Rest Day

Mike W Biking through the French Alps
To see more pics from Mike's amazing bike trip, click here

Fight Gone Bad Team 1

Announcing the first Fight Gone Bad Team!

Christian Fox
John Michael
Josi Stone
Ellie Myers
Maxwell Knight

Once each team is assigned you'll recieve an email with everyone's contact information.  You'll have to nominate (or self nominate) a team captain, pick a team name, team colors and decide where everyone will start Fight Gone Bad.  Good luck, Team 1!

Haven't registered yet? Don't be left in the dust! Learn more about FGB and register here!

Going to the Subway Series Tomorrow?

ATTN: SBKers competing or cheering at the Subway Series event this weekend at CrossFit up in style with your skull and crossbones crew! Google Maps says it's a 25 minute drive from the gym so accounting for possible traffic and the sometimes rough parking situation in Astoria we'll plan to leave CFSBK at 8:15 the latest. If you plan on driving and can offer a ride or you need to hop in someone's car please email christian (at) so we can organize. Fewer cars will mean fewer parking spaces, less gas, and more laughs to be shared en route. CFQ is also easily accessible via subway although triple check the MTA for service changes. Also, feel free to borrow your favorite jump rope from us to compete with.

The Picnic Approaches!

Get stoked! We've got a bunch of folks coming out to the picnic on Sunday.. but we need you!!  For all the details regarding location, time and what to expect.. click here!!

A look at the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, supported by Fight Gone Bad 6 - video [wmv] [mov]


WOD 8.18.11

AMRAP 15 minutes
270m Run
10 Ring Dips
10 Burpees

Post time and RX to comments.

Mike M. on Muscle-Ups

Doin' Big Thangs

Congratulations to Steph P. on her first HSPU this past weekend, congrats to Sarah "Worm" W. on her 3:17 time on the NYC Tri earlier this month!  And congratulations to Michele K. on hitting her first (and second) chin-up! 

CSA Next Steps

Thanks to all who came out last night to meet Jerry of Herondale Farm and Andy of Sol Flower Farm. They were super impressed by our community and questions, and are excited to get this going. First and foremost, we need to have a critical mass in order to make it worth their while. Andy needs at least 25 shares and Jerry is looking for 20 shares each for the meat and chicken.

We'd like to have a head count as soon as possible! Please fill out this form by Sunday, August 21 to let us know what you are interested in:

After we determine whether we have enough folks, Jerry and Andy will let us know what the deadline is to sign up.

For those of you who were not able to attend, but want in, here are some additional details (also check out the bulletin board):

  • Vegetable pick up days will be every Wednesday from 4pm-7pm for 9 weeks beginning either Sept 7 or Sept 14
  • Meat shares are monthly (Sept-Dec) and will come down the first Wednesday.
  • Chicken shares are monthly (Sept-Dec) and will come down the third Wednesday.
  • Vegetables will come down from the farm in individual bins, you will be instructed on how much to take of each and are responsible for bringing your own bag/box to transport them.
  • Meat and chicken will be frozen and packed in paper bags for transport.
  • We encourage sharing shares! Please indicate that in the form above.
  • The gym CANNOT hold any shares. If you are not able to pick one up, please get a friend to help or else your share will be given away.
  • Tell a friend! This is open to the public, so if you know someone who might be interested, send them the link to the response form.

Still have questions? Email Margie(at)

Big Fat Blog Post #3 Robb Wolf
Breaking Down the Single Leg Squat

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? NY Times


Back Squat

Add 5-10lbs from the previous heavy squat exposure.

Post load to comments.
(e4/4) compare to 8.10.11

2 Rounds NFT:
15 Single Leg DB RDLs ea/leg
15 Plank Walk Outs

On the SLRDLs go only as heavy as you can maintain perfect form.  Hips/shoulder square, back set.
On the plank walk outs go as far as possible while maintaining hollow body.

Post RDL loads to comments.

Asta F doing the official KB Swing of America at SS Event #3

CFSBK CSA Meet the Farmers Q &A is  Tonight at 6pm!

All those interested in the new CSA here at CFSBK should come on down at 6pm to meet the two farmers bringing all the delicious meats and veggies to us and get any questions they have answered by Margie and farmers Jerry and Andy.  Please RSVP to Margie(AT) if you haven't yet!  See you tonight!

Subway Series Event #3 is SOLD OUT

If you didn't get in to compete please come out but have the afternoon free please come out to support Team SBK.  The cheering section can only get bigger and louder this week as Team SBK looks to retain its lead of the series at CrossFit Queens!  Good luck Team SBK!

Remember next Saturday, August 27th the Subway Series comes home to SBK for the 4th and final event.  Registration opens on Sunday and will undoubtedly sell out by Monday.  We want to have our biggest group of competitors yet for the home game and bring this year's trophy home to papa.  

Flag Football Picnic Details

We're hosting the picnic of the summer this Sunday, August 21st.  Come out to Prospect Park for food, fun and flag football!  Check out the details below:

Time: 10-4
Place: Long Meadow/Picnic House North
Food: Bring any prepared food you'd like or delicious drinks you'd like to down.  There will also be a Food Truck Rally (11a-5p) at the entrance to Grand Army Plaza so you can fill your little tum tums with all the roach coach delights you savor.

We've got about 20 people RSVP'd so far and are looking for more people for more fun.  If you plan on attending RSVP to Noah(AT)  In your RSVP let Noah know if you want to play with the pigskin. Bring friends, family or even kidnap someone and bring them.  The more the merrier!


CrossFit: Where Navy SEALS and Pregnant Soccer Mom's Help Each Other Get Ripped Fast Company
Matt LaLonde: An Organic Chemist's Perspective on Paleo Ancestry


Rest Day

Sarah H. during Subway Series WOD #2!

The CFSBK CSA: Meet the Farmer

Join us tomorrow for an opportunity to meet Jerry and Andy the farmer's who will be supplying our new CSA.  Starting at 6pm you'll have an opportunity to find out all the details about the farms and what a share includes, but here is a quick overview of pricing and logistics:

Mixed meat share: $575/4 months
Includes 15 lbs/month of Beef/Lamb/Pork (can accommodate no Pork eaters)

Chicken share: $190/4 months
Includes 10 lbs/month of chicken

Veg Share: $275/9 week share
Includes weekly box of 12-15 veggies

Pick up days will be Wednesdays from late afternoon to evening.

Shares can be shared! If you want to sign up but aren't sure you will be able to eat all your veggies or meat, remember that you can go in with other people. We'll post a CSA matchmaking sheet on the bulletin board in the gym so you can find each other.

To purchase a share, you'll deal directly with the farms. Details will be posted after the Wednesday meeting.

To RSVP email Margie(AT)

Flag Football & Picnic This Sunday!

Are you ready for some football?! Join us this Sunday, August 21st at Prospect Park.  Come eat, drink beverages and have a whole bunch of fun playing the sport of kings. RSVP to Noah(AT)  If you want to play football let Noah know what your familiarity is w/ football on a scale of 1 (Football is the one w/ bases right?) to 5 (I played O-line for University of Phoenix Online).  Bring kids, bring friends, bring a stranger!

Register for Fight Gone Bad Today!

FGB 6 is a just over a month away and it's time join the Fight.  Register here to join our team and begin your fundraising efforts for two great causes.  We were the number 1 fundraising team in the world last year and Matt U. was the number one individual.  Can we do it again?  We can with your help! 

Tough Titsday Sold Out!

Didn't sign up for the upcoming cycle of Tough Titsday with Coach Margie?  Well, tough tits because it sold out in record time!  If you weren't able to get in this go 'round shoot Margie(AT) an email with your interest in future cycles! 


We just got Spotify at the gym! We're working on a master playlist and we want your input. What're your top 3 favorite workout songs?


Shin Splints 70s Big
Big Fat Blog Post 2
Robb Wolf
Omega 3 in Fish vs. Omega 3 in Oil
Stronger Faster Healthier


1RM Weighted Pull up 

Take 15 minutes to find a 1RM Pull-up
or 15 minutes to work several micro sets of pull-ups
Athletes doing WU1 will substitute 5-10 kipping pull-ups or kip swings into their warm-up today

Post load to comments.
compare to

20 Minutes of:
5 Wall Walk-Ups with a :08 Hold
2 Farmer's Walks, 65m (as heavy as possible)

Post Farmer's Walk loads to comments.

With Guns Blazing: Team SBK after winning Subway Series Event #2!

Happy belated Birthday to Jon S!

´╗┐Register for Subway Series Event #3 Today!

The registration has gone live for the next event of the Subway Series being held Saturday, August 20th at CrossFit Queens!  Team SBK went HAM this weekend to win Event #2 and is looking for a repeat win in Queens.  The event is sure to sell out quick so secure your spot today.  Register via the Subway Series EventBrite site.  Let's bring the trophy to Brooklyn this year! 

Check out Subway Series Event #2 on Flickr

Photographer extraordinaire Dan R. created an album of the photos from this weekend's event.  Check out all the awesome images here!  Great work Dan!


August goal check-in:  August is halfway over how is your work toward completing your goal going?  What's been your plan for getting your up on the Accomplishments Board on the end of the month?

Outside the Box App Fitbomb
Chef Finds Healing in Food NY Times


WOD 8.13.11

Every Minute On the Minute for 20 Minutes:
1 Hang Power Clean
3-5 Burpees

The HPC's for this workout should be heavy enough that you've got to really get tight and organized to perform them, but light enough that you maintain perfect form.  If fatigue sets in to the point where you're not pulling under fast enough or things start to get a little wonky, drop some weight. Your goal for today is and SPEED and CONSISTENCY on the HPCs. If you miss a rep you can't attempt the weight again until the following round.  If you miss 2 reps in a row you need to decrease the weight at least 10 lbs. Pick a burpee rep scheme that will allow you to complete all the work before the :30 mark.

Watch this video to see the kind of tempo we're looking for.

Post loads and experience to comments.

Double Half Jackie from Jeff Fleming on Vimeo.

Check out "Jefff" performing a sub-7 minute Double Half Jackie!  Jeff F follows our programming remotely from his garage in Canada. How cool is that?!

Congrats Team SBK!

Team SBK took first place at yesterday's Subway Series event at CF Long Island City.  Click this link to see how all 22 of our athletes did.  Hooray! 2 events down, 2 to go including the final event at CFSBK.  Lets keep up the strong showing at these events and see if we can't take home 1st overall this year.  We're ever MORE excited about all the people who have come out to participate and the first time competitors, you guys are awesome!

Meet The Farmer This Wednesday at SBK

Interested in joining the CFSBK CSA?  This Wednesday at 6pm farmer's Jerry and Andy will come by to talk about the program and give you a personal insight into where your food is coming from.  This is a great opportunity to get involved in the slow food movement and support local sustainable agriculture! If you'd like to come by and meet them please RSVP to Margie(AT) so we can guage interest and make sure theres enough room.  To read more about the CFSBK CSA program, click here.

Picnic Next Week!

Next Sunday CFSBK is going out for a community picnic and a little optional football.  Treat yourself, your friends and/or family to a day in the park.  Catch up with gym friends and meet new folks all while getting a healthy dosage of vitamin D.  All are invited and encouraged to go!  We're going to assume anyone who doesnt come out for this either hates America or is allergic to fun.

"Rebuilding Your Life Through CrossFit"
Nancy Raineri is 64 years old and has struggled with alcoholism for more than 20 years. She remains sober now thanks in part to CrossFit Sonora Sports and Fitness Center in Sonora, Calif.


Back Squat

Add 5-15 lbs to last weeks exposure as appropriate

Post loads to comments.
(e3/4) compare to 8.6.11

3 Rounds NFT:
8 FSQ Rack Reverse Lunges, each side
8 Get Up Sit Ups, each side

Go as heavy as you can on these with perfect form.

Post loads to comments.

Malcolm's Sandy Handstand

Check out our own Martha S on CNN discussing the historical accuracy of, "The Help".

Onward CrossFit Soilders!

Good luck to all the SBK'ers competing today in Event 2 of the CF Subway Series! We've got a great crowd headed out to LIC to represent through competition and comradery.  Let us know how you guys and gals all do!

Good Luck SUPers!

Some folks are also heading down to Rockaway Beach for the CrossFit WOD SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) event today. Post to comments your experiences today.. and Have Fun!!

What's your favorite Beer?

Denver Bronco Knowshon Moreno Training at CrossFit Verve Vimeo
The Beer Post CrossFit One World
8 Hours in Brooklyn Vimeo