Back Squat

Add 5-10lbs from the previous heavy squat exposure.

Post loads to comments.
(e3/4) compare to 8.3.11

2 Rounds NFT:
15 Strict Toes to Bars

15 Single Leg DB RDLs

On the RDLs go as heavy as possible with good form, hips and shoulders squared to floor

Congratulations to Maggie and Eli on gettin hitched!

Congratulations to Krishnan V on his 20 minute PR on the NY Tri this weekend. Krishan came in at 2 hours 57 minutes and left us this note: "Crossfit CERTAINLY was a factor in my improvement both mentally/physically during the training/race"

Congratulations to Ruvin and Erica on the birth of their new son (yet to be named!) and to Jack L for officially becoming "Grandpa Jack"

Farewell Michele L! We've loved having you in class and wish you the best back in Michigan!


We are excited to announce that SBK is hoping to pilot our first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project this September. In partnership with Herondale Farm and Sol Flower Farm, SBK would be a weekly pick up point for organic vegetables and pastured meat and chicken. You can workout and pick up your sustainably grown and raised groceries in one spot! We are so full service.

What's a CSA?
(From "Community Supported Agriculture has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a "membership" or a "subscription") and in return receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season."

About the Farms
Herondale Farm is located in Ancramdale, NY, not too far from Hudson. Farmer Jerry Peele raises cows, lambs, pigs and chickens on pasture using a traditional rotational grazing system. Cows and lambs are grassfed and finished, pigs and chickens primarily eat off the land with a small supplement of organic feed. Herondale leases part of its land to Sol Flower Farm, which grows a variety of organic vegetables and flowers.

About the Shares
Sol Flower Farm will offer a weekly box of veggies packed with whatever is being harvested from September through November. You're likely to find yummy items like: summer squash, cucumbers, parsnips, beets, onions, eggplant, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, salad mix, dill, parsley, winter squash and lots more. Boxes are designed to feed 2-4 people.

Herondale Farm will have two kinds of monthly packages: a mixed meat package containing 15 lbs of a variety of steaks, roasts, and sausage from beef, lamb, pork; and a chicken package containing 10 lbs of a whole chicken plus parts and sausage. You can sign up for one or both!

All shares are 4 month memberships.

Got Questions?
Meet the Farmers next Wednesday, August 17 at 6pm at the gym. Jerry and Andy (the vegetable guy) will be down to talk to you about all the details of becoming a member. Please come by to learn more! RSVP to margie (at) crossfitsouthbrooklyn (dot) com so we can gauge interest and have enough seats.

PS You don't have have to be a member of SBK to join - spread the word!
Rock and Roll Youtube
Strongman Dogs Youtube


Rest Day

Charmel R plays Donkey Kong


We Made Mainsite!

Check out Ken H and Coach Laurel on today.  The photo they used was from Ken's second advanced handstand class.  Ken had used an interesting and effective way of making ring handstands a little easier which I thought the community at large could potentially benefit from.  3 Cheers for CFSBK!

Flag Football Extravaganza at Prospect Park

We've already got 12 people signed up to play Flag Football on Sunday, August 21st.  This will be a day long picnic open to all members, friends, and family, during which time we will be playing some fairly non-competitive, all inclusive, gender neutral, footwear optional Flag Football.  Depending on interest we will split into 2-8 teams and play a small tournament to crown the champion of the Paleo Pigskin League (PPL.)    All are welcome to come down, grill, bring beverages or food, and hang.  For anyone interested in the actual playing of football (not just eating and drinking and lounging) please respond to Noah(AT) with a general scale of football aptitude on a 1 (I don't know a football from a baseball) to 5 (I taught Tom Brady everything he knows, including how to flip his hair so coyly.)
This is a great opportunity to use that fitness you've been working so hard to cultivate!

Time is almost up..

To sign up for event 2 of the Subway Series!  There are only a handful of spots left so don't let them go to the riff raff from the other gyms, take the plunge and represent SBK.  It's like Nike says: "Lets Do This!"
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Fitness Researchers Hail Discovery of New Ab The Onion
Robb Wolf does a 1 hour video on the Paleo Diet Mahalo



21-15-9 Reps for time of:
Deadlift, 225/155
Handstand Push-Ups

If you can't perform a full range of motion handstand push-up, you can scale the movement by placing 2 or 3 abmats under your head.  Otherwise, you could choose between a strict dumbbell press or even standard Push-ups. The deadlift should feel somewhat heavy but each rep round shouldn't take you more than 3 sets to complete.

"Diane" Demo with Pat and Texas Annie CrossFit

Post time and Rx to comments.
compare to 9.27.10

Vincent D works a Handstand to Forward Roll

Congratulations to Julie E on her wedding this passed weekend and upcoming honeymoon in Iceland!

Skill Session: The Kipping Pull-Up

There are still 2 slots left for Coach Noah's Kipping Pull-up Skill Session this Thursday at 8pm.  If you'd like to learn more about it and sign up, please click here

One Week Down, Three To Go!

Team SBK did an amazing job representing at the first Subway Series event at CrossFit Virtuosity.  We saw a ton of folks come out and even some first time competitors step up and take the challenge.  Next week's event is at CrossFit Long Island City. Lets keep up the great momentum, Register here!

Missed the action last Saturday? Check out the photo set on Flickr here. Thanks to Dan R for the amazing shots.
CrossFit WOD Stand Up Paddleboard: Queens NY Promo Video CrossFit
2011 CrossFit Games Archives, Event 1: Swim, Run, Pull-Up, Push-Up, Squat, Run
Men's Heat
Women's Heat


WOD 8.7.11

Skin the Cat 101
Be sure to hold bottom of Skin the Cat for 2 sec. hold at end range

Spend 20 Minutes practicing Skin the Cats do no more than 10-20 reps

Double Unders
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit Ups

Score is lowest round

Post score to comments.

Tonz o' Gunz: Team SBK at Subway Series Event #1

Good luck to Worm and Krishnan on their NYC Tri today!!!!

SBK Represented in a Major Way at the Subway Series Yesterday!

Congratulations to Team SBK on a monster showing yesterday at Subway Series Event #1.  Coach Jeremy came in 2nd overall of the Men.  Melissa L. placed 2nd overall for women with Jess Fox placing 3rd overall and Christine D. placing 7th!  And Coach Fox came in 2nd Place in the Zercher lift with a whopping 665lbs and 11th overall. 

Amazing showing guys and thanks to all the athletes who repped SBK today.  You guys are awesome! 

For all the results check here!

Don't forget sign-up for Subway Series Event #2 at CF LIC!  Registration opens starts today and goes through Thursday!

Congratulations to Maurya S. on her first 12-Mile Spartan Beast

Maurya S. has been putting in work and going hard in the paint for the last 6 weeks in preparation for Spartan Beast.  She's been doing video blogs of her training at SBK leading up to this race.  You can find all four parts of her "Wimp to Spartan" videos blogs right here.  Congratulations Maurya on completing one tough race!

After this weekend she'll be right back in the gym prepping for the 8-mile Super Spartan in Staten Island on September 24th.  SBK's Keith W and Coach Shane will also be participating in this race.  We'd love to get an Team SBK contingent going.  Who's with us?

Mark Rippetoe discusses The Lying Triceps Extension with Dignity Starting Strength
Normal Shoulders Should Have FULL Range MobilityWOD


Back Squat 

Add 5-10 lbs to last week

Post load to comments.
(E 4/8) Compare to 7.30.11

Back Roll to Candlestick 101
Burpee Broad Jump 101

3 Rounds NFT:
5 Candlestick to Pistol
40' Burpee Broad Jump
Focus on sticking the landing on the Burpee Broad Jump
For those unable to pistol use the Roll to Candlestick as a scaling option

Post Rx to comments. 

Strong(wo)man: Christine D. is competing in the Subway Series today!

Subway Series Event #1 is Here!

Event Number 1 of the 2011 Subway Series is today at CrossFit Virtuosity starting at 9am!  The first event is a strongman event.  Team SBK has team heading out to represent.  Join us in wishing them good luck!  Have a great time and kick some a$$! 

Check the following link for detailed information on the event standards for today's WODs. 

If you'd like to participate in the next event which will be next Saturday starting at 9am at CrossFit Long Island City registration will open on Sunday and go through Midnight on Thursday.  You can register right HERE!  Registration is required and the event will have a cap and is expected to sell-out so sign-up early! 

If you aren't up for participating this go 'round that's cool come on out to support Team SBK.  Extra cool points for those who show up w/ face or body paint!  See you there!!

All the News that's Fit to Print

The SBK Newsletter is just about ready to go!  Each month newsletter features a fresh article from Coach Fox as well keeps you up to date on all special events, schedule changes for that month.  If you're not getting it already email Info(AT) and we'll get you on the list! 

Skill Session 2: Kip Harder & Skill Session 3: Muscle-up with a Vengeance

If you missed Coach Noah's kipping workshop on Thursday night don't worry your pretty little head! Noah is hosting another kipping workshop this coming Thursday, August 11th at 8pm.  There are four slots left in the class!  Remember the buy-in for this class is 1 strict pull-up for the ladies and 3 strict pull-ups for the dude bros.  If you'd like to attend email Noah(AT) to get in. 

The enterprising Coach Noah is tucked away in the lab working on his third Skill Session dedicating to getting you that elusive muscle-up.  More details to come but if you're interested shoot Noah an email to let him know. 


Who is representing Team SBK today in the subway series?  Who is going out to cheer, yell and act in a way that would embarrass their mother?!
Backward Roll Progression GymnasticsWOD

A Skateboard's Eye View of NYC


Athlete of the Month: Katie Mohrhauser (Updated)


CFSBK August Athlete of the Month: Katie Mohrhauser

By Coach Fox

The hottest month of the year brings you one of our hot new rising stars at CrossFit South
Brooklyn, Katie Mohrhauser. In the short time that she’s has been training with us at SBK Katie
has made quite an impression on the coaching staff. From showing up fresh out of Foundations
to support our team at the Open Sectionals, to enrolling in Coach Margie’s Tough Titsday class
to learn how to better approach a barbell, Katie has thrust herself into pursuit of being a better
athlete and being a member of our community as well. If you don’t know her yet then here’s
your chance to get to know her better.

Fox - Katie, you’re our August Athlete of the Month!

KM - Me? Really? I hope this isn’t a joke...Aren’t I too new to be considered? Will more senior
people be upset? Worries aside, thank you for thinking of me. I’m humbled, and of course,

Fox - Yes, you! (I explained to Katie all the things written above and a few more). Nobody will
be upset, that’s not how SBKers roll. Ready? Tell me how you wound up at our roll up gate.

KM - My roommate Libby was constantly telling me about it. We lived in Norwalk, CT together
and she was doing CrossFit at CrossFit Stamford. She’d said she thought I’d love it but I was
too intimidated. I didn’t think I was strong or fit enough. Of course she told me all about it being
scalable and I was interested, but too afraid. Fast forward to my decision to move to New York
and I figured that if I was going to do one scary thing then I may as well do another. I was
thinking of living in Brooklyn, saw that CFSBK was right near where I was looking, saw that he
schedule would work for me, and just signed up. I figured I was going to do this and not half-
ass it. I didn’t do a teaser or anything because I knew that if I did I’d psyche myself out of doing
Foundations. I’m glad I didn’t do the teaser.

Fox - What was it like coming into this environment? Had you been going to “regular” gyms prior
to CrossFit?

KM - I hadn’t been going to regular gyms because I never liked them. I had been exposed to
training through athletics (Katie competed at the high school level in volleyball, tennis, and cross
country) but never really liked the treadmill/machine scene. I’d done some classes but again,
it wasn’t me. And like I said, I’m glad I didn’t do a teaser. Our first night of Foundations was a
Tuesday and you were coaching what I guess was the Competition Class and Jess was taking
it. It was crazy. If I’d done a teaser, I might not have come back.

Fox - Ha! You could have just pretended to be looking for BK Boulders. Well we’re sure glad
you stayed. What brought you to Brooklyn in the first place?

KM - I moved here for a job, but really I moved here to challenge myself. I grew up in small town
Iowa, attended the University of Iowa so of course I’m a big Hawkeyes fan, and just was ready

for change. Most of my friends were moving to Chicago which is nice but it just seemed like it
would be more of the same, i.e. sports and drinking, drinking and sports. Don’t get me wrong, I
love drinking and sports but I decided I didn’t want to be defined by it. I wanted more diversity
and New York, Brooklyn in particular, provided that.

Fox - So what, besides sports and beer, do you do outside of CrossFit? I think each female
AOM so far has told me knitting, do you knit?

KM - Ha! I tried it once and hated it so no. Honestly, CrossFit is my main thing and I talk about
it all the time (probably too much). I have a job as an accountant that I really enjoy, and I even
got two of my female accounting friends to start doing CrossFit. I don’t really do too much else
right now. I guess I’m cooking more at home, lots of paleo meals. The same roommate that
introduced me to CrossFit got me on a paleo diet. I feel great when I’m eating paleo, so now
I do more cooking at home. This is funny. My neighbor, let’s call him bi’s and tri’s guy...He’s
always giving me suggestions on what to add or subtract to my diet. He does the same thing
when he asks about my workouts. He’s actually told me not to lift heavy weights because I’ll get
too big. Me, really?

Fox - Bi’s and tri’s guy, I love it! Although I’ve probably been that guy before... what keeps you
coming back to CFSBK?

KM - The people. It’s kind of a mid-western sensibility here in that people are just nice. They’ll
come up and introduce themselves and have a conversation with you. There’s a mix of old and
new people here. I remember coming to Murph early on, being nervous, and meeting Jessica
Bailey. She just talked to me like she knew me. I also remember my first class and Noah
cheering me on while I struggled with cleans and running. He didn’t know me but it didn’t matter,
he was supporting me. People here seem to really care. I also like being around people who
have a similar mindset to mine in regards to a healthy lifestyle.

Fox - I really like your “mid-western sensibility” comment. That rings true, although I’d like to call
it “Brooklyn sensibility”. Tell me one gym thing you feel pretty good about and one you think you
suck at.

KM - Well I suck at the overhead stuff, all of it. It freaks me out, I’m not sure why. That was a
rough night in Foundations. I feel pretty good on squats and deadlifts though. They come more
natural to me and seem less complicated.

Fox - You’re enrolled in Coach Margie’s Tough Titsday class for ladies. How’s that treating you?

KM - Margie is intelligent, thoughtful, and patient; she brings all of those qualities to her class.
Her class is challenging – mentally and physically – and it’s something I look forward to all
week. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work with her.

The other women are supportive and inspiring. Forget Mean Girls! Each woman wants to
see the others succeed as much as she wants to succeed herself. The sad truth is that it’s

sometimes hard to find a group of women that treat each other this well. I’m going to be sad
when it’s over!

Fox - Sounds like a great experience. Last question. Tell me what you think we should look for
in a future Athlete of the Month.

KM - Someone who represents the qualities I mentioned about why I love SBK, who introduces
themselves and is supportive. Someone who isn’t too self involved in their own workout to cheer
others on through theirs. The people who seem to train smart and not let ego get in the way are
the ones I look up to.

Thanks to Katie for sitting with me for the dreaded Fox interview. We coaches are proud of what
she’s accomplished and look forward to having her be an inspiration to future SBK bad asses
down the road. When you see her in the gym be sure to show her your Cornhuskers shirt...


Subway Series Event #1 Standards and Call for Spectators

The standards for this weekend's kick-off event to the 2011 Subway Series have been announced.  For complete details check out the link below to get the rundown of what athletes will need to do in each of the day's 3 WODs:

Subway Series Event #1 Standards

The event is sold out but if you missed your chance to compete don't worry Team SBK's crew of intrepid athletes needs a cheering section as badass as they are!  So join us at CF Virtuosity tomorrow and cheer on team SBK and all the CFers competing in this weekend's event. 

The 400,000 Hour Body Whole 9
Put Your Goals Out There Lululemon
Are Tradtionally Prepared Grains Healthy?
Mark's Daily Apple


WOD 8.4.11

AMRAP 12 minutes of:
7 Hang Squat Snatches (95/65)
14 Pull Ups

Post time and Rx to comments.

Cool Down
Foam/Lax Ball Soft Tissue Work.

Dude Bros!-SBK Blog Regular DajM and his brother SBK's own Marc M. on WOD 8.1.11

Congratulations to Kate B. on getting her first chin-up AND strict pull-up on Monday!!

Final Day to Sign Up for Subway Series Event #1

Today is the last day to sign-up for Event #1 being held at CF Virtuosity this Saturday.  If you're in hurry because the event is close to sold out and surely will be before lunchtime today!  Register here.

CF Sports Series: Stand Up Paddle Event

HQ is hosting a day of fun, sun and Stand-up Paddle boarding Beach 86th St in Rockaway on August 13th.  $40 gets you all the gear you need, instruction, and a CrossFitter-friendly lunch.  There's even a WOD incorporating Stand-up Paddling because burpees make everything better.  You can register here for the event. 

And for those of you who think SUP is your grandparents surfing check out Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama catching some epic rides.  Also check out the highlight reel from the CF SUP event in Miami earlier this year. 

Matt Ufford Went to the CF Games and All We Get is this Awesome Photo Essay

As last year's number one individual fundraiser for Fight Gone Bad in the entire universe SBK's Matt Ufford won an all-expenses paid trip to this year's CrossFit games via the Sportsgrants Foundation.  Check out his awesome photo essay "How to Get Body Dysmorphia: Attend the CrossFit Games" on his experience at the Games. 


Give someone else in the gym a shoutout for something they've done in or outside of the SBK. Post  Post props to comments. Give a little love, get a little love.

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Higher Standards
70s Big
When in Doubt Train Your Back(side)
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