Active Recovery

30 Minutes

Kettlebell Clean and Kettlebell Snatch
30 Minutes

Today's programming comes in anticipation of a week of BIG PRs by all our athletes in the three strength movements in this cycle. Starting tomorrow with the Hang Snatch, then Wednesday and Thursday with Front Squats and Handstand Push-Ups respectively. We want everyone fresh and raring to go. You'll be spending about 1/2 the class with a foam roller, a lacross ball, and some fancy stretches to take care of your tissues and "mobilize your business", and the other half on kettlebell skill work learning the clean and the snatch, the different methods and nuances of both. Peace and PRs be with you...

JZ enjoys his comfy new Paleo Chair

Happy Halloween Boys and Ghouls!!

A HUGE shout out to CFSBK's Team Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Noah A, Katie M, Josh M, Steph P and Judge Jess B) who won yesterday's Trick or Treat Challenge at Crossfit Virtuosity!! Tremendous work on the WODs AND the costumes!

Check out the three WODs they competed in here!

The Ragnar Information Session

The Ragnar Info session will be held at CFSBK Sunday, November 14th at 12p.  This meeting is for those interested in participating or just learning more about what the race and training leading up to the race entails.  You don't have to commit to participate in the race just come out to learn more.  Sarah H. will be leading the session and all are encouraged to attend.  RSVP to sarah(AT)


Article on Old Texas Barbell Company
Manny Pacquiao working the mits with Freddie Roach (Thanks Edgar)



Front Squat

(E 7/8) Deload to 75% of best triple. Sets across.


Max effort singles are reserved for athletes who will miss exposure 8/8.

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 10.23.10

Complete the following for time:

100 Double Unders*
Rest 1 Minute
Run 400m
Rest 1 Minute
50 Double Unders*
Run 270m

*Do 1 burpee each time you break your double unders

Post times and number of burpees to comments.

Bailey, Benzur & Brenner are...The B-Team! In theaters Summer 2011

Active Recovery 2: Recover Harder starts today!
Join Coach Shane every Saturday at 12pm for an hour-long journey through the world of mobility.  This class is open to SBK members as well as non-members.  You may use it as one of your classes in your package or drop-in for $15. Bring a friend.  Bring an enemy.  

Speaking of New Classes....Mondy 8pm Group Class Anyone?
Who would be up for an 8pm Group Class on Monday nights?  It's on the table as possibility and will help alleviate some of the strain on our packed Monday nights.  Post interest to comments.

Come get your,, stuff.
Our lost and found cup runneth over.  Please check the brown bin next to the fridge for your missing clothing, water bottles, bike helmets and babies.  All items will be donated to charity at the end of this upcoming week.  Merci, le Mgmt!

Happy belated birthday wishes to Adam P, Kevin M, and Bob!

An MWod for double unders?! That's unpossible!


Rest Day

Josh M. hits a heavy double

*Rest Day Real World Challenge*

Great work by all you who participated in the first challenge! 

This one is simple, find something to roll out your plantar fascia (aka the bottom of your feet).  Could be a tennis ball, lax ball, PVC, broomstick or even a chew toy.  Treat yourself to 2-3 minutes a foot.  You're welcome!  

The Return of the KingCon

That's right boys and ghouls, Brooklyn's very own Comic Convention is back for its second year at the Brooklyn Lyceum! CFSBK BFF and Con Organizer Regan Jaye Fishman is looking for a few good men and women to volunteer here's the info: 

Hey Everybody! The second KingCon is coming up November 6th/7th at the Lyceum. We need volunteers for check in, raffles and to direct folks to panels. Legendary X-men writer Chris Claremont also needs a handler. Free food and drink, free admission for a guest lots of comic loot and its more than likely I will hug you enthusiastically throughout the weekend. Email reganjaye(AT) and friend us on FB /kingconatthebrooklynlyceum. THANK YOU!

Help a sista out!!


Halloween is Sunday!  What are you going to be?  What was your best/favorite Halloween costume growing up? Anyone going to hit the WOD in costume this weekend?!


Just because it's a rest day doesn't mean it is a day off Mobilitywod.blogspot
KingCon 2: Comicbook Boogaloo Official Site


WOD 10.28.10

Complete 5 rounds of the following for time:

2 Deadlifts (315/225)
3 Handstand Push-ups
4 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
5 Burpees

Post load and time to comments.
Compare to 10.21.10
(HSPU 3/4)

With a Lax ball

2 minutes each Shoulder
2 minutes each Hip

Raul D puts on quite a show during yesterday's WOD

Learn More about the Ragnar Relay!

What's all this Ragnar talk about?  The Ragnar is a series of team
relay races taking place around the country.  Crossfit South Brooklyn
is putting together one or more teams for the New York Ragnar taking
place in May.  Each team is made up of 12 runners that will complete
the 178 mile course from Woodstock to NYC.  Each team member will
complete 3 legs of the course, legs range from 2.7 to 8.3 miles and
are of varying difficulty.  Total distance per runner ranges from 11.6
to 19.7 miles.

This will be an unforgettable experience!  But there is a lot to talk
about in order to gather our team(s) together.  If you are interested
in attending an informational session to learn more contact Sarah H at
sarah(AT) with your contact info so she can
keep you updated with announcements.  This is no obligation and no
commitment, you are only signing up to learn more, so why wait?

In the meantime, visit to learn more!


Rob Orlando does 30 muscle-ups, Isabelle and Grace in 10 minutes
The Whole9 kids encourage you to Steal this Meal


Front Squat

(E6/8) Use a load 5% heavier than your heaviest triple this cycle. Rest exactly 3 minutes between sets.

Post load to comments.
Compare to 10.23.10 and 10.13.10

Complete the following for time:
Row 200m
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
Row 200m
8 Overhead Squats
Row 200m
6 Overhead Squats
Row 200m
4 Overhead Squats
Row 200m
2 Overhead Squats

David enjoys long walks on the beach

CFSBK is proud to announce our second Active Recovery class! Join Coach Shane every Saturday for an hour-long class employing SMR, static/dynamic stretching, and light gymnastic skills.  This class is open to and encouraged for all CFSBK members as well as non-members. 

The new class will begin this Saturday, October 30th at 12p!


Rest Day

It's the end of October, do you know where your goals are?

Time's almost up, how are you coming with achieving your goals for the month?  Any tips you've found over the last few weeks that are helping you turn your goals into accomplishments?  What's on your list for next month?

Happy Birthday David Byrd!!


*Rest Day Real-World Challenge*
All my strap-hangers and mass-transit takers and desk jockeys the challenge is simply to spend at least two minutes of your commute or your work day to "mobilize your business".

All of my drivers,  same challenge.  Stuck in traffic?  Found the perfect parking space?  Find a minute or two to hit a stretch or get into the nasty bits with a lax ball. Stumped? K-Starr has a couple of choice tips for you here.

Should you choose to accept this challenge report back on what you did and where.  Be creative. Be bold.  Be fierce.


Rope Climbing....just like back in the USSR!


Hang Snatch

1 Rep on the Minute for 10 Minutes
Athletes may add weight in the 5th minute if appropriate

Post loads to comments.
compare to 10.18.10

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans 155/110

7 Push Ups

10 Deadlifts 155/110

Post loads and rounds to comments.

Debbie Does Double Unders

Our very own Whitney H. will be dancing in Regenerate! Bringing New Voices to New Audiences at BMCC 11/5 & 11/6 at 7:30pm.
Purchase tickets here!

Collected Training at Catalyst Athletics
David and CFSBK featured on today's Mobility WOD!