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Rest Day

Bekka P works on her Piked Wall Walk

A message from Bree to all the CFSBK Teachers

Welcome back to school!

Hi all, I (Bree) am a member of a grassroots organization called NYCoRE (New York Collective of Radical Educators).  We are a group of current and former public school educators committed to fighting for social justice in our school system and society at large, by organizing and mobilizing teachers, developing curriculum, and working with community, parent, and student organizations. We hold monthly political education member meetings on the third friday of every month, offer teacher-driven PD on social justice issues (such as supporting queer youth and teachers, restorative justice, anti-racism etc), hold an annual conference for about 800 youth and educators, develop social justice curricular resources and offer a teacher plan book among many other things.  

On September 20th at 6, we'll be holding our back to school member dinner meeting at NYU and I'd like to invite any interested educators to come on out or to contact me for more info: bree(AT)nycore.org.  Like CFSB, NYCoRE really does become a supportive family space for educators interested in teaching for social justice.  You can join our listserv via our website or 'like' us on Facebook for announcements about upcoming events. Have a great first week!

What did your middle and high school physical education programs look like?

Athletes Among Us: Pics of Professional Athletes Playing at Life

Dedicated to the 6am CrossFitters: "Who's First?"

Reader Comments (48)

Middle school: We had PE class 4-5 days per week for one hour. We really only played softball, kickball and 80% of the time we played volley ball. I loved VB and hated SB, I would get nauseous before going up to bat every time.

High School: Rotated sports throughout the year. Same thing, PE was every single day for one hour and I wasn't all that interested in it, although I did get in trouble one year because I brought in the crash pad for the pole vault and was doing backflips off the top of the bleachers (like 15' high) onto it emulating popular professional wrestlers of the day. As a senior they let you have weight lifting as one of the rotations but mostly people would just sit on the benches and chat.

It blows my mind that schools have phased out most of their PE or it's something that happens only once a week or through a short portion of the year. Even though I didn't like it when I was younger, I still appreciated being able to get outside and run around for part of the day. Although the average curriculum is severely flawed, it's still SOMETHING.

September 10, 2013 | Registered CommenterDavid Osorio

Long time no see folks! Even though I've been remiss in getting there, I've been hitting my lifts, and doing some nasty tabatas / sprintts to get set for squash season. Also been playing a lot. I've lost some strength but my conditioning has come a long way.

Phys-ed - funny timing, my oldest son supposedly has it today, so I can't wait to hear what that entails. Middle school, physed was a bit of a joke. nucom, and stuff like that. nothing serious.

In high school we did not have phys ed, but we didn't need it. You could be a 4.0 student (I wasn't,) but if you weren't playing a sport, The Jesuits were on you. I prefer this model. Get on a team and play something.

Great to see all of these big numbers going up for you guys, and to hear everybody is doing well!


September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJR

I came from a small town that was all about sports; mainly basketball.

Middle School PE:
I went to a very, very small private Baptist school and the schools in the area were all K-8. I honestly think it was just an extended recess. Most of us played sports so we'd have some type of physical "other" after school too, basketball in the winter, x-country in the warmer months.

High School PE:
I think PE was a lot of sprinting, dodgeball, body-weight stuff. I was in varsity sports so we were somehow exempt and given credit for it based on the fact that we were training otherwise. PE became a free period.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterasta

@coaches I have a question about sumo deadlifts I have never done one before will we get to practice on the proper movement before Fight Gone Bad or are we going to practice it the day of??
QOD- all I remember was kick ball and dodgeball which I loved!!!

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

Aw, I really liked the Who's First article. Missing my 6am'ers this week. Hoping to make it in before I head up to NH for a running race at the end of the week. But preferencing sleep over getting up for class so I'm ready to run/not sleep this weekend!

The PE program at my school was pretty great. We had to take gym 3 out of 4 quarters (4th quarter was health) and it was an hour-long class. In high school you got to choose a different "sport" every few weeks but you had to hit at least one sport from a variety of categories (like team sport, individual sport, strength sport, etc.). I took tennis, bowling, fencing (very dangerous, but loved it), field (of track and field) and a high ropes course. The high ropes course was really phenomenal and gave a lot of people a chance to shine and built teamwork. Yay NJ public schools!

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca C

Make Up Post from yesterday's Noon class...

Handstands were fun. Did 5 negatives each round to 1 abmat. Everything feels organized and a lot more hollow than I used to do handstands.

KB snatches were fun! After a bit of practice to get the movement patterning going, I enjoyed this. Left side is less coordinated, couldn't get my elbow up quite as fast or far, which is telling for something where both sides work together, like the clean.

Rvrs lunges same story... left side is so much harder. Fox helped me with the form; load up front leg more by letting knee come forward over midfoot instead of hanging back and being so upright. Felt this right away. Focusing on parallel foot and knee out, creating torque/arch stability in left side. Have been concentrating on this in standing poses in yoga, too, and I feel like my left side is finally waking up a bit.

middle school PE: went to catholic grade school. we did a large variety of stuff inside and outside when it was nice. soccer, volleyball, basketball (i remember one time actually making three 3-pt shots in a class. no joke), floor hockey. My favorites were broomball and prison break... which was essentially like dodgeball but with a jail and the ability to be your team's hero.

high school PE: i had the pleasure of enduring, even though I was dancing outside of school about 3-5 hours every night and on weekends. didn't count as a waive of the class. a lot of the same as middle school, except not taken as seriously. I also remember a few week sessions of swimming in there. Eventually they added a dance class, which was held on concrete floors... not worth it.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWhit H

I f'ing hated PE. Hate, hate, HATED it. It was the standard dodgeball, basketball, running drills, simple gymnastics movements, etc. Except I was chubby and uncoordinated (still uncoordinated, but no longer chubby) all through middle school and most of high school. Picked last for every team, deservedly so, and I got made fun of a lot, both for my lack of physical prowess and for my corresponding nerd domination at academics. It all contributed to an incredibly awkward adolescence.

Saturday's track WOD was an epiphany, because it felt just like PE...except I wanted to be there and I had a great time!

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterStella

6am with Jess and McDowell. Wednesday's heavy WOD is really freakin' heavy. Tackled it Rx and only finished 82% of the workout in the 15min cap. Think I could have pushed a little harder and finished out the round I was on. Maybe.

The left shoulder that I've been nursing for the past two months seems to be working great again. But now a new pain has arisen in my right knee over the past week. No identifiable traumatic incident.

PE in middle school was an hour a day rotating through various sports: soccer, basketball, flag football, track and field, etc. I generally looked forward to PE in middle school. PE in high school was only required for the first year or two. Or maybe I was excused due to being on after school teams. The PE classes in high school were a joke. Poorly organized and having to teach such a wide swath of ability that it frustrated both beginners and the more advanced equally. For example, I played varsity tennis, yet tennis during PE involved basic stroke mechanics that was incredibly boring for me, yet without enough personal attention for a beginner. I think having a general one-size-fits-all PE class at the high school level was a mistake. Would have been better to have elective classes focusing on specific sports, though I doubt the resources were available for such a program.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

Middle school PE was typical stuff--rotating through ALL the sports, including weird ones, like handball, and the trauma-inducing ones, like rope climb, and Vermont ones, like cross country skiing in the fields/woods behind the school. (Also, its not middle school, but in 3rd & 4th grade we had an afterschool program that involved busing us to the mountain to downhill ski 1-2x/week. i did that, it was awesome. It was called "night skiing", because it was winter in VT so it was dark out like 20 hours a day, I think.)

In high school we had to take one semester of weightlifting, which has obviously paid dividends for me at CFSBK (jk, you guys. i sat in the corner and doodled), and then two semesters of a themed gym class of our choosing. I chose "target sports", which was the class for lazy kids, and consisted of horseshoes, bocce ball, golf, fencing, and bowling. We got to take a field trip to the bowling alley. (Sidenote: the kids who took legit gym classes got to take a weekend camping fieldtrip.) The teacher of that class told us that the history of PE was to prepare young men for the military, and it was a real shame that we didn't have to take more gym. I don't know if that history is accurate, and I also have no idea how Target Sports would have prepared anyone for the military, unless our future wars actually involved traveling back in time to sword fight. I'm pretty sure all that class prepared me for was (very near) future recreational drinking games.

@Whit H--Congrats on that 3pointer 15+ years ago. Proud of you, champ.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

Ooh, also, our high school had an ice rink. But instead of letting us play hockey, they made us play broomball, on the ice, in our sneakers. Broomball is maybe the worst sport ever. I should have just taken another semester of Target Sports.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

Make-up post from yesterday.

4.30 class with DO.
Piked wall walk holds were easier this week. Not sure if I was getting into the right position for the v-ups- I think my tight hamstrings might be a limiting factor here so will try them with bended knees next time.

Switched legs for the kick-ups- which felt surprisingly easy. Just need to work more on being 'graceful' now. I was really happy that I was able to do four rounds of the DB presses at 25# this week as that was too heavy last week. I think my two rest days this weekend miught have helped with that.
KB snatches- these were really for me to organize and I kept flipping the kb too late,especially on the left hand side. I kept this really light at 8#, which made the reverse lunges manageable. 12 each leg is a LOT though!!!eI had not finished my last round of kick-ups so went to do that afterwards and David prompted me to try 1 inch handstand push-ups, which I couldn't really not try once I was upside-down. Thanks DO; I never would have known I could do that!

PE was awful. I went to an all- female convent for what I think would be both middle-school and high school (in Ireland) I have some vague memories of doing line-dancing at one point in the early nineties when that craze swept Europe!! I remember doing the bleep test and some form of gymnastics as well and LOTs of running. Basketball and field hockey were played outside school hours. I played basketball and our coach was a creep. By the time I was 15, I hated to sweat and had developed a very good version of my mother's handwriting and a plethora of minor ailments which saw me in the school library, (which was where they sent you when you were sick)for most PE classes.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCharlie

ALSO also, in case anyone is wondering how we did bowling in gym class, they gave us heavy rubber bowling balls to throw around the gym, and we had to reset the pins up ourselves, if ever we managed to knock them down. And we also did archery. I forgot that one. So basically, the only time we ever moved in this class was to retrieve our arrows, pins, bocce balls, or horseshoes. I'm starting to think PE program budgets like ours are the reason public schools have no more money for gym class.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

A belated thank you to Chris and Jess for organizing the track WOD and to Noah for organizing the flag football game!! Both made for a great weekend.

I went to the same school from K-8. PE was only 1-2 days a week, and it was pretty standard PE stuff. Best unit: bowling (with hollow rubber bowling balls) or steal the bacon / capture the flag. Worst unit (for me): gymnastics. Still can't do a cartwheel or a pea pod. (Looking foward to working on inverstions tonight!) We did have these awesome PE uniforms that became oddly hip after we got to high school because the other middle schools' uniforms were decidedly less cool.

High school. Because I was in choir and had an otherwise full schedule (no study hall), I was excused from PE most of the time. (You weren’t excused if you played a sport – only if you were in choir or band. Haha.) One of the few semesters I had PE, the instructor decided the boys were too aggressive so all of the girls received "hazard" extra credit points. From then on, they separated boys and girls PE. The boys got to do the fun, normal PE stuff (best unit: rugby basketball). The women had to do (IMHO) lame stuff like yoga for PMS or step aerobics.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKMo

@KMo- no ribbon dancing? You just reminded me that in 7th grade they also separated us by sex, and made the girls do ribbon dancing, and talked to us about shaving our legs and wearing deodorant. I'm pretty sure the boys had to have a sit down about how to stop running around the locker room like little naked maniacs.

What is a peapod? And what is a bleep test?

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

Continuing the trend, PE was pretty much a joke. Lots of volleyball and kickball. We had dodgeball taken away from us because the cool kids just targeted the not cool kids regardless of what team they were on.

We somehow managed to convince every substitute PE teacher though that dodgeball was not banned and we were allowed to play in the dark which resulted in lots of injuries and fired substitutes.

The only time I ever broke a sweat was during Presidential Physical Fitness Day where you had to run a mile and do pull ups and other things. The pull ups were so mean. I can't think of anything more humiliating than a fat kid hanging from a bar kicking his legs around with all of his classmates watching.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMattyChm

I went to a geek school on 94th and Park. Like many NYC public school buildings we had very limited PE facilities. We played basketball, volleyball and "soccer" in the single gym. The administration did get creative, allowing us to take bowling at the MSG lanes (not sure if they are still there), swimming at Hunter College and squash at Town Racquet Club (now a NYSC club).

Our team sports programs were pretty interesting. Our cross country team was actually pretty good - one of the women (girls? young ladies?) was nationally ranked. We weren't allowed to have a football team because the administration judged (correctly) that we would get maimed. The pitcher on our "baseball team" was Young MC. Our basketball team dominated the NYC private school league until we were kicked out because we were not a private school. We did not do well in the public school league. One of the opposing teams before a game told us to call the cops because their friends were going to pummel us outside the school after they pummelled us on the court (hey, thanks for the heads up!).

Our math and chess teams, however, were stone killers.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJay

Beep test- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weEe4V0Ot2Y

OOh and we had to wear these HIDEOUS luminous green, white and blue shell tracksuits for PE, teeny shorts for basketball and teenier skirts if you were lucky enough to play hockey. Everything was a really horrible shade of green. Ah, the nineties. Traumatized.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCharlie

Middle school PE was all jumprope and dodgeball - we had those clunky ropes that looked like raw, multicolored penne strung together. I was on the Rockin' Ropers team and we went on a school bus tour through the southern midwest performing various jump rope routines to the beat of "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters. My parents followed us in the minivan so this tour doubled as our family vacation. I was on the jump rope team. My family came along for the ride. There. I said it again. But, for this experience I'm grateful during the DU WOD's.

High school was a blur of every extracurricular besides PE - but in college I was forced to take vball and tennis. Hate vball, LIVE for tennis. Vamos Rafa.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJosue

I've got a pretty serious lump on my right forearm from a KB snatch gone wrong last night. Those were fun but a little sketchy for me!

Also, in case anyone was thinking about carelessly leaving the new fish oil supplements in their pocket and then doing some laundry... don't. My clothes have been through about 6 cycles and I still smell like a menhaden processing plant.

As for the P.E. question-- when I was in the 10th grade, some thoughtful person spent the entire gym budget on ping-pong tables, so that is what we did for the ENTIRE year. We were all crazy good at ping-pong but not much else.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLily

I basically endured the sports culture of my Pennsylvania public school, counting the days until I could get the fuck out of a place where bully jocks (generally dull, large and prone to violence) ruled the world.

PE in a small-town high school where sports is everything can really suck if you're not in the in-crowd.

Since I graduated, I've found out that quite a few of the athletic coaches and gym teachers had inappropriate relations with students - in fact the number of them doing it would astound you. Some were quietly let go, some got away with it. I saw some of it with my own eyes while still a student, but apparently it was even more widespread than I thought.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermichele

I am really enjoying Jenna's enthusiasm for the QOD!

Grammar school: indoors in the gymnasium...kickball, dodgeball, relay races, gymnastics (we had lots of mats, P bars, a rope, and a pommel horse!). Then outdoors we'd play basketball, softball, football, and... square dance, yes, in Queens. We got paired up by height and I was the short (and fat) kid who got paired up with the short (and fat) girl. We'd fight while trying to dance.

Middle school: No gym class, at all. We had outdoor rec post lunch but were not required to anything. Mostly we'd smoke cigarettes and play punch ball and hand ball.

HS: Rotated sports and Hygiene class. I'd always choose "weightlifting" so I could sneak out and smoke, but it was also my first real time spent lifting weights. A few of us would load up a bar with random plates and try to take it from the ground to overhead. We called this "pressing". Sometimes the gym teacher would make us run a mile at the end of the class. I hated that part.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterFox

Jenna, your commitment to this post/thread is unprecedented.

If I ever score another 3-point shot in my life, I will be sure to dedicate it to you.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWhit H

SQUARE DANCING! omg i had totally forgotten about that. hilarious.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermichele

We had square dancing, too! What is up with that? Some kind of cultural heritage play?
I went to a private school in DC which has become crazy fancy in the intervening years but was at the time just kind of regular. We had PE 4 days a week. In middle school we rotated through the sports that the school offered as competitive teams in HS, basically as a way to teach us all how to play field hockey and volleyball and so forth. There was also swimming and gymnastics, both of which I hated the most. In HS you could try out for a competitive team or do intramural stuff--generally the same sports, or cross country. I played soccer & lacrosse, neither very well. But I was tall and stubborn so was decent at defense.

@Michele that sounds brutal.

@Fox I can't decide which I would pay more money for: A photo of you square dancing or a photo of McGrath in his modeling days.

Oh yeah, and I worked out today! First time back in the gym in 2.5 weeks. Did Monday's work w/ Jess. Got some great cues and am excited to keep improving. Performance programming w/ 5 HSPUs with 2 abmats. Then 16kg on the couplet, got through 4 rounds and then called it--am getting over a cold and just still feel cruddy. THat was hard! Fun though.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCharlotte

PE in my school was pretty sad! We did the usual basketball, softball, volleyball, etc but we also did silly stuff like orienteering (ie, walking around the football field with a compass for 40 mins). Ridiculous. I was OK at volleyball and I do remember liking the weightlifting class (although it was mostly machines). In middle school they made us take a physical test which included pushups, situps, pullups,running 1 mile for time, etc once a 'period' (6 periods in a school year), but did nothing to prep or train us for it. Only one girl ever got a pullup. You got a 1/4 of a point just for trying.
When I got into HS we had block scheduling (90 min classes) so we were able to take a bus to the local rink and go iceskating or to the bowling alley. Those were pretty fun but barely what I would call a workout!

On another topic completely... my bf and I are attending Diner En Blanc next Wednesday and we're in need of a 28-30" square folding table and 2 white folding chairs to use for the evening. Anyone have something I can borrow for a day? Thanks in advance : )

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

Loved inversion work yesterday! Couldn't get a full kickup at first but then got my rhythm back. At one point I was I was in a kick up, holding it for the recommended 15seconds, but then blanked on how to return to my feet "how do I get down?!" . KB snatches went well and my forearms have the proof. My goblet lunges are super unorganized. My balance isn't the best and I tend to fall to one side or the other. I did a couple rounds goblet style and the rest and regular lunges.
My junior high and high school PE programs were pretty typical. I remember having a love/hate relationship with PE in junior high. I liked the sports-volleyball, dodgeball, etc- and even liked participating. The part I hated was having to change clothes into those terrible gym uniforms.
However, a lot of this changed by high school. We only took gym freshman and sophomore year. There were not choices of sports or activities, just take gym and suffer. By this point i learned that in our small southern town, the sport you played had a big factor in your social status in the high school. There was little to no motivation to those who went star athletes. And if you were a chubby band geek like me, well..good luck. I was still active outside of school and liked sports we played in class but i think i was too self-conscious to participate. The part i dreaded was the day of the presidential fitness test. It was humiliating to the have that fat pincher test, the gym teacher would shout out the number to whoever was writing it down...we all knew what it meant. And running the mile was no fun either, running some and walking the rest. But I guess I still took too long bc the gym teacher took the class inside from the track while myself and a few others were finishing. I still run slower than a stampede of turtles through peanut butter!

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBecca Wolf

This thread has it all, childhood traumas, fish oil disasters, jump rope teams and square dancing!

I forgot that in middle school half the gym was gymnastics equipment. Pommel horses, ropes, uneven bars, rings, crash pads, etc. But it had been decided that gymnastics were too "dangerous" so we weren't allowed to touch them. That whole half of the gym was "off limits".

Id like to bring back that smelly box of PE pinnies for CFSBK somehow. Maybe partners A and B wear different colored pinnies so that we know no one is confused and doing a WOD while they should be resting!

Also- a lot of truth in that 6am'er "Who's First?" Article

September 10, 2013 | Registered CommenterDavid Osorio

PE in jr. High was 3 times a week and we had your standard kickball, basketball, running around type stuff. In high school however if you volunteered for it you could take basically an outwardbound style gym class. Jr's could get in if sr.'s didn't fill it up and if there was even more slots some lucky softmores (like me) got in. It was twice a week but was over three hours and two of those hours were after school time. We learned basic survival skills, fire building, shelters, knots, plants you can eat... We also rock climed, had team building games, confidence building things and then the final 4 days 3 nights alone in the woods in winter (or spring) with very minimal food or gear. If you failed you failed gym and that would keep you back a grade so not too many people wanted to do it. The teacher that started it is long retired but its still going on due to demand... There was an article about it earlier this year.

http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/west/2013/02/03/alone-woods-arlington-survival-course-final-exam/45kmuMU08wlNtqFB28jD4L/story. html (space before HTML)

It was probably my most favorite class next to art in High School.

You can read about it here....

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKeith W.

Oh my god Keith WINS the PE experiences.

September 10, 2013 | Registered CommenterDavid Osorio

In Jr High - not middle school yet, we had typical PE stuff, indoors sports, basketball, volleyball etc, gymnastics. We even had a gymnastics team that competed against the other Jr Highs. In spring/summer we headed outside to run etc, there was a community pool near by that we could use. I dont remember how many times per week we had to go, just that changing and showering were not the best experiences.

In High School, for seniors we had a similar program as Keith's school (neighboring cities). I didnt participate but it culminated with week or more longer canoe trip down a river in Maine. We had to do PE but I was able to opt out cause of being a competitive gymnast and competing for the school. The gym coaches let me help teach the gymnastics classes....

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterk2h2

As an avid 6am-er I can attest to pretty much everything in that article.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMattyChm

Another belated thanks to C&J (HA! clean and jerk?! it's been a long day) Foxes and Noah for the weekend's shenanigans.

Fun class last night. Love inversions and got my first and then second HSPU, totally unexpectedly. Thanks to Arturo for the pointers!

6th grade gym class was a total joke in which we square danced and were too busy being mystified by our teacher's epic mullet to effectively exert ourselves.

From 7th grade on, I went to a small school where we had no PE, but instead had a requirement to play a sport each season, sub with a valid extracurricular, or participate in an intramural period during the day. I danced and played field hockey and lacrosse, and had a short lived season of diving before I kneed myself in the eye (yes, it is possible, and no, my mobility has not remained the same since) and almost drowned, so I decided it was time to hang up my Speedo and retire.

Intramural basketball, which I never played because I'm 5'2" and have the vertical jump of Danny Devito, was practically a blood sport. It was my tiny school's version of the Olympics, but with less talent and more awkward kids in nerd glasses.

JJ, digging your love for this QOD, too.

Elementary gym class was the best, above all others, because THE PARACHUTE, GUYS.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCourtney

Re: Monday's workout - at first I was skeptical of kb snatches only to discover I love them. It took all 3 rounds to rein in the coordination and then I didn't want to stop.

Re: Wednesdays' workout - got scared off by one of my nemesis movements and went lighter than I'd hoped. Finished in 11:15 at a pretty good clip at least.

Re: Gym class. Every day for about 45 minutes, except in high school, when you got a free period instead if you played a varsity sport. Gym offered some exposure to sports that were not available after school. There were even some cool things like climbing, gymnastics, archery. Unfortunately, I remember an overall sense of kids being "too cool" to take it seriously and no one wanted to be sweaty for the rest of the day. Kind of a failure.

I remember that every year there was the physical fitness test -- shuttle run, flexed arm hang, sit and reach, and skin-fold test. Did everyone in a NYS public school do this?

Also, 1 quarter of the year you had Health instead of Gym. That should be a whole other QOD. What did you learn in Health class?

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLauren

Thanks for the positive encouragement, guys. I had no idea talking about middle school gym class would be so exciting, but here we are.

@Josue--I LOVE that you were on the jump roping equivalent of Sparkle Motion. That is the best.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

For what it's worth, I said archery and meant fencing. That might be an indication of how much I got out of it.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLauren

JJ – A peapod is a headstand with your knees on your elbows.

Josue – "My parents followed us in the minivan so this tour doubled as our family vacation." = hahaha my childhood too. Well, minus the minivan and the competitive jump rope. So many “vacations” to South Dakota and Nebraska.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKMo

Nancy's question got a bit lost in all of this excitement, but I would also love to know if we will be practicing sumo deadlift high-pulls at some point before FGB.. or just on the day?

Also, these memories have made a few of my old schoolfriends on FB laugh and share some of theirs, which I had forgotten.... CFSBK- making people smile across the Atlantic... :)

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCharlie

Thanks for posting the back to school message David!
These responses are hilarious and making me recall all the ridiculous things I forgot (blocked). I totally had to do "ribbon" dancing- or rhythmic gymnastics. I think I made up a routine to "hooked on classics"- I'm dating myself with that reference lol. And square dancing, the parachute, four square, etc. At my school if you weren't good at gymnastics early on, you were pretty much out of luck until high school.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBreebree

Favorite PE Activities:

1. Paterson Ball (ostensibly named for Paterson, NJ...I think.) Like dodgeball, but there was a goal, and bowling pins involved...I don't remember why, but it was awesome.

2. Archery. Somehow we did this INSIDE in our gym and it was exactly as dangerous as it sounds.

3. Not quite PE class, but in elementary school we would play soccer at recess. It was basically Everyone Who Wanted to be on Team A vs. Everyone Who Wanted to be on Team B, so generally 30 vs 30 or more. The kicker was that if you finished your lunch first you could get the ball from the teacher, go outside and start scoring goals. I think I scored 11,000 goals during my 5th grade "season." The Foxes accuse me of eating fast, now you know why.

4. Hand to hand combat.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNoah

My middle school and Highschool PE experience was nil. Because of tennis I had an abbreviated class schedule whcih included leaving school @ like 1 every day to go train. Looking back I really have no idea how i got away with that for 4 years....

242(missed behind)

Clean and Jerk@85%


Last really heavy week of training before the meet on the 22nd.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJakeL

Yesterday took the 4:30pm class for Inversion Monday--Performance version
-Last week I used 2 abmats for hspu's and that felt too easy. Decided to drop down to 1 abmat and while I did go lower, I think I only touched the abmat a few times. 5x5 on these.

Snatch and Lunges
-did 2 rounds at 12kg and 2 rounds at 16kg.
-definitely not fond of the kb snatch but probably because its a weak movement of mine.

Today, spent about 10 minutes this morning on shoulder mobility while waiting for a client. Then came back tonight because I wanted to move some more. Another 15 minutes lower body mobs then some sled action.

Dog sled to the hydrant
10 rounds total at 45kgs with rest between each round.
-Glad I had determined I was going to do 10 rounds before I got started. Would have crapped out much earlier if not.

LOVE all of the responses to today's question. It's days like today when I miss sitting in a cubicle behind a desk getting paid to read the blog. ;)

We definitely had gym during elementary school but I don't believe it was every day. We did make the most out of our recess time though! And yes, Courtney I totally loved the parachute. Intermediate school (5,6th grade) had indoor games like dodgeball and bowling and lots of running laps. That running laps part was stupid because our gym was so tiny and we would get dizzy. Oh we also had a field day once a year which was fun.

I don't remember anything in Jr. High for gym. Only recess where the boys would chase the girls and try to flick and undue their bra straps. Meanwhile the girls would try to punch boys in the crotch. This was fun right?

High school gym was mostly just the already jocks having fun playing basketball. Not memorable at all.

Oh and I did do square dancing!

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterlady fox

Big up to my fellow 6am'ers! Great article!

My neck is a mess today...could kettle bell snatches be the cause? oooof!

Middle School & High School - I had PE 3-4 times a week. The usual running, gymnastics, volleyball stuff...I loved it! Sad that a lot of schools don't or can't offer it these days.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNan

My PE classes were non existent from 8th grade through high school graduation. As a varsity athlete, we were excused from PE and often used the time for study halls and individual meetings with coaches. In 5th-7th grade, promising athletes were allowed to sign up for clinics to improve their skills so I really didn't participate in PE then either.

Missing CFSBK. Hopeful that resting these last 2 days will help me get over this funky illness and crush tomorrows killer WOD. Boom.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGracie

I love my fellow 6 a.m'ers!!!

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjoy

@ Charlie I will need to repeat my question tomorrow and see if we get an answer lol

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

yes we'll practice dem SDHPs don't worrryyyyy

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Osorio

wow i'm late to this game, let's see gym class memories.

i spent my formative years in wisconsin so every year there was definitely some square dancing.

in high school as a freshman we had a swimming unit and my gym class was first period and you had all of 5 minutes to change back into your school clothes almost soaking wet and then have a puddle of your dripping hair around your second period desk.

one time we had to bring a pair of jeans to wear into the pool and we were taught how to make a flotation device out of them.

as a 4th/5th grader running a whole mile felt like a death sentence.

the end.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterginacatto

@courtney - the Parachute was ridiculous! Loved that. Also in elementary, I hated Mr. M, who played automatic qb for both teams in touch football and we always sacked him, and he cheated and said he had the pass off. So wrong.

Gym was pretty predictable in junior high - a pair of very red-faced hard-assed gym teachers one of each gym-teacher gender, who yelled at us to put our toes on some line or something. Crackers. In both senses.

High school we actually did stuff... gymnastic movements, went to the local driving range, yoga, and I became a hell of a square dancer. We should totally do that one nite. I think it will be like riding a bike for me.

College. Sigh. This was what it should be all about. We had to take two electives as freshmen, and everyone had to pass a 25-yard swim test. They had everything - a bowling alley, a sublime Robert Trent Jones Golf Course, you name it. I took Rock Climbing, and then I took the Red Cross Lifesaving course. I was really into it, and actually taught the course for a couple of semesters after that. @gina, I can inflate jeans, oxford button-down shirts, you name it. I loved it so much. Great QOD.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTom

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