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Back Rack Reverse Lunge | WOD 4.26.17

Back Rack Reverse Lunge

3 x 12e

Perform 12 reps on one leg, rack the bar, then perform 12 reps on the other. Start week 1 at a light-moderate load and aim to increase over the 8 weeks. You’re going to be sore after these the first few weeks, so pay attention to good recovery practices (i.e., eat some food). The last few reps of each set should be tough.

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Exposure 1 of 8

For Time:

1000m Row
50 Toes-to-Bars
50 Burpees

Aim to move at a sustainable pace that feels like you could go harder.

For Time:

8 rounds of...
5 Burpees
5 Toes-to-Bars


1000m Row

Aim to move at a sustainable pace that feels like you could go harder. Scale the Toes-to-Bars to Hanging Leg or Knee Raises as needed.

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The CFSBK Coaching Staff: Arturo Ruiz

Editor's note: We're in the process of updating the bios on our Coaching Staff page. As we do so, we'll be posting the new bios to the main blog as a way of reacquainting you with one of the main things that makes CFSBK a special gym: our wonderful, talented coaching staff! Last time, we brought you Coach Lynsey. Next up, Coach Ro!

Arturo comes to CFSBK with 9 years of training experience working with diverse populations in individual and group settings. Arturo's fitness background stems from the competitive aspects of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Strength and conditioning were a major aspect of hi training for amateur MMA fights, amateur Muay Thai fights, and NAGA tournaments and therefore truly sparked his interest in fitness. Since then, he has participated in several CrossFit Opens, Olympic weightlifting meets, and many local CrossFit competitions.

His current certifications are: USA Weightlifting L1 Performance Coach, USA Weightlifting LWC Referee, Starting Strength Coach, NASM CPT and CES, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics, and CrossFit Movement and Mobility.

Arturo is also the 2016 USA Weightlifting Masters (Age 40-44, 85kg) National Bronze Medalist

Catching Up with the CFSBK Classifieds

  • Mo and Kat are moving to Sweden (boo!) and are selling their 2010 Subrau Forester (yay!). They're even offering a discount to CFSBKers. Go here and scroll to the bottom for all the info.
  • Dan G.'s co-op is looking for a plumber. More deets and Dan's contact info can be found in the Employment Opportunities section.

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Reader Comments (13)

Ro!!! Nuff said.

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJay-Star

quick morning session. R shoulder is hot and grumpy and hasn't been improving so time to stop using it and allow for some rest.

A. 10 min heat up: bike, line drills, getting sweaty

BSQ 2x10 @ 130, 135
FSQ 2x10 @ 110, 115
feeling solid. slower down, faster up tempo. much more in the tank.

12 min:
1:00 bike, moderate (~57 RPM)
100’ sandbag carry, 80#
10 alt. pistols
100’ backward sled pull, empty
10 v-up, :01 pause in hollow each time

3 rounds + :30 of bike

I had intentions of making this much longer, but didn't start early enough. blessing in disguise because this got so spicy so quickly and i should've started at a much easier pace in order to maintain. pistols have improved, L side still tough.

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWhit H

12:00pm Class with Coach Ro

Reverse Lunges

Enjoyed those. Looking forward to more this cycle

Had a nagging spasm in my left erectors from Nate that hadn't subsided. Been able to train through it and after taking yesterday and Monday off I thought some movement would be helpful but the flexion/extension in toes to bars proved to be too much just yet. So I got through the row and burpees then called it.

Afterwards Coach Melo worked her magic hands on me and feeling much less stiff now.

April 26, 2017 | Registered CommenterDavid Osorio


Reverse lunges 85#, felt really light. We'll see how tomorrow feels

WOD - 11:07 Rx
Row 1:45-1:50
T2B 10-10-7-5-5-3's-singles

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJames A

Just wanted to say I'm a BIG fan of these reverse lunges!!

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterNishi U

Lunges: one set each at 45#, 55# and 60#. Felt pretty light, will probably open a bit higher next time. Excited to see how these progress.

Fitness WOD at 11:20. This was definitely a T2B workout for me. I've been working on the kip rhythm, but couldn't quite get it going this morning. Still, good to get some practice in.

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSteven N


April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJames A

Nice reminder of Ro's expertise and accomplishments. Masters people...just sayin'

7am with McDowell and Ro
Lunges with 43#. These are going to address some of my relative weaknesses so I'll try to stay focused and on task with the not very fond memory or lunge walking in the Open spurring me on.

Fitness version of the WOD because I knew I'd stop a lot doing 50 TTB. Sets of 5 kept me moving mostly unbroken except being on the rouge rack feels slippery so I stopped to chalk in sets 6,7,8. I could not get that last ttb so after four almosts I moved to the erg. Stayed at 27-29 s/m for the most part with 7 hard, fast pulls at 200, 400, 600 and then sprinted 900-1000. So that's a lot of detail about my WOD today and yet...I don't know my time. I was last on the erg so after whoever was second to last doing fitness.

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterShawn

Ro is the best! He goes out of his way to help members, myself included, get the skills they need. And AG is awesome!! Didn't know he was a fighter before becoming a master! Cool! :P

Lunges: 55x12 each side, 65 x 12, 70x 12. Easy!

Fitness wod: totally anticipated being able to do TTB all unbroken. Was not so easy!!! On the erg at 6:00 off at 11:13 :/

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAllie B

7:30 with Melo

Lunges: 75x12x3 each leg.

My abs are still recovering from the great GHD incident of April 2017... I feel like I'm crazy but they are still super weak and it's been almost 3 weeks! Scaled fitness down to 3 TTB since I clearly need to slowly ease back into ab stuff...finished in 11:19. Felt good to move!

Booty is gonna be soreeeee tomorrow!

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJenny M

Ro! I second everything Allie said. Ro is super helpful and gives lots of great advice, especially on accessory work to do outside of class. He's also really good at breaking movements down. One such example is the bar muscle up progressions he taught us last year. Three weeks after doing the progressions in class, I got my first (3) BMUs in the Open (2016). I 100% attribute it to how he taught the movement. I literally skip brunch with friends every Sunday so I can take AG once a week.

Easy but I'll probably be sore tomorrow.

Fitness WOD Rx'd in 10:22
T2B broke down fairly quickly I think bc of DLs yesterday.
Row was a slog. Couldn't maintain a steady pace so varied it from 2:08-2:23 with a push on the last 250m at about 2:05.

Fun one!

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKLove

6:30 PM class

Lunges: 33#, 53#, 63# (only one side) could have done more weight on this but it was my first time on this exercise and I maintained good form.

Fitness WOD Rx'd in 11:04 with some adjustments to TTB technique by coach Arturo. Still working on getting these right. Managed to to power through the rowing pretty well.

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBrian D

CF island park tonight: gymnastics class!!!!

Practiced all kinds of fun skills.
-forward rolls, transition to cartwheel, transition to backward roll into a handstand push-up (actually almost did this right)
-round off + tuck jumps (almost rolled my ankle of course)
-round off + backward roll to handstand push-ups. (I'm not gymnast and probably looked crazy, but I held my own)

WOD: 20 min time cap
5 legless rope climb
50 Burpees
4 legless rope climb
40 Burpees
3 legless rope climb
30 Burpees
2 legless rope climb
20 Burpees
1 legless rope climb
10 Burpees
Can't believe I completed this under the time cap!!! So excited about this. 19:27. Scissor kip felt fast. Burpees went well considering yesterday. Grip is shot. Work should be fun tomorrow

April 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterK HarpZ

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