Rest Day

The New CFSBK Mat!
We're really excited about our new mat! The only downside is that it needs to "cure" for about a week before we can really use it.  If it gets a lot of foot traffic before then there's a chance that the logo will deform or that the black area will rip.  So until then.. admire from afar..

There is No Active Recovery Tomorrow! All other classes are on as regularly scheduled.

lululemon athletica Brooklyn Function Show Tomorrow!
Join us for an evening of function and fashion as we celebrate our Brooklyn community. Connect with fellow teachers, trainers and sweat enthusiasts, jam to music by EarthRise SoundSystem, and enjoy a function show featuring lululemon ambassadors (including David) rockin' the runway! Doors open at 7pm, show begins at 8pm! Please RSVP to
More info here!

Now take your 3 despised movements and write a medium length (10-20 minute) WOD with them!
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If you didn't 1RM, go 5lbs heavier than last week

Post loads to comments.
compare to 3.31.11

5 rounds for time of:
5 power snatches
100m sprint (50m out and back)

Choose a weight that will allow you to do all snatches unbroken
Post load and time to comments.
compare to 8.18.10

Alternate Workout if it Rains:
5 rounds for time of
12 jumping split squats
8 clapping pushups

compare to 7.21.10

That looks about right...

Happy Birthday, Justin L!

There is No Active Recovery this weekend.

New Cycle Dates for Foundations are Posted!

May Evening Foundations
5/5/11 - 5/31/11
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Register Here!

May Morning Foundations
5/5/11 - 5/31/11
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Register Here!

May AM/PM Foundations
5/18/11 - 6/12/11
Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:15pm
Sundays 10:00am-11:15am
Register Here!

What are the three movements you most dread doing?
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Back Squat

Heavier than last week

Post loads to comments.
(E4/8) compare to 3.30.11

Superset the following two movements:
3x10 Good Mornings at 40-50% of triple (do not let weight compromise form)
3x10 Barbell Ab Rollouts from Knees

Post loads and experience to comments.

"The Pest" Strikes Again!

The next CrossFit Open Sectionals WOD has been announced! (And it's a doozie!)

"WOD 11.3"
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
165 pound Squat clean
165 pound Jerk

Click here to watch a video demonstration and range of motion standards. Click here to see Pat Sherwood and Heather Bergeron attack this workout.  What are your thoughts, Team SBK?

Sectionals Pictures are up!
Speaking of Team SBK.  Check out these photos from the last Sectionals event held in house.  Big thanks to David McG and Juliana A for being our photographers for the event!

If you could only do 3 exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be?
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April's Athlete of the Month!

Josh Martinez!

Spring time brings us a new AOTM here at CrossFit South Brooklyn. And just like March certainly did not go out like a lamb, we are honoring one of our lions...Josh Martinez!!! Josh is relatively new to the CrossFit game but has made a big impression during his time with us. We coaches respect his humbleness, coach-ability, and desire to be better while being one of our top performing athletes from early on. Plus, he already came to us with tribal tattoos and an uncanny willingness for taking his shirt off during met-cons...he was born for this! Jokes aside, Josh is a super nice guy and we’re proud to have him as part of the community. He’s literally built part of the building at Degraw street with his bare hands, doing work on the office, the sound system, the medicine ball racks, and countless other things around the box. Ladies and gents, Josh Martinez.


Fox - Josh! You’re our Athlete of the Month! Congrats!

Josh - Really? Man, how do you guys come up with this stuff? You were doing so good until now...(there’s the slice of humble pie)

Fox - Whatever, man. It’s about time it was you. Your name had actually come up a few times before, but now it’s you. Ready to be uncomfortable? (many of you may not know, but Josh is not super talkative)

Josh - Yeah, I don’t know how you’re gong to write this though. I’m pretty simple. I was looking at the other profiles and I feel like I’ve got nothing to say.

Fox - We’ll start at the beginning. How did you first come to CrossFit?

Josh - Dueño (Josh’s long time Karate teacher and mentor) kept telling me about it and bringing me by the gym for countless conversations with Coach Shane. A student of his that I was training with told me that if I wanted to step up my game I needed to give CrossFit a try. Eventually, I relented.

Fox - You and Raul (Dueño) used to roll by all the time. What eventually changed your mind? (note: Raul Dueño is also a NYC Police Officer. It was...interesting, when he and his partner Joe Abate would roll up on a regular basis to talk with us while we were working with clients)

Josh - I had you-tubed a bunch of CrossFit videos and thought it was whack. At first I didn’t think I could get what I needed with that short of a workout. I had been going to a Bally’s and spending like 3 hours in there working on stuff. Then through searching on the internet I came across this thing the CrossFit Fighter's Challenge and did it, by myself, at Bally’s. It floored me, and I decided to give it a go.

Fox - What had you been doing up until then, fitness-wise?

Josh - I’ve been in martial arts since I was a little kid. My dad would show me stuff, and teach me routines. I started doing Kyokushin Karate with Raul when I was 13 and was really into it from the get-go and still am. In fact I started CrossFit as a way to get better at Karate. As far as in the gym, I would research different routines online and try to complete them. They were mostly body part split routines like, Monday - chest and tris, Wednesday - back and bis, etc... I had never even squatted before CrossFit!

Fox - You eventually just signed up for Foundations, no teaser class or anything. How’d you like it a first?

Josh - Honestly, it was sloooow...I wanted to just GO! Looking back though I’m glad that it was slow. I didn’t realize then how little I knew about lifting. I’m better for it now.

Fox - You’ve competed in a few local CrossFit Comopetitions, and you’re competing in the CrossFit Open Sectionals both as an individual and as a CFSBK Team Member. What’s that been like so far?

Josh - It’s been really great. I love competition. I really think more people should compete even if not with winning in mind. It’s cool to see what others can do, and to find out what I can do too. There’s been such a cool vibe at the events I’ve been to so far and I really dig it. I’m looking at this years CF Games as a test year to see how I perform and what I need to improve for next year.

Fox - Have you learned anything so far? What do you want to get better at? Have you developed your own fitness philosophy?

Josh - I’ve realized I need to be able to mentally relax in the heat of the moment. There are three things I want to get better at as far as competing. 1- Focus. 2 - Lungs.  3 - Push. I need to stay calm and focused, I need to get my conditioning up, and I need to push when it starts to get hectic. I see guys like Ryan just go harder and faster, and I need to work on that. My fitness philosophy is that I should be ready for now, not for any particular day down the road. To be as close to a peak as possible all the time.

Fox - You get those things going and you could be a Finals athlete. You came to us with a solid base of natural ability. Do you have any early CrossFit memories? Anything that humbled you early on?

Josh - Oh yeah...I remember doing Barbara along side Carlos, thinking “how the heck is that guy still going? And, passing me?”. I had to call it quits after 4 rounds, I didn’t even finish. Needless to say, the great Guerra did.

Fox - You did Coach Jeremy’s Strength Cycle. Tell me about that.

Josh - It was great. Again, I thought it was slow in the beginning, but it really started adding up on me a few weeks in. The biggest thing for me was learning and getting comfortable with the low bar back squat. It’s like second nature now. It’s been difficult realizing that getting back to CrossFit means my 1rms won’t be the same but I realize that I’m stronger overall.

Fox - You also took your CrossFit Level 1 Certification recently. How was that?

Josh - It was, awesome...It gave me a deeper appreciation into what coaching is all about and how much goes into it. The nutrition stuff was a  bit new to me. That lecture was an eye opener. I left the weekend super excited about CrossFit in general. I’m really looking forward to furthering my CrossFit career.

Fox - Alright, tell me some stuff outside of the fitness realm. What are your hobbies?

Josh - I said, I’m pretty simple. I do CrossFit and martial arts. I’ve been away from karate for a bit and have been training Muay Thai for a while. I’m also a speed and adrenaline junkie. I’ve owned a few bikes and used to race motorcycles until I had an accident where I broke both wrists. I was wearing a helmet though! I remember laying there and somebody saying “oh no, he’s dead!” And I was laying there eyes closed thinking, “What? No I’m not. I’m fine”. This month is my birthday and I’m planning to go skydiving. Any SBKers want to join me?

Fox - Definitely not me...You recently decided to change careers, what are your plans?

Josh - I was in the carpenters union for a few years and still am actually. I enjoyed it for a while but decided that I wanted to get away from that before I had no choice in the matter. Working on houses was fun but when I started doing industrial buildings it got boring, seeing the same site day after day for a few years. My plan now is to take the FDNY test, or maybe the NYPD test. I’m working on getting the required college credits to be eligible for either. I want work that’s challenging in a new way every day.

Fox - So Josh, why did you decide to stay with CrossFit South Brooklyn?

Josh - The vibe, the environment, and the guidance. I appreciate that I’m never on my own as an athlete here. There’s always good coaching nearby. It’s verrrry diffreent than at  Bally’s. There’s a true lack of the stink eye because people are so supportive of each other. I really want to visit other CrossFit gyms and see what all the fuss is about here, maybe I’ve been spoiled. I’d like to see what’s out there.

Fox - Alright Josh, last thing. What should we look for in a future Athlete of the Month?

Josh - I think competing is important. Someone who puts it on the line to see if the training works. I think it’s important to test yourself, and I respect the people who do that.

Thanks again to Josh, who met with me for a second appointment when I left the gym with him waiting for me for our first appointment (Sorry again, Josh...). You’ve been a great asset to the gym in your short time here, and although you’re kinda alright now we coaches also look forward to seeing what the future holds for you! Continued good luck in the Sectionals and beyond!




Clean Pull

Clean Deadlift

These percentages are based on your best pull from last week.  So if your best triple last week was 150lbs, you would Clean 150x3x5, Clean Pull 165x3x3 and Clean Deadlift 180x3x3. If you didn't clean last week, work up to a heavy triple today and then base your clean pull and deadlift off that number.

Post loads to comments.
compare to 3.28.11

Chris L on the Open Sectionals WOD 11.2

Run Ronnie Run!
Want to improve your running technique? Decrease your "Helen" time? Stop hurting when you run? Sign up for NYC Endurance's running seminar at CFSBK.
Details Here!

Check out Radhika V's blogpost on combating the "Middle Age Slide" at CFSBK

High School Athletes who Kick Ass CrossFit Games
The Final: So you think you can Squat Elite FTS
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WOD 4.3.11

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run

5 Manmakers 35/25

Post loads and time to comments.

Coach Margie judges Sarah H. on WOD #2

Team SBK Represented Yesteday!

Congratulations to Kiki P. and Jess F. who finished 1st and 3rd respectively in yesterday's competition!  Excellent showing ladies!  The other members of Team SBK went just as hard and put up awesome scores!

Scott L. 11 Rounds +9 DL (405 Points)
Josh M.   9 Rounds +9 DL, 12 PU, 5 BJ (350 Points)
Dan B. 9 Rounds +9 DL, 10 PU (343) Points
Dan L. 9 Rounds +9 DL, 5 PU (338 Points)
Ryan P. 9 Rounds +5 DL (329 Points)
John Mc-D. 9 Rounds +1 DL (325 Points)
Jeremy F. 8 Rounds +9 DL, 12 PU, 12 BJ (321 Points)
Chris L. 8 Rounds +4 DL (292 Points)
Edgar L. 7 Rounds +9 DL, 12 PU, 8 BJ (281 Points)
Carlos G. 7 Rounds +9nDL, 6 PU (267 Points)
Jacinto B. 7 Rounds +9 DL, 5 PU (266 Points)
Chris F. 7 Rounds +9 DL, 3 PU (264 Points)

Zakiya (Kiki) P. 10 Rounds +9 DL (369 Points)
Jessica F. 9 Rounds +9 DL, 12 PU 1 BJ (346 Points)
Melissa L. 8 Rounds +9 DL (297 Points)
Stephanie P. 8 Rounds +2 DL (290 Points)
Sarah H. 7 Rounds +9 DL, 1 PU (262 Points)

Great work everyone thank you for all your hard work!

Sectional WOD #2 is Done!

The second round of the 2011 Open Sectionals is over and we want to congratulate our athletes on an amazing job yesterday during a very tough WOD.  We also want to thank all of the volunteers who helped us put together an awesome event! 

Next week the competition moves on to CF Virtuosity for two weeks before wrapping up with the final two events at CF Long Island City. 

The Rest Day Dinner Returns!

Justin L, Michele K, Greg, and Erica N have banded together to continue the tradition of Paleo Rest Day Dinners!  If you didn't have a chance to attend one during the Challenge or did and dug it then you're in luck! 

The next Rest Day Dinner is scheduled for Friday, April 8th at Famous Sichuan in Chinatown - all-you-can-eat paleo-friendly sichuan hot pot, $25 a person!

Meet at the restaurant at 8:30ish, or leave from CFSBK after open gym. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attned.  Please RSVP to Erica N. at erica.nofi(at)


Have you seen these? (SBK is Featured!) NYC Palimpest Project


Back Squat

2 Box Squats on the Minute for 10 minutes
5-10 lbs heavier than last week

Post loads to comments.
(E3/8)Compare to 3.26.11

Tabata Mash-up:

Deadlift 225/155
Box Jumps 20"/24"

Athletes will complete 8 alternating rounds (of :20s work/:10s rest) for each movement

Thinkin of a master plan...Coaches Fox and David confer during Sectional WOD #1

Sectionals WOD #2 is here!

We're incredibly excited to be hosting 2011 CF Games Open Sectionals WOD #2 today!  Athletes and Judges should arrive at 12:30 for registration and the event will start promptly at 1pm.  The first heat will begin no later than 1pm.

Athletes's/Judges heat assignments can be found here!

Reminder: There is no 12pm Group Class, Active Recovery or CrossFit Kids today!  All other classes run on their normal schedule.

Come Cheer on Team CFSBK

Team CFSBK is currently in 36th place regionally. The top 30 teams move on to the CF Games Regionals in Mass. We Need Your Support! Come on out today to cheer on Team CFSBK as they lay it on the line for WOD #2!!

2011 New York City Barefoot Run

If you're interested in barefoot running or natural movement, the 2011 New York City Barefoot Run will be held on September 24-25th.  

- Check out the brand new website:

- We have an awesome line-up of barefoot running and natural movement experts, and it's only getting bigger: Meet the Kudus

- Please show us some love on facebook to start building the buzz: Like NYCBR

- Early Bird rate of $65 if you register before midnight April 10th.  This includes a tech tee, access to all clinics, talks, and the run, a whole load of discounts, ferry rides to and from Governors Island, food at the run, and entry in the Runners Raffle.


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