Frequently Asked Questions


Is this for my child?

Our answer is almost always YES! 
As a broad, inclusive, and general fitness program, we have at our
disposal an
infinite set of tools to meet the needs of nearly every child.  Classes
are kept small and the teacher/student ratio is kept high so that all
get the attention they need.  We
are not
currently prepared to work with special needs children in the group
however, please contact us if you’d like to discuss any specific
concerns or have
questions about private and small group classes.

Will this conflict
with my child's
current athletic schedule?

Our programming is designed to
compliment and enhance your child's athletic life.  We want your kids to
be high achievers in the gym, but, more importantly, we want them to be
go-getters in their
daily lives both on and off
the field.  We can tweak programming as necessary to compliment your
child's on/off-season sports-specific needs.  Please contact us directly
for further details.

Is weightlifting
safe for kids?

At CrossFit, strength training is a
major part of our programming for both kids and adults.  There is a
concern about the safety of strength training for children and there is a
deal of misinformation and outdated material regarding kids/teens and

current recommendations by the American College of Sports Medicine
(ACSM) and
the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) are that
training, when done under proper supervision with an emphasis on
technique, is
not only safe but highly beneficial.  In our classes, kids will be
introduced to light loads and will be trained to move them safely and
efficiently with the focus on correct technique. For further information
on the
NSCA and ASCMs recommendations please follow the links below. 

Resistance Training

NSCA Position Stand on Youth Resistance

How are classes

While we believe in constant variation
in terms of the activities your child will engage in during CrossFit,
class will follow a consistent format as outlined above.  All times are approximate.


What is the coach/student ratio?

We do our best to maintain a ratio of at least 1 coach to every 5

What if my child is more or less advanced than their
age group?

Our age groups are more general
guidelines than hard and fast rules.  We want your child in the class
where they feel most comfortable and motivated to work hard and learn. 
This can be managed on an individual basis and we encourage you to
contact us to
discuss it. 

What do I need to

Your kids are good start!  Kids
should wear comfortable
clothes to work out
in (such as a t-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt,
and sweatpants).  Please make sure your children dress seasonally and
encourage layers. 

Should my child eat before/after class?

We recommend that kids have a snack
(fruit, veggies, protein) about an hour before class so they have the
energy to fuel both work and play.  We also recommend that kids pack a
post-workout snack (fruit, veggies, protein) to eat immediately
after class.  Please avoid sugary sodas and sports drinks as well as

Do you offer any

Yes, we do offer discounts for
families with more than one child and for children of current CrossFit
Brooklyn members.  Please email us for further information.

Sessions are 8 weeks long…do my kids
need to attend every class?

At CrossFit Kids we have
developed a curriculum to develop your child's skill set over time. 
Each class builds on the Skill Focus set introduced in the previous
classes, so
it is best for both them and the class that they make all 16 classes in
session.  We understand that due to sickness, family emergencies,
vacations, etc, that may not always be possible
However, prior to signing up, know that this is not a drop-in
program.  Please try and let us know in advance if your child will be
absent for certain classes. 

Can my child bring a friend?

We love having guests and
visitors at CF Kids.  Please notify us at least one week in advance if
your child would like to bring a friend to class.

For more information, please contact Shane Williams at Shane(AT)

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(E4/4) Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 3.22.10

Assistance Work
Kip Swing Practice
Strict Pull-Ups 3x10
Increase the resistance or decrease the assistance from 3.22.10

If you've got it, flaunt it

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the CrossFit Sectionals this weekend. Here's how we did:
Laural M 14th
Brandy M 17th
Anne W 19th
Nicole S 28th
Mike V 65th

Great Work, Team!

On April 18th the Tze Chun Dance Company will be performing their new piece, "Parlour Games" at CFSBK.  This show is at 5pm and Free to the public, classes will not be affected.

We will not be holding classes on April 11th for Rob Wolf's Nutrition Seminar.  Please adjust your weekly attendance accordingly.

A Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel


WOD 2.28.10

Perform the following couplet every minute, on the minute for 15 minutes
3 Deadlifts, 275/185
9 Burpees

To increase or decrease the intensity of this workout, modify either the Deadlift WEIGHT and/or the number of Burpee REPS

Post rounds completed and Rx to comments.

Accessory Work
Kettlebell Lifts

Coach Jeremy does some sled work


Front Squat

(E4/4) Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 3.20.10

5 Rounds NFT of:
16 Weighted Walking Lunges
8 Strict Toes to bars

Post weighted lunge style, loads and Rx to comments.

March Foundations warms up

There is no 10am CrossFit Group Class today.  This is the last day we won't be having class at this time to accomodate the Lululemon group class

We've only got 1 slot left for the 2nd annual SBK Wine Wasting. Get on it!

Congratulations to Gabe E for graduating Office Candidate School

Good luck to all the competitors and volunteers out at Montclair today. Please keep us updated on the results as they come.


Rest Day

400m Runs on Degraw Street

Good luck to Coach Laurel, Nicole B, Anne W and Brandy M this weekend at the CrossFit Sectionals!

There is no class this Saturday at 10am.  Classes at 8am, 9am, 11am and 12pm are on as usual.  This will be the last week we're not holding open CrossFit Group at 10am

Robb Wolf's Nutrition Seminar is coming up on April 11th. There's still room if anyone hasn't pulled the trigger on it yet.
Robb Wolf, Nutrition Pt 1

Robb Wolf, Nutrition Pt 2

Robb Wolf, Refined Carbohydrates

Register Here!
Species of ancient human discovered in Siberia



3 Rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5p/1p
12 Pull-Ups

Post time and Rx to comments.

This is our first ever "official" Helen with running as opposed to rowing.

Birds eye view of the Run, Wall Ball couplet

12 SBK'ers have alright signed up for the Wine Wasting.  Only 8 slots left!

New Spring Classes for Kira D's cooking school, The Oakridge Kitchen have been posted!

Check out these great clips from the Larry Mintz Open that Yoon S took.  The last female lifter Clean and Jerks over 100lbs above body weight!


Push Jerk

(E3/4) L1/L2 Max Effort
Time to get aggressive. Attempt a 1 rep max

Post loads to comments.

Assistance Work
Hip Extensions 3x10

Tabata Sit-Ups
Post total reps to comments.

Christine G
Christine G at the Prospect Park Duathalon

Reminder: There is NO 12pm Class today

Coach Laurel M and Nicole B will be competing at the CrossFit North East Sectionals this weekend. The workouts, movement standards and video demos can all be found HERE  Good luck, Ladies!!

2nd Annual Crossfit Wine Wasting and Paleo Pot Luck

When: Saturday, April 10th at 5pm
Where:  CFSBK (Weather permitting, we're going to try and do this on the roof)
Cost: $20
Why:  To learn more about the worlds oldest adult beverage and enjoy some yummy Paleo goodness with your Crossfit family.

Brian Scott, Certified Sommelier and resident CrossFit wine guy prove that wine is Paleo! There will be a sit down seminar on wine and winemaking where we will taste 4-6 different wines .  Bring all your wine questions that you have been afraid to ask! Then we will learn how to taste analytically according to the format used by the Court of Master Sommeliers.  After the seminar we will all enjoy a Paleo Pot Luck feast with even more wine!

There will also be a blind tasting competition during dinner with fabulous prizes.

1st place:  Bottle of Bollinger Champagne and massive street cred
2nd place: Riedel wine decanter.
The competition will be written then judged by Brian with the winners announced at the end of dinner.

Limited to 20 people so sign up early!

Please email David(AT) with the subject, "Wine Wasting" if you'd like to attend!