Front Squat | WOD 6.11.16

Front Squat


Warm up and take 3 attempts at a new 1RM Front Squat.

Post loads to comments.

9-6-3 Reps for Time:
Power Cleans 225/155
Bar Muscle-Ups

The Power Cleans should be on the heavy side today. If you don't have Bar Muscle-Ups, then perform Jumping Bar Muscle-Ups, or Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups + Push-Ups.

Post time and Rx to comments.

Malachy M. goes for a 1RM Back Squat as Coach McDowell watches. Who's ready for 1RM Front Squats today?

Fish CSA Starts Today! You Can Still Join! 

Our second season with Big City Fish Share begins today with the first fish delivery of the season!

Fish CSA members: pick up your fresh, wild-caught fish between 10pm-12pm sharp at the gym; just look for Michele and she'll check your name off the list.* 

If you're still considering joining, you can! The CSA offers weekly deliveries of of super fresh, 100% wild-caught fish, never frozen, and filleted just for us. You can sign up for one or two-pound shares. If you sign up now, your season will start June 18. The share runs through November and you can pause or re-start your subscription easily, anytime.

This is our second season with Big City Fish Share. Past members will testify that the quality, price and sustainability of the fish are incredible. At $17/lb, this deal simply cannot be found anywhere else in the city. So join us!

*CSA members: As with all our CSAs, the gym cannot hold your share for you if you can't make the pickup. If you have an emergency, try and find someone to pick up your share for you, or contact Michele, the CSA coordinator, at mignyc at gmail dot com.

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Rest Day

Fatima A. sets up for a 1RM Deadlift

This Week at CFSBK in Review

1. Allie C. is CFSBK's June Athlete of the Month. Congrats, Allie!

2. Our second season with Big City Fish Share begins tomorrow with the first fish delivery of the season! Fish CSA members: pick up your fresh, wild-caught fish between 10AM-12 noonSHARP at the gym; just look for Michele and she'll check your name off the list.

3. CrossFit Virtuosity's 2016 Prom is tomorrow night! Go here for all the details, and start coordinating your '80s outfits.

4. Want to prep for the Subway Series and sign up for your next competition? Look no further than CrossFit 718's Brooklyn's Fittest: Beat the Streets fundraiser. It's for a great cause!

5. Coach David wrote about his work as Competition Director for the CrossFit Games East Regional. It's a fascinating insight into all the work that goes into running a large competition. Must read!

6. Vella S. is looking for a roommate. Check out her CFSBK Classifieds listing here!

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Crush Week: "Jack"


AMRAP 20 Minutes:
10 Push Presses 115/80
10 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
10 Box Jumps 24/20"

The barbell and kettlebell should be light enough for you to perform the reps unbroken, at least early on. The swings are Rx'd as overhead. The Box Jump is Rx'd as a two-foot take off (i.e., not a step-up).

Post rounds, reps, and Rx to comments.

This shit doesn't happen by accident!

Coach David at the CrossFit Games East Regional

Coach David recently worked the East Regional as Competition Director. This is the 6th year in a row that he's performed this role and so he thought he would share a little bit about his experience.

For the past six years, the end of spring has meant that it's time for Regionals. The first one I worked was the inagural Regional qualifier,  which was held in a parking lot (no, really) in Albany. I schlepped up most of the gym's equipment in a U-Haul and the Regional Director (Jason Ackerman) and I basically created a competition floor with chalk, some cones, a bunch of mismatched equipment, and whatever else we could find. Back then, you could basically just show up and compete. It was part competition, part BBQ, and part social.

Over the years CrossFit, especially the competative side of CrossFit, has seen tremendous growth. The athletes who qualify for Regionals are nothing short of Meat Robots (credit goes to Kelly Starrett for this term) who look and perform more like superheroes than humans. While the scope and scale of everything has drastically changed, in my opinion, the spirits of community and competition are still there, just on a much larger stage.

I've been honored to have been asked back to be the Competition Director of East Regionals every year, and the role has grown along with the competition. "Competition Director" essentially means that you're the lead on every aspect of the competition with the exception of equipment, which is done by Rogue and a team of volunteers. As CD I work with the Regional Director and CrossFit HQ to make sure we're optimizing the use of the venue. This includes managing the assembly and placement of the athlete warm-up areas, Athlete Village, Athlete Rally Points, back-of-house rooms for different teams, and drug testing. We also have to create a concrete "flow plan" for where and how athletes get checked in prior to heats, get set up with their chip timers, and walk onto and off the floor.

At the start and end of each day, there are also athlete briefings detailing each event. The judges also need to be trained on a similar protocol, which contains exact specifications for where to run to, how to stand, when to take a knee, what each athlete's specific lane assignments are, and how score cards will be assigned. The call time for judges is 5:30am every day, and we usually don't leave until 6 to 8pm. Beyond that, we work intensively with the judges leading up to and through the event to make sure that they understand the standards and flow for every event.

This year we had 180 individuals participating in the Team Competition, 80 in the individual, and about 70 judges (plus our scoring team, timing team, chip timing, athlete control, and medical services). I oversee all these people and teams to make sure everyone is doing their job and things are running exactly on schedule. (We have to coordinate everything to the second; at Regionals, if you're one minute (literally) off, you'll need to explain why it happened and have a plan to fix it. In addition organizing and overseeing these teams, I also am the point person for athlete appeals, which means I'm the lucky guy who has to talk to all the athletes who are upset about on the field calls or are appealing something related to their performance. Fortunately, most of the athletes are very reasonable and diplomacy is one of my strong suits!

So, in a nutshell, that's what I do at Regionals. There is a HUGE crew of dedicated and hard working people who come together to make these events run smoothly. I'm so grateful to be one of the many people behind the scenes who work hard to make sure we send the right people to Carson and create fair, memorable, and fun event for everyone. It's always an incredibly stressful and draining week, but it's totally worth it, and I'll keep coming back as long as they keep inviting me back.

Thanks, DO! You make CFSBK proud!

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Crush Week: Squat / Deadlift | WOD 6.7.16

Back Squat / Deadlift

Back Squat

Warm up and take 3 attempts at a new 1RM Back Squat. If you're newer, then perform heavy triples instead.


Warm up and take 3 attempts at a new 1RM Deadlift. If you're newer, then perform heavy triples instead.

Post loads to comments.

For Time:
300m Row
21 Burpees
200m Row
15 Burpees
100m Row
9 Burpees

Go hard on this couplet. Don't sandbag the rows.

Post time and Rx to comments.

Faces of "Murph" II

Zen and the Art of Crush Week

By David Osorio
Originally posted on 11.16.2011

In traditional meditative disciplines, you aim to cultivate mindfulness in a physically neutral setting. Often the practitioner sits in a comfortable position and tries to bring attention toward their breathing. In yoga, we see a more dynamic approach where rhythmic breathing becomes interwoven with a controlled flow through a series of postures. In both of these instances, the intention is for the pilot to become more tuned in to the "now."

In CrossFit, we achieve something very similar through a very different approach. During an intimidating lift or difficult conditioning piece, you're forced to deal with the moment at hand. The high discomfort level of what we do takes that moment and amplifies the physical inputs to the point where you can't help but focus on what's happening. You know this intuitively and it's why you get nervous before a 500m erg test or 3 Rep Max back squat attempt. You know that once you start, you'll be forced to deal with the "now" until it's all over. Every second gets dragged out and every moment to rest or doubt yourself becomes amplified against what needs to get done.

Take this opportunity to set your intention for the approaching workouts. Whenever you find yourself deep in the agonizing "now" embrace it and stay on task. Don't look around the room to see where everyone else is, don't check the clock to see how much time has gone by, and don't make excuses to try and avoid what you're feeling. Just keep fighting the barbell up or chipping away at reps until you've completed the task. If you lose focus and get derailed, don't let it mess with your head, just come back pushing harder. Remember, you're here to get stronger, both physically AND mentally.

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Rest Day

Coach JB and some other CFSBKers you might recognize dropped into CrossFit Ironborn in New Hampshire this past weekend!

  • Christina L. recently published an article (her first!) on the business of women's sports. Check it out here!

Brooklyn's Fittest: Beat the Streets Fundraiser at CrossFit 718

Our friends over at CrossFit 718 want to invite you to their summer block party/throw down. Beat the Streets this summer and compete (in teams of 1 male and 1 female CrossFitter) to benefit at-risk youth in 718's Kings County Kids Club. Our comp team will be there, and we'd love to see as many more CFSBKers turn out for this great cause. Here are the details:

When: Saturday July 30th 2016 - Time is TBD
Who: Teams of 2 - Male / Female
What: Divisions - Rx'd / Scaled
Where: CrossFit 718
How Much: $80 Per Team

Scaled Minimum Standards
5 -10 Pull-Ups per team
Kettlebell 35lbs/26lbs
Dumbbell 25/15
Clean 115/75 Snatch 95/65
Wall Ball 20lbs/14lbs - 9' target

Rx Minimum Standards
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Toes-to Bar
Clean 155/135 Snatch 115/75
Kettlebell 53lbs/35lbs
Dumbbell 45/25
Rope Climbs

Yesterday's Whiteboard: "Elizabeth"
The Theology of CrossFit (with a cameo by Constance and Coach David) On Being


Crush Week: Clean | "Elizabeth"


Spend 10 minutes warming up your Clean and Dips/Push-Ups for the metcon.



21-15-9 Reps for Time:
Cleans 135/95
Ring Dips

The Cleans are Rx'd as full (squat) cleans. If you struggle with these, then consider scaling to "Power Elizabeth" (Power Cleans). This is generally a Ring-Dip workout for most people, so scale volume as necessary or scale the movement to Push-Ups if you can not perform at least 7 unbroken Ring Dips. Kipping the Ring Dips is permitted and recommended.

Post time and Rx to comments.

June Athlete of the Month: Allie Clark

This AOM has been quietly been going about being a boss at CFSBK for about 2 years now but was still shocked to learn she was the staff choice for this month. I believe “Really? How did that happen?” were the first words she said when told. She’s been super consistent in training, made some major gains, and been a big part of multiple gym events. Get to know a little bit about an unassuming but unanimous AOM, Allie Clark.

Fox: Hi Allie, congrats and thanks for sitting down with me for this. Let’s get started... how and when did you start at CFSBK?

Allie: Thanks so much! I took an Intro Class in the fall of 2014. I was really just looking for a gym and I live around the corner so I lucked into this place.

Fox: What were you doing fitness-wise before coming to CrossFit? And why did you decide to stick with CFSBK?

Allie: Way back when I was a child athlete. That is to say that I played just about all the sports but wasn’t very good at any of them. I’d get bored and move from one to another. As an adult I’d been a runner and had done more than a few half-marathons. Immediately prior to starting CrossFit, I’d been in PT for a posterior tibailais injury (suffered from running) for a very long time. So long that I was actually getting angry about it and decided to try something else. I’d been to regular gyms in college but never with any sort of purpose. I looked for a gym near me and there you guys were! I remember that Nick taught my Intro Class and that I couldn’t move my arms for a week. Even though the workout was hard, the people in the class and the in whole gym were happy. I took Foundations right after that and was impressed by the overall positive vibe of the gym. The coaches seemed smart and had eyes on people. That part was particularly struck me, as I’d never been to gym where people threw weights around before, and I don’t think I’d have stuck around if not. Come to think of it, this is actually the first year in a long time that I haven’t run a half marathon!

Fox: I always love hearing the things that stuck out to members as they first came to CFSBK. First impressions are so important! Can you tell us a little bit about your life outside the gym? Where did you grow up?

Allie: I grew up in New Rochelle, and my folks are still there. I have a brother in Connecticut and an adorable 2 ½ year old nephew. Dad works in insurance and is one of 13 kids, so I guess my brother and I had it easy! Mom was a preschool teacher and is retired now. The family has a beach house in Long Beach Island, NJ, and we’re fortunate to get together there when we can.

Fox: Where did you go to school, and what do you do for work?

Allie: I went to Loyola and got a degree on Psychology and Spanish and also studied abroad in New Zealand. I went to Teachers College immediately after college, and I currently work as a college counselor at a high school with mostly first generation kids from low-income families. I’m pretty into setting goals and making plans to reach them, and I feel lucky to have a job that lets me do this with really awesome kids.

Fox: And what do you do when you’re not working or working out?

Allie: I cook a lot but am not really good at winging it. I'm definitely the person who reads, shops for, and follows recipes. I can eat eggs at any time of day and prefer them poached, preferably by someone else. I also read a ton and enjoy outside time and will often set off on aimless walks. My current goal is to learn to surf. I’ve taken lessons in LBI and may rent a board this season!

Fox: Sweet! I love that we have surf beaches, modest as they may be, available to us in this part of the country. And, plus one for a well poached egg! Do you have any gym goats and goals?

Allie: As far as goats I’ve overcome, I remember when starting out that a 65lb squat was super hard. Now my 1RM is 215 and I’ve squatted 200x5x3 as well, so I’d say that’s improved, as has my ankle mobility. I can’t really say that I’ve devoted lots of time to my ankles. I’ve been back and forth with mobilizing, but I’ve developed flexibility through CFSBK programming in general, which is neat. My current goals are to develop my Pull-Ups and to have my Olympic lifts reflect my Squat and pull strength.

Fox: Ah, that’s why we see you before and after class working biceps and triceps. It’s so great for us coaches to see people work on and achieve their goals, keep at it! You mentioned before that you’d played sports but never stuck with any. Why do you think you’ve stuck with CF?

Allie: I’d say it’s because the programming is varied but progress is still visible. It’s different enough that I don’t get bored. Also, I’ve dropped into a few other CF gyms and see the difference in the approach here.

Fox: You’ve been quite a fundraiser for a few things, Iron Maidens and Fight Gone Bad in particular. What motivated you do give the effort there and how were you so successful?

Allie: As fas as the success, I guess I just have very generous family and friends. This year's Iron Maidens cause (The Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship for Grace Outreach) was particularly close to home as college access and education in general are very personal and important issues for me. I was happy to be able to help.

Fox: Well you helped a bunch and certainly made a difference to some folks. Last question: What should we look for in a future AOM?

Allie: I’m not really joking when I say you could just about pick a name out of a hat. There are so many great people at this place. That said, I think an AOM takes their training seriously but is nice to people. That, and they should be good at bar math!

News and Notes

  • We're giving away 4 free entries to the Rugged Maniac race in Brooklyn on June 25th. The first 4 members to e-mail Coach David at David [at] CrossFitSouthBrooklyn [dot] com get them!
  • Are you still saving the date? Coaches MeLo and Katie's graduation WOD and BBQ will happen on June 18th at 2:00PM!

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Snatch | WOD 6.5.16



Take 5 attempts to establish a new 1RM. You're allowed 3 misses total, so plan your attempts accordingly. End today's session on a good lift. Press-outs are misses. If you're newer to the lifts, you can go heavy on the Fitness complex from this cycle (Snatch Deadlift + Hang Power Snatch + OHS).

Post loads to comments.
Exposure 8 of 8


3-5 RNFT:
8 Barbell Bent-Over Rows
5 High Box Jumps
1 Wall Walk Hold for 10-30 seconds

Use a medium load that allows you to keep a perfectly neutral spine and not use momentum from the lower body on the Barbell Rows. Go higher than usual on the Box Jumps. Be sure to give yourself a few seconds of exit time from the Handstand Hold.

Post work to comments.

Faces of "Murph" | Photos by Thomas H.

Saturday, June 11th: CrossFit Virtuosity's 2016 Prom

Our friends at CrossFit Virtuosity are having their annual prom next Saturday, and you're invited to this 80s dance party and Prince homage! Here's the annoucement:

An 80s Dance Party & Prince Homage 

Saturday, June 11th
8:00pm until late.

It's that magical season again... and time to break out the hairspray, ‘cause we’re going back to the 80s! So find yourself some fancy clothes, stage a promposal for your gym crush*, and get ready for…

  • Our signature cocktails!
  • Star In Your Own 80s Music Video + Photo Booth!
  • A special live musical performance!
  • Prince trivia!
  • Classic 80s games!
  • Hot tunes from DJ Joey!
  •  ...and of course, a whole bunch of CrossFitters gettin' down and dirty!

Suggested Attire: 80s to the max! Dress to the theme: if you have your high school prom dress hiding away in a closet, break it out! Satin, ruffles, lace, and tulle are GO. Pinterest is your friend! 

Gents, if you ever had an ear piercing, now’s the time to revive it. If you’re feeling bold, flaunt those abs with the Prince crop top look. For the more conservative, suits never go out of style. Feel free to get creative!

Guest Policy: All CrossFitters are welcome! You're also more than welcome to invite a non-CrossFit date. We ask that all guests RSVP to this invitation (for our planning purposes).

*A date is absolutely not required, but we can't resist the thought of everyone reliving all kinds of hilarious high school prom-date-finding awkwardness. So we encourage you to get out there and ask someone! Here’s some special inspiration for this year.

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