Rest Day

Kiki Overhead Squatting

Happy Birthday to our Athlete of the Month Bethany B!!

T-Shirts are Back in Stock

Just in time for spring our CFSBK Skull & Bones T-Shirts are back in stock.  If you've been waiting to grab one (or forced to wait) pick one up the next time you're in the gym. 

If You Kill It, Refill It

If you drink all the water in the water pitcher please take the time to refill it.  Courtesy is contagious. 


A 60 Degree day in February? How do you plan to spend it?


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Push Press

(E1/4) Sub max load, no fails.
Consider using 85-90% of 1RM Press.

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 10.25.09

For Time:
Row 1000 meters
15 Push Jerk 135/95
15 Pull Ups
10 Push Jerk 135/95
10 Pull Ups
5 Push Jerk 135/95
5 Pull Ups

Post loads and times to comments.

Bier Baron Ben W. Breaks down Breaking down a Bunny

 March AM/PM Foundations is Now Open

Great news for those looking to join the gym.  Our new Foundations Cycle is available for registration.  The cycle will meet Wednesdays at 8-9:15pm and Sundays 10-11:15pm.  This cycle starts Wednesday, March 13!  For more information and to register click here!

Rest Day Dinner Reminder

Michele and Craig's rest day dinner is almost upon us!  Remember is starts at 8:30pm and will be held at Craig's house just a couple of blocks from the gym.  For full details including location go here.

If you plan on coming out then we need you to RSVP!  So if you're in for some of the best food this side of the East River email mignyc(AT)


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Front Squat


(E2/8) Today's lifts are done at a 2-2-X-1 tempo.  Use a submaximal load adding 2.5-5lbs to your previous exposure. 

Post work load to comments.
Compare to 2.12.11

3 Rounds for time of:
7 Thrusters 95/65
14 Burpees
21 Double Unders

Aaron & Ariel breaking down a bunny during this weekend's SBKitchen event

March Strength Intensive Sign-up

The current Strength Cycle is almost finished and will culminate in the always awe-inspiring Total next Wednesday at 6pm!  The upcoming cycles are now available for registration now!  If you're interested in spending 8 weeks getting seriously strong using the Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench and Power Clean then sign up for Coach Jeremy's March Strength Cycle here!

C.R.A.S.H-Bs This Weekend

This Saturday, Coach Nick will lead an intrepid group of SBKers to the annual C.R.A.S.H-B's Indoor Rowing World Championship in Boston!  Dan R., Charmel R. and Collette K. will compete against hundreds of rowers in the widely-feared 2000m.  They've been training hard for this and we wish them all the best!


What's your favorite Paleo treat?

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Rest Day

Whitney H. and friend Tyra W. at the Taj Mahal

Happy Birthday Scott J.!

Beast of the East Competition

We may be midway through winter but October will be here before you know it.  Those looking for fierce competition look no further than the 2-day Beast of the East Competition to be held October 8 & 9, 2011 in Durham, Connecticut. (Where?!).  They promise a slew of events featuring Strongman, Olympic and Powerlifting and Endurance and cash prizes.  Check the website here for more information and to register. 


Friday Rest Day Dinner

All info can be found at the link here!  Don't forget to RSVP!


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3 Position Snatch

(E1/4) 3 Sets of the Following Complex: High Hang Snatch/Hang Snatch/Snatch
*Bar should stay in the hands for the entire complex. Work up as heavy as you can with good form. 

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 10.18.10 

Snatch Balance 

*Attempt to catch each rep as deep as possible 

Post loads to comments. 
Compare to 12.29.10

Steph P. Squatting in Iceland


Craig and Michelle K. have teamed up to bring you the next Paleo Challenge Rest Day dinner.

Time: 8:30 PM

Place: Casa de Craig, only 2 blocks from the box.

What to bring: Drinks!

RSVP to: mignyc (at) gmail dot com for details and directions.


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WOD 12.13.11

As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes of:
5 Ring Dips
10 Pull Ups
25 Sit-ups
Post Rx and rounds to comments.

Skill Work
Candlestick to Roll
Elevated Bridges

Post experience to comments

Kelly Starrett does an MWOD at CrossFit South Brooklyn

Rowing Seminar Today
Today at noon Coach Nick will be hosting a Rowing Technique Review and conditioning workout. Get Stoked!

CrossFit Gymnastics


Front Squat


Today's lifts are done at a 2-2-X-1 tempo.  Use a submaximal weight for this first exposure, emphasize consistent, correct posture during your lifts.

Post work load to comments.

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
5 Deadlift, 225/155
25 Double Unders

Scale this workout so that the deadlifts feel heavy, but doable, mostly in unbroken sets of 5 or 3/2 in later rounds.  Prioritize your ability to achieve and maintain a neutral back angle. Scale the Double Unders such that it won't take you more than about a minute and a half to complete your reps.

Post Rx and time to comments.

Melissa L somersaults over a barrier

SBKitchen Butchering Class Tonight!
A reminder to everyone attending SBKitchen's, "Of Ducks and Bunnies: A Class in Butchery" tonight, please bring a cutting board or butcher block.  This class sold out in a matter of days and we couldn't be more excited to bring it to you. Here is what the participants will learn:

Butchering and preparing an animal from start to finish is the most self-reliant, responsible, creative and cost effective way to feed yourself well. Ben Granger (aka Bierkraft Ben) and Coach Margie (aka his sous chef) will teach you how to truss and take apart a duck and a rabbit using proper knife skills. We will cover a variety of cooking methods including roasting, braising, confit, making stock and rendering fat. From bill to fluff, you will walk away being able to get the most variety and value out of your food.

This is a fully hands on experience; each participant will take home their butchered duck and bunny, as well as a boning knife.

Rowing Seminar and Workout with Coach Nick Tomorrow
Coach Nick will run another rowing workshop this tomorrow (Sunday 2/13) at noon. The group will do a 10 min. warm-up/technique session, and then to a hard WOD. Be sure to come well rested!

Email Nick(at)CrossFitSouthBrooklyn to RSVP

The SBK Paleolilith pulls some successful 500m rows.
Nicole M conquers "Skinny Jeans" with Paleo