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Snatch | NFT Work 4.30.17

Snatch Complex

Every 90 seconds for 12 rounds:
Snatch Lift Off (1") + Snatch High Pull + Mid Hang Snatch High Pull + Mid Hang Snatch

Stay tight, maintain back angle, and keep your weight back (just behind mid-foot) on the lift off, pausing with the bumpers 1" off the floor. Return to the floor for the Snatch High Pull. Don't pull the bar crazy high on the High Pulls. Anywhere above navel height is plenty high.

Post loads to comments.


Partner NFT Work:
60 Ring Rows
550m Carry

Break the Ring Rows up however desired. Carry a heavy sandbag or kettlebell in front of your body (bear hug/goblet) for a lap around the block. You can exchange as many times as you need. The object should be HEAVY—heavy enough to necessitate a few exchanges on the lap.

Post work and partner to comments.

Photo by Thomas H.

Not For Time, A Primer

By David Osorio
Originally posted 6.27.12

CFSBK programming often includes "Not For Time" (NFT) assistance work either on top of or instead of traditional CrossFit "For Time" conditioning.  We usually use this method of training 1-3 times per week as a supplement to our primary lifts and conditioning tests.  The value of this work can't be overstated and in this article we'll discuss the rational behind NFT work.

"Assistance Work"
Most NFT workouts generally fall under the title "assistance work" because their intention is to help develop the muscle groups and movement patterns used in our primary lifts and WODs.  Sometimes a lagging muscle group might prevent you from properly executing an exercise, especially at load or intensity. For example, if your chest regularly drops when trying to squat heavy, you might benefit from some concentrated low back/hip extension work like good mornings, RDLS, perhaps even heavy kettlebell swings. NFT work is our opportunity to program in different exercises that may not lend themselves well to being timed or performed at maximal weight, but do help you get into better positions when you need it most.

Work on imbalances
NFT work also uses more unilateral (one side at a time) bilateral (alternating sides) and stabilization exercises to promote symmetry and balance.  An imbalance in your pressing strength might not be apparent with a barbell, but it can become comically obvious when working with dumbbells.  Perhaps your imbalance is actually neurological, you know how to "set your back" but proper abdominal bracing strategies still elude you.  A healthy dose of hollow rocks, planks or a variety of other holds can help you identify how to engage and develop different parts of your body.  Mobility work would also fall under this category, if you've ever done a workout that included holding a stretch or performing something like an "inchworm" you know we're sneaking in some active flexibility training.

Same movements, different focus
Sometimes we even will take movements that you regularly see in WODs like push-ups, jumping rope and rowing and take the clock away.  These are great opportunities to troubleshoot the movements themselves and aim for perfection with every rep without the stress of worrying about what your time or load will be. Instead, you can still get a significant stimulus by focusing on whatever you struggle with most about that movement. It could be coordination, range of motion or strength at a particular position in the lift. Whever your case may be, slow down and do it right so you can speed up and do it right later.

The take home message is that the better you can become at a wide variety of exercises and types of workouts, the more well rounded and successful of an athlete you can become.  We hope this gives you some food for thought the next time a NFT workout comes up and what our thought process is behind it.  As always, we're always experimenting with new concepts and protocols to help you guys and gals achieve get better inside and outside the gym.
Yesterday's Whiteboard: Back Squat / Front Squat" | KB Swings, Push-Ups, Bar Muscle-Ups, OHS
Farhod Sobirov Snatching 385lbs Hookgrip
Cracking Sound Alerts Man He Reaching Stryofoam Plate's Limit

Reader Comments (10)


Pistol 101

EVEN: 30 sec alternating Pistols
ODD: 30 sec renegade rows, AHAP/unbroken

4 intervals @90% hard effort
6 deadlifts, 225/155
8 hspu
10/7 cal row
rest 5 minutes

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterArturo R

9am Short Circuit - awesome as always, but pulled my neck doing chin-ups (sigh).
11am AG Strength - all the shoulder gainz led me to my first chest-to-bar pull-up, and my first wall kick-up and (2 abmat) HSPU!

10am class - Snatch complex up to 130lbs, the pulls in the complex made it tricky to keep a good grip at the bar. Carried 100lbs around the block with Matt (who taught me how to pick it up!).
11am AR - not enough food talk, but I heard of some strawberry rhubarb bars that sounded amazing.
Wanted to stay around for AG, but decided to rest my injuries (neck, foot) instead.

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel R

Snatch Complex: 63, 73x2, 83x2, 93x3, 103x2, 108, 113F
Good cues from Whit on how to be more solid in finishing (I usually just get under the bar quickly and say a prayer that the rest will happen).

100# sandbag walk with Michael. This was a mental struggle after sandbag carries yesterday.

Deadlift: 135x5, 225x5, 265x3, 295x3, 315x3

Catching up...

Saturday Morning Special: StrongFit and Short Circuit

Tempo HBBS: 135 x 12 x 2
Tempo FSQ: 95 x 12 x 1
Haven't tried high bar in quite some time, so thought I would change it up for this cycle.
Soooooo long under the bar.

WOD 1: 5 rounds + 10 KB swings
WOD 2: 5 rounds + 2 C2B pull ups

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKayleigh

motivation increased slightly throughout this session...

A. 9 min assault bike aerobic, crossover symmetric activation circuit

B. 20 min, easy pace
100' single arm OH carry L (35, 45, 45, 45)
100' SA OH carry R
:30 FLR on rings
50 single unders (with high knees and butt kick versions interspersed)
10 hanging hip taps on pull-up bar

4 or 5 rounds

C. 18 min EMOM
a. 10 push ups (8 and 7 in last two rounds)
b. 5ea reverse lunge with 20# DB's overhead

-shoulder feeling better. focused on position and action over speed.

D. 3 rounds:
1/3 mile run with 14# vest
rest 2:30 in between
increase pace each round

1. 3:00
2. 2:40
3. 2:26

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWhit H

11am (I think? Might've been 12. Weekends!) with Whit. All the squats. 75# BS and 65# FS. 12 reps is a lot and 4 seconds is a reeeeeeallly long time.

WOD Round 1 = 5 rounds even
WOD Round 2 = 4 rounds + 2 jumping CTB

Worked up to 67# for the snatch complex. Really appreciated the focus on the lift off, and the snatches themselves felt as though I could have moved more weight but something about the high pulls was really grippy. These complexes are fun.

I hadn't done ring rows in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find that they felt great. Lovely time carrying a very heavy sandbag around the block with new friends!

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChristine

1) Congrats, Daniel! I really want to do AG Strength!!

2) Whit! If I had a vest and could invest the time, I'd love to train running with a weighted vest. Looks fun!

3) 1pm: 53-63-68-73-78. Actually felt pretty good towards the end. Great cues from Coach Snickers about loosening up the arms on the actual mid-hang snatch. Focused on this throughout, and improved!

4) AG: Gah! I love this s*&^ so much! Pistol & Renegade Row (20#, could have gone heavier) EMOM was great. Then! Super fun all out intervals!
Deadlifts: 135#
HSPUS (8 round one, 6 every other round to stay in the ~1:00 time frame. Took me 1:15 round 1.)
7 Cal Row

1:15, 1:02, 1:04, :56

Then, stayed after class with Sarah C and Jay-Star to do the training as it was supposed to be done, instead of just the little taste provided by Ro.

Rested 10:00

Then...4 more rounds!
1:02, 1:02, 1:04, 1:07 woof!

That interval stuff is so much fun. The 5:00 of rest between rounds completely rejuvenates you. You feel like you can go forever...but after round 8 today, I know I couldn't. I love it because I feel like I am *actually training*. While I've definitely 1000% improved at crossfit from regular group classes, I feel like I've made huge improvements the past couple of weeks from this interesting training we've been doing. I feel a difference.

4) Lastly, I think I can do a muscle-up now. Ro secretly recorded an attempt to which I was like "no, can't do it" and quit. I watched the video-- omg! I was basically there!! Just gotta keep the rings close and not give up! Fingers crossed :P I also didn't have a lot of time for the accessory work this week, so I've got to commit to 2-4 times per week next week. That shit is the KEY.

Everyone wants to do the fun sexy shit, but dear lord... throw in some dumbbells, side planks, and weighted pull-ups--> THAT's the real sexy stuff! Even if it's boring and really, really hard.

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAllie B.

Tempo Hbbs 75x12. 85x12. This felt sooo slow on the way down. It didn't feel heavy but it seemed like most people were doing ~30% of their 1rm in group class so i didn't want to be too aggressive! I'm sure I'll still feel it tomorrow.

Tempo front squat 75x12. breathing sucked on this

-Some glute work with the bands and a kettle bell
-tabata burpees
-chin ups
-med ball push-ups

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJenny M

Posting late about 10 AM class...

Got to 88 on the snatch complex, although if I'm being honest the last one was a power snatch. The high pulls were great for helping me combat one of my bigger weaknesses, which is letting the bar get in front of me. But of course I have other weaknesses to conquer, like committing to getting under the bar.

Ring rows near-horizontal (kinda wish I'd put my feet on a box), then traded the 80# sandbag around with Thaissa (sp?), which was fun.

I didn't do it today because I didn't want to show up at AR super late, but I think I'm going to take Kayleigh's suggestion of Sundays as heavy pull days.

Daniel, that's awesome!

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterStella


Finally made it back to another great class
8 emom
- pistols felt good and more stable. I find I'm not leaning all over the place now. Definetly getting stronger with these
-should have gone heavier on the renegade rows but I was afraid I'd compromise my core which was not suppose to happen. So it's all good

First four rounds :49,:44,:47,:44. Then Ro gave a good dose of peer pressure and Allie, Jay-Star, and I did 4 more rounds at :47,:51,:49,:51. Slowed down from the first four rounds but I really liked this. It really made you move!!

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSarah C

Snatch complex:

Kept it light and worked up to 73 because I don't know how to do a snatch pull- well at least not today. Pulled too high, bar was too far away, and I wasn't jumping soooo....lots to work on.

Carried a 20kg bell around the block with Allie. Perfect weight because my right shoulder (formerly injured) felt it (not in a painful way- it's weak!).


Pistols with a red band.
25# renegade rows

LOVED these intervals even though I had to sub burpees for HSPUs. (I keep saying I will starting working these into warm-ups again and posting here to hold myself accountable). DLs @155#

1. 1:06 (but pulled 10x before the monitor went on!)
2. 1:03
3. :57
4. :57

If I didn't have brunch plans would've joined Allie and Sarah in doing a second round of them.

Allie, I was wondering what was going on with that second attempt- you were RIGHT there!!! Next time!

(So many parentheses today.)

April 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKLove

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