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WOD 3.15.08

10,9,8..1 reps of:
Deadlift (Bodyweight)

Snatch work!

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Alex barrels through the deadlifts

Reader Comments (7)

3:10 @185.

That one was fun.
March 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJeremy
Look at CFSB on the HQ site! Way to go!!!http://www.crossfit.com/
March 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterP$
YAY JEREMY!! An excellent CFSBK representative!

8:54 at 115 (bodyweight ~ 127)
March 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMargie
6:37 @ 115 (BW 155).

Definitely need to go heavier next time.

Nice job getting on the HQ page!
March 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMax
dang, two of my favorite exercisestogether for one great workoutand I had to miss itoh well

great shot on the hq page, very cool
March 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterErik K
Alright southbrooklyn in on the map
March 16, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjacinto

way to make the main page and represent SB so well

Jay and Anthony, I hope you both enjoyed the working with me as I did with you. Great job guys.

Margie, Margie, Margie.

Allison come back!

And finally, watching the warm-up great progress by everyone. It was a pleasure to watch and study and often things I'd catch (so and so didn't open their hips fully, or so and so's shoulders aren't over the bar) were also caught and corrected by the athlete.

Got my first muscle up....and 2nd! I almost screamed louder than Allison did after her first muscle up. almost.

March 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterShane

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