Rest Day

Samir doing Active Recovery on the banks of the Ganges

6am and 7am CrossFit Group Classes are cancelled today! We apoligize for the late notice.  Feel free to come in for some light movement but please note that we will not be running formal classes due to an instructor absence. 

Paleo Challenge Mid-point Check-in

We've got less than 30 days left in the 2011 Paleo Challenge and we want to check in to see how you're feeling and performing. What are you most proud of so far?  What are you looking to improve upon in the next month?

Also what, if any, changes you've made to your goals or plan of attack since starting the program and what you've got planned on the goals front for the month of February? 

Congratulations to on making it this far, the toughest part is largely over! 


A Year and a Day

Yesterday, marked the 1 year anniversary of our 'soft open' at Degraw Street.  We want to thank all of our members, staff and extended family for an incredible year and all that you have brought to this phase of SBK!


Rest Day Dinner Reminder

Our beloved Kahrin B. is hosting this Friday's Paleo Challenge Rest Day dinner.  Join her at The Smoke Joint in Ft. Greene for heaping helpings of heavenly BBQ this Friday, February 4th at 7p. 

To RSVP please email: kcbennett2010(AT) by 2/2/11

For all the details on the evening including the meeting time and location check here.


Sleep is Awesome Fast Company
Childhood Obesity Linked to Habits Not Heredity University of Michigan


WOD 1.31.11

5 Rounds for time of:
5 Deadlift 275/185
10 Burpees

To scale the Deadlift up/down consider using ~75% of your 1RM

Post loads and times to comments.
Compare to 10.20.10 and 9.20.09

Luca L. keeps telling himself it's only a dream....

Happy Birthday Gabrus and Frank A.!!!


Overhead Squat PR Train!

The train just keeps on chuggin...

Katie M 165
Ashley F 110
Ritchie Y 105
Stella 55
Kevin R 255 (PR Tie)
Jess F 125
Rob N 105
Robin R 95
Will S 145
Devi A 67
Aaron S 105
David F 160
Jon S 95
Allan E 145
Sameer 165
Andrew W 135
Kiki 110
Nick K 165
Eric L 165
Fox 195
Melissa L 105
JMD 155
Asta F 80
Damian 175
Ari 135
Dan H2 135
Carlos G 155
Dan R 225

Great work everyone on another successful OHS cycle!


SBKitchen presents...Of Ducks and Bunnies: A Class in Butchery

Take your paleo-sity to the next level by learning how to handle a whole animal in the kitchen. Butchering and preparing an animal from start to finish is the most self-reliant, responsible, creative and cost effective way to feed yourself well. Ben Granger (aka Bierkraft Ben) and Coach Margie (aka his sous chef) will teach you how to truss and take apart a duck and a rabbit using proper knife skills. We will cover a variety of cooking methods including roasting, braising, confit, making stock and rendering fat. From bill to fluff, you will walk away being able to get the most variety and value out of your food. 

Plus, playing with knives is fun.

This is a fully hands on experience; each participant will take home their butchered duck and bunny, as well as a boning knife. Please bring a cutting board or butcher block.

Limited to 10 participants. RSVP to Margie(at)crossfitsouthbrooklyn(dot)
com by Monday, February 7.

When: Saturday, February 12, 5-7pm
Where: CFSBK
How much: $100 for a single (one duck, one bunny, one knife)
                   $120 for a couple (one duck, one bunny, 2 knives per couple)


CFSBK on ABC's Nightline Tonight!

Just a reminder that the piece on Paleolithic Nutrition and Exercise featuring Robb Wolf, Art Devany and a number of CFBSKers should be airing tonight! Check your local listings or Nightline's Official Site




As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes of:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Post Rx and rounds to comments.
compare to 3.7.10

Teresa B warms up for a Heavy Single

CFSBK Group Class Programming Notes
Starting today, we'll be programming a "Crush Week" of WODs before starting the back off week on Saturday the 5th.  Our normal cycle of programming will continue on 2/12.  Here it is all spelled out for ya:
1/30-2/4 "Crush Week"
2/5-2/12 Back Off Week
2/12 New cycle of programming starts. 

The movement pool for the next cycle will be:
The Snatch, Front Squats & Push Press

SBK Competition Team Athletes

We'd like you to get a dose of doing multiple WODs in a day while managing pre and post WOD nutrition. Most, if not all, CrossFit competitions involve multiple events in a day and what/when to eat can  be critical to performance. We'd like you to get that dose this weekend. While not mandatory, you are all strongly encouraged to come to either the 10 or 11am group class today and do the WOD, replenish your stores, and come back for the noon SBK Team Competition Class. If you come to the 11am class let the coach know you're also doing the noon class and you will be allowed to get started right away so you'll have time for a snack in between.

What to eat? Nothing new to your system. Something small and easily digestible. You need some protein and some carbohydrate, but nothing too heavy, and little to no fat. Fat slows digestion, which is not good here. You don't want a 1/4 pounder to be sitting in your stomach come WOD time.

Boiled egg and a few dried apricots
2-3 oz Chicken and a 1/4 sweet potato
1/3 -1 cup Chili made with lean ground beef chili and butternut squash
*1/2 serving Whey protein and carb (malto) shake (*During events, only do the whey shake route if you've done it before and know you handle it well)

Sign up for the Hail to the Queen Throwdown on 2/26/11! A Women's only CrossFit Competition!
A New Recipe from the SBK Paleolilith


2/18/11 Rest Day Dinner

Host: Michele Knaub + Craig Canton

Host Contact: mignyc(AT)

Location: Craig C's House 47-49 Lincoln Place apt 1a

Time: 8:30pm, (Special time to Strength Cyclers can come)

RSVP: By Wedbesday ideally.  Thereis no limit on attendants!

What to bring: Nothing!! If your paleo challenge includes alchohol and you want to drink, bring some to share.  Michele will be doing all the cooking!

Will You be there? Email Michele and Post to comments!


2/4/11 Rest Day Dinner

Host: Kahrin Bennet

Host Contact to RSVP: kcbennett2010(AT)


 7PM at

The Smoke Joint (in Fort Greene)
87 South Elliot Place
Brooklyn NY
RSVP by: 2/2

The Smoke Joint is a delicious BBQ joint right in the heart of Fort Greene with a full bar (tequila and wine too!) and loads of delightfully carnivorous treats; Ribs, Whole Chickens and Pulled Pork. Their most popular dish (that isn't BBQ) is a half a head of lettuce covered in bacon and blue cheese.  

The Smoke Joint doesn't really take reservations, but they can seat up to 15 people together and will set up a few table for us... and believe me, we will eat good.

I just spoke to the folks at The smoke Joint again and they suggested we meet at Mulane's a bar across the street at 7pm, and they will set up a table for us when we see how many folks show up.
Mulanes address is:
71 Lafayette Ave
(between Elliott Pl & Portland Ave) and is across the street

Will You be there? Email Kahrin and Post to comments!


Overhead Squat

(E8/8) Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 9.29.10

Tabata Row for meters
Tabata Double Unders

Score as lowest meter round or total Double Unders

Julia W. Push, Pull, Smile.

CFSBK on ABC's Nightline
According to the producers at Nightline, the Paleo Nutrition and Exercise piece they did which includes SBK will air on Monday night.  Get Stoked!

Dig Around the Site!
We've updated the "Training" page located under the "Resource Links" tab to the right.  Some good links to check out there!  The Rest Day Dinner dates and information are now listed to the left under the "2011 Paleo Challenge" tab.  The next RRD will be on 2/4/11 at the Smoke Joint!

When was the last time you checked out our "Articles & Media" page?  Here are a few links to get you started:

"Getting Ready to Squat" Margie Lempert
"Good Training Habits, Pt 1" David Osorio
"How Do I Prioritize when Only Training 2-3 Times Per Week? Chris Fox

"Starting CrossFit South Brooklyn" CrossFit Journal Preview
Healthbeat Brookyn comes to CFSBK


Rest Day


Next weekend CFSBK is hosting Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD for the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification.  When was the last time you checked out the MWOD and gave you and your soft tissue a little love?  We've got a 1RM OHS test tomorrow, why not check out these two OHS mobilizations and see if you can't use them to help you achieve a new max??
MWOD Episode 81 and MWOD Episode 9/6

Bench Press PR Train!
David T 190
Craig C 295
Rob N 235
Robin R 80
Will S 95
Aaron S 160
Jess F 120
Chris F 235
Chris J 155
Peter H 145
Jeff B 210
Jay Z 145
Chris A 185
Krishnan 135
Jon S 155
Sarah H 102.5
Tom S 170
Scott J 255
Ryan P 210
Sean B 300
JMD 150
Katie M 165
Kiki 120
Laurel M 145
Dan H3 235
Teresa B 130
Melissa L 125
Justin Z 195
David B 190
(All score taken from white board)
This is what hides in Taco Bell's Meat Gizmodo
418x1 Overhead Squat
Wayne Johnson doing some technically sound squats
Paleo in a nutshell, part 1: Food
Pat Sherwood's Home Gym CrossFit Journal