Rest Day

Ryan P's Front Squat Face

Off-Peak Hour Strength Cycle

We're scouting out potential times for a new Strength Intensive with Coach Jeremy.  Possible times include:

Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8a
Monday & Wednesday 11:30 or 12 to 1 or 1:30p
Monday & Wednesday 6p-7:30p
Thursday & Saturday 10am-11:30a

Post which cycles you'd be interested in to comments. 

O-lifting Competition in Connecticut

The Connecticut Open Weightlifting Meet is scheduled for Sunday, Aug 7th in Stamford, CT.  If you've dreamt of donning a singlet, stepping onto a platform and seeing how much you can Clean and Snatch this is a perfect first shot!  You can find more information and register for the event here.  Registration closes July 20th.


What brought you to New York?  For the NY natives, would you ever consider moving?

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Find a 3 RM
Novice: 4x3
Sets Across
Athletes can Push Jerk or Split Jerk.

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 12.16.10

21-15-9 Reps for Time of:
Pull Ups

Consider scaling this up with a weighted vest and/or chest to bar pull-ups

Post RX and time to comments.
Compare to 11.23.10

Photo Courtesy of David Byrd

Good Luck to David and Margie

Coaches David and Margie departed this afternoon for the Northeast Regionals being held in Boston, MA this weekend.  They are part of the organizing and planning committee making the event happen.  It's a ton of work and a lot of moving pieces and we hope it all goes off without a hitch!  Good luck guys.

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Front Squat

Advanced: 3-3-3-3-3
Find a 3 RM
Novice: 5x3
Sets Across

Post loads to comments.

As Many Rounds as Possible in 8 Minutes
10 Renegade Rows*, each arm
20 Kettlebell Swings

Renegade Rows require a high level of stability and balance to perform correctly.  Don't rush these in the conditioning today. There is no push-up portion as shown in the demo video

Post rounds completed and Rx to comment.s

Josh L
Josh L Squatting

Good luck to Aneal H as she gears up for her first Sprint Distance Triathatlon this weekend.  Go get em' Aneal!

Happy Birthday, Will S

CrossFit Total at Hybrid Athletics
Coach Margie has volunteered to organize anyone interested in competing in the Hybrid Athletics CrossFit Total Competiton on July 9th.  This is a grea opportunity to test your strength in a new environment and represent your gym and your training.  We've already got about 8 folks signed up and a few on the fence. All are welcome to participate! Remember that this event is being scored on total numbers as well as relative to body weight so everyone has a chance to place well.  If you're interested, register on the Hybrid site and contact Margie(AT)

CFSBK Recipe Repost!

Got meat? Got veg? Need variety? Add sauce…

By Christian Fox

            You’ve dutifully prepare some meals at home. But now, you’re getting tired or bored. It happens all the time. Folks set out full steam ahead with every intention of cooking more healthy meals at home, but in a week or two it becomes either too much work, or too monotonous. I’ve said before that a big key to actually cooking at home is pre-prep, that way it’s as easy as possible to throw a meal together on a Wednesday night after a long day at work, and the gym, and the dozen other things that you have going on in your life. Having a pre-roasted piece of meat can be a lifesaver here, as can having a quick cooking protein like filleted fish, lean pork chops, lean steaks, and the like. Problem is that just good old salt and pepper can start to seem like punishment after a while to some. Having a few pre-made sauces in your fridge or freezer to call upon can add variety to the same meat and veg throughout the week. Try these…

Aji’ – Kind of a Columbian salsa. This stuff is like crack. It takes any meat or fish to another level, and also works as an amazing dip, best scooped with some tostones. Super easy to make.

In a food processor or a blender:
3 cloves Garlic
1 small Red Onion, rough chopped
1-2 Chiles, rough chopped, depending on how much heat you like (Serrano or Jalepeno work well)
1 Red Bell Pepper, rough chopped
1-2 medium Carrots, rough chopped (carrots bring both sweetness and texture)
½ Bunch Cilantro, rough stems removed
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Black Pepper
1 cup White Vinegar (or cider vinegar to keep it mas Paleo)

Add ½ of the vinegar first to help chop the veg, and then the other ½ to mix

This makes about a quart of deliciousness. The vinegar helps it keep well, but you can also freeze half for next month.

Basic Marinara – Everyone should know how to make this staple. It’s a template that can serve as the base for other sauces as well. The later addition of herbs, spices, or veg, can take this in any direction you want to go.

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2-6 cloves Garlic, chopped (really depends on your taste, I love a lot of it)

1 Spanish Onion, chopped

*Optional – 1 Carrot, shredded (adds sweetness)

2 35 oz cans peeled Tomatoes (best is San Marzano D.O.P. certified. It really makes a difference especially if you’re using the sauce as-is)

2 tsp Dried Basil (or chopped fresh if you’ve got it, added at the end of cooking)

1 tsp Red Chile flakes

1 Tbsp Salt

2 tsp Black Pepper

- Saute the onion in EVOO over medium heat in a medium saucepan until translucent.

- Add the garlic (and carrot if using) and sauté till fragrant

- Add the dried basil and chile flakes and stir a few seconds to bring out their oils

- Add the tomatoes, crushing them with your hands into the saucepan (Alternately you can dump them in and use a spoon or potato masher to crush them, but where’s the fun in that?)

- Add the salt and pepper and bring to a hard simmer, then reduce to low. Simmer on low for 15 minutes, or longer depending on desired richness of sauce.

This sauce can be doubled or tripled and kept frozen for some time. Use it as-is on meats, stirred into greens, mixed into sautéed mushrooms or squash as a ragout, or just top your morning omelette with it. Add cumin, cilantro, and some chipotle en adobo and it’s a Mexican sauce. Add curry powder and mix it in with pan-roasted cauliflower with cumin seeds for an Indian side dish. Throw a pint of it in the blender with a cup of coconut milk and desired spices and herbs for a pink sauce rich in flavor and healthy fats. Heck, fry up a pound of ground beef with a Tbsp or 2 of chili powder; add a pint of this sauce and viola, chili.

Cook! Enjoy!

What did you have for Dinner last night?


Rest Day

Pre WOD Set-Up

The Warrior Prepares for the CrossFit Games
Your Hero, My Hero and long time friend and former Coach at CFSBK, Jacinto Bonilla gets ready for the CrossFit Games in July.  Check out the video here!

Undead Jazz Festival at CFSBK
On Saturday, June 25th from 8pm-3am CFSBK will be one of the hosts for the 2011 Undead Jazz Festival. Founded in June 2010 the Undead Jazzfest is new kind of festival, bringing together an incredible array of artists from the new jazz and improvised music community currently exploding in New York City.  With no headliners, affordable tickets, unorthodox venues and no drink minimums, the Undead Jazzfest aims to shake the public perception of what jazz can be today, celebrating the incredible music being made in a setting that is inviting to both the veterans and curious new fans.

For more information and to get tickets, click here.

Thank you, CrossFit!
As many of you know, I spent the last 12 days in Ecuador with my roomate Mike.  Our trip included hikes through the Andes, a three day adventure in the Amazon which included cutting down 5 trees with a machete to make a boat and lots of weighted (back pack) sprints to bus stations.   At about 5 hours into our 10 hour hike though the Andes I realized that without CrossFit everything we did would have been much, much harder.  It's a nice reminder that while we train for the sake of training and for the fun of it, we shouldn't forget to use that fitness to adventure and play.  It doesnt matter if that means chasing your kids through Prospect Park, biking to Coney Island or participating in recreational sports leagues. 

What kinds of non-CrossFit physical activity do you participate in or would like to this summer?
New York Social Sports Clubs
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Snatch Balance/Weighted Chin-up

Snatch Balance

Weighted Chin Up

Post loads/chin-up scale to comments.
Compare Snatch Balance to 2.28.11 and 12.29.10
Compare Chins to 12.18.11

Josh M. during Sectionals WOD #1

Join us in welcoming back our intrepid leader David O. as he returns from vacation today!

Our New Strength Cycle Starts Wednesday!

Back-off week officially ends today and the new Strength Cycle starts on Wednesday, June 15th.  For the next four weeks, our lifting schedule will be:

Pull-Deadlift (Monday)
Squat-Front Squat (Wednesday/Saturday)
Upperbody-Push Jerk (Thursday)

Sundays will return to having the longer Met Con focus.  If you're a 2x or 3x/week athlete and wondering how to maximize your training check out Coach Fox's article "How do I Prioritize When Only Training 2-3x/Week"

That start of a new cycle is also a grea time to set revise/set your training goals so check out Fox's other article "Goal Setting"


What movement are you most looking forward to in this next cycle?

Pain in the Ass CrosssFit South Bay


Turkish Get-up

 5 Rounds NFT:
10 Ring Rows
:30 ea Side Plank
10 ea Walking OH Lunge
To be done with strict and with perfect form

Turkish Get-up

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 3.6.11 

Juliana hanging out

Thanks to all who came out last night for Scary Movie Night! Special thanks to Maggie G for organizing the event!

If You See Something, Say Something 

If we're out of toilet paper, paper towels or soap please tell one of us so we can restock.  Thanks! 


One-hand Muscle-Up CrossFit
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Robb Wolf


WOD 6.11.11

12-15 minutes each to practice

Skin the Cat/Front Lever
Forward rolls/Jump to Forward Roll
Pistols/Roll to Pistol

Post experience/progressions to comments.

Coach Noah gets all Main site in Montana!

Scary Movie Night is tonight starting at 8pm. 2nd feature starts at 10pm! Join us!
The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Active Recovery is still on today at 12pm!  Back off week is the perfect time to come give yourself some extra mobility/recovery loving. 


Skin the Cat Gymnastics WOD
Lever Progression pt. 1 Gymnastics WOD
Roll to Pistol Gymnastics WOD