Rest Day

Beamer Benz or bently
Tze Chun Dance Company performance at CFSBK

Please read the following article, especially if you've been training with us for less than 6 months.
The CrossFit Startup Guide: Part 1

Some Notes
1. If you've got a water bottle at CrossFit, please remove it by Monday.  We've accumulated far too many to hold on to and will be disposing of any unclaimed bottles after this weekend.

2. Please feel free to use the fridge to store food and water for before or after class.  The only thing we ask is that you remove your stuff before leaving the gym.  Overnight storage is not permitted.

3. We've got internet access at the gym now! If you'd like to bring your lap top and hang out (or post comments) feel free.  Please ask us for the password for the network in person.

4. Do you have any suggestions for the gym? Please post to comments if you do.

warmly, The management.


WOD 4.21.10

3 Rounds for time of:
10 Squat Cleans, 135/85
25 Pull-Ups

If 135 Squat cleans are easy for you, consider scaling up to 145 or 155.

Post time and Rx to comments.

Accessory Work
Spend 10-15 Minutes Foam Rolling and stretching Post WOD.

Dan H
Dan H- Dumbbell Thrusters

Upcoming events at the Oakridge Kitchen
On Saturday, May 1st the ORK will be hosting a Tapas and Wine pairing class.  The ORK is run by our own Kira D and her family.  Check out the information below:

It's going to be a great class with delicious food and wine, and tons of techniques, tips, and tricks that you can use for a party or a weeknight dinner. In addition to making 8 savory tapas and 3 tangy sauces, guest sommelier Sarah will teach the principles of wine pairing that will take your food experiences to the next level. As always with our open kitchen events, you can choose your own adventure--watch, cook, learn, eat, drink, relax--in any combination you wish
For more information and to register, click here!

Want to try something different? Why not check out a Free Yoga class this weekend at our friends, Lululemon Athletica Brooklyn.  There are free in-store classes held on Saturday from 10-11am and Sunday from 11-12pm.

CrossFit Kids "Fran" Edena Valley CrossFit


Bench Press

(E3/4) L1 5x5 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 4.15.10

Assistance Work
5 Rounds NFT of:
:30 Handstand Hold
:30 L-Hang Hold
:30 Hip Extension Hold

Allen E runs down Degraw

Please answer one of the following questions in the comments section.
1. What are our three movement pools for Group Class Strength training?
2. If you wanted to warm-up a deadlift for a work set of 275x3x5. how would you do it?
3. If you wanted to warm-up for a bench press set of 65x5x5, how would you do it?
4. On your first Overhead Squat exposure, you perform 85x5x5 with relative ease.  Provide a plan for the following three exposures using sets across.
5. You're going for a Max Effort 1 rep max of Bench Press.  Your previous best is 225x1.  How would you warm up and approach this?
6. You're going for a Max Effort 5 rep max of Overhead Squats.  You've done sets across before up to 125x5x5.  It was difficult, but you were able to complete all 5 work sets.  How would you approach this?
7. Why is it important to not round your back during deadlifts?


Rest Day

Forward Roll Warm-Ups

Feeling stiff and sore?  Check out Coach Fox's Active Recovery Class tonight at 8pm.  Feel free to bring a friend!

What is your favorite bar in New York and why?



(E3/4) L1 5x3 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 4.12.10

Assistance Work

Spend 15 Minutes working the following two movements:
5-10 Ring Rows
3-5 Forward Rolls

Play with different arm positions, angles, weights and ways to pull yourself up on ring rows.  Be creative with your forward rolls.  Jump over obstacles, forward roll from a handstand, go for distance.  Rest as needed during this assistance work.

Sarah H on Overhead Squats

Strength Cycle A is sold out! We've still got one more slot left for Cycle B of Jeremy's 8 Week Strength Intensive.  Here are the details:


Tuesday at 7pm

Thursday at 7pm
Sunday at 12pm

April 20th
- June 13th

Register Here!

Welcome Yolanda T, John M, Robin R, Will S, Emily H and Stephen P!  Today is our first ever afternoon Foundations cycle.


WOD 4.18.10

For time:
800m Run
21 Push Presses 115/75
400m Run
15 Push Presses 115/75
270m Run
9 Push Presses 115/75
130m Run
6 Push Presses 115/75

Post time and Rx to comments.

9am at CFSBK

Out of CrossFit's 10 General Physical Skills, inadequate strength is one biggest limitations in people's ability to progress as CrossFitters.  If you feel like your strength is lacking, consider Coach Jeremy's 8 Week Strength Intensive.  We've got one slot left in both cycles that start this week. Get on it!

Do Toddlers Need Cake as much as Carrots?
Kids, Paleo and Nutrient Density Robb Wolf


Overhead Squat

(E2/4) L1 5x5 Sets Across/L2 Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 4.10.10

Get with a partner and alternate stations for max repetitions in the allotted time.  The work interval is :45 and the rest interval is :15.  Complete 4 work intervals of each movement.
Box Jumps, 28"/24"
Kettlebell Swings, 2 Pood/20Kg (Forehead Level)

Post partner, Rx and total reps completed per movement to comments.


Charmel R gets some vitamin D and WB

Bierkraft goes Paleo!
Yes, it's true. Ben Granger, owner of the raddest beer shop and brand-new SBK member, has added a special Paleo option to his menu of sandwiches, buns and brats.
Ben has devised perhaps the best food item ever: meat wrapped in meat, on a stick. Enter, the Bottle Rocket. These tasty concoctions look like corn dogs, but are made entirely of meat. Each weekend, Ben will be serving up a different Bottle Rocket - a perfect post workout treat.

This weekend's Bottle Rockets are:
Ground lamb rolled in pistachios, wrapped in pickled collard greens and covered in homemade "lambchetta" (panchetta, only with lamb belly)
A pinwheel of chicken sausage, caramelized ramp leaves, black trumpet mushrooms and lamb neck, wrapped in lambchetta


Bierkraft is on 5th Avenue between Berkeley and Union

Our South Brooklyn Kids classes kick off today!

Don't forget to check out, "Parlour Games", the Free dance performance today at 5pm at SBK.