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"The Chief"

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
135 pound Power cleans, 3 reps
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Each year in the United States Navy, a highly qualified and elite cadre of Sailors are selected and promoted to the join the ranks of Chief Petty Officer. Since 1893, "The Chiefs" have been relied upon by subordinates and superiors alike for their personal example, technical expertise and above all, their unique leadership capabilities. As the induction process for newly selected Chief Petty Officers is now underway throughout the US Navy, we thought it appropriate to inaugurate "The Chief" in honor and recognition of all past and present CPOs. Thanks to them and their families for their self-sacrifice, ability to adapt, tireless dedication to mission and devotion to country.

Post rounds completed for each of the 5 cycles.
compare to 7.3.10
Bionic and Heinz WOD Demo
Bionic clears 29 rounds total. How do you stack up?

Andrew M's 250m Sprint Game Face

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Warm-Up Strategies For Developing Kipping Pull-Ups

We've seen people make great progress with our standardized warm-ups over last 2 months.  Here we've outlined a plan to start incorporating regular kipping pull-up skill work into your warm-ups.  Like any other skill, you'll need regular practice to develop mastery of the movement. That being said, don't go overboard with this, I wouldn't be swinging on the bar more than 4 times per week. The progression below is broken into 3 steps based on your skill level.  Don't advance to the next step until you've mastered the previous one. This may take several weeks so be patient!

Level 1, The Kip Swing: Add 5-8 Kip Swings before each set of pull-ups during Warm-Up 1. Otherwise you can do 1-2 sets of kip swings when you finish Warm-Up 2. Progress to Level 2 after you can consistently string these together with a nice "pop" on the back end.

Points of Performance
- Make sure you've got the right grip. If your palms feel like they're being pinched you need to readjust.
- Always start from a static deadhang with a tight body and active shoulders.
- The kip should feel fluid and "springy". Try to ride the momentum you create
- Before moving to Level 2, ask a coach to access your kip swing.


Level 2, The Dynamic Pull and Mature Finish: Now that you've mastered the kip swing and have found the weightless "pop" on the back end, try to reopen your hip and get over the bar. Make it your goal to use momentum, not pulling strength to finish the pull-up. When you get over the bar, hold the top for a 2 count. This will help you establish a mature finish position. Lower yourself down and reset.  Perform 5 reps in Warm-Up 1 instead of your normal pull-ups and do 1-2 sets of 3 reps at the end of Warm-Up 2

Points of Performance
- Don't slow down your kip swing before you attempt to get over. This is a common mistake.  A bigger kip will make the pull-up easier
- You'll have to reset after each rep. Kip swing > Dynamic Pull-Up > Hold over the bar for a 2 count > lower down and start over.
- You haven't completed this step until you can consistently get over the bar in one fluid motion.  Any stalling, slowing down or extra little kicks to get over constitute a work in progress on level 2.
- Have a coach look at your progress before moving to Level 3.


Level 3, Stringing Them Together: Now that you can kip over the bar you need to work on linking them together. If you've been diligent about holding the top of the pull-up, you'll have plenty of time to work on Pushing away back into your kip swing. Once you can link 2 together, incrementally add reps until you can link 10 together. Watch the video at the bottom of this article to see this in real time.

Points of Performance

- You don't need to lose the momentary pause at the top of the pull-up. In fact, the ability to do this indicates that you're all the way over the bar.  Sometimes folks develop a kipping pull-up and need to reach with their chin to get just over the bar, this is not a complete kipping pull-up. Try to get the bar to neck level.
- This step is all about timing and rhythm. If you lose your balance or develop a pendulum swing, stop and reset.
- Be patient! Developing your pull-ups is going to take some time.  The good news is that its' MUCH harder to get from 0-2 kipping pull-ups than it is to get from 2-10 so once you find your rhythm it's just a matter of consistent practice to pile on the reps.


Watch these videos (Kipping Pull-Ups Part 1 and Part 2) to see some of these progressions broken down. As always, ask a coach if you need any help with these steps!

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Man, I *wondered* why I'd never noticed before today that the mannequin was half-naked!

February 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermelon

I’d like to apologize again for taking things in a wildly personal and, blog-inappropriate direction yesterday. It wasn’t my intention to make people uncomfortable, although in general I feel like discomfort isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like I said, it was a topic I think about a fair bit (although perhaps not with any degree of originality or sophistication), and I jumped on it without considering the venue or the audience. The gym is filled with thoughtful, caring, intelligent people, and I got a little excited at the prospect of hearing others’ points of view. Lost the thread of how it related to the gym, got way too personal, etc. Sorry, everyone.

At the same time I do tend to think that if someone puts themselves out there, risking personal exposure in a public space, as Billy did, it creates an almost moral obligation to reciprocate. And part of that reciprocation is maintaining the context – keeping it public rather than moving it behind closed doors. So as much as I regret aspects of what I wrote and wish I could delete it, I disagree with the idea that taking the discussion offline or into a more limited forum would necessarily provide an equivalent expression. There’s something to be said for kicking uncomfortable topics around in public, for the kind of fray it can generate, especially in unexpected settings.

Yes. I guess the short version here is: sorry again, but I also regret that we didn’t get to have an interesting conversation.

Hey Craig! For meatballs, I keep it pretty simple or will use aromatics and spices without any binder at all. If onion is going in then I grate it, keeps it sweeter and incorporates smoother and I will use a garlic press. Depending on the size and fat ratio you should just be able to massage the meat, ooo!, roll into balls, place on a baking sheet to roast or pop into liquid or sauce to cook through. I make mine about the size of a 50 cent piece. Ground lamb, beef, chicken - never had one fall apart. I'm trying to keep low O6 and had a bit of an egg allergy for a bit so just exited and never have had a problem. I make 1lb of meatballs a week as a "grab and go" item.

Things to try if you *do* want a binder: mashed, or pressed thru a ricer, root veg, a sprinkle of Great Lakes gelatin, tomato paste. The smashed root veg is solid, it's what I use when I want to make salmon cakes and they always hold up. Good luck!

PS: Friday was great Stella - thank you for hosting!

February 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJules

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