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WOD 11.03.07

21-15-9 reps of:

Double Unders


Followed by a 200m Run

A Closer Look at our day:

11.3 Itinerary

Speed school warm up: (1-15 Minutes)

High Knees, Double Times, Skipioca, Bear Crawls, OH Lunges (fwd/rvs)

Skills: (15-35 Minutes)

PVC OHS form, B2B holds, How to find your Snatch Grip

Jump Rope single and double unders practice.

WOD(35-55 Minutes)

Explain WOD and Rx Modifications.

321 GO

Water Break and Cool down

With about 10 minutes left we did a little bit of isometric work at the top and bottom of strict pull-up

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Jump Rope: Low-Tech Heater

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