might be the end of the world(!) so please remember to check the bin and grab the stuff you've left behind before we donate it to people who could really use it.  Anything left on May 21st will be donated if there is anything left to donate it to.



Back Squat

+5-10 lbs to last Wednesday's work weight
Rest as needed, up to 5 Minutes betwen sets. Work upper body mobility between sets.

Post load to comments.
(e4/8) compare to 5.11.11

10 rounds for time:
5 Hang Power Snatch 95/65
5 Box Jumps

Post Rx and time to comments.
Compare to 11.27.10

Run Worm, Run

Photographer for Murph

With Murph just around the corner (Sunday, May 29th) we're in need of a photographer(s) to document the day.  All of our photography staff will be unable to attend that day so if you have aspirations of getting your Cindy Sherman on and are available the day of Murph then please contact Shane at Shane(AT) by Sunday May 22nd.  We can supply the camera if you don't have your own. Thanks!

Calling All Current and Former Military Members

A good number of our members are currently serving or have served in the military.  We'd like to recognize you and your service during Murph.  Please contact Shane at shane(AT) with your Name, whether you are currently active or retired and what branch you served in.  Thank you!


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