3 Rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings
12 Pull Ups

Post time and Rx to comments. 
Compare to 11.14.10

Noor A. Chips away during Murph

Be Scurred!

Scary Movie Night is next Saturday, June 11th.  We'll be showing tow great fright flicks "The Descent" at 8pm and "Ils" aka "Them" 10pm.

Feel free to bring your favorite movie snacks and drinks (Paleo or otherwise).  This event is the brainchild of Maggie G. who is bringing in her projector for night.  Come down to the gym and scream like a school girl.  

RSVP to Maggie.Giorgio(AT)
What's your favorite benchmark/hero WOD and why? 
Your Gym Crossfit One World



Take 20 Minutes to find a 1RM Clean and Jerk



For time:
30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

There is a 3 minute cap on this workout so choose a weight that allows you to complete all 30 reps in under 3 minutes. If you don't finish all reps:  score is reps completed, and row a 500 meter (NFT) penalty for each rep not completed. For example, if you only complete 26 reps you row a 2K.  Consider using ~60-70% of todays heaviest C&J.

Post time and Rx to comments.
Compare to 8.9.10 and 6.6.10

Greg N. Goes Chin Over Bar During Murph

Reminder there is NO 11am Teaser today

SBK T-Shirts are Back!

You asked for them!  Then you asked again...then you asked again.  And now the wait is over.  We've got a full stock of SBK t-shirts in both mens and ladies cuts as well as ladies tank tops.  Just in time for summer! 

Calling all CrossFitters with Level 1 certs: the Northeast Regional Qualifiers are coming up, and we need your help!

The big weekend will take place at Reebok's new, fancy CrossFit facility in Canton, MA, June 16-19, 2011. This is the final Qualifier before the CrossFit Games in July.

Coaches David and Margie are on staff to organize and oversee the Judges and Athletes, as they have done for the past 2 years. We are looking for more Level 1's to join our volunteer Judging staff. We need folks who can uphold strict standards, work hard and give 100% focus. This is probably the most exciting job of the weekend since you get to be out on the competition floor in the middle of some fierce athletes.

Interested? Click here to learn more and register:

Not a Level 1, but still want to be part of the weekend? Great! We need plenty of volunteers for important jobs such as scorekeeping, handling the athletes and set up/break down. Use the link above to sign up.

The Latest 'Meat Causes Cancer Study' Balogna Fathead
Cal Strength's John North does Grace in 1:41 Youtube


Rest Day

Coach Jess Fox during Sectionals WOD #1

Underneath the Hoodie-Jess Fox
By Margie Lempert

DOB: 10/11/78
Height: 5' 4.25"
Weight: 140
Place of Birth: Coldwater, OH
Place of Higher Learning: Ohio U and Hunter College
Degree: Psychology
Years in NY:12
Years at SBK: 2

I had this totally idyllic movie playing in my head as Jess described her youthful self: a Scout-like little girl, settling for softball cause the boys wouldn't let her play baseball, coming home to Grandma and Uncle with leech covered toes, bailing hay on her neighbor's farm, watching them feed castrated pig bits to the dogs....

(Record skips. Room of people blink silently.) 

....You know, the scrappy, tomboy life.

Jess was always playing sports: basketball, soccer and, most of all, softball. In fact, she earned herself a softball scholarship at a local college, but she wanted to make her way out of Ohio, so after a stint at Ohio U, she came to NYC and Hunter College. And, oh yes, there was a boy.... (not Chris!).

Unfortunately, the boy didn't last (though they are still good friends), and Jess surprised her family by staying in NY. She worked her way through college with various jobs, but ended up sticking around at the Candle Cafe for quite a few years. This is where she met ole Fox. Now, when she started at Candle Cafe, Chris had left the place, so they didn't meet right away. But then he came back and was running the kitchen. Well, Jess decided she dug the Irish boy and pursued him until he finally agreed to go for drinks one night at Bull McCabes. And that, my friends, was it. They had to keep things on the DL for a little while at work, but eventually it all came out, they got married and, well... you know. Of course neither of them are at Candle Cafe anymore; Jess has worked for Administration for Children's Services since 2004.

In 2009, Chris found CrossFit and, consequently, so did Jess. Considering her history as an athlete, the challenge was right up her alley and she dug it right away: the community, the strength building and the competition. Jess relishes competition - she likes to see how she stacks up against other strong women and how she stacks up against herself over time. She loves to take on challenges; a recent BIG one was completing the NYC marathon. It was an amazing experience, though one she may not repeat anytime soon. After rocking the Ragnar Relay, she's got her eyes set on more down and dirty events, like Tough Mudder or (hopefully)  next year's CF Affiliate team.

Coaching is new for Jess, though an obvious outgrowth of her athletic background and connection to SBK's community. She gets a lot of satisfaction from motivating women, both as an example and as a coach. She claims she's shy and has a hard time using her Big Girl voice in class, but I don't know that many would agree. Nevertheless, she's eager to improve her skills in front of a crowd, so be sure to heckle her often so she can practice.

Parting Shots:
Jess still plays softball once a week with the Women's Softball League in Prospect Park.
She digs cleans, wall balls and running, but would rather not snatch or row.
She loves magnets.

Favorite way to eat eggs:
Over easy with rye toast

Barefoot Running Style Dr. Mark Cucuzella
Homemade Bacon Primal Pantry


WOD 6.2.11

4 Rounds for Time of:
25 American KB Swing 32/20kg
20 OHS 75/55
15 Pull Ups

Post time and Rx to comments.

Sameer and Guest Carmelo during Murph

Happy Birthday to Kiki P. and Whitney H.!!!

No Teaser Class this Weekend

There is NO teaser class this Saturday, June 4.  Teasers will resume next Saturday, June 11th at 11am.   

The Heat is On

We're in the midst of a heatwave and it looks like we're in for a long hot summer.  Please re-read our "Beat the Heat" article on how to stay healthy and hydrated during high temperature training days. 

Congratulations to SBK's Starting Strength Coaches!

A big shout out to coaches Chris Fox and Margie L., Michele K., Rob I., Debbie P., and Alec H. for being certified as Starting Strength Coaches by Mark Rippetoe.  The 3-day certification course and the accompanying exam are rigorous and passing requires a real command of the material.  Congratulations to each of you on your achievement!

Do You like Scary Movies?? 

On Saturday, June 11 SBK is hosting a horror film double feature!  That's right, not one but TWO terrifying tales meant to shock, scare and keep you up at night. 

Up first is Neil Marshall's "The Descent" in which a group of friends find out what can go wrong when you go for a weekend of spelunking.  Then stay for the French fright flick "Ils" aka Them in which a couple finds that they are anything but alone at their isolated country estate.  "The Descent" will start at 8pm and "Ils" starts at 10pm.  RSVP to Maggie.Giorgio(AT)

Feel free to bring any movie treats/drinks you'd like but please leave the little ones home...and remember, to keep from fainting just keep telling yourself it's only a movie...


Overhead Squat Prep Mobility WOD

A Touch of France in Bryant Park (Find the SBKer!) Wall Street Journal


Squat/Handstand Push-ups


Find a new 5RM! 
Athletes will use their rest periods to do any pec/shoulder prep for their handstand work

Post loads to comments.
(e8/8) compare to 4.20.11 and 3.30.11

Handstand Push-up
1x Max reps or 1x Max Handstand Hold
Athletes doing a static hold should leave enough time to dismount safely

Post reps/time to comments.
(e4/4) compare to 5.9.11

Accessory Work

Foam Roll/Lax Ball your problem areas

The Shirt that Launched a Thousand Gun Shows...Ladies Tanks are BACK! 

Happy Birthday Traci T.!

Today are the last exposures of of BSQ and HSPU for the cycle.  We hope the last month of hard work pays off in PRs and refined technique!  Before today's squats please read/re-read Coach Margie's article "Getting Ready to Squat" to get your mind right! 

Our Casa is Your Casa

I've got good news and I've got bad news.  The bad news is we don't have a maid.  The good news is that we're all adults and can clean up after ourselves!  Everyone is generally pretty good about cleaning up their weight plates and gym tools and we ask that you do the same with your glasses, water bottles and dishwear you use while at the gym. 

So please if you use one of the glasses or make a post-WOD snack clean up your mess.  Also, don't forget to floss and please don't swim within 30 minutes of eating. Thanks!


As this cycle comes to a close, what workout stands out as your favorite and/or where have you made the most progress? (can be either a conditioning piece or a strength movement)?


Coping with Injury: Learning from a Couple of CrossFit Hipsters StrongerFasterHealthier
A Higher Order of Thinking CrossFit One World
The Claim: Is a Diet High in Protein Bad for Your Kidneys?
  NY Times
A Good Night's Sleep Isn't a Luxury; It's a Necessity NY Times


Rest Day

Josh L. & Portia chillin' like villains post-Murph

Bon Voyage to fearless leader David O and Mike R. who are heading to Ecuador for the next two weeks!

Hey Mon, Time to go to Work!

We are back on our regular class schedule today! 6a & 7a, 5p, 6p and On-Ramp and Foundations are all on! 

I Missed Murph and All I Got was this Awesome T-Shirt

If you weren't able to make it in for Murph this weekend don't fret you can still get one of our limited edition Murph T-shirts!  It's the perfect t-shirt for making up Murph on your own.  We've got ladies cuts and all sizes are still in stock!


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Regional Update 1.1
Regional Update 1.2
8 Reasons to Why People Drink Soda and 16 Reasons to Stop Drinking it EMed Expert


CFSBK is Closed Today!

Congratulations to Sarah H for earning the coveted CFSBK Skull and Crossbones Hoodie for her
Ragnar Relay planning and overall spectacularness

Thank You!
Yesterday's "Murph Day" was one of our biggest and best to date.  Great work to everyone who participated, especially if it was your first, "Murph".  A special thank you goes out to the following folks:

Coaches Shane and Noah for organizing the event
Dave B for Taking Pictures
Mel L and Andrew C for grilling
Michele K for organizing and dishing out the food
Jim R for letting us borrow his grill
Coach's Nick and Jess for helping out with organizing folks and food prep
Coach Fox and Quist Industries for hooking up the sweet T-Shirts
Everyone who brought food, encouraged their fellow CrossFitters and cleaned up afterwards

Have a great holiday today, we'll see you tomorrow!