Kettlebell Challenge

Complete 10 rounds of:
30 Russian kettlebell swings in one minute 1.5 pd/1pd
One minute rest

This is an attempt at 300 Russian kettlebell swings completed in 20 minutes. After the workout is complete, row a 10m penalty for every kettlebell swing that was not completed. In other words, if you only finish 200 kettlebell swings, you owe a 1000m row.
*KB Challenge courtesy of CF One World


Be a Rebel for a Great Cause

Anyone been dying to try out one of those adventure/mud/obstacle course races you see and hear about everywhere?  Here's your chance.  Rebel Race will be held on Saturday June 11 in Modena, NY (about 2 hours north of NYC).  Team Fox, fundraising for The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, has entries and would love for you to run!  If you are interested, please contact Steph P at shpaddock(AT) for more information.  Get dirty!

It's the End of the World as We Know it...Come get your lost and found! 

May 21st might be the end of the world(!) so please remember to check the bin and grab the stuff you've left behind before we donate it to people who could really use it.  Anything left on May 21st will be donated if there is anything left to donate it to.



Back Squat

+5-10 lbs to last Wednesday's work weight
Rest as needed, up to 5 Minutes betwen sets. Work upper body mobility between sets.

Post load to comments.
(e4/8) compare to 5.11.11

10 rounds for time:
5 Hang Power Snatch 95/65
5 Box Jumps

Post Rx and time to comments.
Compare to 11.27.10

Run Worm, Run

Photographer for Murph

With Murph just around the corner (Sunday, May 29th) we're in need of a photographer(s) to document the day.  All of our photography staff will be unable to attend that day so if you have aspirations of getting your Cindy Sherman on and are available the day of Murph then please contact Shane at Shane(AT) by Sunday May 22nd.  We can supply the camera if you don't have your own. Thanks!

Calling All Current and Former Military Members

A good number of our members are currently serving or have served in the military.  We'd like to recognize you and your service during Murph.  Please contact Shane at shane(AT) with your Name, whether you are currently active or retired and what branch you served in.  Thank you!


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Overweight College Students Announces Plan to Wear Shorts, Sandals for rest of Year
The Onion


Rest Day

"Right Hand, Green." Coach Nick leads a pre-WOD game of Twister

It Once Was Lost But Now is Found

Please check the Lost and Found this week and retrieve any items you've left over the last few weeks/months!  Anything not reclaimed by May 21st will be donated to help Fight Smack in the Orphanage.


What's your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

From Thin to Fit-An Anorexic's Story CF Games
Gymnastic WOD Iron Cross Progressions Part 1 and Part 2 Gymnastics WOD
Rob Orlando does Thrusters. 285x2


Handstand Push-ups

4 x +1 Rep to last week's sets

Post reps to comments.
(e2/8) compare to 4.9.11

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
Run/Row 400m
21 KB Swings
12 Burpees

Post rounds and RX to comments.

Ryan P. Introduces his toes to the bar

Memorial Day Murph Volunteers

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and we're preparing to have our biggest and best Memorial Day Murph yet.  This year we'll be hosting Murph instead of group classes on Sunday, May 29th.  The first heat will kick off at 11am with the BBQ starting at 1pm.  Everyone is invited and all are encouraged to participate!

To make this event a success we'll need your help! Here's what we need:

Grill Team: 3-4 folks to help cook all the meaty goodness we'll be providing
Sides/Salads Team: We're planning on 70+ this year so 8-10 paleo-friendly potluck style dishes would be awesome
Booze Team: Can't cook? Be that guy or gal who just brings beer or box wine.  Heck, we'll even take Boone's!

If you're interested in any or all of these roles contact Shane at shane(AT)  Grillers please state if you plan on doing Murph that day so that we can make sure we schedule you accordingly.  Thanks!

June Foundations Announced!

June AM Foundations
6/7/11 - 6/30/11
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Register Here!

June PM Foundations
6/7/11 - 6/30/11
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Register Here!


Charles Barkley Crossfitter CFJ Journal Preview Crossfit
The Perfect Human Diet Film Trailer Robb Wolf
Overhead Wrist Dysfunction Mobility WOD


Back Squat

Add 2 or 5lbs from last week

Post loads to comments.
(e3/8)compare to 5.8.11

21-15-9 Reps for time of:
Wall Ball Shots 20lb,14lb, 10' Target

Post time and Rx to comments.

Sean B
Fresh Air, Blue Sky and a Big Kip

Happy Belated Birthday, Katie M!

Congratulations Ragnarians!
Great work to all who competed in Ragnar Relay this weekend.  The event ended yesterday around 3:30pm.  Please let us know in the comments how your runs went and what your overall impression of the event was. 

CFSBK'er who ran this weekend included:
Steph P, Jess F, Bjorn B, Charmel R, Noah A, Juliana A, Dan L, Asta F, Sarah H, Collette K, Dan R and Joe W :: Maggie G, Eli F, Josh M and Melissa L

lululemon athletica Brooklyn wants to cheer with you!
The lululemon BK team is creating a big, bad Cheering Station for the Brooklyn Half Marathon and they want YOU to be a part of it! The point is to gather community, have a good time, and cheer on perfect strangers and our closest friends as they run towards the achievement of their goals.
Date : Saturday, May 21
Time: 7AM-9AM (Race starts at 7am in the Park)
Where: Park Circle. Southwest Corner of Prospect Park

If you plan on going please email whubbard(AT)

Our own Bev W is looking for a couple to move into her 5 person cooperative house.  Know anyone? Check out their Craigslist Posting
Come have a cocktail with Mark Sisson in NYC!


WOD 5.14.11

4 Rounds for max reps of :
1 Minute Deadlift 315/215
1 Minute Ring Dip, Bar Dip (no bands) or Push-Up
1 Minute Double Unders
1 Minute Rest

Post total reps per movement and Rx to comments.

Rob I Pulls a Heavy Single

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!
All may return thy shoes to the coat room now! We're holding all the unclaimed shoes (and there's a lot of them) hostage in the office in a big (air tight) box.  Let us know if we took your shoes otherwise they're all being donated at the end of the week.
On a similar note.. Please claim any belongings from the lost and found!  Again, anything left unclaimed by Saturday the 21st will be donated to charity.

Go Team SBK!
Remember you can follow our the CrossFit South Brooklyn Ragnar Relay team on twitter at #sbkragnar.  Please send them some love. Remember, you're currently sitting on your butt at the computer and they're running 200 miles!
Squatting Toes-Out Vs Squatting Toes-Forward Cathletics
Better Hip Positioning for Better Deadlifting Mobility WOD
Ring Dip Shoulders and Shoulder Stability Mobility WOD


Rest Day

The CFSBK Ragnarians give their legs one last break before this weekend

The Ragnar Relay is Here!!!

After months of training the Ragnar Relay is finally upon us.  16 SBK'ers will run night and day, relay style, through the mighty Catskills to complete a 197 mile race.  Best of luck to all competing!

Team CrossFit South Brooklyn:  (as pictured above)
Steph P, Jess F, Bjorn B, Charmel R, Noah A, Juliana A, Dan L, Asta F, Sarah H, Collette K, Dan R and Joe W

Plus even MORE CFSBK'ers competing in Ragnar this weekend:
Maggie G, Eli F, Josh M and Melissa L

Start Time:  8:30am, Friday, May 13 (Bethel, NY)

Estimated Finish:  3:30pm, Saturday, May 14 (Dobbs Ferry, NY)

Total Miles: 197.1

To learn more about the race, click here

Team SBK will be tweeting updates to the hashtag #SBKRagnar throughout the weekend. Please send encouraging words!