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Think Global, Shop Local

The parallels between CrossFit and Green Markets are obvious. Our programs offer high quality functional training not typically seen in traditional gyms, they offer high quality foods not typically seen in traditional grocery stores. We value the personal and communal experiences of our affiliates, they value the familiar faces who buy directly from them every weekend.  In each situation you see REAL people providing the best services at a grassroots level.  Buying local produce puts your money directly into the farmer's pockets, supports your local economy, discourages industrial farms and fuels you with freshest paleo foods you can get. Please think globally and buy locally.

Dennis and Rachel from Hodgsons Farm.

You can buy seasonal, sustainable produce from Dennis, Rachel and other real farmers at the Carroll Garden's Green Market located on Carroll Street between Smith and Court.  The market is open from 8am-4pm every Sunday until Thanksgiving.
Don't live in South Brooklyn? Check out This .pdf to locate other Green Markets in NYC.

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Hi David,This is Yoon from Lost Battalion Hall Weightlifting. A belated congratulations on becoming an affiliate! The workouts are looking great.
October 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterYoon

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