Tempo Front Squat | WOD 4.5.17

Tempo (31X1) Front Squat


Work up to a heavy double Tempo Front Squat.

Post loads to comments.

AMRAP 9 Minutes:
3-6-9-12-15-18...add 3 reps per round
Deadlifts 225/155
Box Jumps 24/20"

The barbell weight should be on the medium-heavy side for you and unbroken through the 9s, at least, on the fast end. The Box Jumps are Rx'd as a two-foot take off. Step-Ups are scaled.

Post rounds, reps, and Rx to comments.

And the winners of the 2017 Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge are [drumroll]... CFSBK power couple Steph M. and Andrew S.! Congrats, you crazy kids. Here's Steph before (L) and after (R). 

The Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge Winners: 1st Place


We're so proud of everyone who recently completed the Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge, our 12-week collective kickstart toward healthier nutrition and recovery habits in the New Year. Among the dedicated CFSBKers who rethought their diets, counted macros, and put in quality time with the foam roller, three women and three men stood out to us as winners, and we've been annoucing them this week. We've also asked them to tell us a bit about the "secrets" to their success. Monday we announced the 3rd-place winners and yesterday we brought you the 2nd-place winners. Today we're pleased to announce the 1st place winners: Steph M. and Andrew S. This power couple really committed to changing some habits and reaped the rewards! They'll each receive a free month of Unlimited Training at CFSBK.


Steph M.


"I can't believe I thought I was living a normal life in 2016. I almost didn't even do the Challenge because I didn't think I was THAT bad. Then when I decided to do it, I got nervous that I wouldn't be able to commit and maintain changes. Three months is a long time! And I really liked my Stacy's pita chips. The first two weeks or so required mental strength and left some tummy growls at bedtime for dessert. After that it was smooth sailing - feeling amazing, pants fitting comfortably, performing like the 'old' me (2015 Steph) at the gym. I even dropped a weight class for Iron Maidens! I initially signed up for a higher one than I ended up weighing in at. I also didn't want to do the Open this year because I knew my (aerobic) performance had been declining, but by the time the workouts rolled around my body was already adapting to a better lifestyle and I'm really proud of the workouts I posted. TBH, Andrew and I had some really good laughs comparing our before and after photos. Who were those people?!"

Andrew S.

Before (L), After (R)

"I’ve seen a huge improvement in my workouts and energy levels. I have seen small changes in my body as well. The Capacity Test was originally 8 rounds, 9 reps, and 57 calories. The latest score was 10 rounds, 16 reps, and 63 calories. A big improvement. I remember struggling extremely hard on the Push-Ups, but they were not much of an issue the second time. I also recently had a 15lb PR on my Hang Snatch at 185. Lets keep it going baby."

A Final Note from Coach Fox

"I couldn’t be prouder of all of the LFPBers who chose to get a little bit outside of their comfort zone and work hard and honest at being better versions of themselves these past three months. So many of you did so well and developed what are hopefully some healthy habits you can maintain for a lifetime. The ebb and flow of a 3 month challenge allows for some ups and downs and can be viewed as a fraction of a lifetime. Incorporating habits that are a little bit better, amplified by months and years, works out to a whole lot better you over time. Much the same as we don’t become overweight, tired, and unhealthy in a matter of weeks, we don’t build fit, healthy bodies and habits in just a few weeks either. We’re constantly making choices about who we will be. The LFPB is really about making a connection to these choices and realizing the power you have every day to make decisions across a spectrum of “healthy” and “less than healthy”. I honor you all, from the bottom of my heart, for accepting the challenge to do that. For us, the task of choosing who does the best job during the challenge is a very tough one. In addition to the top 3 males and females who won this year, we also have to give a special shout out to a few other standouts who really made what we viewed as extremely positive gains:

Dan H.
Kayleigh R.
Adam S.
Michelle B.
Matt Q
Allie B.

These guys and guys could have been in the top 3 with the flip of a coin. Great work, all of you!"

TONIGHT! Meet the Farmer: CSA ​Samples, Info, and Meat for Sale

Curious about our meat CSA? ​Want to try before you buy?

​Tonight from 6-8:30, Herondale Farm's Jerry Peele will be in the house​ during the monthly pickup​ to answer your questions about his​ grass-fed and pastured​ meat and egg CSA, which CFSBK has been offering for many years. ​ He can even sign you up on the spot for a ten-, fifteen- or twenty-pound ​share you can customize​.

A meat CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription benefits both the farmer and the consumer by bringing highest-quality, whole-animal cuts to you at an extremely competitive price.

He'll have cuts for you to buy and take home, and there will also be some samples to try.

As always, if you have questions about the CSA, reach out to Michele at mignyc [at]

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Rest Day

Mo A. before (L) and after (R) the 2017 Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge.  Mo is among the top-3 winners of the LFPB Challenge for the second year in a row!

The Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge Winners: 2nd Place

We're so proud of everyone who recently completed the Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge, our 12-week collective kickstart toward healthier nutrition and recovery habits in the New Year. Among the dedicated CFSBKers who rethought their diets, counted macros, and put in quality time with the foam roller, three women and three men stood out to us as winners, and we've been annoucing them this week. We've also asked them to tell us a bit about the "secrets" to their success. Yesterday we announced the 3rd-place winners. Today we're pleased to announce the 2nd place winners: Mo A. and Sarah M. They're each taking home a Specialty 10-Class Punch Card.


Mo A.


This is my second time doing the Challenge. For me, this was more of a continuation of lifestyle goals of eating healthy, taking fish oil daily, drinking 64oz+ water, and getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. The biggest adaptation I made this time around was (due to) programming. I did 10 classes of 1:1 with Brett and followed a schedule of bodybuilding programming, Short Circuit, CrossFit, and AR. The biggest change for me was how my body reacted to the programming. I was able to shed belly fat and increase muscle mass, which translated into strength: a 20lb Bench PR and a 10lb Front Squat PR. This is my 15th month (continuing from last year) following the Challenge. For me, it's just a continuation of keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU!!!

Sarah M.

Before (L), After (R)

Look: I’m starting to see some body composition changes, my clothes tend to be a little looser, and I can see some muscles in places I didn't have them before. Nothing super dramatic, but enough of a change for me to be happy. The scale shows that I've lost about 10 pounds.

Feel: I definitely have better energy and a better overall mood. Before the challenge my eating habits had really taken a turn for the worse. I was constantly overfeeding myself and eating low quality fried foods. I ate take-out for almost every meal. Now I feel in control at meals, and cook most of them myself at the beginning of every week. Even when I'm indulging with a treat, I feel capable of stopping when I'm full, and feel ready to pick up again with good habits at the next meal.

Perform: I stupidly didn't write down my rowing the first time around. I guess I missed that it was part of the test. But I went from 5 full rounds and 3 Push-Ups to 6 rounds (and a 42 calorie row). It's not a huge transformation, but I feel a difference. For one thing, I've been a lot more consistent in just showing up 3 times a week, which has been awesome. The most noticeable change for me has been in my Squating weight. Right before the challenge, I tried doing a 95lb Front Squat for the first time and felt like I was maybe pushing it too much. The other day I surprised myself by doing 3 easy 103lb Front Squats and realized I should probably be going heavier. Over the past 3 months I faced my fears and did my first legit Box Jump, which I found to be super exciting. In general I feel less out of place at CFSBK than I used to. I still feel like I've got miles and miles ahead of me, but CrossFit has become a part of my life, which is pretty cool.

In general I'd say I feel better all around, with a new set of healthy habits that feel easy to maintain. I haven't had the dramatic changes I'd love to see in the mirror, but I feel hopeful that I'm on a good path. Letting go of quick results has been a good lesson from the past 3 months. In the past I'd drop 10 pounds in a couple of weeks by dropping my calories low, or cutting out carbs entirely, which would inevitably leave me feeling like crap, and eventually jumping off the "wagon" landing face first into a pile of bagels. I'd blame my lack of will power and feel bad, inevitably gaining back the weight and feeling worse off than I started. Now I've decided that just in the same way I have to scale workouts, I need to scale any changes to my eating habits as well. Over the past 3 months I've made a series of small changes, trying to take Fox's advice of making them "too easy." My hope is to continue to build off of all I've learned and just keep going, continuing to make small tweaks, and hopefully the extra pounds I've got will slowly come off a few at a time each month. It's pretty awesome new feeling to leave a nutritional challenge feeling empowered, and like genuinely excited to keep going.

Congrats, Sarah and Mo! Check out tomorrow's post for the 1st-place winners!

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Bench Press | WOD 4.3.17

Bench Press


Work up to a heavy set of 10.

Post loads to comments.


3 Rounds for Time:
550m Run
40 Squats
20 Pull-Ups

Post time and Rx to comments.

Koji O. and Jess P. dropped into CrossFit Heart & Beauty in Tokyo for some Snatches and Thrusters yesterday

The Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge Winners: 3rd Place

We're so proud of everyone who recently completed the Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge, our 12-week collective kick-start toward healthier nutrition and recovery habits in the New Year. Among the dedicated CFSBKers who rethought their diets, counted macros, and put in quality time with the foam roller, three women and three men stood out to us as winners, and we'll be announcing them over the next three days. We've also asked them to tell us a bit about the "secrets" to their success. Today we're pleased to announce the 3rd place winners: Barbara K. and Steven N. They'll each receive a personal training session with Coach David.

Barbara K.

I went in to the Challenge thinking I would try to sleep more and work on Active Recovery, but I ended up succeeding most on eating more balanced macros. I have been at the same weight for a few years and had no intetest in losing weight, other than the typical 3 pounds extra from the holidays. This was my first time doing Level 2 and balancing out my macros. I was.very happy getting away with a high calorie and high fat intake thanks to 5 days at the gym each week. So reluctantly, I decided to watch my macros and then added in more effort in better timing my meals for recovery, and I'm so glad I did! It makes a difference in my recovery and how I felt. Also, since I lost close to 10 pounds, I leaned out a bit without sacrificing performance on lifts and in workouts. For my LFPB Capacity Test, I went from, 6 rounds +8 reps and 41 calories, to 7 rounds, 9 reps and 42 calories.

Steven N.





Look: My last weigh-in was 131 lbs, which I'm pretty sure is 10 lbs less than when I started! The weight feels good. I think focus now will shift to maintaining (and possibly gaining) as I look to build muscle. I’m seeing some more definition in arms and shoulders. My stomach still a work in progress, but I do notice an improvement in core strength.

Feel: Getting 7 hours of sleep most nights has been a godsend. I notice such a positive impact when I get a good night's sleep. After some serious pain in my right shoulder during overhead lifts (sometime late January), I bit the bullet and went to see a chiropractor/physical therapist. Some tests showed that my thoracic spine was basically jelly, and I wasn't recruiting those muscles properly in life (I'm desk-bound most of the day) or during workouts. Dr. Fidler helped me step up my Active Recover game over the course of a few visits. Thankfully I'm now feeling much closer to achieving good mobility in my thoracic spine. Oh, Another nice side effect of getting more rest.., I no longer feel like I MUST HAVE huge amounts of caffeine in the afternoons. I still love my coffee, but my relationship with it is changing for the better.

Perform: I can do Pull-Ups now! This was a major goal of mine, and I'm so happy to have hit this milestone. I can now do 3-5 strict pretty comfortably, and I've dialed in 7-10 kipping unbroken.

Overall: Gym performance is consistently better. There are off days, for sure, but I'm definitely noting progress (i.e. a new Snatch PR, graduating to heavier kettlebell, more endurance on the erg, etc.).

Congrats, Barbara and Steven! We'll announce the 2nd-place winners tomorrow!

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Cluster | WOD 4.2.17


Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy Squat Clean Thruster, a.k.a. Cluster. No jerks allowed.

Post loads to comments.


Tabata Mash-Up (8 rounds each, alternating):
Reverse Lunges

Scale Toes-to-Bars to Hanging Leg or Knee Raises as needed.

Post work to comments.

Coach KHarpz, Ali B., Katie E., and Toni S. dropped into CrossFit NOLA this weekend!

MEET THE FARMER: CSA Event with Samples to Taste and Buy!

On Wednesday evening, Herondale Farm's Jerry Peele will be in the house to answer your questions about his monthly meat and egg CSA, which CFSBK has been offering for many years. Grass-fed and pastured protein is his specialty, and the taste and quality of his offering is impossible to beat.

Herondale brings custom-cut beef, pork, lamb and chicken to the gym once a month in ten-, fifteen- and twenty-pound shares you can customize. There's no more economical way to get grass-fed meat in your life! The pastured eggs, if you haven't tried them, are incredible. 

He'll have cuts for you to buy and take home, and there will also be some samples to try.

As always, if you have questions about the CSA, contact Michele at mignyc [at]

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Front Squat Metcon
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WOD 4.1.17

Front Squat Metcon

5 Rounds for Time:
15 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg
12 Front Squats 165/115
9 Handstand Push-Ups

The swings are Rx'd as American. Bar comes off the floor. The FSQ weight should be medium heavy for you and unbroken on the fast end. Scale ROM or to Push Ups for the HSPU.

Post work to comments.

Coaches Margie and Jeremy just welcomed Clio Edith Fisher into the world! Clio weights 6lbs, 12oz and was born on March 30th after 30 hours of labor. Congrats, Margie and Jeremy!

This Week at CFSBK in Review

1. This week we shared member Susan Pittard's photo series "Strong Is a Woman." It's an astonishing set of photos featuring CFSBK women. See Monday and Thursday's posts!

2. The 2017 CrossFit Open is OVER. On Thursday, we gave you the top-10 ranked women and men at the gym. Congrats to Bob S., who came in 15th in the Northeast Region's Masters 55-59 division!

3. The 2017 CFSBK Open Intramural Team Competition is also over, but not really! Yesterday we recapped Week 5 of league action, which included flying kettlebells, legal name changing, and everyone's favorite sporting outcome: the good ol' tie.

4. Schedule Change: Strong Fit has returned to Saturdays at 8am!

Yesterday's Whiteboard: Rest Day
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Rest Day

CFSBK Open Intramural Team Competition: Final Rankings

The 2017 CrossFit Open is over. So is the 2017 CFSBK Open Intramural Team Competition. PSYCH! It's not over because, like last year, there's a tie for 1st place. You guys are annoyingly good.

After WHAMRAP! claimed sole ownership of first place last week, each and every team member legally changed his or her name to George or Andrew. This good-luck charm seems to have worked, as the team posted 41 points in Week 5, their highest score of the year. But is wasn't quite enough as 2 Legit 2 Quit channeled the power of the Hammer and matched that score. Anyway, say hi to Coaches George Fox and Andrew Myers next time you see them.

This year, we awarded teams bonus points for participation based on the total number of Open Workouts each team completed. This proved to be the difference for Snatch Me If You Can, who finished the year in 3rd place. All in all, everyone put in an outstanding Week 5 performance, with no team scoring lower than 46 points. Cheers to everyone!

Jeers, however, to Los Snatchos team member Jay R., who proved that the rumors of PED use that have been plaguing him all season are true when a kettlebell slipped out of his hands and sailed across the gym during Tuesday night's Anti-Gravity class. Which is the PED that enlarges your head but shrinks your hands? Jay is doing that one. Luckily, nobody was injured by this tiny-handed terror.

Stay tuned to the blog to find out how we're going to break this here tie!

Team - Overall Average (Pariticipation Points) = Final Score

1. WHAMRAP!: 48 (-5) = 43

1. Team 2 Legit 2 Quit: 48 (-5) = 43

3. Snatch Me If You Can: 48 (-4) = 44

4. We Rx-Cited Just To Be Here: 50 (-4) = 46

 5. Los Snatchos: 52 (-4) = 48

6. Alternative Reps: 53 (-4) = 49

Open Intramural Team Scores

News and Notes

  • Strong Fit, which was moved to Sundays at 8am for the Open, will be back to Saturdays at 8am starting tomorrow!
  • CFSBK member Robert C., whose photos we've been featuring on the blog lately, recently wrote a fascinating article for Fast Company about building a bot to apply for thousands of jobs. Read the piece here!

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Power Snatch | Partner WOD 3.30.17

Power Snatch

Take 10 minutes to warm up to work weight and maybe beyond.


Partner WOD

In teams of 2, partners alternate full rounds to complete...
10 Rounds for Time:
5 Power Snatches 95/65
10 Overhead Squats
30 Double-Unders

The barbell should be light and unbroken on the fast end. Scale load and Double-Unders to Single-Unders as needed.

Post time, Rx, and partner to comments.

Alex B. takes on 17.5 at last week's Friday Night Lights event. More photos from the 5th and final FNL can be found here

CFSBK Individual Open Leaderboard: Final Rankings

Congrats to everyone who participated in the 2017 CrossFit Open! Below are the final rankings for the top-10 women and men at the gym, along with their Northeast Regional ranking. Thanks (again) to Coach Whit for pulling these scores and compiling the rankings (again) this week!

1. Coach Katie. - 10 (#174 North East Region)
2. Coach Whit - 17 (#398 NE)
3. Steph Mulder - 18 (#407 NE)
4. Kate Egan - 23 (#676 NE)
5. Coach Jess - 35 (#990 NE)
5. Kayleigh Rose - 35 (#1217 NE)
7. Lauren Borducci - 42 (#1194 NE)
8. Charlie Nagle - 44 (#1216 NE)
9. Coach JB - 59 (#2245 NE)
10. Jenny Michaels - 68 (#1964 NE)
Women's NE Region has about 13,857 athlete placings!

1. Phil Serzo - 6 (#225 North East Region)
2. Coach Brett - 12 (#378 NE)
3. Coach McDowell - 16 (#493 NE)
4. Christian Reiss - 37 (#1146 NE)
5. Dan Langevin - 40 (#1192 NE)
6. Robert Semmens - 43 (#15 NE: Masters 55-59 Division)
7. Coach Arturo - 49 (#1526 NE)
8. Chris Lambert - 51 (#1664 NE)
9. Mark Griffin - 54 (#1643 NE)
10. Dylan Ketchum - 55 (#1688 NE)

Men's NE Region has about 15,525 athlete placings!

At the time of this post, TEAM CFSBK  ended up in 83rd out of about 379 placings in the North East Region!
Our best ranking member is Robert Semmens in the Masters 55-59 division. He came in 15th place in the Northeast and 199th worldwide. That means he qualified for the Masters Online Qualifier, an online regional competition in which he will video his workouts and submit them.