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1. Our beginners program just filled up!  Coaches Allison, Jacinto and myself are very excited to take our new athletes through CrossFit South Brooklyn's first Foundations Class.  Please introduce yourself to your new teammates on Sunday morning.

2. Check out this article by Jon from AgainFaster (our primary equipment provider) about his experience with the POSE running method. Coach Allison was at the Cert as well and will be doing some Pose work with us in the near future.  As it gets nicer out we will be taking some field trips to Prospect Park and the Red Hook fields for some outdoor CrossFitting.

3. Just in case anyone didn't get the email last month, please send me a list of 1-2 songs which you enjoy working out to and I will add them to the WOD play list.  Songs do not have to be Work/Family Safe however practice common sense when making your selections.

4. Our next addition will be another Saturday Group class. Please email me what times would be ideal for you to train and we will work around popular demand. (and the lyceum schedule) The new class will be added in 6-8 weeks.  While it's a little trickier to get more Sunday classes at the Lyceum, we'll do our best to add a second group class on Sundays as well.

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Can you find Coach Allison in the background??
Picture from CrossFit.com

Reader Comments (2)

More classes?! Awesome!

Fantastic WOD tonight. Everyone worked really hard and David, Jacinto and Allison each offered exceptional instruction.
February 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMargie
Thanks Margie! I'm happy you had fun with the workout. I liked watching you guys more than I liked doing it myself! :)

Everyone really pushed hard tonight and did a EXCELLENT job! You guys made me really proud! You're a bunch of CrossFit animals!

Erics clean came a long way and Kevin is too cool for words. He doesn't cheat himself an inch. He got his nose to the wall at the end of the OHwalk. That was awesome.

Jeremy: rest up and take some asprin. I hope your back loosens up!

Michelle: By the end of the workout I never would have guessed you had never done a clean. You learn fast!
February 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAllisonNYC

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