2/4/11 Rest Day Dinner

Host: Kahrin Bennet

Host Contact to RSVP: kcbennett2010(AT)


 7PM at

The Smoke Joint (in Fort Greene)
87 South Elliot Place
Brooklyn NY
RSVP by: 2/2

The Smoke Joint is a delicious BBQ joint right in the heart of Fort Greene with a full bar (tequila and wine too!) and loads of delightfully carnivorous treats; Ribs, Whole Chickens and Pulled Pork. Their most popular dish (that isn't BBQ) is a half a head of lettuce covered in bacon and blue cheese.  

The Smoke Joint doesn't really take reservations, but they can seat up to 15 people together and will set up a few table for us... and believe me, we will eat good.

I just spoke to the folks at The smoke Joint again and they suggested we meet at Mulane's a bar across the street at 7pm, and they will set up a table for us when we see how many folks show up.
Mulanes address is:
71 Lafayette Ave
(between Elliott Pl & Portland Ave) and is across the street

Will You be there? Email Kahrin and Post to comments!


Overhead Squat

(E8/8) Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 9.29.10

Tabata Row for meters
Tabata Double Unders

Score as lowest meter round or total Double Unders

Julia W. Push, Pull, Smile.

CFSBK on ABC's Nightline
According to the producers at Nightline, the Paleo Nutrition and Exercise piece they did which includes SBK will air on Monday night.  Get Stoked!

Dig Around the Site!
We've updated the "Training" page located under the "Resource Links" tab to the right.  Some good links to check out there!  The Rest Day Dinner dates and information are now listed to the left under the "2011 Paleo Challenge" tab.  The next RRD will be on 2/4/11 at the Smoke Joint!

When was the last time you checked out our "Articles & Media" page?  Here are a few links to get you started:

"Getting Ready to Squat" Margie Lempert
"Good Training Habits, Pt 1" David Osorio
"How Do I Prioritize when Only Training 2-3 Times Per Week? Chris Fox

"Starting CrossFit South Brooklyn" CrossFit Journal Preview
Healthbeat Brookyn comes to CFSBK


Rest Day


Next weekend CFSBK is hosting Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD for the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification.  When was the last time you checked out the MWOD and gave you and your soft tissue a little love?  We've got a 1RM OHS test tomorrow, why not check out these two OHS mobilizations and see if you can't use them to help you achieve a new max??
MWOD Episode 81 and MWOD Episode 9/6

Bench Press PR Train!
David T 190
Craig C 295
Rob N 235
Robin R 80
Will S 95
Aaron S 160
Jess F 120
Chris F 235
Chris J 155
Peter H 145
Jeff B 210
Jay Z 145
Chris A 185
Krishnan 135
Jon S 155
Sarah H 102.5
Tom S 170
Scott J 255
Ryan P 210
Sean B 300
JMD 150
Katie M 165
Kiki 120
Laurel M 145
Dan H3 235
Teresa B 130
Melissa L 125
Justin Z 195
David B 190
(All score taken from white board)
This is what hides in Taco Bell's Meat Gizmodo
418x1 Overhead Squat
Wayne Johnson doing some technically sound squats
Paleo in a nutshell, part 1: Food
Pat Sherwood's Home Gym CrossFit Journal


Bench Press or Push-Up

(e4/4) Max Effort

If you're scaling your push-ups on the rack, attempt to find the lowest pin you can complete a rep at.  If you're already on deck, find a new rep max.

Post loads/reps to comments.
compare to 1.20.11 or 4.28.10

10 Rounds for time:
(With one dumbbell)
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Front Squat
Push Press
Then Switch arms

Completion of the complex with both arms constitutes one round.  If the Dumbbell is put down there is a 5 Burpee Penalty.  Use a dumbbell heavier than you'd expect for yourself.

Post load and time to comments.

Eric warms up his Overhead Squats

Results from San Francisco CrossFit's "Spring Leaning Challenge"
Perfection is not Reality CrossFit Lisbeth
Full Service Gyms feel a bit Flabby NY Times
Brains and Brawn NY Times


Overhead Squat

One Rep, Every Minute On The Minute for 12 Minutes
Loading= 75% of your heaviest triple
Today is a deload for the OHS before we test out on Saturday

Post loads to comments.
(e7/8) compare to 1.15.11

Weighted Pull Up

Post loads to comments.

Name that dish from our last Rest Day Dinner!

Happy Birthday Juliana A.!!!


We're approaching the halfway point in the Paleo Challenge!  We want you to revisit your original plan and take a look at your goals to see how they've lined up with your execution. Where are you doing well? What needs to be augmented? Do your goals still seem realistic? Are there any new goals you might have for yourself going into month two??  Don't answer just yet, review your plan and think about what you want out of yourself in February.  We'll revisit this on the first!
We believe in you and are behind you, Team SBK!

Why can some people eat anything they want and never gain a pound? Marks Daily Apple
The Big Lie Dr. Micheal Eades
The SBK Paleolilith Speaks again
Attention SBK Competitors:
The CrossFit Games Open begins on March 15th, 2011
Christine Cousins from CrossFit Virtuosity gets a Documentary by City Athletes
Weighted Pull-Up with Lauren Galassi
Darren Mehling and a very heavy Dumbbell


Rest Day

Will S Concentrates During an Overhead Squat Set

Here comes the Deadlift PR Train!
Katie 325
Tom S 275
Craig C 485
Justin Z 275
Kristen H 180
Sam H 155
Aaron S 255
Alec H 335
Deb P 185
Will S 305
Robin R 205
Chris A 335
Teresa B 235
Melissa L 230
Becca S 200
Dan H3 335
Nick K 235
Greg H 215
Sarah H 180
Matt U 270
Jess F 260
Marian L 185
Ryan P 415
Paul B 185
(All scores taken from big white board)

Due to overwhelming demand, we've added a new Foundnations cycle in February!

February Foundations
2/9/11 - 3/6/11
Wednesdays from 8:00pm-9:15pm
Sundays from 10:00am-11:15am
Register Here!

The Case that Human Athletes have Reached their Limits Boston Globe



(e4/4) Max Effort

Post loads to comments.
compare to 1.17.11 and 9.20.10

3-4 Rounds NFT of:
5 Windmills, each side
:30 Hollow Rocks (Cumulative)

Post loads to comments.

Chris A times Dan R's Ring Support

The CFSBK Olympic Weightlifting Cycle!
Want to spend 8 weeks improving your olympic lifts?  Check out our upcoming Olympic Weightlifting Cycle.  The class will focus on mechanical efficiency and technical proficiency emphasising proper position, tempo and finally load.  The program is comprised of full squat variations of the lifts, squats and a selection of basic plyometrics and assistance exercises.
Whether you are looking to be a better Olympic lifter or Crossfitter this class will help improve your numbers and cut your WOD times. 

For more information and for registration links, Click Here!

What is your favorite/standard homemade Paleo Breakfast?

Paleo Breakfast Recipes
Eggs in a Daze Everyday Paleo
CFSBK circa 2008