(E 8/8) Find a heavy single  

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 3.23.11

For time:
1000m row
20 box jumps 24/20
10 shoulder to overhead 165/110
20 box jumps 24/20
10 shoulder to overhead

Post Rx and times to comments. 

Coaches Margie & Fox with Mark Rippetoe at this past weekend's Starting Strength Seminar

Happy Birthday Jessica B. and a happy belated Birthday to Jason S!

We're Leaving on a PR Train to Georgia! Whoo Whoo!

Yesterday was the final exposure of the Squat for the cycle.  Exposure 8 was chock-ful of PRs.  Here's a few!

David "D-Turntable" T. 225 PR
Thibeault 170 PR
Katie M. 270 PR
Michael F. 275 PR
Eric L. 325 PR
Maggie G. 125 PR
Carlos G. 250 PR
Aaron S. 205 PR
Mike W. 225 PR
Jeff B. 295 PR
Pam O. 95 PR
Jon S. 195 PR
Chris A. 300 PR
Ariel 165 PR
Chris 2A. 270 PR
Billy K. 230 PR
Laurel M. 210 PR
Jenna J. 127 PR
Nick P. 280 PR
Arlene K. 70 PR
Antione W. 325 PR
Bardian 145 PR
Shawn S. 246 PR
Rob N. 285 PR
Erica S. 85 PR
Nick A. 135 PR
JZ 230 PR
David Br. 250 PR
Melissa L. 225 PR
Dan H1 180 PR
Felipe 290 PR
Robin R. 200 PR
Jess B. 175 PR
Rob I.
285x10 PR

Damn son!!! Nice job everyone!


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Back Squat

Find a heavy single

Post loads to comments
(e7/8) compare to 4.13.11 and 3.23.11

Superset the Following two movements:
3x10 Good Mornings (add 5-10lbs to last exposure)
3x10 Strict Knees to Elbows

Post loads and experience to comments.

Scott L. on Games Open WOD #4

Heavy: A Response


By Margie Lempert

“How did your squats go?” I ask.

“Heavy. More weight than last time. But heavy,” you say with a mixture of disappointment, exhaustion, and maybe even a hint of disbelief. 

As if you wish, you think, you expect that your increase in weight will feel lighter by virtue of the fact that you got a little stronger. And that’s your goal: to be strong enough that heavy weight feels light.

Well, I think you’ve got your goal backwards.

Weight should be heavy. You should be required to push. Getting strong is hard work, as Mark Rippetoe often says. It is a commitment; not something you suddenly arrive at, but rather a slow, deliberate journey that becomes more challenging over time.

Stress adaptation – a fundamental principle of physiology. When you tax your body it rises to the challenge by growing stronger. Your bones get denser, your muscle fibers increase their contractile potential, and your ability to recruit those muscle fibers becomes more efficient. Increase weight, increase capacity; increase capacity, increase weight. It is a harmonious vertical see-saw.

Once you gain enough technical proficiency to use loads that stimulate growth, you are at the glorious beginning of not just building tolerance for, but ushering in struggle. Struggle signifies progress. “Feeling good under the bar” means you gave it a fight, and are rewarded with the tired satisfaction of getting your reps done. It does not mean an effortless set of 5 where you barely breathed hard and didn’t ever once ask: “Is this rep gonna happen?”

Sure today’s weight will feel light one day: when it’s your warm up on the way to lifting something heavier. Relish heavy weight, it never gets easier. And you shouldn’t want it to.

The Penultimate CF Games Sectional WOD is Now Up!

AMRAP in 20 Minutes of:
5 Power cleans (145lbs / 65kg)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20lbs to 10' target/14lbs to 9' target)

Check out the description and demo!

Good luck to team SBK who'll be throwing down on WOD 11.5 this weekend at CrossFit LIC!
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Rest Day

Whitney H. tears it up in Costa Rica

The PR Train is Rollin!

The PR cup runneth over after today's cleans here's a thorough albeit incomplete list of today's PRs:

David "D-Turn" T. 135#
Stella Z. 87#
Kiki P. 147#
Cherylyn A. 115#
Chris A. 220#
Jess F. 135#
Asta F. 91#
Brian G. 160#
Laurel M. 163#
Malcolm S. 205#
Matt U. 160#
Nick P. 185#
Allison 83#
Paul R. 240#
Erica N. 67#
Rob J. 200#
Abigail 125#
Jess B. 125#
Mel 67# PR
Josh M. 265#

Great work everyone!!!


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Find a new 1RM!

Post loads to comments.
(e4/4) compare to 4.11.11 and 12.6.10

Start a 10 minute clock and run 800m. In the remaining amount of time after the run, see if you can complete "Annie".

Run 800m
50-40-30-20-10 reps of
Double Unders

Post amount of "Annie" completed to comments.
compare Annie to 7.10.10

Thanks to CF Endurance and everyone who participated in yesterday's Running Seminar!

Welcome back from Costa Rica, Coach Shane and Whitney H!

CrossFit Prom!
The Open's coming to a close, and that means it's time for a PARTY! So grab yourself a killer outfit, a hot date*, and come out for some drinks, dancing, and debauchery in Williamsburg!

Suggested Attire: Schmancy. Feel free to be creative, but leave your lulus at home!

*A date is absolutely not required, but we can't resist the thought of everyone reliving all kinds of hilarious high school prom-date-finding awkwardness. So we encourage you to get out there and ask someone!

Location: CrossFit Virtuosity
Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2011
Time: 7pm until late.

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WOD 4.17.11

7 rounds for reps of:
:40 Max reps Deadlift, 75% 1RM
:20 Rest
:40 Max reps Burpees
:20 Rest

Post total reps to comments.
last Deadlift 1RM test: 1.25.1

Charmel's Burpees at yesterday's Sectional event!

There is no 12pm Group Class today. All other classes are on as regularly scheduled.

A message from NYC Endurance to everyone attending today:
Thank you for signing up for the NYE Endurance Running Seminar! Please be arrive by 12:15p, so we can sort out the administrative matters as quickly as possible.  The seminar will consist of lecture, drills and running.  Please wear a pair of shorts as it is easier to conduct the video analysis with the runner wearing shorts as compared to pants.  This does not mean you can not wear pants the rest of the seminar, absolutely the opposite, please wear what ever makes you comfortable.  As of now the bad weather is supposed to pass by sunday afternoon, but prepare for the worst (bring wet weather gear), we will still run outside if it is raining.  We will not be running more that 2 miles the entire day.

Starting Strength
Coaches Fox and Margie are at Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Certification this weekend along with Rob I, Michele K, Alec H, Deb P and Jim R.  The event is being hosted in Red Hook at Paulie's South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club.  Good luck to all the attendees on a no doubt Dense weekend of education.

Mark Bell talks about the The CrossFit Open and CrossFit Powerlifting Cert CrossFit Games
The Good Stuff CrossFit Lisbeth


Box Squat

10x2 On The Minute
(5-10lbs Heavier than last week)

Post loads to comments.
(e7/8) compare to 4.9.11

As Many Rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double Unders
15 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, each arm 35/25
alternate hands every 5 reps

Post rounds and reps to comments.

A trip to Prospect Park wouldn't be complete without picking up something heavy

Shane is still in Costa Rica.. so there is No Active Recovery today

Running Seminar
The NYC Endurance Seminar is tomorrow.  It will go from 12:30 to around 6pm so we will not be holding a 12pm Group Class.  All other classes will be on as regularly scheduled. There is still room to sign up if your'e interested. Details here!

Coaches David and Margie were recently asked a few questions about the Paleo Diet and CrossFit by VIVmag.  To read the article, click here

Bierkraft's Oyster and Beer party!
In honor of their new backyard opening up, our buddies at Bierkraft are celebrating by throwing a party this weekend. Hundreds of oysters, 11 cask beers on tap. Festivities start at 12pm today and fo until 10. It's going to be a big!

Good luck, Team SBK on WOD 11.4 today at CrossFit Virtuosity!


Rest Day

Carlos gets all "Zen" before Jerking

Congratulations to everyone on their Mile PRs yesterday. Here are some of the fastest times from the day:

Aaron S:
5:25 (gym record!)
David Br: 5:41
Justin Z: 5:54
Mike F: 5:55
Noah A: 5:58

Melissa L: 6:30 (gym record!)
Jenna J: 7:03
Asta F: 7:10
Worm: 7:12
Jess F: 7:20
Aneal H: 7:50

Competition Team Updates
This weekend marks the fourth event in the CrossFit Games NYC Open Sectionals that CrossFit South Brooklyn has been hosting along with CrossFit Virtuosity and CrossFit Long Island City. The top 30 teams from the region will advance to the next stage and compete in the CrossFit Games Regionals and we we're 42/69 after last weeks WOD . Team scores are based off the points of their top three male and female athletes, here's what we've done so far...

WOD 11.1

AMRAP 10 Minutes

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches 75/55 lbs

Scored as 1 point per repetition


1. Scott Lundghagen - 347

2. Kevin Rooney - 301

3. Josh Martinez - 280


1. Kiki Proctor - 270

2. Jess Fox - 239

3. Stephanie Paddock - 227

WOD 11.2

AMRAP 15 Minutes

9 Deadlifts 155/110 lbs

12 Push Ups - Games Standards

15 Box Jumps 24/20"

Scored as 1 point per repetition


1. Scott Lundhagen - 405

2. Josh Martinez - 350

3. Dan Betz - 343


1. Kiki Proctor - 369

2. Jess Fox - 346

3. Melissa Loranger - 297

WOD 11.3

AMRAP 5 Minutes

Squat Clean and Jerk 165/110

Scored as 1 point per squat clean and 1 point per jerk


1. Josh Martinez - 49

2. Scott Lundhagen - 44

3. Dan Betz - 39


1. Kiki Proctor - 35

2. Stephanie Paddock - 31

3. Jess Fox - 26

Team SBK has been representing well and we're proud of the effort that all of our competitors have put forth, we're looking forward to seeing more. We also want to thank the members who've made it out to support and cheer not only at our home base but at CFV last week also. This week is the last week at CFV before moving on to CFLIC for the final two weeks. Please continue to come out and cheer! If you've never been to a CrossFit competition before you're missing out. Plus, Fette Sau is right nearby!
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