WOD 12.13.11

As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes of:
5 Ring Dips
10 Pull Ups
25 Sit-ups
Post Rx and rounds to comments.

Skill Work
Candlestick to Roll
Elevated Bridges

Post experience to comments

Kelly Starrett does an MWOD at CrossFit South Brooklyn

Rowing Seminar Today
Today at noon Coach Nick will be hosting a Rowing Technique Review and conditioning workout. Get Stoked!

CrossFit Gymnastics


Front Squat


Today's lifts are done at a 2-2-X-1 tempo.  Use a submaximal weight for this first exposure, emphasize consistent, correct posture during your lifts.

Post work load to comments.

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
5 Deadlift, 225/155
25 Double Unders

Scale this workout so that the deadlifts feel heavy, but doable, mostly in unbroken sets of 5 or 3/2 in later rounds.  Prioritize your ability to achieve and maintain a neutral back angle. Scale the Double Unders such that it won't take you more than about a minute and a half to complete your reps.

Post Rx and time to comments.

Melissa L somersaults over a barrier

SBKitchen Butchering Class Tonight!
A reminder to everyone attending SBKitchen's, "Of Ducks and Bunnies: A Class in Butchery" tonight, please bring a cutting board or butcher block.  This class sold out in a matter of days and we couldn't be more excited to bring it to you. Here is what the participants will learn:

Butchering and preparing an animal from start to finish is the most self-reliant, responsible, creative and cost effective way to feed yourself well. Ben Granger (aka Bierkraft Ben) and Coach Margie (aka his sous chef) will teach you how to truss and take apart a duck and a rabbit using proper knife skills. We will cover a variety of cooking methods including roasting, braising, confit, making stock and rendering fat. From bill to fluff, you will walk away being able to get the most variety and value out of your food.

This is a fully hands on experience; each participant will take home their butchered duck and bunny, as well as a boning knife.

Rowing Seminar and Workout with Coach Nick Tomorrow
Coach Nick will run another rowing workshop this tomorrow (Sunday 2/13) at noon. The group will do a 10 min. warm-up/technique session, and then to a hard WOD. Be sure to come well rested!

Email Nick(at)CrossFitSouthBrooklyn to RSVP

The SBK Paleolilith pulls some successful 500m rows.
Nicole M conquers "Skinny Jeans" with Paleo


Rest Day

Debbie Does Double Dream Hands

Tonight's Rest Day Dinner
Host: Justin L
Host Contact: Justin(AT)

8:30pm Dinner at Coco Roco located at 392 5th Ave. between 6th and 7th.  The dinner is at 8:30 so the Friday night Open Gym folks can come too after their workout.  Please RSVP today, ideally by noon.

Thanks, Justin for volunteering to host!

New Movement Pool
The movement pool for the next cycle will be:
The Snatch, Front Squats & Push Press

As usual, the Snatch will be on Monday, Front Squats on Saturdays and Wednesdays and Push Press on Thursday.  Watch the above videos and do a little independent research on your own to dial in your understanding of these moves before we get started tomorrow.

Were you involved in any sports in college?
Beware the Myth of Grass Fed Beef Slate
Gym Rats and Dope Fiends Slate
Kevin Paulings Home CrossFit Gym
Ian Mehr's Home CrossFit Gym


WOD 2.10.11

Row as many meters as possible in 15 minutes
There is a 23 strokes per minute cap on this workout.

Can you hit 3000m? 3500? 4000?
Check out this video of Nick or Nick's Dad rowing. Watch the smoothness of their pulls, the relaxed recovery and the consistency in their technique. Take notes, people.

Post meters to comments.

3 Rounds NFT
8 OH Walking lunges witha  Kettlebell, each leg
16 Hand to Hand Swings
8 Bent over Rows with a kettlbell, each arm

Post weight to comments.
This is the last Back Off Week WOD.

Resident badass, Teresa B hit 42 Unbroken Push-Ups yesterday!

No Mas Tuesday 7-8pm Open Gym
We are no longer holding open gym on Tuesdays at 7pm. Due to logistic issues, we're going to keep that time open for other programs.  If you've got any questions or comments please email David directly at David(At)

How does your body feel coming into the new cycle?  Which of the three movements we're focusing on this cycle are you  most excited for? (Push Press, Snatch, Front Squat)
The SBK Paleolilith's 5 Week Wrap-Up
Prehistoric Pregnancy Booster now Fuels Diabetes Wired
Paleo Physicians Network


2/25/11 Rest Day Dinner

Host: Erica Nofi

Host Contact:


Takashi NYC
456 Hudson Streetm between Morton and Barrow
Directions and Map

About The Food

Our menu is beef, all beef and nothing but beef!  Choice cuts of Premium Japanese and American Angus are delicately prepared and served raw to be grilled right at your table (yakiniku), as well as a decadent selection of variety meats (horumon).  Whether you're a finicky eater and prefer to stick to delicious ribeye and short ribs, or more adventuous and up for our to-die-for raw liver and flash-boiled achilles tendon, you'll be in cow-heaven.

About The Beef

We spent months hand-picking where each cut of beef would come from, settling for nothing but the tastiest meat from sustainably-raised cattle with no antibiotics or hormones.  We proudly feature beef from  local New York state farms courtesy of Dickson's Farmstand in Chelsea Market, from Kansas' Creekstone Farm courtesy of Pat Lafrieda, and Oregon's Washugyu cows courtesy of Japanese Premium Beef. 


Are you going to this Rest Day Dinner? Email Erica to RSVP and Post to comments!


WOD 2.8.11

For 15 Minutes, perform the following Circuit:
:20 Handstand Hold
:30 Bottom of the Squat
:20 Top of the Pull-up
:30 Hollow Rock

Pistols 3x10e

Push-Ups, 1 Attempt at Max Reps

Post impression to comments.

Kahrin B and Jenna J at the last Rest Day Dinner

Rest Day Dinners
We've got one unclaimed Rest Day Dinner slot on the night of 2/11/11.  This can be as simple as picking a Paleo-Friendly restaurant and reserving a table for everyone who RSVPs.  You could also host a potluck at your house like Michele is doing on 2/18/11  This is a great chance to socialize and eat out with some friendly SBKers who are also Paleo Challenging! To claim the date, or if you've got questions, please email info(AT)

Tough Titsday is over!
Congratulations to the TTD participants on the completion of this ladies-only lifting intensive.  Bethany B Pr'd her Deadlift at 205 (+10lbs) and Robin R Pr'd her Back Squat and Deadlift at 175 and 224, respectively.  If you participated, what did you take away from Coach Margie's cycle?

CRASH B and Rowing Workshop Pt 2!
Coach Nick will run another rowing workshop this coming Sunday 2/12/11 at noon. The group will do a 10 min. warm-up/technique session, and then to a hard WOD. Be sure to come well rested!

Meanwhile, CRASH-B participants (and those of you who want to do the rowing workouts), don't forget to do your Rowing WODs!

Paleo Testimonial: No More Headaches, Bloating or GI Problems Robb Wolf
Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run? TED
Polish Youth Weightlifters
Final Heat of WOD 1 at the 2010 CrossFit Games
Speal Vs Khalipa


February Athlete of the Month!


Bethany Benzur!!!

I snuck up on our athlete of the month this time around and just told her, then asked to sit down with her. Brooklyn’s favorite Southern belle has been making an impression at CrossFit South Brooklyn for 3 years now and was a prefect fit for Athlete of the Month.   Bethany caught our attention for the honor this month for a slew of reasons: Her dedication to move well (i.e., lift with proper mechanics), her knack for bringing both intensity and a friendly vibe to whatever barbell or rack she is grouped on, consistently getting in to the gym to work her own pre-hab, and beaming a bright smile in the gym on a regular basis. There was a lot more to learn about her though, which I found out when we sat down.

Fox – Thanks for coming in tonight, Bethany. I know you must have a million things to do. (Bethany came in on a planned “off night” for the interview. She was flying a red-eye the next morning to visit with family).

Bethany – No problem!

Fox – Congratulations on being February’s Athlete of the Month! We’re psyched to honor you this month. First things first, how did you find out about CrossFit?

Bethany – Well, I’m diabetic and about 5 years ago my doctor told me that I was going to start having to take insulin. That scared me enough to start looking into healthy alternatives like diet and exercise to manage my insulin. Somewhere in there I came across CrossFit and started stalking CrossFit Atlanta. I didn’t go in, I just kind of checked it out from afar.

Fox – CrossFit stalker, creepy. You never worked out there?

Bethany – No. My first time at a CrossFit gym was CFSBK in February of ’08. I remember it pretty well. I had recently moved to New York from Atlanta and met Allan (E.) through the music scene we were both in. They gym was in the basement of the Lyceum at the time and I’m pretty sure the workout was Grace. I remember one of the girls, Steph Paddock I think, banging herself in the chin on a clean and jerk and just continuing with the workout. That was baddass!  I wanted to be tough like that. It was awesome to see these girls in there doing that stuff and I was instantly hooked. I did Foundations immediately after.

Fox – Nice. It’s so cool to hear many of our female athletes recall a moment of another female being baddass and refer to it as inspirational. What had you been doing up to that point, fitness-wise?

Bethany – (blushes?) I had been going to a regular gym and also following these exercise videos, Cathe’ and Tae-bo and the like. I’d grown bored though. Right away I like that CrossFit had variety. When I was younger I played sports a bit. I’d just found my calling as a catcher on a summer softball league when I joined the high school dance team. That took over from there, and I also was on the dance team in college (Go, Millsaps Majors!!!). We’d perform during halftimes of sporting events and stuff like that. I really liked to dance and dedicated a lot of time to it.

Fox – Cool. You mentioned the music scene before too. Tell me about that and what kind of stuff do you do in spare time?

Bethany – Well, I DJ a regular monthly party called, "Kiss and Tell" that is actually looking for a new venue after this month. I’ll be going to Boulder, Colorado to perform at the Community Festival this year too. Tal (G) and my friend Dang and I do a monthly DJ  podcast called, "So Wrong, So Right". This past episodes theme was guilty pleasures. That was a lot of fun! Record shopping with friends is a regular pastime. I cook a lot too. I LOVE gumbo and am on the lookout for a paleo option. You can’t have a good gumbo without a good roux.  I still dance and have taken dance lessons of all sorts but none of them holds my interest like CrossFit does.

Fox – What was your guiltiest pleasure on the podcast?

Bethany – Oh God…Ghost Town DJ's "My Boo"!!!

Fox – I remember when I first met you in summer of ‘09, you were training around a pretty significant injury. Talk a bit about that. What had happened?

Bethany – Knife through the foot. I was chopping green beans and knocked a chef’s knife clear off the cutting board. It fell on my leg and completely severed my anterior tibialis muscle. I didn’t know it and we actually stopped the bleeding so I thought I was ok so I went to sleep that night. The next morning my foot didn’t work…I was really bummed out for the first few weeks when I couldn’t go to the gym. After about 3 weeks though I started coming in and doing cast-friendly workouts that David and Shane would write up for me. Lots of pistols on the good leg, and lots of pull-ups and seated pushing stuff for the upper body. That was huge for me to get back into CFSBK.

Fox – I was really impressed at you and Allan, a.k.a. The Gimpy Duo (Allan E. had broken a foot around the same time) coming in and training around injuries. Now that you’re well past that what are some of your goals as an athlete?

Bethany – A big goal for me this year is to improve my posture. Working with Deb and Alec and reading some of the Esther Gokhale stuff has made me acutely aware that I can’t reach my potential if I’m not in good positions. I work at a desk all day and some of the bad posture that I develop there has set me up for recurring injuries. I also just completed 30 days with no alcohol for the Paleo Challenge and that was huge for me. It was actually not nearly as bad as I’d imagined it would be. It’s made me reassess how often I’ll drink, and if I’ll stay away from beer in general. So far Paleo Challenge has been great, I’m sleeping better and I’ve lost the beer belly I set out to lose.

Fox – You’re part of Coach Margie’s Tough Titsday. What’s that been like?

Bethany – It’s been great. We’re going over an in-depth philosophy of the lifts, learning how to approach a bar and set up the lift before having the weight on your back or in your hands. I had a great Press the other night and I’m looking forward to hitting 200 lbs on my deadlift!

Fox – So what’s your particular approach to a lift? Rage and angst (a.k.a. David O and Jeremy F) or quiet and focused (a.k.a Avi S or Pauly S)?

Bethany – Definitely quiet and focused, with a touch of aggression. 
Fox – I like that. No wasted energy. What keeps you coming back to CFSBK?

Bethany – The community, the people and coaches. Sometimes when I’m at work and looking forward to coming in to the gym it’s as much for the time I spend with the people as it is for the physicality of it. This place is unique like that.

Fox – OK, Bethany. Last thing, what do you think we should look for in a future Athlete of the Month?

Bethany – Someone who pushed themselves and others and is supportive of the community inside and outside of the gym. And, they have to be nice.

Fox – The “No D-Bag rule” shines yet again! Congrats and have a safe trip home.

Congratulations and thanks again to Bethany for coming in on short notice and sitting with me the night before a 6am flight. We love having you in the gym and appreciate all that you bring to the community, especially the capacity to be yet another in a line of baddass ladies who inspire those around them. Get that 200 lb deadlift in the books!
Paleo Chicken and Andouille Gumbo Health Bent
Paleo Gumbo with Lotus Root Nutty Kitchen
Gumbo on a Rainy Day Paleo Kitchen
Paleo Gumbo Fit.Healthy.Whole