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WOD 3.27.16

Every 5 minutes for 6 rounds:

500m Row
8 Push Presses

Row a pace that feels between 80-90%. Score total load moved for the Push Presses (out of a total 48 possible reps). The Push Presses come off the floor and must be done unbroken. Score a zero for any set in which you can't perform the 8 reps unbroken.

Post total load moved to comments.

"I define strength as accepting who you are. In this day and age, it seems as if some people are constantly struggling to keep up with the Joneses. Social media allows an easy access to the compare and despair phenomenon that can crush the soul. Strength is the ability to stay true to who you are amidst it all." —Micheline G

Susan Pittard: Strong Is A Woman

If you're not following Susan P. on Instagram, you should be! In addition to being a kick-ass photographer, Susan has been running her Strong Is A Woman (featuring CFSBK women) for the past couple of months. With her permisson, we're reposting some of them on the blog over the next couple of weeks. Here's what Susan herself had to say about the series:

"The motivation behind my 'Strong is a Woman' portrait series was and is the amazing women and men at CFSBK.  I knew I wanted to shoot a portrait series after being on a 'break' of sorts, having my son. I ultimately decided to focus on the women at CFSBK because being a woman, I am impressed by the women I workout next to and I am especially taken by the pregnant women who fly by me in WODs. I also thought about the diversity of this great community. My goal was/is to show that strength can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and ages. In gathering quotes from my subjects. I have learned that strength breaks boundaries for most people. Being strong is not only physical but it permeates into ones mental state and creates a wonderful sense of empowerment and well being for anyyone who seeks it. I feel like I have only scratched the surface with this project and I will be excited to shoot more women, hopefully soon. Thank you to ALL the STRONG women who participated and to CFSBK for providing this amazing community that inspires me daily."

Check out Susan's website here. And stay tuned to the blog for more from this series!

What does working on your strength mean to you? "It’s incredibly important to have an outlet; place to find an escape from reality, to divert negative thoughts and physically challenge your body. To have the ability to get stronger, and gain confidence in yourself and learn new things. It’s also incredibly gratifying to see the progress you can make when you’re committed." Coach Melo

How have your perceptions of strength changed? "Like so many women who begin CrossFit, I started out not wanting to be "bulky." Now, I am what the me of five years ago would probably have considered "bulky," and it feels pretty badass. I am as interested in what my body can do as in what it looks like on the outside."Stella Z.

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How To Fix Powering More Than You Squat Catalyst Athletics
How Did The Sahara Become A Desert? Smithsonian

Reader Comments (9)

Hey all- My beloved 1BR is available come 5/15 or 6/1. On the corner of 5th Ave and 12 St in Park Slope (and most importantly, only a 20 minute walk from the gym). The location is amazing, the rent is super reasonable, please shoot me a mail at bhsangree * gmail.com if you or anyone you know might be interested. Also posted to classifieds. Thanks!

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBen S

Nerd alert #1: It's been a while since I recruited for Brainz n Gainz, our CFSBK pub quiz team, on the blog. We get together semi-regularly on Wednesday nights at 8:30 at The Rock Shop for trivia, and we often win free drinks! Mostly we just have a good time being nerdy together. All are welcome! (Especially if you know terrible pop music of the 2010s, as the audio round is worth A LOT of points and I don't know anything musically that happened after 1996...)

If you're interested in playing with us, email me, stellavision at gmail, and I'll put you on the list.

Nerd alert #2: I need to brag, because I went to a crossword tournament this weekend -- the biggest one, 624 participants -- and I ranked in the top ten again. Boo-yah!

After an entire weekend of doing very little moving beyond moving my pencil across a bunch of crossword puzzles, it was good to come to 6 AM class (no, I am not planning to make a habit of this, and I hope my clients aren't planning to make a habit of 8:30 AM conference calls). Did 73x2, 78x2, 83x2 for the push press. Probably could have gone a little heavier but that felt like plenty of work.

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterStella

Hey Ben -- I'm sending someone your way for the apartment!

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAriel

Row/Push Press Mash up: 83 x 3, 93 x 3. Pretty consistent rows, around 1:50-1:55 each. Too much time alone with my thoughts on the rower.

Sunday: Worked up to 123# for doubles on the power clean. Did the fitness workout with 21-15-9 power cleans at 103# and 12-9-6 ring dips. Good to work on the skill, even if the volume is not there. The proper kip for this is still not clicking quite yet. Not pushing the pace on this - finished just before 12.

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKayleigh

Megapost alert:

THE OPEN IS OVVVERRRRR! Relieved, and also super excited to start a new training year with some new perspective. Much to look forward to.

I've had the black lung since I woke up Thursday morning, cold sweats, coughing, congestion, fever, all of the fun stuff. So not much exercise went down this week. Was finally feeling better-ish on Saturday, so I came in with the intention to do this workout and get it over with. But even the walk over to the gym felt shaky. Decided to just do some accessory work that felt good and get my heart rate up a little bit.


5 min: AD, nice and EZ

3 Rounds not for time (aka as slow as socially acceptable-mostly just watched people do the open wod):
100M one arm DB OH carry 45#
12 goblet squats 45# -practicing a tight and explosive squat position (trying not to waste time bottoming out in my dang thrusters)
10 calf eccentrics

Pressure tested 17.5:
-3 rds: moving through at a steady pace, with the goal to finish each exactly on the minute
*rest 3 min*
-1 rd: as fast as possible, 37s.
(If i could maintain that one rounder pace x 10, i could totally smoke the Dottirs! Beastmode!)

20 min: easy AD cool down


Yesterday: 17.5!!!!

Completed in 9:54

Thrusters have traditionally been my biggest goat in the open, so I was a little unsure of how I would do in this one. It was very helpful to sit back and watch people do this so I could cultivate my own strategy. 9 seemed like a sustainable rep scheme for me, so I figured I could do them unbroken if I was dialed in on my breathing. yolo.

Thrusters: took a really wide suicide grip on these (about 6 inches outside of the knurling), which was really helpful. Almost failed my first rep though because my body didn't know if i should clean or snatch it. kind of funny. Anyway, happy i was able to maintain thrusters unbroken throughout all 10 rounds!

Doubles: almost all unbroken as well! Only tripped once in round 6 or 7. And then on my VERY LAST REPS, which I hear was quite dramatic. I thought i was going to get the last double, so I flopped straight onto the ground because i thought i was done. But then i realized i had TWO MORE. omg. i scrambled so fast to get up and squeeze it in just under that 10 min time cap!! wish I had been able to stay on my feet (and count), i wasted at least 5-7 seconds, but oh well. I'm so excited about my time!!!!

I think the biggest thing I learned here was breathe. I was breathing as normally as possible through the doubles and the thrusters. I didn't focus on breathing at the top of my thruster or anything like that. Just tried to do it when it felt natural. I think my tendency to grunt and yell during workouts has a huge effect on my heart rate. The fact that I was able to stay relatively stoic during this one kept me on pace for much longer than I expected (planned out splits to finish at 9:10)

Anyway, huge thanks to Judge Kayleigh!!! who was an awesome support throughout and McDowell for the world class advice per usual. I was kicking rocks coming in because i felt so cruddy. He basically spoon fed warmup advice to me until my body finally woke up. Also couldn't have done it without my mini 6am cheer squad!! Thanks for sticking around to watch, it was nice to have the extra push. @linda I plan to make good use of those photos here soon.

Overall, I felt that this was a successful Open. I put in my best effort, and no matter where I end up on the leaderboard, I could say it's a fair representation of how fit I am right now. Was I more fit back in October before my back stuff started? Probably, but that doesn't matter, because a smarter training plan would have had me geared up and ready to go by february. I can't completely blame it on training though, It's been a big year for me. I've gone through a lot of changes in my career, personal life, etc....and it all plays a role in the training process! Going into this new training year, I've written down a lot of goals to try and get myself to where I want to be. I'm hoping to smash them by the Open 2018! We shall see, positive vibes!!!

It's been a blast getting everyone together at Friday Night Lights this year, I hope to bring even more excitement come next year's Open. LETS DO THIS PEOPLE!

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterK HarpZ

7am class (so that I wouldn't get tempted to redo 17.5 at 1pm!)
93# for all rounds, rows around 2min.
2:27, 2:26, 2:26, 2:31, 2:34, 2:33
Total of 4464lbs.

The OPEN is over!!! Overall, I really enjoyed all of the workouts and thought they were well programmed. So happy that the dumbbell theme didn't continue or I would have hated it. Sure I wish and think I could have done better but overall I'm pleased with my performance. Just trying to stay within arms reach of some of you young ones. ;)
17.4--186 reps (21 hspu's), 10:09 tiebreak
17.3--80 reps (135 would have been a PR...so close!!!), 7:34 tiebreak
17.2--80 reps (2 bar muscle-ups), 3:47 tiebreak
17.1--222 reps (3 reps shy of finishing thanks to a trip on rep 7 of the last round of bbj!)

I also enjoyed Friday Night Lights! Fun to participate in it a couple weeks and to watch the other times. Let's make it bigger and better next year!

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterlady fox

Hi all -

Jeremy and I are looking for a place for my parents to stay for several weeks in April. Studio/one bedroom type of deal would be best. Strongly prefer Park Slope, or at least easily accessible to the neighborhood.

If you have any leads, please contact me ASAP - margielempert (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you so much!

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMargie

@Ariel- thanks! To any others interested, the rent is included in the classified listing.

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBen S

Stella! Those are some good deets to tweet! Congrats, girl- you are amazing!

WOD: Stuck with 73# the entire time, all unbroken. Felt appropriate, but could have gone a little heavier. As for the row, I'm digging through my heels, thinking of proper deadlift technique, trying to keep my grip loose and use my legs...but nothing seems to help. Frustrating. I won't ever compete in Crash B's...but maybe I should do the training and learn from Coach Nick how to make it work better for me.

Lots of muscle up accessory work across the street. Dang. The day I get a muscle up will be one of the happiest of my life. No lie. Hard work!

Then! Got to judge Jonathan G. while he did 17.5. He had never done 95# thrusters in a workout before. He KILLED it. But then... finished at 7:59 and didn't get his score in on time! PLEASE include him in the intramural team points!!!!

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAllie B.

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