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Power Clean | Partner WOD 4.9.17

Power Clean

Work up to a heavy single Power Clean.

Post loads to comments.


Partner WOD
In teams of 2, complete...

4 Rounds for Time:
400m Run (together)
30 Power Cleans 135/95
20 Handstand Push-Ups

Both partners must be back from the runs before beginning the Power Cleans. Break up the Power Cleans and Handstand Push-Ups however desired. The Power Clean weight should be on the medium-light side for you. Scale range of motion on the Handstand Push-Ups or to Box Piked or regular Push-Ups as needed.

Post time, Rx, and partner to comments.

MFW Handstand Push-Ups are in the WOD... | Photo by Robert C.

The CFSBK Guide to Cues: "Pull yourself under the bar"

By David Osorio
Originally published 8.10.16

Knees out! Chest up! Flat back! The verbal cue is one of the most important tools in a CrossFit coach's repertoire. You probably have some sense of what these commands mean, but in this newish blog feature, we'd like to take a look at some common cues. From time to time, we'll be offering these short guides to explain what these mean and why they're important. In our first installment, we discussed the ubiquitous "knees out." Now we're going to look at one that comes up a lot during Olympic lifting: "Pull yourself under the bar." What the hell does that mean? We're glad you asked...

When might you hear it in class, and what does it mean?

The Snatch and Clean and Jerk are technically demanding lifts. Most of us can relate to feeling intimidated or overwhelmed when we first started learning them. That's why we often break them down into three separate phases, each with its own set of positions and intentions.

The 1st Pull: Moves the bar from the floor to the Mid-Hang position. The intention here is to maintain balance and position while beginning to accelerate the barbell.

The 2nd Pull: Is an aggressive extension and transition from the Mid-Hang to full extension, the purpose of which is to create maximum momentum and elevation of the barbell.

The 3rd Pull: Is what we're focusing on here today. Now, this is where a lot of new lifters get confused, since the 3rd pull is a downward movement rather than an upward one. So when coaches tell you to "pull yourself under the bar," they're telling you to actively pull your body underneath the bar into the receiving position. It's not a passive "catch" but an intentional pull underneath the bar using our arms. The arms play a more passive role in the 1st and 2nd pulls as we elevate the bar. But in the 3rd pull of the Snatch, we ideally use our arms to pull under and push up, staying connected to the bar. Think of actively heaving yourself down rather than simple dropping underneath.

Why is it important?

The faster you can get under the barbell, the more weight you can move. You have to accelerate downward faster than gravity, and the only way to do that is to pull under the bar. We have a video!

In the first Snatch, I passively drop under the bar. In the second Snatch, I actively pull myself under the bar. See how much faster and cleaner it is? To Snatch efficently, you and the bar need to move as one. 

What can I do to fix it?

Drills! The following barbell drills will help you stay active and pull under the bar with proper mechanics:

The Scarecrow Snatch, the Tall Snatch, and the High Hang Snatch all demand quickness under the bar, accentuating the downward heave of the 3rd pull. You may want to try these with a PVC or a lighter barbell than usual at first. Also, if you're not doing it already, you should always use the hook grip!

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Reader Comments (5)


1. Ring Dip kipping/strict

2. conditioning

5 min
5 toes to bar
10 squats
10 double unders
rest 3 min

5 min
row @ 150-200 watts
rest 3 min

5 min
5 ring dips
7 box jumps
10 kb swings

April 9, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterArturo R.

Awesome Photo Of The Day

12pm class
Up to an easy TNG 205x2 then 24:41 with Scott. Fun workout.

April 9, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterFox

I just made fox's sausage and tortilla egg bake -- so easy and so good! thanks, fox!

April 9, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterariel

10am with Fox and Lauren
Wod 22:10min with Edvard @ 135lbs and box piked HSPU. This was super fun, it was a good day for running and I love cycling through power cleans on a wod. We went 5ea at all times, which was a good pace, just kept moving throughout.

11am AR was needed after yesterday's thruster death. Baked Fox's egg dish and it was great, super easy and tasty and easy to use through the week. Waiting for the next recipe!

April 9, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel R

9am with Foxes

Partnered with Charles. I worked up to 115# and called it there. He kept going.

Metcon @ 85# and regular push ups in 20-something.

Was a beautiful day for running. :)

April 10, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBrian

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