Clean and Jerk

Perform one Clean and Jerk every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.  On minutes 6 and 11 increase the weight 5-10 lbs if all previous attempts were successful.

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compare to 7.26.10

Assistance Work
Broad Jump: 5 attempts

3 Rounds NFT:
10 Dumbbell Sotts Presses, each arm
10 Hip Extensions, hold each extension for a 2 count

Coach Shane hits the top of his 2nd Pull

Congratulations to Jenn M on her 2:01:12 Half Marathon time this weekend!

Happy Birthday, Regan JF!

Upcoming Foundations:
August Evening Cycle
Dates: 8/16-9/8
Times: Mondays and Wednesdays from 8pm-9:15pm
Register Here!

Today is the start of a new week! List one thing you'd like to accomplish by next Monday.



5 Rounds for time of:
20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely
3 minutes between each round.

Post total time, work intervals and Rx to comments.
compare to 12.2.09

The Subway Series weightlifting participants

SBK got 1st place overall in the event, here's how our athletes did:

Name (Place overall) Best Snatch/Best Clean and Jerk
Brian D  (1st) 210/265
Yoon S  (2nd) 185/224
Josh M  (3rd) 165/215
Shane W  (8th) 145/205
Ryan P  (10th) 140/205
AJ  (18th) 130/175
Dan M  (20th) 105/135

Laurel M (1st) 113/153
Katie M (2nd) 108/138
Jess F (7th) 83/118
Bethany B (14th) 73/98

For full results, click here!

Thanks to Michele, David, Scott, Ashley, Hiroshi, Christine, Sam, Keith, Shane, Good Sam and Christian for helping make the event run so smoothly!

This concludes the first ever CrossFit Subway Series! CrossFit Virtuosity took the series with Long Island City, South Brooklyn and Queens coming in after them.  Great work to everyone who participated in the event.  We can't wait for round 2!

Congratulations to Gabrus on his recent engagement!


Subway Series event 4 of 4!


Clean and Jerk

Each athlete has three attempts to find a 1 rep max Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  There is a one minute time limit for each lift once the bar is loaded to your desired weight.  If two athletes total the same amount of weight at the end of the meet, "Grace" as Rx'd will be used as a tie breaker.

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Steve and Joe do Snatch Drills

Today is the last event in our 4 part Subway Series competition with CrossFit Virtuosity, CrossFit Long Island City and CrossFit Queens.  Thanks to everyone who has participated to make our first run of this idea a big success!  We will crown the winner of the series today and celebrate with a BBQ and potluck.  Please remember that there are no Group or Teaser classes today.  That being said, everyone is invited to come out, socialize and have fun.  Today's event starts at 9:00am


Good luck to Coach Margie, Coach Jeremy, Paulie S, Juliana A and Jack L on their Powerlifting meet this weekend. Please keep us all updated with how things go!


Rest Day

Lake Placid
Congratulations to our BTC athletes performance on last weekend's Lake Placid Iron Man

Tom M: 10:52:22    swim: 57:03    T1: 6:40     bike: 5:41:12      T2: 4:04      run: 4:03:2

Alex V: 11:04:22   swim: 1:10:28    T1: 6:41     bike: 5:50:11    T2: 4:02      run: 3:53:02

Greg H: 11:16:48    swim: 1:03:04    T1: 8:20   bike: 6:04:52   T2  5:47     run: 3:54:46

Amy R: 11:28:40    swim: 1:07:16   T1: 7:06   bike: 6:10:15    T2  2:56    run: 4:01:08

Pretty damn awesome results!! The swim is 2.4 miles, the bike is 112 miles, and the run is 26.2 miles.

Tomorrow is the last Subway Series challenge at CrossFit South Brooklyn.  We will not be running regular classes, please show up around 8:45 if you plan on competing and bring a side dish or prepared meat for the potluck afterward. Interested in participating? There's still time to sign up here!

So far Team SBK is as follows: Brian D, Gabrus, Katie M, Bethany B, AJ, Josh M, Laurel M, Ryan P, Jess F, Sameer P, Dan R and Chris Fox

Interested in what else is going on in CrossFit locally?
+ Sept 11th Team event at Albany CrossFit Details Here
+ August 21st Charity event at CrossFit Hoboken Details Here



3 Rounds for time:

Row 500m

12 Deadlifts, Bodyweight
21 Box Jumps,


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compare to 10.31.09

Ring Rows
3-2-3 Tempo

Jack Sets up his Squat

Remember that On Ramp class is tonight at 8pm and open to all members.

Take a stroll down memory lane with SBK!
Fight Gone Bad 3 Photo set ($
7,303 Raised)
Fight Gone Bad 4 Photo set ($26,826 Raised)

Will you be a part of Fight Gone Bad 5?

Pat Barber does "Christine" CrossFit
God's Workout NY Times
Why being terrible is kind of wonderful The Talent Code


Back Squat

(E3/8) Sets Across

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compare to 7.24.10

7 Rounds for time:
3 Dumbbell Snatches
3 Dumbbell Push Presses
3 Overhead Dumbbell Lunges

Perform each movement first with your left arm and then with your right.  If you feel comfortable with kettlebell snatches feel free to use a KB instead of a dumbbell.

post time and Rx to comments.

Working Muscle Ups

Gabrus, Katie M, Bethany B, AJ, Josh M, Laurel M, Ryan P, Jess F, Sameer P, Dan R and Chris Fox have all signed up for this Saturday's weightlifting competition at CFSBK.  Remember that there will be no regular group classes but there will be a BBQ and potluck afterwards.  Please bring your finest paleo dish and weightlifting shoes!

14 people have already signed up for FIGHT GONE BAD 5.  This is our annual charity event in which we compete to raise money for two great causes.  For more information and to sign up, click here!

High Jumpers are able to pass over high bars while their center of mass passes below it.  How is this possible?  Watch this video and see the technique they use to accomplish this feat.


Rest Day

Nicole Lifting

Happy Birthday, Brian D! Happy Belated Birthay, Jim R!

Our brand new CrossFit ON RAMP classes start tonight at 8pm with Coach Shane!

2 steps forward, 1 step back…then 2 steps forward again
By Coach Fox

In the beginning, there was progress. Oh, sweet progress. You had just started working out and it seemed like for those first few months (or even  years!) nothing could stop you. Each time you squatted, more weight went on the bar. Each time you power cleaned, it got faster and heavier. You started to see visible muscle through ever-diminishing fat stores and life was good. So what happened?
When a trainee is new to the iron game any stimulus will do wonders for strength gains and physique changes. Call it beginner’s luck if you want. Those of you who have been at it for some time now may have noticed a “plateau”. Well, OF COURSE! If linear progression (adding weight to the bar each time you revisit a lift) worked indefinitely we’d all have 1000+ squats by now. Every so often a few things are necessary to allow making more gains.  Enter 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
- Make sure you have a de-load week programmed in (at CrossFit South Brooklyn call this Back-Off Week). Your body has been stressed for the last 4 weeks (good stress, but stress nonetheless) and it needs a break. Continuing to ask your body to work harder without rest is a recipe for a breakdown either now or down the road. It may be acute like a joint or soft tissue injury, or chronic and subtler like hormonal imbalances and fatigue. Any of these can hamper progress. You can’t be All Max Effort All The Time Gal/Guy and expect good things to keep coming.  De-load weeks are smart.
- When the next Press/whatever cycle comes along, don’t think you should start off at the weight you finished the last cycle at. Say you finished at 100 x 5 x 5. If you start at 90 or even 85 and add 5 lbs to each of the next 3 exposures you’ll have added 5-10 lbs to your previous best. Some athletes would KILL for those 5-10 lbs!
- When you hit a wall you need to re-evaluate and re-set your numbers, same principle as above. You’re on target to squat 300x5x3 but fail at rep 3 in the 2nd set and rep 1 in the 3rd set. You say, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night (and quietly think to yourself about last night’s toga party…), I’ll hit it next time”. Well, next time you don’t make all your reps either. Don’t just keep banging your head against the same wall. Take 10 – 20% off of that number and MAKE all your reps. You’ll get a training effect because you will actually be SQUATTING, not just attempting to squat. Start building up again from your new number and see where it goes.
Don’t be afraid to back off, and don’t hold on so tightly to your ego’s idea of what weight should be on the bar that it prevents you from training intelligently. Working sub-maximally allows you to focus on QUALITY of movement as well (that’s another article in itself though). Not sure where/when to reset your numbers? Just ask. 3 Cheers to progress.