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Hang Squat Clean


Compare to WOD 2.20.08

Setting up

Health/Longevity Bias

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Max, Shane & Al: GREAT WORK. You all came a long way and ended up with come nice cleans. It was pretty exciting for all of us wasn't it!?

You all take instruction really well. You make my job super easy and a lot of fun. Thanks :)

Max: Congratulations again to you and your wife on your future CrossFitter!

Nice work like always girls. Hope everyone had fun today!
March 8, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAllisonNYC

Thanks so much for the great instruction/cueing! I started my cleans a hot mess and was much much less of a hot mess thanks to your watchful eye and great instruction

Max and Al, a pleasure lifting with you guys. I was SHOCKED it was Max's first time cleaning that was a hell of a start. Amazing form.

Another great day at SB

PS-Don't let Margie know you like Red Delicious apples. Trust me.
March 8, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterShane
Thanks Allison and Shane, the cleans were really fun and I'm looking forward to playing with them again.

Allison is such a fun instructor, I know with her help I'll stop "riding the elevator".

Our little girl was super active in the ultrasounds on Friday, punching and kicking and tumbling like crazy. So in a few years you'll be running a CrossFit Kids somewhere near by, right? It seems like she's going to have a lot of energy to burn off....
March 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMax

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