Rest Day

Sam M's Overhead Position

Relive the memories!
Check out this album from the 2009 North East Regional Qualifier hosted by CrossFit Albany. Coaches Margie and David were major organizers for this event and we had a ton of SBKers either compete or volunteer as judges.  Good times!

It's getting warmer!!! It's almost Flip Flop Weather.... NOT.  Watch this Mobility WOD PSA about Flip Flops. Or as David calls them, his "flops"

What is the most useful "app" you have?
Hunter Gather Fitness in the 21st Century American Journal of Medicine
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Heavy Double

Clean Pulls
Base this % off your best heavy double

Post loads to comments.
(e3/4) compare to 4.4.11

At the top of every 2 minutes, complete the following couplet:
16 Lunge jumps (8 each leg)
16 Sit-Ups

Rest the remainder of the two minutes.
Repeat 5 times.

Post experience to comments.

Young initiates in Prana-bindu training

Happy Birthday, Vincent D!

What was the last live performance you saw?
More from the Palimpsest Project!
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5 Rounds not for time of:
Max Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Pull-ups

Rest as needed between sets.  We suggest 3-5 minutes depending on fatigue.

Post reps per round and Rx to comments.
compare to 5.2.09 and 6.13.10

WOD Demo CrossFit

Coach Laurel's Overhead Squat

Happy Birthday, Dan H3 and Erica N! To celebrate, Erica popped off 6x5x175 back squats this week, that's bodyweight x30!

Bon Voyage to Coach Shane and Whitney H who will be surfing and lounging in Costa Rica this week!

Congrats to all the SBK athletes who competed in yesterday's Sectional WOD 11.3 event at CrossFit Virtuosity.  How did everyone do?

Running Seminar Fast Approaches
Do you want to improve your 5k, 1 mile, or 400m times? Or your marathon or triathlon? Do you hurt when you run? Do you suffer from shin splints, knee or hip pain?

Improving your running efficiency may be the key to running both faster, and pain free.

This seminar will teach you the fundamentals of good running technique. You will learn how to utilize functional strength training and how to minimize oxidative overload to improve your performances in both short and long distance running.

You will run less than 2.5 total miles during this seminar, but will walk away with the tools to improve your running and optimize your race performance.

During the seminar,we will evaluate your current running technique on:

  • Overall Posture

  • Head, Eyes & Shoulder Position

  • Arm Swing

  • Hand Position

  • Stride Length

  • Stride Frequency

  • Gait

  • Pronation

  • Foot Position

  • Foot Angle

And then teach you how to improve it by:

  • Discussing proper technique

  • Reviewing and executing running drills

  • Conducting video analysis

  • Discussing how to properly strength using New York City Endurance

At the end of the seminar you will truly understand how to, “Train Less, Go Faster!!!”

To sign up for the running seminar next weekend, click here!
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Box Squat

2 Reps on the Minute for 10 Minutes
Load 5-10lbs heavier than last week

Post loads to comments.
(e5/8) compare to 4.2.11

Partner "Versus" workout
Partner A performs 30 KB swings while Partner B runs cone sprints (cones are 15' apart). Every time cone is touched, Partner B scores 1 point. Goal is to accumulate as many points as possible in the time it takes Partner A to finish their swings. Then switch.
Each partner must swing the KB 4 times.

Partner with the most points wins.

Post partner, kettlebell loads and score to comments.

SBK Femme Fatales

Reminder that there is No Active Recovery Today. All other classes are on as regularly scheduled.

Good luck to Team SBK competing in Open Sectional WOD 11.3 today at CrossFit Virtuosity!

lululemon athletica Function Show Tonight!
Check out the lululemon "Function Show" at Triomph Fitness.  David will be one of the ambassadors doing a short "demo" in their apparel. Tweet The Deets Here

Did you attend the "Rest Day Dinner" yesterday? How was it?!
Interview with Glen Pendlay
Glen Pendlay on Consistency and Olympic Weightlifting
Coach Wilkes Talks Bar Path in Olympic Weightlifting


Rest Day

The New CFSBK Mat!
We're really excited about our new mat! The only downside is that it needs to "cure" for about a week before we can really use it.  If it gets a lot of foot traffic before then there's a chance that the logo will deform or that the black area will rip.  So until then.. admire from afar..

There is No Active Recovery Tomorrow! All other classes are on as regularly scheduled.

lululemon athletica Brooklyn Function Show Tomorrow!
Join us for an evening of function and fashion as we celebrate our Brooklyn community. Connect with fellow teachers, trainers and sweat enthusiasts, jam to music by EarthRise SoundSystem, and enjoy a function show featuring lululemon ambassadors (including David) rockin' the runway! Doors open at 7pm, show begins at 8pm! Please RSVP to
More info here!

Now take your 3 despised movements and write a medium length (10-20 minute) WOD with them!
Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet Reebok
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Jeff Tucker on Straddle Handstands CrossFit Journal Preview
CF Games Sectional WOD 11.3 Prep Mobility WOD
The Extraordinary Vijai Raj CrossFit Journal Freebie



If you didn't 1RM, go 5lbs heavier than last week

Post loads to comments.
compare to 3.31.11

5 rounds for time of:
5 power snatches
100m sprint (50m out and back)

Choose a weight that will allow you to do all snatches unbroken
Post load and time to comments.
compare to 8.18.10

Alternate Workout if it Rains:
5 rounds for time of
12 jumping split squats
8 clapping pushups

compare to 7.21.10

That looks about right...

Happy Birthday, Justin L!

There is No Active Recovery this weekend.

New Cycle Dates for Foundations are Posted!

May Evening Foundations
5/5/11 - 5/31/11
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Register Here!

May Morning Foundations
5/5/11 - 5/31/11
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Register Here!

May AM/PM Foundations
5/18/11 - 6/12/11
Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:15pm
Sundays 10:00am-11:15am
Register Here!

What are the three movements you most dread doing?
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Back Squat

Heavier than last week

Post loads to comments.
(E4/8) compare to 3.30.11

Superset the following two movements:
3x10 Good Mornings at 40-50% of triple (do not let weight compromise form)
3x10 Barbell Ab Rollouts from Knees

Post loads and experience to comments.

"The Pest" Strikes Again!

The next CrossFit Open Sectionals WOD has been announced! (And it's a doozie!)

"WOD 11.3"
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
165 pound Squat clean
165 pound Jerk

Click here to watch a video demonstration and range of motion standards. Click here to see Pat Sherwood and Heather Bergeron attack this workout.  What are your thoughts, Team SBK?

Sectionals Pictures are up!
Speaking of Team SBK.  Check out these photos from the last Sectionals event held in house.  Big thanks to David McG and Juliana A for being our photographers for the event!

If you could only do 3 exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be?
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