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Tempo Front Squat | WOD 4.12.17

Tempo Front Squat (31X1)

4 x 2

Use 90% of what you were able to make last week, or about 80% of your Front Squat 1RM.

Post loads to comments.

Team WOD
In teams of 3 with one partner working at a time, alternate full rounds to complete...
21 Rounds for Time (7ea):

15 Double-Unders
9 Deadlifts 185/125

Post time, Rx, and partners to comments.

Here's Rob U.'s first Squat at the recent Starting Strength Challenge. Read on to find out how he and Dan C. did!

Rob U. and Dan C. at the 2017 Starting Strength Challenge

CFSBKers Rob U. and Dan C. recently competed in the 2017 Starting Strength Challenge at CrossFit Gantry. They both kicked some ass, and we're very happy to bring you their numbers today. Special thanks to Rob for providing the videos and results!

Rob U.

  • Squat: 350.9lbs, 361.6, 372.6 (PR by 1/10 of a pound!)
  • Press: 160.9lbs, 169.8 (F), 169.8 (F)
  • Deadlift: 405.7lbs, 414.5, 418.9

Dan C.

  • Squat: 485lbs, 504.8, 520.3
  • Press: 207.2lbs, 209.4, 216.1
  • Deadlift: 555.6lbs, 575.4, 601.9

These numbers put Dan in 1st place and Rob in 3rd place in the Male Masters division (based on the Wilks Coefficient). Rob PRed his Back Squat at 372.6lbs, and Dan had the 2nd highest overall total of the competition at 607kg or 1338.2lbs. You can find the full results here. Congrats, guys! You make us proud.

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Reader Comments (9)

Boom! Congrats Rob and Dan!


April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJay-Star

Congrats guys!!!!!

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterCam

Whoa, some strong gentleman featured today, after an awesome selection of strong gentlewomen yesterday.

6pm AG Strength. *All* the shoulder and back work - pull-ups, HSPU, Pendlay rows, DB presses, bicep curls, ...

7:30pm yesterday with Kate and Brett
S2O complex up to 140lbs. Tried for 147lbs (a 2lbs press PR), but no luck yesterday.
Metcon (Fitness Rx) in 16:38min. My grip wasn't happy with all the KB swings, and my hands were incredibly angry with the 60 pull-ups (+ the AG strength ones). Holding to the bar was the limiting factor here.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel R

Susan is amazing! That series is so awesome. Also great to see what Rob and Dan are doing outside the gym! Congrats!

I've been taking advantage of spring break and doing all the fitness, despite having a cold (allergies?). Haven't been posting!

Monday: short circuit in the am, oly class at night! Walked away realizing I ultimately need to get stronger, my technique is pretty good. Don't even know what I did because Amanda did it all in kilos and just told me it was my turn :) We are twin lifters!

Tuesday: PRd press at 73(72 was previous), failed 78. Did all 30 jumping muscleups-- harder than I expected!
AG: fun conditioning-- working on consistency within aerobic workouts? Loving the idea of training. HSPUs/ db snatch/ box jump overs was a fun combo.

8am: 110 4x2 pause fsq. Wod in 10:28 with Jared & ghost partner. I did 115, he did 125. We were within a second of :30 every round. That AG consistency work is paying off!!!
Short Circuit: graduated to 16kg on RDLs. Butt burn!

Ring thing: 5x25#, 4x30, 3x35, failed 40#. Feels harder in 608 than in 557. I did 5x5 with 35# no problem across the street. Nothing else has really changed so...?

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAllie B

12pm group class with Ro

A. 3x:
15 hollow rocks
5ea press in squat @ 21x2 @ 10#
2 inchworm to 2 push up

B. FSQ @ 31x1
45x5, 95x4, 115x3, 130x1
140x2x4 (90% of last week's top 155#)
felt good!

C. WOD in 9:40 with visitor Karen and Toni!
everything unbroken, probably should've scaled up the DL

D. Cash out with Mo and Kat!!!
EMOM x 10
even: 8 unbroken butterfly pull-ups + :10 L-sit on parallettes (straight legs)
odd: :30 DB OH hold @ 30# each

fun! pull-ups felt smooth. not over pulling, lats/tension and faster cycle rate. yay!

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWhit H


Tempo front squats - 225x2x2. Shouldn't have felt heavy, but small tweak in my hip led me to bail early.

WOD with James and Brad D in 10:03 - They were rx'd, I did 8 DU attempts. My DU were definitely the slow link

Make up posts:
4/11 - Press complex to 135, failed 145 twice. WOD in 15:22
4/9 - Clean up to easy 225. WOD in 22:something with me doing 4 HSPU and partner doing 16 pushups
4/8 - Tempo Squat up to 300x3. WOD in 12:39. Good one for me, but last set of thrusters took 90s.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDan G.

Did the 4:30 class today.

Hit the Metcon with Chris and Daniel 11:46. Trying to maintain the midline while doing these deadlifts is challenging but I felt smooth and strong throughout the entire workout.

Tempo front squats felt a little better this week. Was taught a new way to breath on the way down during the squat to help decrease some of the fatigue that I generally feel! Thanks for that, McDowell.

After class I hit some extra workout too!

3 T-N-G Power Cleans
sets 1-3@ #145
sets 5-8 @ 155#
Trying really hard to cycle heavy weights quickly and efficiently is a challenge especially because I generally want to throw the weight down after two reps...on everything I do. Felt a little sloppy towards the end and I could feel the weight slamming onto my chest so definitely need to work on my stamina!

4 rounds
20 pistols
20 push-ups.
Holy cow...the push-ups were the easiest part. Ever since I joined CFSBK, and I've been benching more often, I can tell how much stronger I am getting. This is something I' m so proud of because I have very little upper body strength compared to my lower body!!
Thanks for all the awesome programming each day!!

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSarah C

Yesterday-short circuit! So good & sweaty!
Should start taking some notes on SC work--
3ish rounds:
8 DB bench press, 3s down, 1s up, 25# first round, 30# for the rest
:30 DB overhead holds, 25#
8e DB upright external rotation with babyy 7.5# dbs bc these are so hard!!!
8e single leg step downs from 20" box

Fun sweaty aerobic circuit--
10min: 270m run, 8 burpees, 12 sit ups; completed 3 rounds + 270m run
2min rest
10min: 30 single unders, 8 wallballs, 10c row; didn't count rounds, focused on going as hard as possible on the erg.

6:30 group class today w/Melo & Ro
Tempo FSQ: 115# x 4 x 2
OK this week, not as confident as last week, a little too fast at the bottom.

WOD w/Karina & ghost partner in 13:30something.
Handful of DU attempts until the :20 mark or so and then filled in some with some singles. Karina rockeddddd her DUs. Inspiring! 95# on the DLs went very fast, but I think that was the point.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKate Tk

6:30 w/Melo & Ro

Tempo front squats 115, 120, 115 115.

Went up to 120 cause 115 felt ok but Ro commented we weren't sitting at the bottom long enough, so went down to get it perfect. Have a hard time keeping tension in the lumbar with the pause at the bottom.

WOD w/Kate & ghost partner in 13:30 something.

Glad to be able to string together 15 DU in a row. I think 17 or 18 is my current PR. Deadlifts got better as time went on, not hitting my knees. Kate's were pristine af from the start. Ghost partner was super spooky.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKarina S

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