(E3/4) Heavy Double

Post loads to comments.
compare to 9.6.10

2 rounds of:
400m Farmer's walk

There is a 10 Burpee penalty every time you put your dumbbells down.  People may also opt for either a zercher or bear hug keg carry. 400m is a relatively long farmer's walk that will test your grip strength and endurance.  Check out this very short,  VERY heavy Farmer's Walk

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Whitney H works "skin the cats" at Active Recovery Class

Congratulations to Jesse Q on his new teaching job in the Bronx!  While this is great news for him, we're bummed that we won't get to see him as often at SBK.
Three cheers for Jesse and his continued work with NYC Teaching Fellows!

One of our models of Fitness is known as the "Hopper Model".  Watch this video from 2007 of Greg Glassman explaining it.

Robb Wolf
Nutrition Seminar Group Shot from SBK and... Robb and Nicki visit "one of the best restaurants in the world" in Brooklyn, NY.  If you could eat for FREE at any restaurant in New York for the rest of your life, which would you pick?


WOD 9.12.10

"Fight Gone Not As Bad"

3 Rounds of:

30 Sumo Deadlift Highpulls 75/55
30 Box Jumps 20"
30 Push Presses 75/55

Rest 1 exactly minute between rounds.

Post total time minus 2 rest intervals to comments.

Cool down with a 10 Minute MobilityWOD of your choice

Robb's takes some questions from the audience

Have you ordered your team shirts yet?
Paulie and Becca at Quist have generously offered to donate 100% of the proceeds from the FGB5 shirt orders.  So by ordering you not only get a one of a kind badd-ass shirt, you also donate to charity AND raise our affiliate team total. Did your mom throw you 100 bones? Thank her by printing her and extra shirt too!

Team captains can Email PS(AT) to place an order


Overhead Squat

3-3-Rep Out
Perform a heavy triple or max effort triple for the first two work sets then drop to 85% of your heaviest weight and rep out. (perform max unbroken reps)

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compare to 9.8.10

10 x 100 yd shuttle runs (50 out - 50 back)
Rest 30 seconds between runs
Score is total time taken to complete all 10 sprints

Post total time to comments.

Married Muscle-Ups

Dogtown CrossFit is currently in first place for Fight Gone Bad fund raising with $26,773 currently raised.  South Brooklyn is a close second with $25,652.  Here is an excerpt from their September 8th blog post,

"Get it together people!  There are a staggering 30 people who have signed up and haven't raised a dime!  You all should be able to donate 10 bucks to yourself.  We are quickly losing ground to those dumbasses in South Brooklyn."

Them's fightin' words.


Rest Day

David and Fox use their exceptional ankle mobility to compete in a inebriated 'pistol-off"
Ankle Mobility
Christian Fox

When a joint lacks range of motion, whether due to injury or inflexibility, another joint above or below it will attempt to make up for the range of motion deficit. In referring to the ankle we see this commonly in all the squat variants, and particularly in the Front Squat and Overhead Squat, whether as their own movements or as the receiving position for the Clean and the Snatch. Most of you should know that limited hip flexion ROM (tight hamstrings and adductors, perhaps) would cause undesirable movement in another joint(s), your lumbar spine. As you move deeper into the squat and hit the end of your hip flexion ROM, your back begins to flex in an attempt to get lower. This isn’t good, right? Right! Let’s take a look at limited dorsi-flexion (toes toward the shin) ROM at the ankle. It could start to be made up for at the knee, but then the bar starts to travel back too far. Think squatting with perfectly vertical shins and an upright torso. You’d fall backwards, right?. So what happens next is the hip starts to flex (fold forward) in an attempt to keep the bar balanced over mid-foot. What happens here? In a Front Squat you probably lose the bar forward. In an Overhead Squat you’d probably lose the bar forward or compensate even further up at the shoulder and have the bar way back behind you, over the mid to low back instead of over the scapulae. To pull off this circus stunt of a squat would require sick shoulder strength, stability, and ROM at the shoulder. More than likely it’d be a missed lift.
Of course in both of these situations, when you run out of hip flexion ROM due to the increased demand caused by limited ankle ROM, you could still make up for it at the lumbar spine…Still not good.


Check out the angle at the ankle. Can you do that?
            So, how can you get more ROM at the ankle? Glad you asked. Here’s one way. Get in front of a wall (a wall with a ledge like at SBK or a doorway works well), place your heel close to the edge and the ball of your foot on the wall. You may need to lean back significantly to achieve this position. Use your arms to pull you in, leading your hips into the wall. Attempt to be as tall as possible and not bend over at the hip. Use leverage to create an acute angle at the ankle. You can use PNF for this stretch (contract 5 seconds, relax and pull into stretch 15 seconds) and you can rotate your shin over the ankle to hit different areas. Try this stretch both with a straight knee and with a slightly bent knee. Spend 2-4 minutes each leg. Your squat is worth it. Cheers to good squatting!

Some of you are in various stages of a "Mobility Challenge". How's it going so far? Why does good mobility seem to be the last thing on so many athletes's lists?


Bar Dips

3 Attempts at max reps
Rest 3 Minutes between attempts

There is a 10 strict push-up "buy-in" to do the dips.  Athletes who cannot perform 10 unbroken push-ups from their toes will perform 3 attempts at max push-ups at an appropriate scale.

Post reps to comments.
compare to 9.2.10

5 Rounds NFT of:
5 Turkish Get-Ups, each arm
5 Unilteral Romanian Deadlifts
10 Prone Grip Ring Rows

Post Rx to comments.


Jess F sets up for a split jerk

Attention Fight Gone Bad captains, the limit to put in your t-shirt order to Paulie is this Sunday.  Please make sure you've got your team's name and colors ready asap!

Check out the CFSBK FGB5 widget on the left column of our site to stay updated on our team total and top 5 fundraisers.

Every year we give away some prizes to top fund raisers and competitors.  If you think you've got something you could donate (however small), please email david(AT)  In the past we've given away shirts, DVD's, wine, theater tickets and other goodies.

Did you know
CFSBK's Birthday is right around the corner?  We'll be three years old on September 19th.  When did you start training with us?


Overhead Squat

(E3/8) 3-3-3-1 Tempo Squats

tempo simply means that the amount of time you spend in certain
positions of an exercise are controlled.  This is a great way to develop
position-specific strength and stability.  Today's tempo will work like

:03 Hold at the top
:03 Hold at 1/4 depth
:03 Hold at full depth
:01 Ascent back to top

Post loads to comments.
compare to 9.1.10

For time:
Row 1000m
Then 5 Rounds of:
10 Kettlebell Swings 32kg/24kg
10 Goblet Squats 32kg/24kg
Run 800m

Post time and Rx to comments.

Congratulations Malcolm and Laurel
photo by Dan R

Happy Belated Birthday, Alec H!

CFSBK is less than $700 away from breaking $20,000 in funds raised for Fight Gone Bad 5.  16 days left...

Upcoming Foundations Cycle Dates:
September Evening Foundations
9/21/10 - 10/14/10
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00pm-9:15pm
Register Here! SOLD OUT!

October Morning Foundations

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00am-8:00am
Register Here!

October Evening Foundations

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00pm-9:15pm
Register Here!

Please watch this Mobility WOD before coming to class
Kendrick Farris Clean and Squat Jerks 211kgs (464.2lbs)


Rest Day

Kira D's Double Front Squats

The incredible Matt U has raised $6,625 in two days of fund raising via the Kissing Suzy Kolber blog.  Matt has a LOT on the line for this years Fight Gone Bad, to read about why we all might see Matt doing high pulls in leopard print short shorts, click here!

Here's where our top five fundraisers are so far:
1. Matt U   $6,626 (1st place world wide)
2. David M   $2,880 (6th place world wide)
3. J L   $1,190
4. J.R.M   $1,030
5. Robin Reed   $495

CFSBK has an overall fund raising total of $15,333 putting us in 2nd place for affiliates world wide!!  As amazing as that is, we still need your help.  There is currently a 30 place tie for last place with $0.00 raised among our competitors.  If these amazing folks can raise in the thousands, everyone else can raise at least $100.  How to start?  Every team can organize to donate $25 to someone else on their team.  Captains, can you help bring up your team's total???

Click here for more info


Our friends at lululemon athletica Brooklyn are co-hosting a 2 day block party!  Check out the information for Friday's festivities here and Saturday's here!