Take 20 minutes to try and find a 1RM.

Post loads to comments.
compare to 7.9.11

3 Rounds for time:
10 Box Jumps 30"/24"
15 Push Presses @~75% today's 1RM
30 Kettlebell Swings 24kg/16kg

Post time and Rx to comments.

Coach Jeremy Deadlifts 485lbs at the Hybrid Athletics CrossFit Total

CFSBK Community Picnic and Flag Football Tournament

Are you ready for some fooooooooooootball?!?!  Join us Sunday, August 21st from 10(ish)am-4(ish)pm for our first ever Crossfit South Brooklyn Flag Football Tournament extravaganza.  This will be a day long picnic open to all members, friends, and family, during which time we will be playing some fairly non-competitive, all inclusive, gender neutral, footwear optional Flag Football.  Depending on interest we will split into 2-8 teams and play a small tournament to crown the champion of the Paleo Pigskin League (PPL.)   

All are welcome to come down, grill, bring beverages or food, and hang.  For anyone interested in the actual playing of football (not just eating and drinking and lounging) please respond to Noah(AT) with a general scale of football aptitude on a 1 (I don't know a football from a baseball) to 5 (I taught Tom Brady everything he knows, including how to flip his hair so coyly.)

We hope to see you there!


Back Squat

65%x10x2  (% based on 1RM)
75%x10x2  (75% of 3RM from 7.27.11)

Post loads to comments.
(volume exposure 1/4)

Spend some time working on Rope Climbs

Post experience to comments.

Jacinto B at the CrossFit Games!

Jacinto is currently in 9th place for the Men's 60+ master division.  Jacinto took 7th place in event 1 with a time of 8:53 and then tied for 11th place with a 145lb clean and jerk (a 10lb PR!) for event 2.  Great work, Warrior!!!!

Happy Birthday, Kate D!

A Warm-Up Refresher

We've been hitting the Standardized Warm-Ups for about a week now and are pleased to see people working dilligently on their calisthenics.  Here are a few points to keep in mind as you continue to make these part of your routine:

You shouldn't be approaching faliure with any these movements. The idea is not to necessarily make it harder each time you do it or test your limits, we want to build a base of sub-maximal volume to gradually build upon. Make it your goal to gradually work closer to Rx'd reps and mature versions of these movements but only after you can perform a submaximal sets or variations wth perfect technique. For example, if you do 10 push-ups as 5-3-2, keep that up until it feels less difficult and then attempt a different rep scheme like 6-2-2 or 5-4-1. Or if you've got 1 or 2 strict push-ups, do 2 strict at the top of each round and then finish out with 7 switch push-ups. Play around with how you approach these warm-ups but always keep some gas in the tank.

Movement Tempos
Tempos can be very useful with even the most basic movements.  Holding the bottom of your squat for a 1 count not only strengthens the bottom position but helps open up your hips and ankles.  Remember that good movement is born out of good initial starting positions.  If the top of your push-up is soft then the mechanics of everything that follow it will accordingly suffer. Rushing through these movements can actually be counter productive.  You might develop bad habits, reinforce poor posture and overdevelop one part of the movement at the expense of another. For example if your pull-ups are always just barely over the bar you might get great at doing moderate volume pull-ups at 95% of the Range of motion. Very frustrating when you start failing getting over the bar at all during workouts and you can't figure out why. One little trick is to think about someone taking your picture at the top and bottom of each repetition. What would you want it to look like?

Here are some ideas on how to vary your movements to better suit your weakness or needs:

  • Do you have a problem with your knees caving in during squats? Why not throw one of the green therabands above your knees to help strengthen that aspect of the squat during warm-ups.  Have you never tried squatting with a theraband? Throw one on and see how it feels, you might be surprised. 
  • What if you have trouble hitting depth? maybe grab a 12" box or a Wall Ball and work on hitting a target. If your knees tend to shoot forward try squatting in front of a bench.
  • Do you find that your body type makes it hard to get deep on push-ups?  Try using a few bumper plates under your hands so you can get a little deeper.  This might also be a good option for folks who struggle with strict push-ups and want a little elevation.
  • Are you doing 3 sets of 5-8 pull-ups without thinking twice about it? Why not make it a little more difficult by going chest to bar or doing an L-Sit Pull-Up? You might have to drop the total reps to make these submaximal but you'll be developing other areas in the process.
  • Chest Facing down planks too easy? Try bringing your hands forward just beyond your head. Spicy!


Have any questions? Post your experiences with warm-ups to comments so the coaches can help you find the most productive scaling options for you.

Greg Anderson's Warm-Up Routine CrossFit
Boz and Todd Coach a Warm-Up CrossFit
Warm-Up Drills with Stephen Rochet CrossFit
Burgener Warm-Up CrossFit
Tumbling Warm-Up Cathletics
Quick and Effective Hamstring Warm-Up Cathletics
Before You Squat Cathletics


Rest Day WOD

Today's Rest Day WOD is to write a CrossFit Haiku.  Nothing like a fun little project to get the creative juices flowing.  What's a Haiku you ask?  A Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry characterized by three simple lines. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second contains 7 and the last again contains 5. Think about images, emotions and experiences you have at the gym and see if you can't write your own.  Below are two examples courtesy of Mobility WOD

Psoas unfolding
Like the lotus blossom
I just vomited

Way of the painball
There are no days off
Leopard is supple

Post Haiku to comments.

While out in California for the Games, Rickke, Jacyln, Mike and Christine stopped by CrossFit Merge for a little team competition. 

Speaking of Competitions..

The first event of the CrossFit Subway Series is just over a week away!  Competitions like these are a great way to mix up your training environment and see how you do under a little more pressure.  It doesn't matter if you're interested in competing at the affiliate team level or just a little competition-curious.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and have some fun.  Scaling options for all the workouts will be provided so that you can participate no matter what your level.

The first event will be held on Saturday, August 6th, 9am at CrossFit Virtuosity. For more information and to register, visit the eventbrite site.

The CrossFit Games Are Here!

After months of waiting the Games are finally here.  You can watch some of the best CrossFitters on the planet battle it out for the title of fittest on earth for free online here.  One of the best parts of the Games is that the events are unknown until shortly before competition.  This means we don't know what kinds of grueling tests these athletes will be put through until this weekend.  The only known variable is that the events will definitely be very.. very grueling.
Highlights from the CrossFit/USAW Open
A Brief History Of The CrossFit Games


WOD 7.28.11

3 Rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 Thrusters, 75/55
12 Pull-Ups

Post time and Rx to comments.

Portia and the Peanut Gallery

Happy Birthday (and welcome back) Brian D!

Skill Session 1: The Kipping Pull-Up


Are you an athlete who has strict pull-up but hasn't learned the elusive kip?  Do you have a decent kipping swing but seem to always get stuck at the bottom of your pull-up?  Can get a few kips in but quickly fall out of rhythm and have to start over?  On Thursday, August 4th at 8PM Coach Noah will run an (approximately) one hour mini-workshop dedicated solely to the kipping pull-up, and iron out all of your funky kipping issues. 

The Kipping Pull-up is a core gymnastic movement often utilized in high volume pull-up workouts.  While not a true strength builder like a strict pull-up, the kip allows an athlete to incorporate both the strength of their hips and their own momentum to link pull-up together with less effort and a faster cycle time than a traditional pull-up.
The class will involve a warmup, mobility work, a brief overview of the elements of the kipping pull-up, and partner drills and pull-up practice.  Kipping pull-up require a significant amount of integrity in the shoulder girdle and as such this class requires a buy in of  1 Strict Pull-Up (women) or 3 Strict Pull-Ups (men).  The class will be a $10 drop-in and space is limited to 8 participants.  Email Noah (AT) to sign up, make sure to mention your max number of dead hang pull-up and issues you've had learning/perfecting the kip so he can better prepare to get you swinging smoothly.


A Legal Theory For Autonomous Artificial Agents

What!? Another SBK author coming out with a book.  Check out "The Professor" Samir C's new book 

In short: As corporations and government agencies replace human employees with online customer service and automated phone systems, we become accustomed to doing business with non human agents. If artificial intelligence (AI) technology advances as today’s leading researchers predict, these agents may soon function with such limited human input that they appear to act independently. When they achieve that level of autonomy, what legal status should they have? 

Or, In layman's terms...

Is This Paleo? Robb Wolf
USDA: Make It More Obvious When Meat Is Enhanced Take Part


Back Squat

Advanced: 85%x3x5
Beginner/Intermediate: 3-3-3-3-3

If you don't have a 1RM then spend today's exposure finding a heavy 3 rep that still leaves some room to move up in weight by 15-20 lbs. We'll be doing triples as the heavy day with linear increases for this squat cycle so don't hit the wall on day 1.

Post loads to comments.

2 Rounds NFT of:
15 Strict Toes to Bar or Knees to Elbows
15 Single Leg RDLs, each leg

Post loads and Rx to comments.

Good luck to Jeff B on the Bar Exam today!

Congratulations to Coach Chris Fox for passing his motorcycle license test!

Odds on Salo?

The CrossFit Games are a mere 3 days away!  Who do you see on the podium for the men's and women's divisions this year?  Last night it was announced that there will be swimming involved in this years Games.  Hope the competitors took a tip from the SBK Red Hook Swim Club and included some laps into their training!

It also goes without saying that we're all putting our money on "The Warrior", Jacinto B to take the top spot in the 60+ Masters Division.  Fun Fact: Jacinto will be the oldest competitor at the Games this year!

The Taste Of Salt

Check out resident author extraordinaire, Martha Southgate who will be promoting the release of her new book, "The Taste Of Salt".  Check out these advance reviews:

“Extraordinarily moving and keenly sensitive tour de force that will linger in your mind and heart for a long time.”—James Hannaham, author of God Says No

“A haunting novel about the ways we hurt and are hurt by the people we love most in the world, and about how, despite that, we find solace in their love.”—Ayelet Waldman, author of Red Hook Road

The Taste of Salt is a beautiful and heartbreaking portrait of a modern family.   Employing a chorus of voices and perspectives,  Martha Southgate probes the depths of her troubled characters with clarity and tenderness.”—Dan Chaon,  author of Await Your Reply
WOD Gear CrossFit Training Apperel
Adrian Bozman is "Ready" CrossFit


Rest Day

Check out Maurya S from Spartan Racing's video update after her first session at CFSBK.  Maurya is gearing up to run two Spartan Races with the help of Coach Shane.  You can read more about her experience here!

Wednesday 8pm Class

You asked for it and you got it.  Join Coach Noah this and every Wednesday at 8pm for our newest Group Class.

Lets Get Real about Summertime Hydration!

Watch Kelly S over at Mobility WOD talk about heat, fluid loss and how to get enough fluid and salts for life and performance. Episode 276

Do You Remember Your First Workout at CFSBK? What was it?

Strength Feats Compilation 2 Youtube
"Do Over" CrossFit Triangle
Tuaomas Vainio, Born Generalist CrossFit
Kristen Clever: Can't Quit, Not Acceptable Rogue/CrossFit


WOD 7.25.11

4 Rounds of:
Bench Press, 5 reps
Row 25 Calories

Get on the erg immedidately following your bench set and row a hard 25 calories. Rest as needed between rounds. Your score is total lbs moved and total time on the erg.  If you miss a rep on the bench, you get zero points for that set. For example:

150x5 = 750lbs

160x5 = 800lbs

170x4 = 0lbs

165x5 = 825lbs

Score = 2,375lbs / 6:06

Post score to comments.

Devi A looks focused during Push Jerk warm-ups

This Squat Cycle.

As mentioned previously, we'll still be squatting 2x per week throughout this cycle.  Wednesdays exposures will be heavy sets while Saturday's will be volume sets.  Below is the programming breakdown for each exposure.

Wednsday Heavy Squat
e1: Advanced:85%x3x5
Novice/Intermediate: 3-3-3-3-3 Working up to a submax heavy triple (leave 15-20 lbs in the tank)
e2: add 5-15lbs 3x5
e3: add 5-10lbs 3x5
e4: add 2.5-5lbs 3x5

Saturday: Volume Squat
e1: 65%x10x2 (or %75 of your first heavy triple from this cycle)
e2: +5-10lbs x10x2
e3: +5-10lbs x10x2
e4: +5-10lbs x10x2

For the CFSBK Red Hook Swim Club: Tabata Swimming
CF Santa Cruz Does Weighted Push-Ups
Sepak Takraw (No hands Volleyball)
Ngyuen Thi Buch Thuy: 'Just Give Me The Damn Sepak Takraw Ball!' The Onion