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A successful CrossFitter is an educated CrossFitter.  Most of us have got a handle on the whole Paleo thing, many of us are Zoners and all of us know that getting a little more sleep is definitely a good idea.  While these basics put us miles ahead of the crowd, we've got to wrap our heads around some of the more 'exotic' features of health and longevity to really start kicking ass. Education about contrast hydrotherapy, photo-toxicity, metabolic derangement, hormonal balance and even dental care can aid us in our quest for CrossFit rock stardom.  Our current situation (you know this whole modern society thing) has made just about all of the environmental features we're genetically programmed for completely alien to us. It's our job to first educate ourselves about these issues and secondly find practical solutions that we can incorporate into our daily lives to bring us back towards nature. I know, it all seems so daunting, no one wants to go to bed earlier and what the hell is photo-toxicity anyway? 

For a few weeks I'll be posting about these and many other issues so that you can get handle on them and start being more proactive about the quality and quantity of time you spend on this planet.  Hopefully you find the information useful and use it to make positive changes in not only your life, but those around you as well. The topics will generally fall into one of these three categories; Recovery, Foundations and Overload.

Happy reading.


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